Ex-Occultist: "They Call it "THE MASTER KEY Of The Universe”

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22 Feb 202356:28


TLDRThe transcript delves into the concept of hidden or esoteric knowledge, suggesting that such knowledge has been deliberately concealed to maintain power dynamics. It introduces the 'real' Law of Attraction, distinct from popular New Age interpretations, and emphasizes the importance of understanding natural law for personal and collective betterment. The discussion highlights the influence of media and education on human perception and consciousness, advocating for critical thinking and personal introspection. The principles of natural law, including mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, and gender, are outlined, with a particular focus on the 'Lost Principle' of care, which drives all creation and experience.


  • 🔍 The script discusses the concept of hidden or 'occulted' knowledge and its impact on society, suggesting that this knowledge has been deliberately concealed to maintain power dynamics.
  • 🌐 The speaker emphasizes the importance of questioning the sources of information and being skeptical, as modern institutions may aim to control human perceptions and limit understanding.
  • 🧠 It is highlighted that human consciousness, brain function, and emotions play a significant role in how individuals interact with and shape their reality based on their understanding of natural laws.
  • 🧩 The script introduces the 'Trivium' - a classical education methodology involving the processes of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, which is claimed to have been largely forgotten in contemporary society.
  • 📜 The seven general principles of natural law are outlined: mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, and gender, which are claimed to be the foundation for understanding the universe and human behavior.
  • 🌱 The 'Lost Principle' or the generative principle of care is introduced as the eighth principle, asserting that what humans focus on and care about ultimately shapes their reality.
  • 🔄 The script explains the interconnectedness of the macrocosm and microcosm, suggesting that understanding the self can lead to understanding the larger universe, and vice versa.
  • 💡 The importance of personal responsibility for one's thoughts and actions is stressed, as these are seen as the driving forces behind the reality we experience.
  • 🚫 The speaker criticizes the New Age movement for promoting beliefs that contradict the principles of natural law, particularly in regards to the understanding of cause and effect.
  • 🌊 The concept of 'rhythm' in natural law is discussed, indicating that while there are tendencies and patterns, higher levels of consciousness can overcome or work with these rhythms.
  • 🔧 The script concludes by reinforcing the idea that true change and manifestation of desired conditions require work, understanding, and alignment with natural law, rather than mere wishful thinking or ignorance.

Q & A

  • Why is the knowledge of the occult considered to be hidden from the general public?

    -The knowledge of the occult is considered to be hidden from the general public in order to create and maintain a power differential. This is because certain individuals or groups wish to retain control over the understanding of natural law and human consciousness, which can be used to manipulate others who lack this knowledge.

  • What is the real Law of Attraction, and how does it differ from the New Age variants?

    -The real Law of Attraction refers to the understanding and application of natural laws in one's life, which is different from the New Age variants that often oversimplify the concept or present it as a belief system. The real Law of Attraction emphasizes the necessity of understanding and aligning with natural laws to manifest desired conditions, rather than merely thinking or feeling about them.

  • What is the significance of the pyramid representing knowledge and ignorance?

    -The pyramid signifies the distribution of knowledge and ignorance among the population. At the top of the pyramid is knowledge, which is reserved for a few who understand and utilize it, while at the base lies ignorance, representing the masses who are not privy to this hidden information.

  • How does the speaker describe the role of media and education institutions in controlling human perceptions?

    -The speaker suggests that modern institutions like media and education systems are designed to control human perceptions by refusing to present certain information and influencing people to dismiss or ignore other information. This manipulation is a strategy to control the mind and limit human understanding and potential.

  • What is the importance of personal introspection in understanding the presented information?

    -Personal introspection is crucial for verifying the truth and resonance of the presented information. It allows individuals to feel and assess whether the information aligns with their internal sense of truth, rather than blindly accepting what is being said.

  • What are the consequences of not understanding the requirements for manifesting desired conditions?

    -Lack of understanding of the requirements for manifesting desired conditions leads to the belief that these conditions can magically appear without effort or change. This ignorance results in people being trapped in a state of unfulfilled desires and a lack of personal growth or societal progress.

