How to Convert Audio to Text Using AI for FREE (and Video too!) | Automatic AI Transcription

Jennifer Marie
13 Jan 202313:35

TLDRJennifer Murray introduces a free AI transcription tool,, that converts audio and video files to text with remarkable accuracy. Viewers learn how to sign up, upload files, and receive transcriptions via email, all within a 120-minute monthly limit. Tips on splitting files into five-minute segments for free transcriptions are provided, along with an overview of the premium version offering extended features. The video highlights the tool's ease of use, accuracy, and potential to revolutionize the transcription industry.


  • 🚀 Jennifer Murray introduces a new series on AI tools, starting with audio-to-text conversion.
  • 🆓 Discovered a website,, which offers free transcription up to 120 minutes per month.
  • 📝 The transcription service can handle both audio and video files, with a maximum of 5 minutes per file for free users.
  • 🔍 The transcription includes punctuation and is highly accurate, even with names.
  • ⏳ The link to the transcript is sent via email and expires after 72 hours for data privacy.
  • 💡 To maximize the free service, files can be split into 5-minute segments using a program like Audacity.
  • 📈 For those needing more than 120 minutes, a Pro membership is available at a low cost.
  • 🌐 The service supports transcription in 104 languages.
  • 📋 The free version requires copying and pasting the text, while the Pro version allows for exporting in various formats.
  • 📊 Users can earn more transcription minutes by referring others through a referral link.
  • 📋 The dashboard provides an overview of remaining minutes and the option to organize files into folders.
  • 📚 Jennifer is considering a full tutorial on batch exporting for easier file splitting.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of Jennifer Murray's channel?

    -Jennifer Murray's channel focuses on teaching different freelancing skills, tech tips, and ways to make money online.

  • What is the purpose of the AI software discussed in the video?

    -The AI software discussed in the video is designed to convert audio to text and is highlighted for its ability to transcribe with high accuracy, including punctuation.

  • How much audio can be transcribed for free per month using

    -With, users can transcribe up to 120 minutes of audio per month for free.

  • What is the maximum duration for each file that can be transcribed for free on

    -Each file that is transcribed for free on can be up to five minutes in length.

  • How does one access the audio to text converter on

    -To access the audio to text converter on, one needs to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on 'audio to text converter'.

  • What is the process for using's free transcription service?

    -To use's free transcription service, a user uploads the file they want to transcribe, selects the transcription language, provides their email for receiving the transcription result, and then confirms the upload.

  • How long does it take for to send the transcription result via email?

    -The transcription result is sent via email within a few minutes after the file has been uploaded and processed.

  • What happens to the uploaded files on after the transcription is complete?

    -After the transcription is complete, a link to the transcript is emailed to the user. This link will expire after 72 hours to protect privacy and ensure data security.

  • How can one obtain more transcription minutes on beyond the free limit?

    -To obtain more transcription minutes beyond the free limit, one can either sign up for a pro membership or use the refer and earn feature to share a referral link and receive additional minutes when others sign up using that link.

  • What is the cost of the pro membership on and what benefits does it include?

    -The pro membership on costs less than nine dollars a month and includes benefits such as 1800 transcription minutes per month and the ability to export audio and text.

  • How can users split their audio or video files into five-minute segments for transcription using Audacity?

    -Users can download Audacity and use it to open their audio or video files. They can then use the selection tool to highlight a five-minute section, export that section, and repeat the process until the entire file is split into five-minute segments.



🧑‍💻 Introduction to AI Tools and Transcription Services

Jennifer Murray introduces her channel and the new series focused on AI tools to help with freelancing and making money online. She emphasizes the exciting possibilities of AI and begins by discussing a website called, which offers an audio-to-text transcription service. She highlights the ease of use, the accuracy of transcriptions, and the free service limit of 120 minutes per month.


🔍 How to Use for Transcriptions

Jennifer walks through the steps to use's audio-to-text converter without signing up. She explains how to upload files, select the transcription language, and receive results via email. She praises the accuracy of the transcriptions, including proper punctuation and correct spelling. Jennifer compares it favorably to another tool,, and provides tips for copying and pasting transcripts into a Word document.


🚀 Getting Started with and Splitting Files for Free Use

Jennifer explains the sign-up process for and the benefits of the free and pro versions. She provides detailed instructions on how to split audio files into five-minute segments using Audacity to maximize the free transcription minutes. She demonstrates how to upload these segments to, copy the transcriptions, and manage files within the dashboard. Jennifer highlights the efficiency and affordability of the premium version for heavy users.



