Lega del Filo d'Oro: una piccola donazione può fare una grande differenza

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TLDRThe heartwarming story of a boy named Leonardo, who despite his inability to hear and speak, finds joy and connection through the love and support of his community. As Christmas approaches, the villagers, including a reluctant Mr. No, contribute a golden thread from their clothes to create a magical Filo d'Oro (Thread of Gold) for Leonardo. This act of kindness enables him to play, smile, and communicate with his hands, ultimately bringing the village together in a celebration of love and unity.


  • 🎁 The story begins with a Christmas gift for children, highlighting the theme of giving and joy.
  • 🧒 A child with glasses is introduced, who is unable to hear or see properly, emphasizing the challenges faced by those with disabilities.
  • 🌆 The child lives in a bustling city with a lively river and abundant art, yet is disconnected from these experiences due to his visual impairment.
  • 🧙 The family seeks advice from a village sage, who suggests a unique solution involving the community, stressing the importance of community support.
  • 🌟 The magical sates are mentioned as creatures that live in the river, symbolizing hope and the magical element in the story.
  • 🧵 The concept of 'Filo d'Oro' (Golden Thread) is introduced as a metaphor for the love and support that the community can provide to the child.
  • 👨‍👩 The parents embark on a journey to collect golden threads from the villagers, representing the collective effort to help their child.
  • 💔 The character Mr. No initially refuses to contribute, illustrating the presence of resistance or selfishness in the community.
  • 🤗 Mr. No eventually gives in and provides his thread, signifying the triumph of community spirit over individual reluctance.
  • 🎉 The child, now with the 100 golden threads, begins to experience joy and connection, showing the transformative power of love and support.
  • 💃 The story concludes with the child, named Leonardo, engaging in a dance, symbolizing his newfound ability to connect and communicate with others.

Q & A

  • What is the central theme of the story in the transcript?

    -The central theme of the story is about a child named Leonardo who faces challenges due to his inability to see and communicate, but finds a way to connect with others through the metaphor of the 'Golden Thread'.

  • What problem does the child in the story have?

    -The child, Leonardo, has problems with his vision and speech, which prevent him from fully experiencing the world around him.

  • What does the village sage advise the parents to do for their child?

    -The village sage advises the parents to go to the river where the magical sates live and collect a golden thread from each villager's clothing.

  • What is the significance of the 'Golden Thread' in the story?

    -The 'Golden Thread' symbolizes the love and connection that the villagers have for Leonardo, which is woven together to help him experience joy and belonging.

  • Why did the villagers contribute their own threads to the 'Golden Thread'?

    -The villagers contributed their own threads as a gesture of love and support for Leonardo, showing that they care for him and want to help him overcome his challenges.

  • Who was the only person in the village that initially refused to give a thread?

    -The only person who initially refused to give a thread was Signor No.

  • What changed Signor No's mind to eventually contribute to the 'Golden Thread'?

    -Signor No was convinced by the realization that every small thread represents love, and without his, the love would not be enough.

  • How does the story illustrate the power of community and togetherness?

    -The story shows that by working together and offering love and support, the villagers were able to create a solution that helped Leonardo experience joy and connection, highlighting the power of community.

  • What does Leonardo's interaction with his parents at the end of the story signify?

    -Leonardo's interaction, using hand gestures to indicate his heart, signifies his newfound ability to communicate and connect with others, showing the positive impact of the 'Golden Thread'.

  • What is the moral or lesson of the story?

    -The moral of the story is that love, community support, and togetherness can overcome personal challenges and create a sense of belonging and happiness.

  • How does the story incorporate elements of magic and fantasy?

    -The story incorporates elements of magic and fantasy through the magical sates by the river and the creation of the 'Golden Thread', which is woven from the love of the villagers.



🎁 A Christmas Gift for Children

The paragraph introduces a heartwarming story about a Christmas gift given to children. It revolves around a child named Leonardo who has vision and speech impairments, but is able to understand and communicate through sign language. The narrative begins with the villagers seeking advice from a wise sage on how to help Leonardo. The sage suggests a unique solution involving the magical golden fish in the river and a special gift that requires the community's participation. Each villager contributes a thread from their clothing, symbolizing their love and support for Leonardo. Despite the reluctance of one individual, Mr. No, to contribute, he eventually gives a single thread, understanding the importance of community and love. The threads are woven by the magical fish into a single golden thread, which is then given to Leonardo. The story concludes with Leonardo's joy and newfound ability to play, laugh, and communicate with his parents, emphasizing the power of love and community.



💡Christmas gift

A Christmas gift is a present given to someone during the Christmas holiday season. In the video, the theme of giving and receiving gifts is central to the story, symbolizing love, care, and the spirit of the holiday season. The children receive a special gift that leads to a transformative experience, highlighting the importance of thoughtful giving.

💡Filo d'Oro (Golden Thread)

The Filo d'Oro, or Golden Thread, is a magical thread woven from the collective love and contributions of the villagers. It symbolizes the power of community and unity in overcoming personal challenges. In the story, the thread is used to help a child with sensory impairments, illustrating the theme of togetherness and support.

💡Village sage

A village sage is a wise person who is often sought for advice or guidance in a community. In the video, the sage plays a crucial role by providing the solution to help the child, emphasizing the value of wisdom and experience in problem-solving.

