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TLDRThe transcript discusses issues facing Russian car manufacturer AvtoVAZ and dealers selling its Lada Vesta model. Prices for the redesigned Vesta have increased substantially but the car still lacks features found in comparable Chinese models. This makes Vestas harder to sell, resulting in excess inventory at dealers. The author suggests AvtoVAZ must cut Vesta prices to compete with Chinese automakers, noting Vesta quality issues remain compared to rivals. The author wonders how much prices need to drop to spark sales given advantages of all-wheel drive Chinese alternatives and reliability concerns. Just increasing trade-in values hasn’t helped Vesta sales thus far.


  • 🚫 AvtoVAZ dealers are facing challenges with an overstock of Lada Vesta cars, leading to a potential six-month supply.
  • 💸 The new generation Lada Vesta (NG) has seen a significant price increase, making it less attractive to buyers.
  • 💻 Chinese cars like Haval Jolion and Chery Tiggo 4 Pro are competitively priced, drawing customers away from Lada Vesta.
  • 🚗 Lada Vesta lacks modern features such as automatic transmission and panoramic roofs, which are available in Chinese competitors.
  • ⚠️ The quality of Lada Vesta NG is questioned with reports of 27 breakdowns shortly after purchase.
  • 💵 AvtoVAZ is advised to reduce prices to stay competitive in the market.
  • 🔴 Despite efforts, including increasing the recycling fee, Lada Vesta struggles to compete with Chinese brands.
  • 🌎 Major changes are expected in Russia by spring, with significant impacts on the economy and individual lives.
  • 📲 The Multiplier channel offers insights on economic trends, suggesting preparation for upcoming changes in Russia.
  • 💯 AvtoVAZ's older models like Grant and Niva remain unchallenged by Chinese brands due to their simplicity and robustness.

Q & A

  • What challenges have AvtoVAZ dealers faced recently?

    -AvtoVAZ dealers have had to deal with accumulating large inventories of unsold Lada Vesta models over the past couple of years.

  • Why are the new Lada Vesta models not selling well?

    -The new Vesta models have increased significantly in price but are not as well-equipped as similar Chinese models like Haval Jolion and Chery Tiggo 4 Pro.

  • How do the new Vesta models compare to similar Chinese models?

    -The new Vesta models are inferior to comparable Chinese models in terms of equipment offered at each price point. They also lack options like automatic transmission and panoramic sunroofs.

  • Why don't reliability and simplicity give Vesta an advantage?

    -While Lada is known for reliability and simplicity, the new Vesta models have had many reported issues in early ownership. They are also trying to compete on more than just reliability now.

  • What should AvtoVAZ do to make Vesta more competitive?

    -AvtoVAZ should reduce Vesta prices and improve equipment offered at each price point to be more competitive with Chinese brands.

  • Did increasing the recycling fee help Vesta sales?

    -No, increasing the recycling fee did not help boost sales of the Lada Vesta.

  • Where does AvtoVAZ still have an advantage over Chinese brands?

    -AvtoVAZ still has an advantage over Chinese brands with the Lada Granta and Lada Niva models which are simpler and more rugged.

  • How much do experts think Vesta prices should be reduced?

    -The video script does not provide a specific recommended price reduction amount for the Vesta. It only states prices should be reduced to improve competitiveness.

  • What other changes are predicted for Russia in 2024?

    -The video predicts major changes for Russia in spring 2024 that will leave many people unprepared. It recommends following sources like the Multiplier channel to stay informed.

  • What topics does the Multiplier channel cover?

    -The Multiplier channel covers economic and geopolitical topics like currency exchange rate predictions and analysis of military conflicts.



😞 AvtoVAZ Dealers Struggle to Sell New Lada Vesta Models Due to High Prices and Competition

Paragraph 1 discusses how AvtoVAZ dealers are struggling to sell new Lada Vesta models despite having large inventories. It explains that after the release of the Vesta NG, prices increased significantly but the cars are inferior to Chinese models like Haval Jolion in terms of equipment. Customers are choosing cheaper options with more features. Vesta sales are also impacted by quality issues. The paragraph suggests AvtoVAZ should reduce prices to stay competitive.

😲 Haval Jolion Seen as Major Competitor to Lada Vesta Due to Price, Features and AWD

Paragraph 2 focuses on the Haval Jolion as a key competitor to the Lada Vesta, offering all-wheel drive and more features at a similar price point. Even the higher-end Vesta Sportline with weak acceleration is matched by lower-priced all-wheel drive Jolion models. Vesta's reputation for reliability has declined with many reported issues shortly after purchase. Jolion's advantages make it very appealing compared to Vesta.

🤔 AvtoVAZ Competitive in Popular Car Segments Like Lada Grant and Niva

Paragraph 3 notes AvtoVAZ still dominates simpler, traditional car segments like the Lada Grant and Niva where Chinese automakers cannot yet compete. But in modern vehicle segments, AvtoVAZ loses to Chinese brands even in Russia. The paragraph asks how much prices should be reduced for AvtoVAZ to regain competitiveness.




AvtoVAZ is a Russian automobile manufacturer located in the city of Tolyatti. It is best known for producing the Lada brand of cars. The video discusses how AvtoVAZ dealers are struggling to sell the company's newest model, the Lada Vesta, due to high pricing and strong competition from Chinese brands.


