Complete Beginners Guide to Midjourney V6!

Tao Prompts
17 Feb 202432:13

TLDRThis comprehensive guide introduces viewers to Midjourney V6, a powerful AI image generation tool. It covers everything from signing up for a subscription through Discord to using advanced features like text generation, custom parameters, and remix mode. The tutorial explains how to use different image mediums and styles, adjust stylization, and work with the chaos and weird parameters for unique results. It also delves into using reference images for consistent characters and styles, as well as the Midjourney website for organizing and filtering generated images. The guide encourages experimentation and provides tips for refining prompts to achieve desired outcomes with Midjourney's creative capabilities.


  • 📝 **Sign Up Process**: To use Midjourney V6, start by signing up for a Discord account, verify your email, and link it to Midjourney through their website.
  • 🔄 **Subscription Plans**: Midjourney offers different subscription plans suitable for various user levels, with the basic plan being recommended for beginners.
  • 🤖 **Accessing the Bot**: After subscription, access the Midjourney bot within Discord to start generating images through AI prompts.
  • 🖼️ **Image Generation**: Use the 'SL imagine' command followed by a description to generate a grid of four different images based on your prompt.
  • 🎨 **Styles and Mediums**: Midjourney V6 supports various mediums and styles, including photos, watercolor paintings, oil paintings, digital art, and anime/cartoon styles.
  • ⚙️ **Parameters and Settings**: Customize your image generation with parameters like stylization level, aspect ratio, and chaos level to control the uniqueness and variation in the images.
  • 📝 **Text in Images**: A new feature in V6 allows adding text to images by including the desired text within quotation marks in the prompt.
  • 🔍 **Advanced Prompting**: Use the direct message with the Midjourney bot to refine your prompts and access the advanced settings menu for more control over the image generation process.
  • 🔄 **Upscaling and Variations**: Utilize the upscaler for higher resolution and variation buttons for different renditions of the same image.
  • 🖌️ **Image Editing Tools**: Features like 'reroll', 'outpainting', and 'very region' allow for specific adjustments and extensions to the generated images.
  • 🔗 **Reference Images**: Upload and use reference images to influence the style and content of the AI-generated images, with adjustable weight parameters for style emphasis.
  • 🌐 **Midjourney Website**: The website serves as a hub for managing and organizing your generated images, with features to filter and search through your image library.

Q & A

  • What is the first step to start using Midjourney V6?

    -The first step is to sign up for a Midjourney subscription. This requires creating and verifying a Discord account, then logging into Discord and navigating to the Midjourney website to link your Discord account and choose a subscription plan.

  • How can you generate AI images using Midjourney V6?

    -To generate AI images, after setting up your account and subscription, access the private Midjourney bot in Discord. Enter a description of what you want the AI to generate using the command 'SL imagine', then Midjourney will generate a grid of images based on your prompt.

  • What types of art styles can Midjourney V6 generate?

    -Midjourney V6 can generate various art styles, including watercolor paintings, impressionist oil paintings, digital art, and anime-style images, among others.

  • What does the 'stylize' setting control in Midjourney V6?

    -The 'stylize' setting in Midjourney V6 controls how much Midjourney injects its own style and creativity into your images, ranging from low to very high. Lower settings yield more straightforward images, while higher settings add more style and flair.

  • How does the 'chaos' parameter affect the image generation process?

    -The 'chaos' parameter controls the amount of variation in the generated images. A chaos value of zero results in images closely following the prompt, while a value of 100 introduces the most unusual and unexpected results, with significant diversity.

  • What is the purpose of the 'remix mode' in Midjourney V6?

    -The remix mode in Midjourney V6 allows users to make adjustments to specific parts of an image or the entire prompt without having to re-enter the entire prompt. It is useful for fine-tuning images by changing aspects like camera angles or adding elements to the scene.

  • How can you use reference images to influence AI-generated images in Midjourney V6?

    -Reference images can be uploaded to Midjourney and linked in your prompts to influence the AI-generated images. You can control the influence by using the image weight parameter, which dictates how closely the generated image should adhere to the reference image's style or features.

