What are famous brands hiding from you? - Episode 1: Nestle Company

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TLDRThe video script reveals the darker side of a renowned global chocolate brand, highlighting allegations of child labor, water theft, and false marketing claims linked to millions of infant deaths. It discusses legal actions against the company, its impact on water resources in the US and Pakistan, and its controversial promotion of baby formula. The script also touches on the company's plastic pollution, deceptive sustainability claims, and health hazards related to its products, questioning the brand's motto of 'Good Food, Good Life.'


  • 🍫 The world-famous Swiss chocolate brand, Nesla, is accused of keeping secrets from consumers, including involvement in unethical practices.
  • 👶 Nesla has been linked to child slavery in its cocoa supply chains, with eight former child slaves suing the company for aiding and abetting illegal forced labor.
  • 🌍 Despite promises to eliminate child labor, Nesla has not fulfilled these commitments, leading to ongoing concerns about their practices.
  • 💧 Nesla has been accused of water exploitation in areas facing droughts and shortages, such as parts of the US and Pakistan, exacerbating local water crises.
  • 🍼 The company's marketing of baby formula has been criticized for being misleading and harmful, especially in developing countries where it has led to health crises and deaths among infants.
  • 🚯 Nesla is consistently named as one of the worst plastic polluters, despite claims of sustainability and efforts to reduce environmental impact.
  • 🥤 False claims about the recyclability of Nesla's plastic bottles have been made, leading to consumer deception and environmental concerns.
  • 🍕 A food safety incident involving a contaminated pizza from a French brand owned by Nesla resulted in illnesses and deaths, leading to factory closure and compensation payments.
  • 🇮🇱 Nesla's ties with Israel include investments and collaborations, as well as a significant stake in an Israeli food producer.
  • 💄 The company has a diverse portfolio, with investments in various industries, including a 20% stake in L'Oreal.
  • 🤔 The script raises questions about Nesla's ethical practices and sustainability claims, urging consumers to reconsider their perception of the brand's products and corporate responsibility.

Q & A

  • What is the main issue with the chocolate brand discussed in the transcript?

    -The chocolate brand is accused of keeping secrets from consumers, including involvement in child slavery, water theft, and false marketing claims that have led to negative health outcomes.

  • What percentage of the world's total cocoa does the Ivory Coast produce?

    -The Ivory Coast produces 45% of the total cocoa in the world.

  • What legal action was taken against the chocolate brand and other companies in 2021?

    -Eight former child slaves sued the chocolate brand and other companies for aiding and abetting the illegal forced labor of thousands of children on cocoa farms in their supply chains.

  • How has the chocolate brand been accused of misleading the public regarding child labor?

    -The brand has been accused of promising to phase out child labor, yet it has not done so to this day.

  • Which regions in the US are suffering from water pumping activities by the chocolate brand?

    -Parts of the US including Florida, Michigan, and California are suffering from the brand's water pumping activities.

  • What negative impact has the brand's water extraction had in Pakistan?

    -The brand's water extraction in Pakistan has led to water scarcity, with water levels in areas where it operates sinking hundreds of meters.

  • What false claim did the chocolate brand make about its baby formula?

    -The brand falsely claimed that its baby formula was better than breast milk.

  • What were the consequences of the brand's baby formula marketing in developing countries?

    -Millions of babies died due to the brand's marketing of baby formula in developing countries, where they neglected to educate women on how to properly prepare the milk formula.

  • How has the chocolate brand been involved in plastic pollution?

    -The brand has been consistently named as one of the worst plastic polluters, and has been accused of falsely claiming that their plastic bottles are 100% recycled.

  • What health incident was associated with a French brand owned by the chocolate company?

    -Two children died and dozens became seriously ill after eating contaminated pizza from a French brand owned by the chocolate company.

  • What is the chocolate brand's stake in L'Oreal?

    -The chocolate brand has a 20% stake in L'Oreal.