  • How does the concept of mentalism relate to the creation of our reality?

    -Mentalism is the principle that everything in creation is a manifestation of the mind. It suggests that thoughts and mental states precede and give rise to physical reality. Therefore, the quality of our thoughts directly influences the conditions and experiences we create in our lives.

  • What is the significance of the principle of correspondence in understanding natural law?

    -The principle of correspondence states that there is a similarity or reflection between the macrocosm (larger universe) and the microcosm (individual units). This means that understanding the workings of the individual can lead to an understanding of universal laws, and vice versa.

  • How does the principle of vibration affect our understanding of the universe?

    -The principle of vibration asserts that nothing in the universe is at rest; everything vibrates and is ultimately pure vibratory energy manifesting in different forms. This understanding shifts our perception of solidity and matter, recognizing the spiritual and energetic nature of the universe.

  • What is the role of the generative principle (care) in shaping our reality?

    -The generative principle, also referred to as care, is the driving force behind our thoughts and actions. What we care about determines what we focus on, which in turn shapes our reality. It is the essence that needs to be present for any change or creation to manifest in our lives.



🔍 Unveiling Esoteric Knowledge

This paragraph delves into the concept of hidden or esoteric knowledge that has been kept from humanity for millennia. It discusses why this knowledge is concealed and how it creates a power differential, with a few possessing deep insights into human consciousness and manipulation, while the masses remain ignorant. The speaker introduces the topic of the real Law of Attraction, contrasting it with the commonly known New Age variants, and emphasizes the importance of understanding the source of information and the necessity of personal introspection to resonate with the truth.


🌿 The Requirements of Natural Law

The paragraph explains the existence of requirements in nature and the necessity of knowledge to bring about change. It contrasts the default conditions of acceptance with the pursuit of real change, which demands understanding and application of natural law. The speaker highlights the concept of 'occulted knowledge' as information deliberately hidden to maintain power dynamics. The pyramid of knowledge is introduced, illustrating the few at the top with understanding and the many at the bottom in ignorance. The paragraph also touches on the distractions of modern life designed to keep people from discovering this hidden knowledge.


🧠 Consciousness, Brain Dynamics, and Expression

This section explores the nature of consciousness as an intangible force with physiological expressions in the brain and heart. It discusses the brain's structure and its role in creating imbalances leading to human suffering. The paragraph also addresses the impact of belief systems on preventing the activation of the heart and the importance of care and action. The expression of consciousness through thoughts, emotions, and actions is detailed, emphasizing their roles as creative forces and the need for balance and harmony between these elements.


💡 The Trivium: Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom

The Trivium, a classical liberal arts education methodology, is introduced as a three-stage process of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. The paragraph explains how available information leads to understanding, which in turn informs decision-making and behavior. The aggregate behavior of individuals creates the manifested reality of society. The speaker critiques the New Age movement for its misconceptions about reality creation and emphasizes the importance of understanding the Trivium to build reality efficiently. The paragraph outlines the seven general principles of natural law, drawing parallels with Hermetic principles, and introduces the concept of an eighth or 'Lost' principle.


🌐 Principles of Natural Law

The paragraph discusses the seven general principles of natural law, which are mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, and gender. Each principle is briefly described, highlighting their significance in understanding the workings of the universe and human consciousness. The principle of mentalism suggests that everything is a manifestation of the mind, while correspondence indicates the reflection of macrocosm and microcosm. Vibration denies the existence of rest, and polarity acknowledges the dual nature of all things. Rhythm addresses the cyclical nature of events, and cause and effect emphasize the lawfulness of all occurrences. The principle of gender is introduced, discussing the masculine and feminine aspects of all things.


🌱 The Lost Principle of Care

The final paragraph introduces the eighth or 'Lost' principle of natural law, which is the generative principle or the principle of care. It explains that care is the driving force behind thoughts and actions, and ultimately shapes our collective experiences. The paragraph argues that what we care about is what we generate and create in the world. The importance of caring, knowing, and acting in unison to achieve unity consciousness is emphasized. The 'Lost' principle is identified as the missing element in many people's understanding, leading to a lack of true creation and growth.



