Yamê - Bécane (Official Video)

25 Jan 202403:32


TLDRThe lyrics portray a defiant, carefree attitude, with the narrator expressing disregard for danger and consequences as he rides his motorcycle while smoking marijuana. He positions himself as an outsider and rebel, referencing African and Caribbean culture while rejecting materialism and the establishment. The aggressive, high-energy delivery emphasizes escapism and thrill-seeking as empowering, using the motorcycle as a symbol of freedom in contrast to the oppressive prison bars repeatedly mentioned.


  • 😎 The speaker has been thinking about feeling good for a long time.
  • 😤 The speaker doesn't care what gossipers say, as they haven't experienced the speaker's life.
  • 😠 The speaker handles challenges smoothly and independently.
  • 🏍️ The speaker talks about riding a motorcycle.
  • 🌿 The speaker mentions smoking weed.
  • 😨 The speaker sees danger but keeps going.
  • 🤐 The speaker implies possible illegal activity.
  • 🏢 The speaker sees prison bars and is trying to escape.
  • 🔊 The motorcycle's loud noise represents freedom.
  • 😌 The ride gives the speaker a sense of escape and thrill.

Q & A

  • What does the speaker mean by 'I've been thinking about how to feel good for a very, very long time'?

    -The speaker is reflecting on a long period of contemplation about what it takes to truly feel content or happy in life, indicating a deep, personal journey of understanding happiness.

  • How does the speaker view the opinions of gossipers?

    -The speaker dismisses the opinions of gossipers, suggesting that those who gossip don't understand their life or perspective and that their words are not worth listening to.

  • What is the significance of mentioning Sankara and Cheikh Anta?

    -Mentioning Sankara (Thomas Sankara) and Cheikh Anta Diop highlights the speaker's admiration for revolutionary thinkers and leaders from African history, using them as models for their own principles and actions.

  • What does 'Reliable like a German engine, Independent, without carats, without teeth' imply?

    -This phrase implies a self-description of reliability and independence, not needing material wealth (symbolized by 'carats' or 'teeth') to prove worth or capability.

  • What does the speaker mean by 'I don't wait for the pass, they can't cross the ball'?

    -This metaphor suggests the speaker's proactive nature, not waiting for opportunities to come from others ('the pass') and criticizing others' inability to provide opportunities ('can't cross the ball').

  • Why does the speaker mention their Bantu heritage in relation to discussions about skin color?

    -By identifying as Bantu, the speaker is expressing pride in their African heritage and dismissing superficial judgments based on skin color, emphasizing the irrelevance of such discussions to their identity.

  • What is the significance of 'Pack up your cocaine I've got my CC'?

    -This line contrasts the speaker's choice of substance (implied to be cannabis with 'my CC') with cocaine, possibly denoting a rejection of harder drugs in favor of what they see as a less harmful alternative.

  • Why does the speaker emphasize riding a motorcycle despite acknowledging the danger?

    -The speaker acknowledges the danger but emphasizes riding the motorcycle as an act of defiance and a means of escape, symbolizing freedom and a refusal to be constrained by fears of risk.

  • What does 'The only thing I see is prison bars' signify?

    -This line likely symbolizes the speaker's feeling of being trapped or constrained by societal expectations, laws, or personal circumstances, with the motorcycle ride representing an escape from these confines.

  • How does the Akrapovic exhaust ('The Akra’ helps focusing') relate to the speaker's mental state?

    -The Akrapovic exhaust, referred to as 'The Akra,' symbolizes how focusing on something tangible, like the sound or performance of a motorcycle, can help the speaker manage or channel their feelings of hatred and frustration.



😎 Motorcycle Ride and Drug Use😎

A poetic narrative about going for a motorcycle ride while smoking marijuana and feeling free. The lyrics express a carefree attitude, escaping troubles through the thrill of the ride. There are mentions of role models like Sankara and Cheikh Anta as well as themes of independence and not caring about danger or consequences.




In the context of the video, 'momentum' refers to the pace or progress someone is making in their life, suggesting a forward movement or growth. The speaker contrasts their own long period of contemplation about feeling good with someone else's momentum, implying a difference in life's pace or direction. This concept relates to the overall theme by highlighting the individual's journey and personal growth, despite external perceptions or pressures.


Gossip in the video is mentioned as a negative force, indicating how people talk about others without understanding their life's realities. It signifies the superficial judgment and criticism the speaker faces, underscoring a theme of navigating through societal scrutiny and misinformation. The speaker’s dismissal of gossip reflects their resilience and determination to define life on their own terms, despite external noise.