  • What overall message does the transcript convey about the chocolate brand?

    -The transcript conveys that despite the brand's slogan 'Good food, good life,' there are serious concerns about its ethical practices, environmental impact, and health consequences of its products.



🍫 Chocolate Industry Secrets

This paragraph discusses the hidden issues within the chocolate industry, focusing on the world-famous brand, Nesla. It highlights allegations of child slavery, water theft, and false marketing claims linked to the company. Nesla is accused of attempting to cover up these issues, with a specific case mentioned where former child slaves sued the company for their involvement in forced labor on cocoa farms. The paragraph also addresses Nesla's controversial water extraction practices in areas facing droughts and the company's exploitative water use in Pakistan. Furthermore, it brings up the company's misleading marketing of baby formula, which has reportedly led to the deaths of millions of babies due to improper preparation and use. The paragraph concludes with a mention of Nesla's significant plastic pollution and false sustainability claims, as well as a recent incident involving contaminated food products.




Chocolate is a food product derived from the roasted and ground seeds of the cacao tree. In the context of the video, it represents a beloved treat that is associated with some controversial practices by one of the world's most famous chocolate brands, including alleged child labor and unethical sourcing practices.

💡child slavery

Child slavery refers to the illegal and inhumane practice of forcing children to work against their will, often in harsh and dangerous conditions. In the video, this term is linked to the chocolate industry, where it's alleged that a major brand is complicit in supporting child labor on cocoa farms, leading to a lawsuit by former child slaves against the company.

💡water theft

Water theft involves the unauthorized extraction or diversion of water, often from natural sources like rivers or aquifers. In the video, it is suggested that the chocolate brand in question engages in water theft, exploiting water resources in areas suffering from droughts and water shortages, exacerbating local water crises.

💡marketing claims

Marketing claims are statements made by companies to promote their products, often highlighting certain features or benefits. The video criticizes the chocolate brand for making false marketing claims about their products, particularly concerning the health impacts of their baby formula compared to breast milk, leading to significant health risks and fatalities in infants.

💡baby formula

Baby formula is a manufactured food designed to serve as a breast milk substitute for infants. The video discusses the harmful consequences of the chocolate brand's marketing strategy for its baby formula, which involved misleading mothers in developing countries with false claims about the product's nutritional benefits, resulting in health crises and millions of deaths.

💡plastic pollution

Plastic pollution refers to the environmental contamination caused by the accumulation of plastic products in the ecosystem. The video points out that the chocolate brand, being one of the largest food and beverage companies, is also one of the worst plastic polluters, contributing to global waste problems despite claims of sustainability efforts.


Sustainability refers to the practice of meeting current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The video challenges the chocolate brand's claims of sustainability, highlighting the discrepancy between their environmental commitments and their actual practices, such as their contribution to plastic pollution and water theft.

💡corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility encompasses the ethical and social obligations a company has towards society and the environment. The video serves as a critique of the chocolate brand's lack of corporate responsibility, detailing their involvement in child labor, water theft, and misleading marketing practices that have had severe human and environmental consequences.

💡consumer awareness

Consumer awareness refers to the knowledge and understanding consumers have about the products they purchase and the companies they support. The video aims to raise consumer awareness about the alleged unethical practices of the chocolate brand, encouraging viewers to reconsider their support for companies involved in such activities.

💡supply chain

A supply chain is the network of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in the production and delivery of a product. The video emphasizes the importance of scrutinizing supply chains, as it alleges that the chocolate brand's supply chain is tainted by child labor and other unethical practices, which are often hidden from the public eye.

💡public health

Public health is the branch of health concerned with maintaining the health of populations, rather than individual patients. The video discusses how the chocolate brand's marketing of baby formula has had significant negative impacts on public health, particularly in developing countries where misinformation and lack of education on proper preparation can lead to infant malnutrition and death.


One of the world's most famous chocolate brands is keeping secrets from consumers.