💡Occult knowledge

Occult knowledge refers to hidden or secret wisdom that is not accessible to the general public. In the video, it is described as esoteric material, deliberately concealed to maintain a power differential between those in the know and the masses. The speaker asserts that this knowledge encompasses profound understanding of human consciousness, motivations, and perceptions, which can be used for manipulation if not widely understood.

💡Natural law

Natural law is presented as a fundamental, universal set of rules that govern the consequences of human behavior. The speaker differentiates the real Law of Attraction from its New Age interpretations, emphasizing that natural law operates independently of human beliefs and desires. It is portrayed as a system of cause and effect, where understanding and aligning with these laws can lead to desired outcomes in life.


Esoteric refers to knowledge that is intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with specialized interest or knowledge. In the transcript, 'esoteric' is used to describe the type of material being discussed, suggesting it is profound, complex, and not intended for the general public, but rather reserved for those initiated into particular traditions or schools of thought.


Exoteric is the opposite of esoteric, meaning knowledge that is open to the general public and easily accessible or understandable. The speaker mentions that the knowledge of the occult is not exoteric, indicating that the subjects being discussed are not part of mainstream awareness or education.

💡Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction, as addressed in the video, is often associated with the New Age movement and is understood as the ability to attract into our lives whatever we focus on. However, the speaker introduces the 'real Law of Attraction,' which is linked to natural law and posits a more structured and consequential understanding of how thoughts and actions manifest reality.


Consciousness in this context refers to the state of being aware of and able to think about one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc. The speaker discusses how consciousness and the human brain interact, emphasizing the importance of activating intuitive capacities and engaging with inner truth to understand and navigate the world effectively.


The Trivium is an ancient method of learning that comprises three elements: grammar (knowledge), logic (understanding), and rhetoric (wisdom). In the video, it is used as a framework for how to approach and understand natural law, indicating a process of acquiring knowledge, understanding it, and then wisely applying it to create change.

💡Generative principle

The generative principle, or 'care,' is described as the core factor that drives the manifestation of reality according to natural law. It emphasizes the importance of what individuals care about or focus on, as this ultimately directs their thoughts, actions, and the reality they create. The speaker stresses that genuine care and attention are essential for real change and manifestation.

💡Hermetic principles

Hermetic principles refer to seven universal laws or truths said to be understood by Hermes Trismegistus, an ancient philosophical figure. The video discusses these principles as the foundation of natural law, covering concepts like mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, and gender, which collectively explain the workings of the universe and human consciousness.


Consequentialism in the video refers to the ethical theory that the consequences of one's actions are the ultimate basis for any judgment about the rightness or wrongness of those actions. The speaker ties this to natural law, suggesting that understanding and aligning with natural law's cause-and-effect relationship is crucial for generating positive outcomes and avoiding negative consequences in life.


The transcript discusses the concept of hidden or esoteric knowledge that has been kept from the masses for millennia, creating a power differential.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of understanding the true nature of reality, as opposed to being misled by manipulated perceptions.

The real Law of Attraction is introduced as a master key to unlock the secrets of manifesting desired conditions in life.

The speaker warns against the New Age deception that positive thinking alone can manifest reality, highlighting the requirement of understanding natural law.

The concept of a pyramid representing knowledge and ignorance is introduced, with the few at the top possessing deep understanding of natural law.

The Trivium methodology is mentioned as a classical education approach that has been largely forgotten, which involves the process of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom leading to action.

Natural law is described as a set of principles that govern the universe, which can be discovered, understood, and harmonized with to achieve desired outcomes.

The seven general principles of natural law are outlined: mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect, and gender.

The principle of mentalism suggests that everything is a manifestation of the mind, and thoughts lead to the creation of our physical reality.

The principle of correspondence indicates that the macrocosm and microcosm are reflections of each other, and understanding one can lead to understanding the other.

The principle of vibration asserts that everything in the universe is in a state of motion or vibration, and matter is energy in a state of vibration.