Violence is referenced as a 'language' that the speaker suggests some people only understand, implying a world where actions and force speak louder than words or reason. This concept could be related to the struggles and confrontations the speaker faces, both metaphorically and literally. It emphasizes the harsh realities of their environment, where survival and communication often require toughness and resilience.


Independence is a key theme, symbolized by the speaker's self-reliance and freedom from materialistic and societal expectations ('without carats, without teeth'). This concept is vital to understanding the speaker's identity and values, showcasing a desire to live authentically and autonomously, without being weighed down by the trappings of status or external validation.


The term 'Bantu' refers to a large group of indigenous African peoples speaking Bantu languages. In the video, it signifies the speaker's pride in their African heritage and identity, rejecting any negative connotations associated with their skin color. This reference is crucial for understanding the video's theme of self-identity and resilience in the face of racial stereotypes and discrimination.


The motorcycle is a recurring symbol in the video, representing freedom, escape, and the speaker's journey. It signifies the act of moving forward and breaking away from constraints ('getting out of hell'), whether they be physical, emotional, or societal. The motorcycle's 'screaming' could symbolize the speaker's own cries for freedom and the exhilarating, yet dangerous, pursuit of autonomy.


Cocaine is mentioned in a context that contrasts the speaker's choice of substance (CC) with more harmful alternatives, highlighting a theme of personal choice and perhaps the rejection of more destructive paths. This contrast can be seen as a metaphor for choosing one's way of coping with life's challenges, while also hinting at the prevalence of drug use and its consequences within the speaker's environment.

💡Prison bars

The 'prison bars' symbolize the restrictions and limitations the speaker feels in life, whether imposed by society, their circumstances, or their own choices. This imagery relates to the theme of seeking freedom and escape, emphasizing the psychological and physical barriers that confine the speaker, and their desire to break free from these constraints.


The 'Akra' likely refers to an aftermarket motorcycle exhaust system, known for enhancing performance and sound. In the video, it symbolizes a focus or clarity that the speaker seeks, possibly through the thrill and freedom of riding. This ties into the broader theme of finding ways to cope with and transcend the 'hatred' and challenges in the speaker's thoughts and environment.


Weed is mentioned multiple times as a substance the speaker uses, symbolizing a form of escape or coping mechanism. The repetitive mention underscores its role in the speaker's life as a way to deal with the dangers and the 'prison bars' they perceive around them. It reflects a broader theme of seeking solace and freedom in ways that may be risky or frowned upon by society.


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Bitch, I've been thinking about how to feel good for a very, very long time, I don't have your momentum


Never listen to what they say The ones that gossip have never seen life through your world


I may speak their language but you have to believe that they only hear the language of violence


I sneak in quickly, handsoff You ain’t see me stutter when I had to handle the bike


Sankara, Cheikh Anta, N***a, I chose my models Reliable like a German engine


Independant, without carats, without teeth, yes and give back more than the big ones of your big ones


I don't see them, they’re not focused, I don't wait for the pass, they can't cross the ball


I'm Bantu, don't talk to me about my colored skin We didn't come here to show off


Pack up your cocaine I've got my CC


I turn the handle, I’m just passing time I’m riding as if someone was waiting for me


I wedge the joint out between my teeth Bahwai, bahwai


I’m taking the motorcycle out I’m smoking w**d I don’t give a shit if it’s fucking dangerous


The only thing I see is prison bars The motorcycle’s screaming and I am getting out of hell On my big bike Bahwai


I’m taking the motorcycle out, I’m smoking w**d


I don’t give a shit if it’s fucking dangerous


The only thing I see is prison bars


The motorcycle’s screaming and I am getting out of hell On my big bike Bahwai, bahwai


The Akra’ helps focusing


The hatred that I feel in my thoughts, hum


In this marked business, ah yeah


I'm taking out the bike, bike wo-ouh


And I'm taking out the bike, bike wo-ouh


Bike di-di-da-da, I smoke w**d


I’m taking out the bike, di-di-da-da, ah uh, ah uh


I’m taking the motorcycle out, I’m smoking w**d


I don’t give a shit if it’s fucking dangerous


The only thing I see is prison bars The motorcycle’s screaming and I am getting out of hell On my big bike Bahwai


I’m taking the motorcycle out di-di-di-di-di


I don’t give a shit if it’s fucking dangerous


The only thing I see is prison bars The motorcycle’s screaming and I am getting out of hell On my big bike Bahwai, bahwai


Bahwai, bahwai