Monsieur, votre conduite est inacceptable !

27 Jan 202404:03


TLDRThe script depicts a tense interaction between a motorcyclist and police officers during a traffic stop. The motorcyclist is accused of various traffic violations, including speeding, erratic lane changes without signaling, running amber lights, and crossing solid white lines. Despite acknowledging the presence of the police, the motorcyclist's rush and reckless behavior are criticized. The officer details the consequences of these actions, including fines and points deduction from the driver's license. The script emphasizes the importance of safe driving practices and the legal and financial repercussions of traffic violations. It concludes with advice on attending a point recovery course to mitigate the loss of driving privileges.


  • 🚓 The driver was stopped for multiple traffic violations, including speeding, irregular overtaking, not using turn signals, and crossing white lines.
  • 👮 A police officer emphasized the importance of safe driving and expressed disappointment over the driver's reckless behavior, even when police are not present.
  • 🚫 The driver's conduct was described as unacceptable, with specific mention of passing through orange lights, not stopping at intersections, and excessive speed.
  • 💰 Fines were issued for driving at excessive speed near an intersection, crossing a continuous line, and changing direction without signaling, totaling over 202 euros in penalties.
  • 🔢 Points were deducted for the violations, with a warning that accumulating too many points could result in the loss of the driving license.
  • 📝 The officer explained the procedure for paying fines and the consequences of not paying on time, including increased charges and additional point deductions.
  • 💸 The script mentions the option of attending a point recovery course before losing all points to potentially restore the driver's point balance and retain their license.
  • 🚔 It's highlighted that certain insurance policies might cover the cost of the point recovery course, offering a financial break to the offender.
  • 🚗 The driver is advised to adhere to traffic rules strictly in the future to avoid further penalties and ensure the safety of themselves and others.
  • 📚 The officer notes that drivers can recover up to 4 points per year by attending sanctioned courses, indicating a system in place for drivers to improve their driving record.

Q & A

  • What reasons did the officer give for stopping the driver?

    -The officer mentioned several reasons for stopping the driver, including speeding, making lane changes without signaling, crossing white lines, passing through orange (yellow) traffic lights, and generally unsafe driving behavior.

  • How long has the driver had their motorcycle license?

    -The driver has had their motorcycle license for 4 years.

  • What specific driving violations did the officer enumerate?

    -The officer enumerated driving at a very high speed, changing lanes without using indicators, crossing white lines, and running through orange traffic lights without stopping.

  • What documents did the officer ask the driver to present?

    -The officer asked the driver to present their driving license, vehicle registration document (carte grise), and proof of insurance.

  • What was the driver's excuse for their driving behavior?

    -The driver's excuse for their behavior was that they were running late ("à la bourre").

  • What penalties did the officer issue to the driver?

    -The officer issued several penalties, including fines for excessive speed, crossing a continuous line, and changing direction without prior signaling, along with points deduction from the driver's license.

  • How much was the fine for driving at an excessive speed?

    -The fine for driving at an excessive speed was 90 euros.

  • What is the consequence of not paying the fines in time?

    -If the fines are not paid in time, they are increased ("majoré") automatically, and points are deducted as soon as the fines are paid or after a long period of non-payment.

  • How can a driver recover points on their license?

    -A driver can recover points on their license by attending a point recovery course (stage de récupération de point) before losing all their points.

  • What advice did the officer give to the driver regarding future driving behavior?

    -The officer advised the driver to drive more responsibly, even when police are not present, suggesting that the driver should always adhere to traffic rules to avoid further penalties and possibly losing their license.



🚔 Traffic Violation and Consequences

This paragraph depicts a traffic stop where the driver is reprimanded by a police officer for multiple violations. The driver, in a hurry, has committed several offenses: speeding, irregular overtaking, not using turn signals, crossing white lines, and running orange lights. The officer checks the driver's license, registration, and insurance, noting the driver has had a motorcycle license for four years. The officer stresses the importance of safe driving regardless of police presence. The driver faces several fines and point deductions for excessive speed, crossing a continuous line, and changing direction without a signal. If unpaid, these fines increase, and points are deducted automatically. The officer suggests attending a point recovery course before the driver loses more points, potentially leading to the loss of their license. The officer clarifies that attending such a course could restore points, allowing the driver to maintain their license even after paying fines. The driver is advised to improve their driving habits and informed about the yearly point recovery rate and the availability of courses, some of which might be covered by insurance.



💡Traffic Violations

Traffic violations refer to actions committed by a vehicle operator that contravene the laws governing road safety and vehicle operation. In the script, these include excessive speed, not using turn signals, crossing white lines, and running orange traffic lights. The speaker is addressing someone who has committed these violations, emphasizing the seriousness of these actions and their potential consequences.

💡Law Enforcement

Law enforcement in this context refers to the activities carried out by police officers to maintain public order and safety, enforce laws, and prevent, detect, and investigate crimes. The script depicts a law enforcement officer admonishing a motorist for dangerous driving, thereby underscoring the role of police in enforcing traffic laws and ensuring road safety.

💡Traffic Fines

Traffic fines are monetary penalties imposed for violating traffic laws. The script mentions several fines for different infractions such as speeding and line crossing, highlighting the financial consequences of traffic violations. It is a deterrent meant to discourage dangerous driving behaviors.

💡Driver's License Points

Driver's license points are part of a system used to penalize drivers for traffic violations. Accumulating points can lead to increased insurance rates, license suspension, or revocation. In the script, the officer warns about point deductions for each violation, indicating the potential impact on the driver's license status.

💡Defensive Driving

Defensive driving refers to operating a vehicle in a manner that employs safe driving strategies to enable motorists to address identified hazards in a predictable manner. The script implies the need for defensive driving through the mention of various reckless actions the driver has taken, such as not checking blind spots and erratic lane changes.

💡Driving Etiquette

Driving etiquette involves the courteous and considerate behaviors expected of motorists, like signaling before turning and adhering to traffic signals. The script discusses the lack of driving etiquette in the context of the driver's failure to use turn signals and obey traffic lights, emphasizing the importance of respectful and safe driving practices.


Speeding is driving beyond the posted speed limit or too fast for road conditions. It is a significant focus of the script, with the officer highlighting the dangers and penalties of speeding, including a fine and the deduction of points from the driver's license.

💡Traffic Light Compliance

Traffic light compliance refers to adhering to signals at traffic lights, a fundamental aspect of road safety. The script mentions the driver running 'orange' lights, which is risky and illegal, emphasizing the importance of obeying traffic signals to prevent accidents.

💡Penalty Points

Penalty points are points accumulated on a driver's license as a result of traffic violations. The script's reference to points being deducted for various infractions underscores the system's role in discouraging dangerous driving and penalizing repeat offenders.

💡Reckless Driving

Reckless driving involves operating a vehicle in a dangerous manner, disregarding the safety of others. The script portrays reckless driving through the driver's multiple traffic violations, including speeding and ignoring traffic signals, highlighting the risks such behavior poses to both the driver and others on the road.


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