💡AI software

AI software, or Artificial Intelligence software, refers to programs designed to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation. In the video, AI software is central to the theme as the host explores various tools that leverage AI to convert audio and video files into text transcriptions, highlighting the transformative impact of AI on tasks traditionally performed by humans.


Transcription is the process of converting spoken language into written form. In the context of the video, transcription is the main service provided by the AI tool featured, which takes audio or video files and generates text documents. The video emphasizes the accuracy and efficiency of this AI-driven transcription, showcasing its practical applications for content creators and businesses.

💡Free AI transcription

The term 'Free AI transcription' refers to the ability to use AI software to transcribe audio and video content without incurring costs. The video introduces a website,, which offers a free tier allowing users to transcribe up to 120 minutes of content per month. This is significant as it democratizes access to advanced AI technology, making transcription services more accessible to individuals and small businesses.

💡 is the name of the website mentioned in the video that provides an online audio to text converter. It is highlighted as an 'amazing program' for its ability to transcribe audio and video files with high accuracy. The video demonstrates how to use's services, emphasizing its user-friendly interface and the quality of its transcriptions.

💡Audio file

An audio file is a digital file that contains audio data, recorded in various formats. In the video, audio files are the primary input for the AI transcription service. The host explains how to upload these files to for transcription, noting that the service can handle files in different languages, which showcases the versatility of AI in handling multilingual content.

💡Video file

A video file is a type of multimedia file format that contains moving images and audio. Similar to audio files, video files can also be transcribed into text using AI software. The video script mentions that can transcribe video files, indicating that the AI tool is capable of processing not just audio but also visual content to extract spoken words.

💡Transcription language

The 'transcription language' refers to the language in which the audio or video file is spoken and subsequently transcribed into text. The video script specifies that users need to select the correct language of their file before uploading it to This is crucial for ensuring the accuracy of the transcription, as AI transcription tools rely on language-specific models to understand and convert spoken words into text.


Punctuation refers to the marks and signs used in writing to separate sentences and their components to clarify the structure and meaning of the text. The video emphasizes the AI tool's ability to include accurate punctuation in transcriptions, which is a significant feature as it enhances the readability and flow of the transcribed text, making it more useful for various applications.

💡Pro membership

A 'Pro membership' typically refers to a premium subscription plan that offers additional features or benefits beyond a basic or free service. In the video, the host mentions that for a monthly fee of less than nine dollars, users can access a Pro membership on, which provides extended transcription minutes and the ability to export transcriptions directly, among other benefits.

💡Splitting files

Splitting files refers to the process of dividing a larger file into smaller segments, often to manage file size or to fit within service limitations. The video script provides a tutorial on how to use Audacity, a free audio editing software, to split audio and video files into five-minute segments. This is particularly useful for transcribing longer files on, as each file can only be up to five minutes for the free transcription service.


Jennifer Murray introduces a new series on AI tools for freelancing skills, tech tips, and online income.

AI technology is being explored for its potential in various fields, including transcription. is a new website that converts audio to text using AI, offering up to 120 minutes of transcription per month for free.

The transcription service supports multiple languages and provides high accuracy, including punctuation.

Users can sign up on and test the service without an account by uploading a file directly.

Transcriptions are delivered via email with a link that expires after 72 hours for data security.

The transcription quality is exceptional, even outperforming other popular AI transcription tools like

Each file can be up to five minutes long, and users can split longer files into five-minute segments for free transcription.

A pro membership is available for less than nine dollars a month, offering more features and higher transcription limits.

The free version is suitable for casual users, such as those transcribing YouTube videos or school lectures.

Professional users or companies are recommended to get the pro version for additional features and higher transcription minutes.

Referral program allows users to earn extra transcription minutes by referring others to sign up with their link.

Audacity, a free program, can be used to split audio files into five-minute segments for easier transcription.

The process of splitting files in Audacity is demonstrated, showing how to export selected audio sections.

Transcriptions can be copied and pasted from the platform into a word document without a subscription.

The dashboard of allows users to manage their transcriptions, delete files, and create folders for organization.

The premium version of is considered a great deal, offering more minutes and the ability to export audio and text files.

Jennifer Murray expresses excitement about the potential of AI and plans to release more videos on the topic in the coming weeks.