Free AI Avatar Cloning is Finally here

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12 Dec 202313:04

TLDRThe video introduces a free AI avatar cloning service that allows users to create a digital replica of themselves in just five minutes using their phone. The process involves signing up on for a free account, which limits the creation to one instant avatar. The user is guided through recording two minutes of high-resolution video footage while reading a script, ensuring good lighting and minimal hand movements. The service also clones the user's voice. After uploading the footage, the user can create videos with their avatar, choosing from different voice options and languages. The platform offers additional features like fine-tuning for improved lip sync and the ability to export videos in various languages. The video concludes by highlighting the potential of AI cloning tools and their future advancements.


  • 🆓 **Free Avatar Creation**: You can create an AI avatar of yourself for free.
  • 🕒 **Quick Process**: The process takes only about 5 minutes.
  • 📱 **Phone Required**: All you need is your phone to get started.
  • 📸 **High-Quality Footage**: Use the highest resolution camera available, ideally the back camera of your phone.
  • 🎥 **Recording Tips**: Record 2 minutes of footage, ensure good lighting, and avoid shaky footage.
  • 📑 **Script Reading**: Read a script or any text to train the AI, pausing between sentences.
  • 🚫 **Avoid Hand Gestures**: Keep hand movements generic and avoid specific gestures that could confuse the AI.
  • 🌐 **Webcam Alternative**: If using a webcam, ensure it's at eye level for better quality.
  • 📊 **Credits System**: Free accounts have limited credits, with options to upgrade for more features.
  • 🔊 **Voice Cloning**: The service clones your voice along with your visual appearance.
  • 🌟 **Multi-Language Support**: The platform allows you to create videos in multiple languages using your cloned voice.
  • 🎬 **Video Customization**: You can customize your avatar's voice, add text or audio scripts, and choose different languages for your video content.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the software mentioned for creating AI avatars?

    -The software mentioned for creating AI avatars is called 'haen'.

  • How long does it take to create an AI avatar using haen?

    -The process of creating an AI avatar using haen takes approximately 5 minutes.

  • What are the limitations of the free account on

    -The free account on allows you to create one instant avatar, with limitations on the amount of content you can produce.

  • What type of content can you create with the free account on

    -With the free account, you can create one instant avatar and make videos with that avatar, but with limited credits.

  • What are the requirements for recording the video to create an avatar?

    -To create an avatar, you need to record 2 minutes of high-resolution footage using the back camera of your phone, ensuring good lighting and minimal shakiness.

  • How does haen ensure that the avatar's voice matches the user's?

    -Haen clones the user's voice during the avatar creation process, so the avatar not only looks like the user but also sounds like them.

  • What are some alternative options for creating avatars on

    -Besides instant avatars, offers photo avatars for creating cartoons or animations, and studio avatars for professional-quality avatars that require 4K footage.

  • How can you improve the lip sync and video resolution of the avatar?

    -You can improve the lip sync and video resolution by using the fine-tune option, which is available under a different subscription level and takes about eight hours to process.

  • What are some potential uses for the AI avatar created on

    -Potential uses for the AI avatar include marketing content, personalized video messages, and educational content.

  • How can you change the language of the avatar's voice?

    -You can change the language of the avatar's voice by selecting different public voices or using the PRO voice option, which allows cloning the voice into 25 different languages.

  • What is the process for uploading and preparing the video for avatar creation?

    -After recording the video, you upload it to The platform then processes the video, which takes about five minutes, after which you can proceed to create your avatar.

  • How can you add a script or text to the video creation process on

    -You can add a script or text by typing it directly into the text box provided, or by using the GPT script writer feature built into the platform for help with drafting a script.



🚀 Creating Your AI Avatar with

This paragraph introduces the process of turning oneself into an AI avatar using the platform. The user is guided through signing up for a free account, which allows for the creation of one instant avatar. The process is straightforward, requiring only a phone and about five minutes. The video also discusses the limitations of the free account and the availability of paid plans for more features and credits. The user is instructed to record two minutes of high-resolution video footage using the rear camera of their phone, ensuring good lighting and minimal movement. The video concludes with the user uploading their footage and beginning the avatar creation process.


🎤 Voice Cloning and Customizing Your Avatar

The second paragraph explains the voice cloning feature of the AI avatar creation process. It details how the user can check their setup, confirm their footage, and record a consent form using their webcam. The process involves uploading the initial video, which is then prepared by the system. The user can then customize their avatar with different voices, languages, and scripts. The video creation page allows for changing the voice, adding text or audio scripts, and even using an integrated GPT script writer for assistance. The paragraph also touches on the translation feature, which enables the video to be multilingual using the user's own voice.


