Lawyer for former Supt Richardson: ‘frustrating’ CM hasn’t recovered WhatsApps to & from James Levy

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9 Apr 202401:42


TLDRThe transcript discusses the frustration surrounding Mr. Mardo and Mr. Lvie's lack of documentation for contentious legal discussions. It highlights the peculiarity of Mr. Picardo's ability to use WhatsApp with everyone except Mr. Lvie and questions the absence of records from Mr. Bageta, previously instructed by Mr. Lvie. The focus on Mr. L's mobile phone, a point of significant concern for Mr. Yam, remains unresolved as the phone was not examined due to the warrant's expiration. As a result, Mr. Ly and his phone remain an enigma, adding to the intrigue.


  • 📝 The lawyers, Mr Mardo and Mr Ivie, frustratingly did not take any notes during their discussions on the contentious legal issue.
  • 💻 Mr Picardo was able to recover the use of his WhatsApp for communication with everyone else, except seemingly for Mr Ivie.
  • 🤔 Mr Bageta, previously instructed on behalf of Mr Ivie, has minimal written record and memory regarding the meetings and conversations he attended.
  • 👨‍⚖️ The decision on how to interpret the situation with the WhatsApp communications and the meetings rests with the authority figure, referred to as 'you' in the transcript.
  • 📱 Mr L's mobile phone was a significant concern for Mr Yam, but its contents remain unknown as it was not examined.
  • 🚷 The shouting, politicking, and negotiations eventually ended without an interview of Mr Ly or examination of his mobile phone.
  • ⏳ The warrant to examine Mr Ly's phone expired without being executed, leading to the phone and Mr Ly withdrawing from the situation.
  • 🌑 Mr Ly and his phone effectively 'retreated into the shadows,' meaning their whereabouts and status are now unknown or undisclosed.
  • 🗣️ The transcript suggests a complex situation with missing documentation and communication records, leading to potential uncertainties and mysteries.
  • 🔍 There is an emphasis on the lack of evidence and the failure to capture important conversations and data that could have been crucial to the legal issue at hand.

Q & A

  • Why was it frustrating that Mr. Mardo and Mr. Ivie made no notes of their conversations?

    -It was frustrating because their conversations were about a highly contentious legal issue, and without notes, it becomes difficult to recall the specifics of their discussions and the positions they may have taken.

  • What issue did Mr. Picardo face with his WhatsApp?

    -Mr. Picardo was able to recover his WhatsApp communication with everyone else, but it seems he could not recover the messages to and from Mr. Ivie, which could be a significant problem if those conversations contained important information.

  • What is the significance of Mr. Bageta's lack of notes and memory regarding the meetings and conversations?

    -Mr. Bageta's lack of notes and poor memory is significant because he was formerly instructed on behalf of Mr. Ivie. This could potentially lead to a loss of valuable information and insights from those meetings, which could be crucial in understanding the legal issue at hand.

  • What was Mr. Yam's greatest concern regarding the transcripts?

    -Mr. Yam's greatest concern was about the contents of Mr. L's mobile telephone, which is mentioned repeatedly in the transcripts. The concern likely relates to the potential evidence or information that the phone might contain.

  • Why was Mr. Ly not interviewed and his mobile phone not examined?

    -Mr. Ly was not interviewed, and his mobile phone was not examined because the warrant to do so had expired without being executed. This suggests that there may have been a missed opportunity to gather potentially important evidence or information.

  • What does the phrase 'retreated into the Shadows' imply in the context of Mr. Ly and his telephone?

    -The phrase 'retreated into the Shadows' implies that Mr. Ly and his telephone, which might contain crucial information, have become inaccessible or untraceable, possibly due to the expired warrant, leaving questions and concerns unresolved.

  • How might the lack of documentation, such as notes and transcripts, impact the legal proceedings?

    -The lack of documentation can significantly impact legal proceedings by making it difficult for parties to establish clear timelines, understand the positions and arguments of others involved, and potentially miss out on crucial evidence that could influence the outcome of the case.

  • What could be the implications of Mr. Picardo's WhatsApp issue for the legal team?

    -The implications could be significant as the missing WhatsApp communications with Mr. Ivie might contain vital information or evidence relevant to the case. The inability to retrieve these messages could put the legal team at a disadvantage or even affect the case's outcome.

  • What steps could have been taken to prevent the loss of these important communications and notes?

    -To prevent such loss, it would have been advisable for the lawyers and involved parties to maintain detailed records of their communications, use secure and reliable methods for exchanging sensitive information, and ensure that any legal warrants or orders are executed in a timely manner.

  • How might the legal team proceed if they suspect that crucial information has been lost or destroyed?

    -If the legal team suspects that crucial information has been lost or destroyed, they might need to seek alternative sources of evidence, issue new warrants or legal orders if permissible, and possibly request an investigation into the matter to uncover any hidden or destroyed evidence.

  • What is the importance of proper record-keeping in legal matters?

    -Proper record-keeping is essential in legal matters as it ensures that all parties have access to the same information, facilitates the establishment of facts, supports the development of legal strategies, and is critical for accountability and transparency in the legal process.