The principle of polarity recognizes the dual nature of everything, with polarities being different in degree but identical in nature.

The principle of rhythm acknowledges that everything has a rhythm or cycle, and these rhythms can be influenced by consciousness.

The principle of cause and effect states that every action has a consequence, and understanding this relationship is key to manifesting change.

The principle of gender suggests that everything has masculine and feminine components, and mental gender refers to the coexistence of these aspects in the mind.

The eighth or 'Lost' principle is introduced as the generative principle, emphasizing the importance of care or attention given to what is being created.

The transcript concludes by tying the concept of the generative principle to the symbol of Freemasonry, revealing it as a representation of creation and the driving force behind manifesting reality.



This is an initiation into really really  deep esoteric material  


that has been  hidden from Humanity for Millennia  why is this knowledge hidden away  


from people to what ends the knowledge  of the occult is not commonly known  


that's why it's not the exoteric it's not given  to the masses it's the esoteric it is reserved  


for the few and there's a reason for that it's  been deliberately hidden away and kept from the  


general public in order to create and maintain  a power differential because if someone else  


is in extreme level of knowledge they know how  something works like something as trivial as how  


human consciousness Works how human motivations  work how human perceptions work how human beings  


can be manipulated if somebody has deep knowledge  of that information and there's a whole bunch of  


people who have not one iota of how that works  what kind of a number do you think somebody can  


do on people like that from my years of being  inside occult Traditions that are very very  


dark I'm telling you this is what they don't  want you to know so what this presentation  


constitutes is a master key that unlocks all the  locks to all the doors on all the cages [Music]


this presentation is called natural law the  real Law of Attraction and how to apply it  


in your life and I emphasize that term real Law  of Attraction many people will be familiar with  


the new age variants of the so-called law or  Laws of Attraction and this is going to differ  


quite widely from what people have heard in the  New Age community in the in the New Age movement  


regarding what the law or Laws of Attraction  are these are the real Laws of Attraction  


you're going to be hearing today and hopefully  understanding today human beings should consider  


with great care where their information  comes from the source for the information  


and this is because by refusing to present certain  information and by influencing people to dismiss  


to dissuade them from looking into certain  information because they're telling you that  


it's unimportant or unnecessary to consider  many modern institutions like media like  


so-called education institutions are seeking to  actually control human perceptions or let's call  


it outright what it really is to control the  mind okay and therefore to limit what human  


beings may even come to understand and therefore  by limiting what they are coming to understand  


they're actually limiting what they're able to do  what they're able to change what they're able to  


create in the world okay so very you have  to be skeptical of where your information  


comes from and that's why I tell people at the  very beginning in my lectures do not believe me  


the worst thing you could do is believe what  I'm telling you you need to look into it for  


yourself and most of all you need to do personal  introspection to really feel inside of yourself  


whether this information resonates with truth  everybody has that intuitive capacity that also  


has to be turned on and engaged and used human  beings everywhere say that they want certain  


things in their life and they say that they want  certain things to be present for all Humanity  


okay we say we want certain conditions to be  present for ourselves and our species as a whole  


and and we say we want things such as  happiness health peace prosperity Freedom  


Etc and all these things are great things to  Aspire to and we say we want them most people will  


say and tell you we want these things however you  know I don't really feel that they're truly being  


honest with themselves okay they'll say they want  them but then when you tell them well those aren't  


automatic conditions they don't just magically  manifest hey there are requirements for obtaining  


these conditions okay and people wouldn't say  they want these conditions if these conditions  


were already omnipresent right they're saying that  they want something because they don't have it  


at all or at least in fullness right so when  you tell them there's requirements and they  


believe that somehow they're going to magically  get these things right well this is what the  


real Laws of Attraction are about it's explaining  conditions that you want don't just automatically  


manifest by thinking of them or just having a  feeling about them this is a new age deception  


requirement exists in nature it does exist if you  want something to be different than the way that  


it already is then the default conditions then  requirement exists if you're okay with things  


being the way that they are now requirement  doesn't exist there are no requirements to  


creating change you just accept the default  conditions the way they are now and go on with  