The brand has been involved in cheating scandals and cover-ups.

The success of this large food and beverage company hides some unsavory practices.

Nesla, a Swiss multinational company, is implicated in supporting child slavery.

In 2021, eight former child slaves sued Nesla for aiding illegal forced labor on cocoa farms.

Nesla has been accused of misleading the public about its efforts to end child labor.

The company views water as a profit rather than a basic human right.

Nesla's water pumping activities contribute to water shortages in parts of the US.

The company is also exploiting groundwater in Pakistan, leading to water scarcity.

Nesla has been promoting its baby formula as superior to breast milk, leading to health issues.

The company faced boycotts in the 1970s and 1980s for its misleading marketing practices.

Nesla focused on marketing baby formula in developing countries, often with dangerous consequences.

Millions of babies died due to the company's baby formula while it made billions in revenue.

Nesle is one of the worst plastic polluters globally, despite claims of sustainability.

Nesla and Coca-Cola have been accused of falsely claiming their plastic bottles are 100% recycled.

Two children died and dozens became seriously ill after eating contaminated pizza from a French brand owned by Nesla.

Nesla has a significant stake in an Israeli food producer and various other investments.

Nesla owns 20% of L'Oreal, showcasing its widespread business interests.



chocolate I know we all love it but I


have some bad news that's


why one of the world's most famous


chocolate brand is keeping some secrets


from you like cheating scandals coverups


these are some of the details you may


have missed behind the success of one of


the largest food and beverage companies


on the planet the multinational Swiss


company nesla nesla supports child


slavery steals water and makes F's


marketing claims that have resulted in


the deaths of millions of babies Yes you


heard that right Millions let's take a


closer look I Coast produces 45% of the


total Coco in the world in 2021 eight


former Child slaves sued nesla and


several other companies for aiding and


abetting the illegal forc labor of


thousands of children on Coco farms in


their supply chains nesla has been


accused of trying to cover this up by


actively misleading the public in


promising to phase out child labor


even though it hasn't to this day Nestle


sees water is a profit not a basic human


right some parts of the US including


Florida Michigan and California are


suffering from Nest water ping


activities one example is Strawberry


Creek in California where the company


collects water as the region faces


increasing droughts water shortages and


devastating wildfires the company is


also guilty of exploiting groundw in


Pakistan which recently went from being


classified as water stress to water


scarce it has been noted the water


levels in areas where nesla began to


produce its pure live water have sunk


hundreds of meters and nesla gets it all


for free ever since it was founded in


1867 nesla has been assuring people that


its baby formula is better than breast


milk which of course is a lie this led


to boycotts of nesla in the United


States and parts of Europe in the 1970s


and 1980s and similar accusations were


made in the Pakistan in the 1919s and


then in China in 2010s the company


particularly Fus focused on marketing in


developing countries in Africa Latin


America and Asia during the 1970s


sending sales women dressed as nurses to


convince mothers and paying doctors and


hospitals to support these false claims


and while neglecting to educate women


about how to prepare the milk formula


millions of babies died while the


company made billions in revenue from


its baby formula and continues to do so


in addition to being the largest global


food and beverage company nesle is


consistently named as one of the worst


plastic polluters despite evidence


pointing to the contrary nessa's website


boasts of its long-standing commitment


to sustainability Coca-Cola donon and


nesle have been accused of falsely


claiming that their plastic bottles are


100% recycled and to make mothers Wars


two children die and dozens became


seriously ill last year after eating


contaminated pizza from a French brand


owned by Nestle the company later closed


the factory and Nestle forced to pay


compensation to dozens of which victims


of the buoni pizza candle in addition to


owning a 53.8% stake in Awesome


Investments an Israeli food producer


nesta's typ with Israel are also evident


to various Investments and


collaborations nesla is everywhere it


even has 20% stake in L'Oreal and these


are just some of the company's products


you know good food good life as the nest


Logan says but after all these examples


ask yourself is that really so

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