📹 Video Creation and Fine-Tuning with Hen

This paragraph focuses on the video creation aspect of the Hen platform. It outlines how users can create videos with their newly made avatar, choosing between landscape and portrait modes. The user can preview their video, make necessary adjustments, and submit it for processing. The paragraph also mentions the option to fine-tune the video for improved resolution and lip sync, which requires a higher subscription level. The user is shown how to download their finished video and make use of captioning features. The video concludes with an encouragement to explore the capabilities of Hen and a teaser for future content on fine-tuning.



💡AI Avatar

An AI Avatar refers to a digital representation of a person that can be controlled or directed by the individual or an AI system. In the context of the video, it is a technology that allows users to create a digital clone of themselves that can speak and be used in videos, which is the main theme of the video.


This is the website of the software company offering the AI Avatar service. It is the platform where users can sign up, create their avatars, and utilize various features to generate personalized digital content.

💡Instant Avatar

Instant Avatar is a feature of the service that allows users to quickly create a basic version of their AI Avatar using their video footage. It is mentioned as the starting point for users to test the free account capabilities.


Credits in the context of are a form of in-service currency that determines how much content a user can create. A free account has limited credits, while upgrading to a paid plan provides more credits, allowing for extended use of the service.

💡Video Footage

Video footage refers to the recorded video that users submit to create their AI Avatar. It is essential for the avatar to learn and mimic the user's appearance and voice. In the script, the user is instructed to record 2 minutes of high-quality footage for this purpose.

💡High Resolution Camera

A high-resolution camera is a device capable of capturing video at a high level of detail, typically 1080p or higher. In the video, it is recommended to use the back-facing camera of a smartphone for recording the video footage to ensure the best quality for the AI Avatar creation process.

💡Landscape Video

Landscape video refers to a video format that is wider than it is tall, commonly used for platforms like YouTube. In the video script, the user is given the option to create a landscape video with their AI Avatar, which is suitable for a wider viewing audience.

💡Voice Cloning

Voice cloning is the process of replicating a person's voice digitally. In the context of the video,'s service clones the user's voice so that the AI Avatar can speak with a voice that sounds like the user's, enhancing the realism of the digital representation.

💡Text Script

A text script is the written content that will be spoken by the AI Avatar in the generated video. The user can input their script into the platform, and the AI Avatar will read it during the video, making it a crucial part of the video creation process.


Fine-tune, in the context of the video, refers to an advanced service offering where the AI Avatar's voice and video synchronization are improved for a more realistic and higher quality output. It is a feature that requires a more premium subscription plan.

💡PRO Voice

PRO Voice is a feature mentioned in the video that allows users to clone their voice into 25 different languages. This feature is particularly useful for creating content that can be multilingual and cater to a global audience, showcasing the versatility of the AI Avatar technology.


Free AI Avatar Cloning allows you to create an AI avatar of yourself in just 5 minutes using your phone.

The process requires signing up for a free account on, which limits creation but allows for one instant Avatar creation.

An upgraded plan offers more credits and flexibility for creating multiple avatars and longer videos.

To create an Avatar, you need to record 2 minutes of high-resolution footage with a stable setup and good lighting.

Avoid shaky footage and ensure the camera is at eye level for the best results.

The software also clones your voice, requiring a quiet environment for optimal audio capture.

Hand gestures should be generic and kept below chest level to avoid confusion in the Avatar's movements.

Using a phone's back camera is recommended over a computer's webcam for higher quality footage.

After recording, upload the footage to and confirm that the setup requirements were met.

A consent form must be read and recorded via webcam, then uploaded as part of the Avatar creation process.

The free account limits you to one instant avatar creation, while an upgraded account allows for more.

Once the Avatar is created, you can add scripts or audio to generate videos with your AI Avatar.

The platform offers voice and language options, allowing you to create multilingual content.

The video creation page provides options to fine-tune the voice, lip sync, and add various scenes.

Haen's GPT script writer can assist in drafting scripts directly within the platform.

Videos can be exported in different languages, with the voice cloned into 25 different languages in the PRO voice option.

The platform also offers captioning features, allowing for editing and importing of caption files.

The final video can be downloaded in various resolutions, with 1080p recommended for most uses.

Haen is a relatively new tool that has advanced significantly, offering almost humanlike AI cloning capabilities.