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TLDRThe transcript reveals a poetic and introspective narrative, deeply entwined with themes of loss, longing, and the existential journey of life. The speaker reflects on the dichotomy of life's challenges and the beauty of aspirations, using metaphors of climbing for better prospects and the constant battle with inner demons and lies. The recurring motif of 'twice as much' underscores a yearning for more—be it space, peace, or joy—contrasted with the heavy burden of memories and what-ifs. The imagery of speaking with angels and questioning paradise adds a spiritual depth, exploring the unknown and the afterlife. Through a blend of introspection and metaphorical landscapes, the script captures the essence of human resilience and the quest for meaning amidst adversity.


  • 😀 The transcript seems to be song lyrics that touch on emotional themes like love, loss, and paradise
  • 🎵 There are multiple references to music and singing, indicating this is likely a musical piece
  • 💭 Abstract visual imagery is used to depict introspective feelings and memories
  • 🤔 I cannot comprehend the full meaning without fluency in French, but can recognize it is poetic expression

Q & A

  • What is the video about overall?

    -The video is about a rapper reflecting on life, relationships, and hardships.

  • What does the rapper say he would have more of if he didn't have someone in his head?

    -He says he would have twice as much space, twice as much heart, and twice as many flowers at the funeral.

  • How does the rapper describe looking up at the sky?

    -He says it's like looking at the sky through bars, implying he feels trapped.

  • Who does the rapper say he spoke to?

    -He says he spoke with angels.

  • What does the rapper say he asked the angels?

    -He says he asked them what paradise is like.

  • How does the rapper describe his dreams?

    -He says his dreams are better off staying dreams, implying they are unrealistic.

  • What does the rapper say he sees everywhere?

    -He says he sees evil everywhere.

  • Where does the rapper say he is far from?

    -He says he is far from life.

  • What does the rapper say he loses when he sees his dark circles?

    -He says he loses the few things he remembers.

  • How does the rapper describe the gun to his head?

    -He says it's like looking up at the sky through bars, so oppressive and limiting.


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Struggle in the context of the script refers to the challenges and hardships faced by the narrator. It's indicative of a journey marked by personal trials, such as growing up in a tough environment ('j'ai grandi en bas') and facing emotional turmoil ('il y a eu deux fois plus de pleur'). The struggle is both a physical climb ('fait l'escalade') and an emotional one, highlighting the resilience required to navigate life's obstacles.


Aspiration is captured through the narrator's desire to overcome his circumstances and achieve something better ('une bonne scalope'). This term illustrates the hope and ambition driving the narrator despite the adversities faced. Aspirations are seen as a way out of the struggle, offering a glimpse of what could be if one manages to 'turn the page' or change their life's narrative.


Deception emerges in the script through the narrator's experiences with dishonesty and betrayal ('j'ai vu dans l'il du mensonge'). It reflects the pain of being misled and the disillusionment that comes with realizing the truth. This theme relates to the overall message by portraying how trust can be broken and the impact it has on one's perception of others and the world.


Memory plays a significant role, with references to what the narrator remembers ('les quelques trucs dont je me souviens'). It signifies the importance of past experiences in shaping who we are and how we view our lives. Memories, whether painful or pleasant, act as a reminder of what has been endured and learned along the way.


Grief is a recurring element, particularly in the mention of attending a funeral and imagining a scenario with '10 fois plus de fleurs'. This illustrates the deep sense of loss and sorrow that accompanies the death of loved ones, reflecting on the emotional weight of mourning and the finality of death.


Escape is a motif that appears through the desire to break free from the confines of one's reality ('ça m'amène tu parlais avec tes songes'). It can be interpreted both as a physical desire to leave a place and as a mental escape into dreams or fantasies. This concept highlights the narrator's yearning for a respite from the hardships of life.


Reflection is evident in the narrator's introspection and contemplation of life ('regarder le ciel à travers les B'). It suggests a moment of pause to ponder existential questions and the mysteries of life, indicating a deeper search for meaning and understanding beyond the surface struggles.


Resilience is shown through the narrator's determination to persevere despite challenges ('j'ai fait l'escalade'). It underscores the strength and toughness required to navigate life's adversities, embodying the ability to rebound from setbacks and continue moving forward.


Loneliness is implied in the narrator's expressions of isolation and feeling misunderstood ('je suis plus là'). It captures the solitude that can accompany personal journeys, especially when one feels disconnected from their surroundings or when their experiences set them apart from others.


Hope is subtly woven into the narrative, offering a contrast to the prevailing themes of struggle and grief. Despite the difficulties and the darkness, there are moments where the narrator looks towards the possibility of change or improvement ('jeurais demandé c'est comment le paradis'). It symbolizes the light that guides individuals through their darkest times, suggesting that despair can be temporary and transformation is possible.


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si jeavais pas dans les P deux fois plus


de C avec deux fois plus de C aur plus


de fil de il fa deux fois plus de sac je


deux fois plus de si jeis deux fois plus


de il y aura de fois plus


de pas chez moi s plus Mar dans saard


quand je suis soupill po je vois plus po


je suis plus là j'ai grandi en bas j'ai


fait l'escalade pour une bonne scalope


la vie n'est qu'une ch que je ti par les


n le canon sur la temple m frappe au


Carau c'est comme regarder le ciel à


travers les B je sais pas ce qu'il y a


làhaut je'


pte Ren a qu'elle tourne


haut j'ai parlé avec les anges jeurais


demandé c'est comment le paradis


je su c pas je t' vu dans l'il du


mensonge j'ai March sur tes sans faire




BR par avec tes songes c'estre mieux




reste j'aimerais tourner la


éce m' pas plus loin que le bout de




la je t'avais pas dans la tête j'aurais


de fois plus de place dans de fois plus


de place de fois plus de fait deux fois


plus du cœur il y a eu deux fois plus de


pleur je t' là à l'enterrement il y aura


10 fois plus de fleurs si je t'avais pas


dans la tête il y aurait deux fois plus


de place sourire je vois le mal partout


là on va de la tour je moi sourire je


tout l'hiver loin du vestia je ce que j


per quand je vois mes cernes les


quelques trucs dont je me souviens le


canon sur la


temp c'est comme regarder le ciel à


travers les B je sais pas ce qu'il y a


làhaut je prends le pé au




tour tu par avec leses je demandé c'est


comment le




danss faire


de ave






parsong faire de


Br ça m'amène tu parlais avec tes songes