💡Sensory impairment

Sensory impairment refers to a reduced ability or inability to use one or more of the body's senses, such as sight or hearing. In the video, the child experiences sensory impairment, which affects their ability to connect with the world around them. The story highlights the challenges faced by individuals with sensory impairments and the importance of empathy and understanding.


Magic, in the context of the video, represents the extraordinary and transformative power of love and community. It is a narrative device used to create a sense of wonder and possibility, illustrating how seemingly impossible challenges can be overcome through collective effort and care.


A community is a group of people living in the same place or sharing common interests, values, or goals. In the video, the community comes together to support the child, demonstrating the power of collective action and mutual support.


Love, in this context, is the deep affection and care that the villagers have for the child, which they express by contributing to the creation of the Filo d'Oro. It is a central theme of the video, illustrating how love can transform lives and overcome challenges.


Inclusion refers to the act of incorporating and valuing all individuals, regardless of their differences or abilities. The video promotes inclusion by showing how the community works together to help the child with sensory impairments feel connected and valued.


Transformation is a profound change in form, appearance, or character. In the video, the child undergoes a transformation from being isolated due to sensory impairments to experiencing joy and connection, illustrating the power of love and community to bring about positive change.


Dance is a form of expression and communication that involves movement and rhythm. In the video, dance is used as a means for the child to connect with others and express their joy. It represents the universal language of movement that transcends sensory barriers.


A narrative is a story or account of events and experiences. The video follows a narrative structure that introduces a problem, presents a solution, and concludes with a transformation, engaging the audience through a compelling storyline.


The story begins with a Christmas gift for children, setting a festive and caring tone.

A child with glasses is mentioned, adding a relatable character to the story.

The fairy tale "Filo d'Oro" is introduced, hinting at a classic and enchanting narrative.

The protagonist is a boy who cannot hear the rushing river or see the city's art due to his vision problems.

The boy lives with a loving family but struggles to communicate with them, highlighting the importance of understanding and empathy.

The family seeks advice from the village sage, showing their willingness to find a solution for their child's difficulties.

The sage suggests a unique and community-based approach to help the boy, emphasizing the value of collective effort.

The magical sarts (spiders) are introduced as characters that can weave a golden thread, adding a touch of magic and hope to the story.

Each villager must contribute a thread from their clothes, symbolizing the importance of unity and shared resources.

The boy's parents go from house to house, collecting 99 threads, showcasing their dedication and the community's support.

The character Mr. No initially refuses to contribute, adding conflict and tension to the story.

Mr. No eventually gives a single thread, recognizing the value of everyone's contribution and the power of love.

The magical golden thread is woven for the boy, leading to a miraculous change in his life.

The boy begins to play, smile, and run, indicating the transformative power of the golden thread and community's love.

The boy communicates with his parents using sign language, demonstrating alternative ways of expressing oneself.

The story concludes with the boy becoming a dancer, symbolizing his newfound joy and the success of the community's efforts.



abbiamo fatto un regalo di Natale a dei


bambini secondo te Che


cos'è bello


wow c'è un bambino con gli occhiali come


me una fabola voglio leggerla Filo d'Oro


si apre la storia C'era una volta un


bambino che viveva in una città con un




scrosciante però non riusciva a sentirlo


viveva in una città piena di opere


d'arte però non rusa a vederle perché


non riesce a vederlo ha dei problemi all


alla vista viveva con una famiglia che


amava però non riusciva a parlarci mamma


e papà decisero di chiedere un consiglio


al saggio del villaggio Cosa desiderate


chiese il saggio vorremmo che lui ci


chiamasse che giocasse con noi il saggio


disse loro di andare al fiume dove


vivevano le sarte magiche le sarte


dissero avete bisogno dell'intreccio


d'oro ogni persona del villaggio deve


darvi un filo dalle loro vesti il vostro


telaio magico l' intreccerà in un unico


Filo d'Oro da donare a vostro figlio la


mamma e il papà del bambino chiesero


casa per casa a tutti i 100 abitanti del


Villaggio ci serve un figlio del vostro


abito EC qu a lei ognuno diede il suo


piccolo filo abbiamo 99 fili disono


felici mancava solo quello del signor no


come fa il signor No no a cosa può


servire un solo misero filo ogni piccolo


filo è l'amore di tutti voi e senza il


tuo quell'amore non sarà abbastanza il


signor no controvoglia consegnò però il


suo filo mamma e papà felici


consegnarono i 100 fili alle sarte per


intrecciarono di suo figlio e il bambino


improvvisamente iniziò a giocare


sorridere e correre si voltò verso mamma


e papà e con le mani piene di neve


indicò il suo


cuore Vi è piaciuta molto Sì ma è


costisa Aspetta sai che il protagonista


è un bambino vero Sì E chi è È un


bambino davvero m è verità lo vorrei


conoscere Chiamalo


Leonardo vedi qualcosa


Leonardo aspetta piano piano


Ehi ci sta O non ci




sta vieni Facciamogli spazio Ecco




ciao bene Ciao


ciao Sei tu il protagonista di questa


storia Sì questo è tu mamma sì ti ha


risposto Allora lui è Leonardo che non


ci sente e non sa parlare però con le


mani si può fare dei segni che lui


capisce giochiamo insieme balliamo


Guarda amore balliamo si fa così


muovendo prova un po' Puoi


ballare posso








insieme balla insieme ballate insieme


bravi Eccolo là il nostro ballerino Ci


mancava solo il ballo ora siamo a posto


Ora è un ballerino non si ferma







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