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TLDRThe rap lyrics tell the story of someone who grew up in tough circumstances but is now succeeding despite the challenges. They describe hustling to make money, having enemies, and overcoming obstacles. The rapper takes pride in their progress, saying they now have the means to 'make war' and provide for others. They feel destined for this life, ready since childhood to seize what's theirs. The defiant, confident tone celebrates their perseverance and determination in the face of adversity.


  • 🎵 The script opens and closes with music, indicating a strong musical element throughout.
  • 👏 Applause is heard, suggesting moments of achievement or recognition.
  • 🚗 References to driving in the zone with 'GS' and a 'R1000' imply a theme of movement and possibly street culture.
  • 👬 The mention of being selective with companions and valuing loyalty ('avec moi j'ai tous les petits') suggests themes of friendship and trust.
  • 🤐 'On fait pas de bruit' hints at a need for discretion or operating under the radar.
  • 🌍 'Jamais les mêmes, c'est toujours un nous qui ramasse' could indicate a sense of community and shared struggles or victories.
  • 💸 Giving money ('je donne un billet') to others might signify generosity or a role of support within a community.
  • 🏙️ References to 'cité de France' and 'les bâtiments' paint a picture of urban life and possibly the challenges within.
  • 🔥 'Je mets le feu' and similar phrases suggest a theme of making an impact or causing a stir.
  • 🛡️ The recurring theme of readiness ('je suis prêt depuis tout petit') and overcoming obstacles ('on prendra tout ce qui est à nous') indicates resilience and determination.

Q & A

  • What significance does silence have in the group's approach?

    -Silence represents a strategic and discreet approach, emphasizing the importance of moving unnoticed or without attracting undue attention.

  • How does the narrator view his selectivity with associates?

    -The narrator values selectivity as a measure of quality and trustworthiness, indicating a preference for a smaller, more reliable circle.

  • What does the phrase 'recognized by the size of one's enemies' imply?

    -It suggests that the strength or reputation of a person can be judged by the caliber of their adversaries, indicating respect earned through confrontation.

  • What is the significance of returning to the R1000?

    -Returning to the R1000 symbolizes a return to roots or a foundational aspect of the narrator's identity, possibly highlighting a sense of belonging or prowess.

  • How does the narrator's perspective on change and consistency manifest?

    -The narrator acknowledges the inevitability of change but also values consistency in character and loyalty, as shown through the repeated mention of 'never the same'.

  • What role does the community or 'Hus' play in the narrator's life?

    -The 'Hus' likely represents a close-knit community or group that consistently supports and takes responsibility for one another, emphasizing solidarity.

  • How does the narrator perceive their upbringing and its impact?

    -The narrator views their upbringing as a foundational element that has shaped their worldview and actions, equating it to being 'matrixed' from a young age.

  • What is the importance of the 'cahier des doléances' in the narrator's actions?

    -The 'cahier des doléances' symbolizes a list of grievances or demands, implying the narrator's awareness of social or personal injustices that they aim to address.

  • What does the act of giving a bill to a 'petit' signify?

    -This act symbolizes generosity and the passing of wealth or knowledge to the younger generation, indicating a sense of responsibility towards community upliftment.

  • How does the narrator express their readiness and determination?

    -The narrator's readiness is conveyed through their willingness to confront challenges from a young age, indicating a lifelong preparedness to claim what they believe is theirs.

  • What does the repetition of themes like war, struggle, and resilience indicate about the narrator's life perspective?

    -It reflects a worldview shaped by conflict and adversity, where resilience and readiness to fight are crucial for survival and success.



🎤 Urban Poetry and Self-Expression

The passage unfolds with an energetic blend of music and applause, setting the stage for a narrative deeply rooted in urban culture and street wisdom. The speaker, amidst this vibrant backdrop, narrates their arrival into a zone, accompanied by their close circle, emphasizing a quiet but powerful presence. They speak of selective associations, valuing quality over quantity in their relationships, and measuring a person's worth by the stature of their adversaries. This narrative weaves through themes of loyalty, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of respect and success in a challenging environment. The repetition of 'never the same' underscores a commitment to progress and evolution, while references to struggles and victories sketch a vivid picture of life's battles and triumphs. The speaker reflects on their journey, marked by determination and a readiness to face challenges from a young age, and the resolve to claim what's rightfully theirs. The passage concludes on a note of anticipation and readiness for future endeavors, mirrored in the recurrent musical and applause motifs, symbolizing ongoing struggle and the celebration of hard-won achievements.