  • What is the 'consistent style' feature in Midjourney V6?

    -The 'consistent style' feature allows users to apply the style from one image to another AI-generated image, ensuring stylistic consistency across different images. This is useful for maintaining a uniform appearance when generating a series of related images.

  • Can you generate text within images using Midjourney V6?

    -Yes, you can generate text within images in Midjourney V6 by including the desired text in quotation marks within your prompt. The AI attempts to incorporate the text into the generated images, though its accuracy may vary with the complexity of the text.

  • How does Midjourney V6 handle image aspect ratios and resolution?

    -Midjourney V6 allows users to specify the aspect ratio and resolution of images through various parameters. Users can choose standard ratios like 9:16 or 16:9 and adjust resolution using upscale options, such as subtle or creative, to enhance image details.



🚀 Getting Started with MidJourney v6

This paragraph introduces the viewer to MidJourney version 6, focusing on its AI image generation capabilities. It covers the process of signing up for a subscription via Discord, exploring the MidJourney server, and starting to prompt the AI for image generation. The viewer is guided on how to generate basic images and navigate the MidJourney platform, with an emphasis on the tools available for creating images in various styles, including photos, paintings, and digital art.


🎨 Exploring MidJourney's Image Styles and Settings

The second paragraph delves into the different styles and settings available in MidJourney, such as the 'stylize' setting that controls the AI's creative input, and the 'raw' mode for a direct interpretation of prompts. It also discusses the new text generation feature, custom parameters for tailoring image generation, and the use of the 'no' parameter to exclude certain elements from images. The paragraph provides examples of how varying parameters like stylization and chaos can affect the final image.


📸 Advanced Prompting and Parameter Usage

This section focuses on advanced prompting techniques and the use of parameters to refine image generation. It explains how to use negative prompts to exclude elements, the chaos and weird parameters to introduce variation, and the permutations feature for iterating through multiple prompts. The paragraph also covers saving preferred parameter sets for easy reuse and the various image customization options available after an image is generated.


✂️ Image Editing Features: Upscaling, Variations, and Rerolling

The fourth paragraph introduces the viewer to the image editing features within MidJourney, such as upscaling images with 'subtle' or 'creative' options, generating variations of an image, and rerolling the same prompt for new image sets. It also discusses the 'very region' feature for making specific adjustments to parts of an image and the 'make square' feature for changing the aspect ratio of an image to square.


🌐 Extending and Customizing Images with Pan and Remix Mode

This paragraph covers the 'pan' feature for extending images in various directions and the 'zoom' buttons for changing the field of view. It also introduces the 'remix mode' for making adjustments to prompts without retyping them and the 'custom zoom' feature for fine-tuning the zoom factor and aspect ratio. The paragraph explains how to add elements to images using the pan feature with a custom prompt and the versatility of the remix mode for creative image generation.


📚 Reference Images and Consistent Style Application

The sixth paragraph discusses the use of reference images to guide the style and content of generated images. It explains how to upload and use reference images to create consistent characters or apply specific textures and styles to new images. The paragraph also mentions the 'consistent style' feature, which allows users to map the style of a reference image onto AI-generated content, and the 'style weight' parameter to control the influence of the reference style.


🛠️ MidJourney Website Features and Settings

The final paragraph provides an overview of the MidJourney website, highlighting its utility for organizing and sorting through generated images. It mentions the 'explore' and 'liked' tabs for discovering content and the 'my images' tab for managing one's own image library. The paragraph also touches on the 'search prompts' tab for finding images based on keywords and the various settings available to control generation speed and style consistency.



💡Midjourney V6

Midjourney V6 refers to the sixth version of a software or tool used for AI image generation. In the context of the video, it is the primary subject, with the tutorial focusing on how to use its features to generate images. It is integral to the video's theme as it is the platform through which all the discussed techniques and features are applied.

💡Discord account

A Discord account is a user profile on Discord, a popular communication platform. In the video, it is a prerequisite for signing up for a Midjourney subscription, highlighting its importance as a platform for accessing and utilizing Midjourney V6's services.