The Lada Vesta is a compact car produced by AvtoVAZ and sold under their Lada brand. It was introduced in 2015 and a new generation model with the prefix NG was launched in 2022. However, the high pricing of the new Vesta NG models is making them uncompetitive against similar Chinese vehicles.


Cars from Chinese brands like Haval and Chery offer similar features and specs as the Lada Vesta, but at lower prices. Many Russian consumers are opting to buy Chinese vehicles over the Vesta due to the better value.


The Lada Vesta's high pricing compared to Chinese alternatives is a major reason that dealers are struggling to sell it. AvtoVAZ may need to reduce prices to become more competitive.


The Lada Vesta is said to lack some of the features offered on competing Chinese cars, like automatic transmission and panoramic sunroofs. This makes the Vesta less appealing to buyers.


Reliability and durability are traditionally strengths of Lada cars. But the new Vesta NG has had many reports of breakdowns from owners, hurting its reputation.


The Vesta now faces stiff competition from Chinese brands in Russia's car market. It can no longer rely on domestic dominance and must improve to compete.


A used Lada typically holds value well in the Russian market due to reliability and ease of maintenance. But resale values may fall if reliability issues persist with the new Vesta NG.


With many reports of breakdowns, AvtoVAZ may need to issue recalls or fixes to address reliability problems in the new Vesta NG if they want to restore customer confidence.


The Lada brand has a long history and reputation in Russia as affordable, rugged, durable cars. But quality issues with new models like the Vesta NG could damage this reputation if not addressed.


Dealers have stocked their warehouses with new Lada Vestas that they cannot sell.

The new Vesta NG model has increased greatly in price compared to previous versions.

Many comparable Chinese cars now cost about the same as the Vesta.

The Vesta lacks features that Chinese cars offer standard for the same price.

The Vesta does not have an automatic transmission option.

The new Vesta NG has had many reported breakdowns early in ownership.

AvtoVAZ needs to reduce Vesta prices to stay competitive.

Increasing the recycling fee did not help Vesta sales.

AvtoVAZ competes well in basic and rugged models like the Granta and Niva.

The Vesta loses against comparable Chinese cars in features for the price.

All-wheel drive is highly valued by Russian car buyers.

Reliability concerns make the Vesta unappealing versus Chinese options.

AvtoVAZ should reduce prices to boost Vesta demand.

The Vesta NG needs refinement to address early owner breakdown reports.

How much should Vesta prices decrease to stay competitive?



Hi all! Eh, AvtoVAZ dealers have had to go through a lot of different things over the past couple of years.


But it seemed okay, we managed. However, a new and very unexpected misfortune awaited them.


Judging by the latest news, dealers have stocked their warehouses. To be specific,


it’s impossible to sell new Vestas. But they keep coming


from the factory, so they need to be stored somewhere. At the moment, many car dealerships have


already accumulated a three-month supply of cars. If this continues, the supply may already last for six months.


How did it happen that Russians don’t want to buy a Lada Vesta?


Everything is simple and prosaic. After the release of the new generation with the NG prefix, Vesta greatly increased


in price. If you do not take the minimum configuration for 1,200,000, then for a well-equipped Vesta today


you will have to pay about 2 million rubles. Many Chinese cars cost about the same.


For example, Haval Jolion or Chery Tiggo 4 Pro. Not to mention all sorts of “Alsvins” or


the Livan X3 Pro, which replaced the Lada Kalina for Russian girls.


And the thing is that despite all the improvements of AvtoVAZ, Vesta is inferior


to the Chinese in terms of equipment. He's losing big. For example, it simply does not have a version


with an automatic transmission. Even with the notorious robot, from which everyone spat.


Not to mention all sorts of panoramic roofs. Of course, they are of no use,


but the Chinese can simply offer such an option for the same money. And why not take it then?


Changes await Russia already in the spring. Perhaps the most serious since the 90s.


Most will be in a stupor again, and some will have to start life from scratch.


To be prepared in advance, it is better to look at time-tested sources.


A good example is the Multiplier channel. Its author did not go anywhere in February 2022,


bought dollars at 55 and immediately explained why there would be no second wave of mobilization.


And now he explains in detail what will happen in the spring with the ruble and real estate, and how


military conflicts will end for humanity. Subscribe and watch the Multiplier channel


for just 5 minutes a day and be prepared for 2024 better than 90% of the people around. Links in the description!


And if we take the same “Jolion” separately, then for the price of the Vesta Sportline (which accelerates to hundreds in


more than 10 seconds) you can buy a Haval with all-wheel drive. It is extremely relevant for Russia.


In the end, the Russians would take Vesta if it were head and shoulders more reliable than its Chinese counterparts.


But no. Alas, so far Vesta NG is very disappointing. For example, I found a list of 27 breakdowns


that owners experienced in the first weeks of ownership. Obviously, it needs to be brought to mind.


What should AvtoVAZ do? Reduce prices. What else do they have left?


Interestingly, even increasing the recycling fee did not help make Vesta’s life easier.


But they cared so much for him in Togliatti. It turns out that for now AvtoVAZ is out of


competition only in Grant and Niva. The Chinese have nothing so oaky and simple


. Therefore, they cannot compete here. But if AvtoVAZ is trying to fight brands


from China in the segment of modern cars, it is still a fiasco even on its own territory. How


much do you think car prices should be reduced? Write in the comments.