The 'zone' refers to the neighborhood or area where the rapper is from. It represents his territory and home base. He states 'I got my guys with me, I'm coming into the zone' to show this is his turf.


The rapper refers to 'the size of his enemies' to boast about his stature and threat compared to rivals. This shows competition and threats within his environment.


The word 'hustle' is used repeatedly to refer to the grind, drug dealing and illegal activity that the rapper and his crew engage in to make money. It's a core part of their lifestyle and identity.


The rapper describes the urban streets as 'the matrix', painting it as an inescapable system that shapes people's lives and identities from a young age. This refers to the cycles of poverty, crime, and violence.


The rapper refers to his crew and friends as 'soldiers', conveying loyalty and a war-like mentality. It's part of the push and pull of street life he depicts.


Enemies are mentioned repeatedly, showing constant threats and conflict the rapper faces. Rival gangs and dealers are at war over money, territory and reputation.


The rapper boasts about stockpiling weapons ('artillery') for protection and intimidation. Guns are symbols of power and danger in his environment.


The rapper's 'name' and respect on the streets is important. He portrays an image of being feared and known as someone not to be crossed.


The rapper values loyalty and camaraderie with his crew, whom he calls his 'brothers'. They look out for each other amid constant danger.


The word 'hustle' comes up often, referring to the illegal activities, drug trade, and crime the rapper engages in to survive and gain status. This mindset is pervasive where he's from.


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j'ai mis les GS là j'arrive dans la zone


avec moi j'ai tous les petits on fait


pas de bruit tu connaissais les hommes


nous j'ai toujours été sélectif il y en


a combien que j'aime pas moi on reconnaî


un bonhomme à la taille de ses ennemis


quand tu pas avant r appareeil gros je


vais remonter sur le r1000 le ti on sera


jamais les mêm o je viens gros tu as vu


la classe vite on pas vu la caisse


jamais les mêmes on la haé la crasse il


y a que mes qui m'aaise jamais les mêmes


c'est toujours un nous qui ramasse


toujours le Hus la fraîche jamais les


mêm c'est toujours le Hus qui ramasse


c'est toujours le H France on est matrix


depuis qu'on est petit tu es sur le


cahier des doléances comme je suis un


bon je donne un billet au petit C les


cité de France on est matrix depuis


qu'on est petit c'est sur le cahier des


doléan comme je un bon je donne un






petit sur le chemin je suis revenu comme


ti jeis le feu comme les




ro je suis dans la Bou donc tu sais que


ça fait mouche on a route ça fait fermer


tes bouches et même ta B le M je squat


les btiments elle voudrait un tout petit




on se relaille la matinée on fait des l


et même dimanche dans ta mémoire tu sais


qu'on est des lou je suis prêt depuis


tout petit mois on prendra tout ce qui


est à nous je pr depuis tout petit mois


scénario incroyable on se faisait lever


maintenant c'est moi qui fait lever des


foules je suis sorti d'une salade je


récupère la tromo une li mes [ __ ] de


papier dans la fouille je connais le


karaté je r ma zone fier mon histoire


j'ai pas fini de l'écrire tu as gagné


une bataille mdr et tu crois vraiment


que tu as gagné la guerre on a des rinés


on a des outils on a des pét c'est grave


des tunes toujours un [ __ ] de PO


demande à toutous ces gosses c'est qui


qui distribu la tête de PP toujours mal


monsieur noir tu sais je connais le


métier Mor j'ai pas le PAI je remp j'ai


de quoi faire la guerre je


repiné France on est Matri qu'on est


petit es sur le cahier des do comme je


suis un bon je donne un billet autit


c'est on est mat c'est depuis qu'and est


petit c'est sur le cahier des Doig les


comme je un B dans


petit sur le chemin je suis revenu comme


tir je fous le feu comme les




ro je suis dans la Bou donc tu sais que


ça fait mouche on arrache la route ça


fait fermer des bouches et même ta Bab


capter le mou j'ai squat les btiments


elle voudra un tout petit Mo on se


relaille la matinée on fait des l même


dimanche dans ta mémoire tu sais qu'on


est des l je suis prêt depuis tout petit


mois on prendra tout ce qui est à nous


je pr depuis tout petit