Prompting in the context of AI image generation is the act of providing a description to the AI, which it uses to create an image. It's a core concept in the video, as it is how users communicate their desired image outcomes to Midjourney V6. For example, the script mentions 'photo of a woman in CYO' as a prompt.


Upscaling in the video refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image while maintaining or enhancing its quality. Two types are mentioned: 'subtle' and 'creative,' with the latter introducing new details. It is a feature of Midjourney V6 that allows users to improve the clarity and detail of their generated images.


Parameters are specific settings or values that users can adjust in Midjourney V6 to control the style, aspect ratio, and other characteristics of the generated images. They are crucial for customizing the output and achieving the desired results. For instance, the script discusses '-s' for stylization and '--AR' for aspect ratio.

💡Remix mode

Remix mode is a feature in Midjourney V6 that allows users to make adjustments to their prompts without retyping the entire prompt. It enhances the user's control over the image generation process and is particularly useful when fine-tuning images. The video demonstrates how to use remix mode to change camera angles and add elements to images.

💡Reference images

Reference images are existing images that users can upload to Midjourney V6 to influence the style or content of the AI-generated images. They are used to achieve consistency in characters or to apply a specific style onto new images. The video shows how to use reference images to apply a texture or style onto generated objects.

💡Consistent style

Consistent style is a feature that enables users to take the style from a reference image and apply it to AI-generated images. This feature is showcased in the video as a way to create images with a similar aesthetic to a provided reference, which is particularly useful for creating a series of images with a uniform look.

💡Pan and zoom

Pan and zoom are features that allow users to extend or adjust the borders of an image in a particular direction or to change the field of view. In the context of the video, these tools are used creatively to add more context to an image, such as adding a background or changing the perspective.


Variations refer to the slightly altered versions of a base image generated by Midjourney V6. These can range from subtle to strong, introducing minor to significant changes to the original image. The video discusses using variations to explore different renditions of an image without starting from scratch.

💡Custom parameters

Custom parameters are user-defined settings in Midjourney V6 that tailor the image generation process to specific needs. They allow for precise control over the output, such as adjusting the level of stylization or specifying the aspect ratio of the image. The script provides examples of how to use custom parameters for advanced control.


Midjourney V6 offers a comprehensive guide for beginners and a refresher on AI image generation.

To get started with Midjourney, you need a Discord account and to subscribe to a plan.

The Midjourney server within Discord provides valuable information and resources for users.

Prompting is the method used to describe what you want the AI to generate.

Images can be generated in various mediums like photo, watercolor, oil painting, and digital art.

Adding details to your prompt refines the AI's output, such as specifying colors or objects.

Midjourney V6 has a special model for anime-style images, accessible through the settings menu.

The stylize setting controls the level of Midjourney's creative influence on the generated image.

Raw mode offers the most direct interpretation of the prompt without additional Midjourney style.

Text can be easily incorporated into prompts for generating text within images.

Custom parameters allow users to tailor the AI's output to specific needs.

The aspect ratio parameter adjusts the width-to-height ratio of the generated image.

Negative prompts (no parameter) can specify elements you want to exclude from the image.

The chaos parameter introduces variation in image generation, with higher values leading to more unexpected results.

The permutations feature enables iteration through multiple prompts for different variables like color.

Saved parameter sets can be created for quick reuse across different prompts.

The upscaler feature can enhance image resolution with subtle or creative options.

Variations (VAR buttons) offer slight to significant alterations to the original image.

Reroll allows regenerating images based on the same prompt for different outcomes.

The very region feature enables targeted adjustments to specific parts of an image.

Image outpainting expands the borders of an image in the direction of the chosen arrow.

Zoom features can be used to create infinite zoom effects or adjust the aspect ratio of an image.

Remix mode allows for adjustments and customizations to the prompt without retyping it.

Reference images can be uploaded and used to influence the style and content of generated images.

The Midjourney website is a platform for organizing, filtering, and managing your generated images.