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TLDRIn this engaging video, the host welcomes viewers to a new tutorial showcasing the basic handling of the SIG Sauer P320, model year 2022. The video is a continuation of a series, recorded on the same day as a previous video about a knife. The presenter demonstrates the firearm's basic controls, focusing on its 4.5 caliber and magazine loading technique. The tutorial includes steps like unloading the gun, securing the gas cylinder, loading the weapon, and preparing it for firing by disengaging the safety and cocking the hammer. The video, aimed at firearm enthusiasts, concludes with an invitation to subscribe, like, and check out two preceding videos on general information and maintenance of the SIG Sauer P320.


  • 😀 The video shows the basic controls of a 6mm airsoft gun
  • 🔫 The gun is loaded and made ready to fire during the video
  • i️ There are links to 2 previous videos about this airsoft gun in the description
  • 👍 Viewers are encouraged to like and subscribe if they enjoy the content
  • ❗ It seems to be a short video focused on demonstrating the basic functions of the airsoft gun

Q & A

  • What kind of gun is being shown in the video?

    -A Six Shower softair gun, model 2022, caliber 4.5mm.

  • What is the first step to prepare the gun for shooting?

    -The first step is to unload the CO2 capsules and then pressurize the air canister.

  • How do you load bullets into the gun?

    -To load the gun, first make sure the safety is on. Then pull back the slide to expose the magazine well and insert the magazine.

  • How do you ready the gun for firing?

    -To ready the gun for firing, release the safety, pull back the hammer, and the gun is ready to shoot as it is a single action gun.

  • Why doesn't this gun require racking the slide for each shot?

    -This gun does not have blowback, so racking the slide to reset the hammer is not necessary between shots.

  • Where can you find more information about maintenance for this gun?

    -There are two previous videos linked in the description that cover general information and basic maintenance for the Six Shower softair guns.

  • What kind of power does this gun use?

    -This Six Shower model is spring-powered rather than electric or gas-powered.

  • What is advised at the end of the video?

    -At the end, the narrator advises viewers to subscribe, leave a thumbs up if you liked the video, and says goodbye until the next video.

  • What is the purpose of this video?

    -The purpose is to provide an overview of the basic controls and functions of the 2022 model Six Shower softair gun.

  • What caliber is this particular model?

    -This Six Shower model is chambered for 4.5mm ammo.



😄 Introducing Basic Handling of Airsoft Gun

The video introduces basic handling and controls of the Six Flower ESP 2022 airsoft gun. It shows how to unload and load CO2 cartridges, charge the gun, take safety off, open and close hop-up, and pull the trigger to fire. The gun has simple action so the bolt does not need to be pulled back after each shot.



💡Six Shooter ESP 2022

The Six Shooter ESP 2022 refers to a specific model of a firearm showcased in the video. The model's detailed handling and basic operations are central to the video's theme, indicating that the content is likely aimed at enthusiasts or owners of this particular firearm. The video provides viewers with basic handling instructions, such as loading, aiming, and safety measures, contextualized within the operation of the Six Shooter ESP 2022.

💡Basic Handling

Basic Handling is a term used in the video to describe the fundamental techniques and safety procedures involved in operating a firearm, specifically the Six Shooter ESP 2022. This includes how to properly load the weapon, engage the safety features, and prepare the firearm for shooting. The term encapsulates essential knowledge for users to safely and effectively use their firearm.

💡Caliber 4.5

Caliber 4.5 refers to the diameter of the internal part of the firearm barrel and consequently the size of the ammunition used. In the context of the video, it specifies the ammunition size for the Six Shooter ESP 2022, indicating that the firearm uses 4.5mm pellets or bullets. This detail is crucial for viewers to understand the type of ammunition required for their firearm.


The Magazine is mentioned as a component of the firearm, specifically the Six Shooter ESP 2022, used to store and feed ammunition into the firing chamber. The video likely includes instructions on how to load the magazine and insert it into the firearm, a basic yet crucial aspect of handling the weapon safely and effectively.

💡Unload the Pellets

Unload the Pellets is a safety measure emphasized in the video, instructing viewers on how to safely remove ammunition from the firearm. This step is crucial in preventing accidental discharge when handling the weapon, especially during maintenance or when learning its basic operations.

💡Gas Cartridge

The Gas Cartridge is referenced as part of the operation for the Six Shooter ESP 2022. It suggests that this firearm model uses compressed gas to propel the pellets. The video instructs on how to properly insert and engage the gas cartridge, a key operation for the firearm's functionality.

💡Safety Catch

The Safety Catch is a mechanism on the firearm that prevents it from firing. The video likely explains how to engage and disengage the safety catch on the Six Shooter ESP 2022, highlighting its importance in preventing accidental shootings and ensuring the firearm is handled safely.

💡Simple Action

Simple Action, as mentioned in the video, refers to the firing mechanism of the Six Shooter ESP 2022, where a single action of pulling the trigger is needed to fire the weapon. This term helps viewers understand the operational characteristics of the firearm, emphasizing the ease of firing but also the importance of safety.


Blowback is a term used in firearms operation, which the video suggests the Six Shooter ESP 2022 does not possess. Typically, blowback is a mechanism where the pressure from firing a bullet is used to load the next round and cock the hammer. The absence of blowback in this model indicates a simpler design, possibly affecting how the firearm is loaded and fired.

💡IX Software

IX Software appears to be a term mistakenly included or misinterpreted from the transcript. It might refer to previous videos or content related to the firearm or an unrelated topic. Without context, its relevance to the video's main theme of firearm handling and safety is unclear, suggesting it could be an error or an off-topic reference.


Introduction to a new video on the channel.

Viewing of a previous video related to a knife review.

Announcement of the main topic: Basic handling of the SIG Sauer ESP 2022.

Mention of a vibraphone sound in the background.

Reference to previous videos in the description about the SIG Sauer and its maintenance.

Overview of the SIG Sauer ESP 2022's basic controls.

Details about the caliber and magazine of the SIG Sauer ESP 2022.

Instruction to unload the bullets and pressurize the gun.

Steps to load the weapon.

Emphasis on always ensuring the safety is engaged.

Guide to disengage the safety and prepare for firing.

Explanation of the firearm's simple action and lack of blowback.

Encouragement to subscribe, like, and comment on the video.

Conclusion of the video with a farewell.

Background music mentioned throughout the video.



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