🤔 Frustration Over Lawyers' Lack of Documentation

The paragraph discusses the frustration surrounding the fact that Mr. Mardo and Mr. Lvie, both lawyers, failed to make any notes of their conversations regarding a highly contentious legal issue. It highlights the peculiar situation where Mr. Picardo was able to recover his WhatsApp communications with everyone else except Mr. Lvie. Additionally, it mentions Mr. Bageeta, who was previously instructed on behalf of Mr. Lvie, and his inability to recall much or provide documentation about the meetings and conversations he participated in. The paragraph ends with the unresolved mystery of what was on Mr. L's mobile phone, which seemed to be of great concern to Mr. Yam, as it was never examined due to the warrant expiring without execution.




The term 'frustrating' refers to a feeling of dissatisfaction or annoyance caused by circumstances that are beyond one's control. In the context of the script, it is used to express the irritation or disappointment over the inability of the lawyers to provide notes from their conversations on a contentious legal issue. This lack of documentation complicates the situation and hinders the process of understanding the full extent of the legal discussions that took place.


WhatsApp is a popular messaging application that allows users to send text messages, make voice or video calls, and share multimedia files over the internet. In the script, it is mentioned that Mr picardo has been able to recover his WhatsApp communication with everyone else except Mr lvie, indicating a potential communication gap or issue between these two individuals that may be of significance in the legal matter at hand.

💡former instruction

The phrase 'former instruction' refers to the previous guidance or legal advice given by a person, in this case, Mr bageta, who was initially tasked to represent Mr levie. This term implies that there may have been a change in the legal representation or approach, and the information Mr bageta had may no longer be in effect or relevant to the current situation.


In this context, 'concern' refers to an issue or matter that is of worry or interest to someone. Mr yam's greatest concern, as mentioned in the script, is the content of Mr L's mobile telephone, which is significant because it has not been examined and may contain crucial information related to the legal issue.


In the context of the script, 'shouting' metaphorically represents the loud and heated arguments or disagreements that may have occurred during the legal proceedings or discussions. It signifies a high level of tension and conflict among the parties involved.


Politicking refers to the activities involved in the struggle for political power or advantage, often characterized by maneuvering and manipulation. In the script, it suggests that the legal issue was not only about the law but also involved power dynamics and strategic moves among the parties, possibly to gain an upper hand or to influence the outcome.

💡horse trading

Horse trading is an idiomatic expression that means negotiating or bargaining, often with the implication of making deals or compromises that may not be entirely above board or transparent. In the script, it suggests that the legal process involved not just legal arguments but also backroom deals and negotiations that may have affected the outcome.


A warrant is a legal order, issued by a court or other authority, that allows law enforcement or other officials to take certain actions, such as searching a property or seizing evidence. In the script, the mention of a warrant that expired without being executed suggests that there was an opportunity to gather more information or evidence, but this opportunity was not utilized.


In a legal context, 'executed' refers to the implementation or fulfillment of a legal document or order, such as a warrant. When a warrant is executed, it means that the actions it authorizes have been carried out. The script implies that the warrant related to Mr L's mobile telephone was not utilized before it expired, leaving the investigation or examination incomplete.


To 'retreat' means to move or withdraw from a place or situation. In the script, it is used metaphorically to describe how Mr L and his telephone have effectively become inaccessible or out of reach, possibly to avoid further scrutiny or investigation.


In this context, 'Shadows' is used metaphorically to represent a state of obscurity, secrecy, or hiddenness. It suggests that Mr L and his phone have become unavailable or have been deliberately concealed, preventing further examination or discovery of potentially relevant information.


Lawyers Mr Mardo and Mr Ivie made no notes of their conversations on a highly contentious legal issue.

Mr Picardo was able to recover his WhatsApp communication with everyone else except Mr Ivie.

Mr Bageta, formerly instructed on behalf of Mr Ivie, has little documentation and recollection of meetings or conversations.

Mr Yam's greatest concern seemed to be the contents of Mr L's mobile telephone.

The mobile telephone was not examined as the warrant expired without execution.

Mr Ly and his telephone retreated into the shadows after the warrant expired.

The transcript indicates a lack of documentation for important legal discussions.

WhatsApp communication recovery appears to be selective and problematic for certain parties.

Memory and documentation of legal meetings are unreliable according to the transcript.

A key piece of evidence, Mr L's mobile phone, was not scrutinized due to legal procedures not being completed.

The transcript suggests a possible gap in the investigation process regarding the use of mobile data.

The outcome of legal strategizing and politicking left certain evidence unexamined.

The transcript raises questions about the effectiveness of legal documentation and communication practices.

The handling of the mobile phone evidence points to potential flaws in the legal process.

The transcript implies a need for more rigorous methods of evidence preservation in legal matters.



it's certainly


frustrating that Mr Mardo and Mr lvie as


lawyers made no notes of any of the


conversations which they had about this


highly contentious legal


issue frustrating that Mr picardo has


been able to recover his WhatsApp to to


and from everyone else


but not it seems to and from Mr


lvie that that Mr bageta who was


formerly instructed on behalf of Mr


levie seems to


have written






little and can remember little about the


meetings or the conversations which he


took part in anyway you you'll decide


what to make of all of that


but what was on Mr L's mobile telephone


which time and again in those


transcripts seems to have been Mr yam's




concern um you and none of us will ever


know because when the shouting and the


politicking and the horse trading was


over Mr ly had not been


interviewed his mobile telephone had not


been examined in fact it had been


returned that the warrant had expired


without being


executed and he and his telephone


retreated into the



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