BREAKING NEWS: Trump Visits Harlem Bodega After Hearing In NYC Hush Money Trial

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16 Apr 202419:34

TLDRIn a recent visit to a Harlem Bodega, former President Trump discussed his ongoing trial in New York regarding hush money allegations. He criticized the judge as being 'conflicted' and suggested that the trial is politically motivated. Trump also addressed issues of crime in New York, promising to bring in federal money and work with both the mayor and governor to restore law and order. He expressed his intention to appeal the case and highlighted the need for immigration reform, emphasizing the importance of deporting criminals and mentally ill individuals from the country. Trump further claimed to have strong support from various communities, including African-Americans and Hispanics, and criticized President Biden's handling of the country, suggesting that his policies have led to increased crime and job losses for American citizens.


  • 🗣️ The speaker is involved in a trial in New York City and claims the judge is conflicted and should not be presiding over the case.
  • 🎉 The speaker has been invited to Harlem by the bodega association and expresses respect for them.
  • 🚔 The speaker discusses the high crime rates affecting bodegas, emphasizing the need for law and order.
  • 🏛️ The speaker is running for presidency and believes he has a good chance of winning New York.
  • 🤝 The speaker plans to work with the mayor and governor to bring federal money and improve New York.
  • 👨‍✈️ The speaker criticizes the current administration, claiming that the country is under siege and that crime and immigration are out of control.
  • 🌍 The speaker alleges that migrants are coming from prisons and mental institutions, causing social issues.
  • 📈 The speaker claims to have high support from various communities, including African-Americans, Hispanics, and immigrants.
  • 🚨 The speaker believes that the trial is politically motivated and that the legal system is being used for election interference.
  • 🤝 The speaker expresses intention to connect with the Harlem community and improve their situation.
  • 🇮🇱 A question about Israel's response to a situation is mentioned, but no specific plan is outlined by the speaker.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the news mentioned in the title?

    -The main topic is Trump's visit to a Harlem bodega following a hearing in the NYC hush money trial.

  • What does Trump claim about the judge presiding over the trial?

    -Trump claims that the judge is 'absolutely out of place', 'conflicted like nobody's ever been', and should not be allowed to preside over the trial.

  • What does Trump say about the situation in New York in terms of crime?

    -Trump mentions that there is 'tremendous crime', particularly in relation to bodega stores being robbed frequently, and that he plans to address this issue.

  • What is Trump's stance on the current immigration situation?

    -Trump expresses concern about criminals and mentally ill individuals entering the country, and he promises the 'largest deportation in the history of our country' if elected.

  • How does Trump describe the support he has from different communities in New York?

    -Trump claims to have high support from Hispanics, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans, stating that no Republican has ever had such support before.

  • What does Trump say about the unemployment situation for migrants?

    -Trump states that the unemployment rate for migrants has increased by 10% and implies that migrants are taking jobs that would otherwise go to African-American and Hispanic communities.

  • What is Trump's opinion on the current state of New York City?

    -Trump believes that New York City has deteriorated in the past few years and pledges to 'straighten New York out', suggesting a focus on crime and restoring the city's former status.

  • How does Trump view the current legal proceedings against him?

    -Trump views the legal proceedings as a 'rigged deal' and 'a rigged trial', attributing it to political motivations coming from the White House.

  • What does Trump propose should be done about crime in inner cities?

    -Trump proposes giving the police more authority and allowing them to do their job to combat crime, emphasizing the need to restore hope and the American dream in inner cities.

  • What does Trump say about the current president, Biden?

    -Trump criticizes Biden as the 'worst president in the history of our country', accusing him of destroying the country through his policies, particularly those related to borders.

  • What is Trump's plan for his campaign in New York?

    -Trump plans to make a 'big play' for New York, working with the mayor and the governor to bring in federal money and address the city's issues, with a focus on crime and restoring economic vitality.



😀 Introduction and Respect for the Bodega Association

The first paragraph introduces the speaker's excitement about being invited by the bodega association, which has shown mutual respect. The speaker discusses the ongoing trial, expressing dissatisfaction with the judge's perceived conflict of interest. The focus then shifts to the speaker's commitment to law and order, particularly in response to the high crime rates affecting the bodega owners. The speaker also mentions the potential for New York to be pivotal in the presidential race and hints at the possibility of appealing the current trial.


🚨 Addressing Crime and the Importance of Law Enforcement

In the second paragraph, the speaker emphasizes the need to address crime, especially the frequent robberies at bodega stores. The speaker outlines plans to work with the mayor and governor to bring federal money into New York to combat crime. The speaker criticizes the current state of the courts and judiciary, calling the trial a 'rigged deal.' There's also a mention of public opinion, with 78% of people believed to think the trial is unfair. The speaker asserts the need for immigration reform and the deportation of criminals and mentally ill individuals entering the country illegally. The paragraph concludes with a promise to support law enforcement and restore order in cities across America.


🤔 Concerns Over Immigration and its Impact on American Jobs

The third paragraph delves into the issue of immigration, with the speaker expressing concern over the influx of migrants taking jobs from African-American and Hispanic communities. The speaker alleges that these migrants are coming from prisons and mental institutions and that terrorists are also entering the country due to lax policies. The speaker criticizes the current administration, blaming it for the perceived decline in the country's state and the rise in global conflicts. The speaker also discusses the support from various communities, including Hispanics and African-Americans, and the intention to work with both Democratic and Republican leaders to improve New York.


🏛️ The Legal System and Political Interference

In the final paragraph, the speaker accuses the legal system of election interference, suggesting that the trial is politically motivated to keep the speaker off the campaign trail. The speaker voices optimism about the public's support, despite the challenges. The paragraph touches on the speaker's plans for New York, including rallies and connecting with the community. There's also a mention of the speaker's relationships with various communities, including Latinos, and the speaker's stance on allowing law enforcement to do their job effectively. The paragraph ends with a reaffirmation of the speaker's commitment to saving America and a brief mention of the situation in Israel.



💡Bodega Association

The Bodega Association is likely a group representing the interests of bodega owners. In the context of the video, it is mentioned that the association invited the speaker, indicating a mutual respect and shared concerns over issues like crime affecting their businesses. An example from the script is 'the association invited me and I respect them and they respect me.'

💡Law and Order

Law and Order refers to the maintenance of public safety through the enforcement of laws and the establishment of social and moral order. The speaker emphasizes the importance of this concept, suggesting that the bodega owners want it restored in their areas, which are allegedly experiencing high crime rates. As used in the script: 'they want Law, and Order they have a lot of crime.'


The term 'presidency' refers to the office or position of a president, which is the head of state and government in a republic. In this context, the speaker is discussing his potential candidacy and the support he believes he has for the presidency, particularly in New York. An example from the script is 'we're going to give New York a very good shot for, the presidency we think we should be, able to do it.'


Crime refers to actions that are prohibited by law and are punishable by the state. The speaker frequently mentions crime, particularly in relation to the bodega owners who are said to be experiencing frequent robberies. The issue of crime is tied to the speaker's broader narrative about restoring law and order. As mentioned in the script: 'tremendous crime where their stores are, being robbed.'

💡Federal Money

Federal money refers to funds provided by the national government. The speaker mentions bringing in federal money as part of a plan to address issues in New York, suggesting a role for the national government in local affairs. The script includes this: 'we'll bring in a lot of, federal money but we have to straighten, out New York.'

💡Immigration Reform

Immigration reform involves changes to the laws, policies, or procedures related to immigration. The speaker discusses the need for reform, particularly concerning immigrants without legal documentation who have been working hard. The concept is connected to the larger theme of national security and economic stability. As stated in the script: 'I'll push an immigration reform for those, good immigrant who doesn't have papers, right now but they have been working, hard.'


Deportation is the removal of a person from one country to another, especially someone who is considered undesirable, such as a criminal or an undocumented immigrant. The speaker mentions the idea of a large-scale deportation, framing it as a necessary measure to address crime and the presence of undocumented individuals in the country. An example from the script is 'we're going to have the largest, deportation in the history of our, country.'


Unemployment refers to the state of being without a job while actively seeking work. The speaker discusses the impact of immigration on unemployment rates, particularly for African-American and Hispanic communities. The issue is framed as a competition for jobs between locals and migrants. The script includes: 'the unemployment is good for migrants now it, went up 10% all migrants.'

💡Gag Order

A gag order is a legal restraint that prevents certain information from being publicly disclosed. The speaker claims that there should not be a gag order in his case, calling it unconstitutional and suggesting that it is an attempt to silence him politically. The script states: 'the gag order is totally, unconstitutional the judge should not be, there.'


An appeal is a legal procedure in which a decision made by a lower court is brought to a higher court for review. The speaker mentions that the current legal situation is being appealed, indicating a belief that the lower court's decision was incorrect or unjust. The script includes: 'all of that stuff is on appeal, right now it's all on appeal.'

💡Election Interference

Election interference refers to any action taken to influence the outcome of an election, often through illegal or unethical means. The speaker accuses unnamed entities of election interference at the highest level, suggesting a conspiracy to affect the electoral process. The script includes: 'this is all a election really election, interference at the highest level.'


Trump visits a Harlem bodega after a hearing in his NYC Hush Money Trial.

Trump criticizes the judge in his trial, calling him 'conflicted' and 'out of place'.

He expresses excitement over the invitation from the bodega association, emphasizing mutual respect.

Trump discusses the issue of crime in New York, particularly the frequent robberies of bodegas.

He outlines his plans to bring federal money into New York to address crime.

Trump claims that 78% of people believe the trial is rigged.

He alleges that the current situation in New York, including crime and immigration issues, is due to Biden's policies.

Trump speaks about the need for immigration reform and the deportation of criminals and mentally ill individuals.

He emphasizes his support from the Hispanic community, claiming it is at an all-time high for a Republican.

Trump states his intention to win New York in the presidential election, despite the challenges.

He criticizes the current state of New York City, saying it has gone 'so bad' in recent years.

Trump pledges to work with the mayor and governor to 'straighten out' New York.

He talks about the impact of migrants on the job market, particularly for African-American and Hispanic communities.

Trump claims that many migrants are coming from prisons and mental institutions.

He discusses the potential for international conflicts due to Biden's foreign policies.

Trump suggests that the trial and the issues in New York are part of a larger political attack from the White House.

He expresses confidence in his campaign's success and the support from various communities in New York.