your existence and accept it's going to be this  way and possibly get worse but if you want real  


change to happen requirements exist so what are  these requirements we need to know certain things  


knowledge is required knowledge the information  regarding natural law is occulted knowledge it  


is knowledge that has been hidden from Humanity  hey it has been it's held by the few which which  


is represented here at the top of this pyramid  you can look at this as a pyramid representing  


knowledge or ignorance at the top of the pyramid  you have knowledge it's the the highest higher you  


go in the pyramid the more knowledge okay but the  pyramid tapers because at the top very few people  


understand that information very few people have  that knowledge and have actually integrated it  


into themselves to the to the point where it  becomes understanding all right down here you  


have no knowledge the ignorant masses okay and and  up here you have the people who are in the know  


right who have this knowledge about how natural  law works and are actually using it for a certain  


reason so please as you go through this seminar  please keep in mind if I ever use the term occult  


all I'm talking about here is hidden knowledge  that's what it means occulted knowledge is hidden  


the knowledge of natural law and its Opera rations  constitutes what I call the most deeply occulted  


or hidden information that exists on this planet  you will not find any more hidden information  


this is the thing that all the distractions  are there for to keep you from learning  


the endless trivialities the nonsense you  hear on the news all the video games all of  


the nonsense television the sports you know it's  all there to keep people from understanding this  


and I can't get you to accept that or believe it  and I don't ask you to believe it I'm telling you  


that's what they're trying to from my years of  being inside occult Traditions that are very very  


dark I'm telling you this is what they don't  want you to know please recognize when I use  


the word truth that is all I'm talking about  I'm not talking about the mind of God I'm not  


talking about the entire reason for the existence  of the universe I'm talking about the events that  


have taken place in the past and are taking place  in the present that's all and guess what that's  


all the truth is we want things to be true that  doesn't make it so that's not what makes truth the  


way that it is what makes truth is the way that  it is is what behaviors were taken and what is the  


actual effect in the manifested world that's how  things are it doesn't matter how we want them to  


be they may be a completely different way right  now than we want them to be but most people in  


the world they kind of believe that they're the  Arbiter of Truth and that's a bad place to be and  


that's a very very low level of Consciousness to  think that if I don't believe that it's this way  


it's not this way many people are trapped in that  state of mind the laws of the universe don't care  


about you laws have been created in this realm  that work flawlessly 100 of the time flawlessly  


the creator of the universe set these laws into  motion put them into effect and they bind you  


you and I are bound by these laws whether we like  it or not whether we accept it or not whether we  


understand it or not they're in effect and  you are already creating the reality that  


we are experiencing based upon interaction with  these unseen laws already you're already doing it  


you can never not be doing it that's an  impossibility let's look at the Dynamics  


between Discovery and belief the difference  between Discovery and belief because again natural  


law is capable of being discovered understood and  harmonized with what this is is saying this exists  


you're bound by it the best you can do is to  understand its operation like you would understand  


gravity and therefore not just walk toward the  edge of a 200 foot cliff that is bottom bottomed  


by Jagged rocks if you're intelligent and you  understand how the law of gravity works you won't  


do that behavior so natural law has nothing  to do with religion it's not a belief system  


it's a science it is a discoverable operation that  is already in effect that we can either understand  


and align our Behavior to or remain ignorant of  and suffer as a result of that ignorance because  


it's already in effect and already has a is has  a binding effect upon you and your behaviors and  


everyone's so when it comes to belief and anybody  that was trying to propagate a religion wouldn't  


put this slide up here when it comes to natural  law it is it works just like gravity so the clown  


that's going to jump over the cliff saying I  don't believe in gravity what's going to happen  


down he goes because belief is irrelevant  because natural law does not care about you  


it does not care about you it is  in effect no matter what you do  


deal with it let's look at Consciousness  and the human brain okay because  


Consciousness is an intangible Force okay it's  something that exists but you can't really see  


it many people even have a hard time explaining  what it is but there is physiological expressions  


for Consciousness in in the physical domain and  the brain is one of them and of course people  


will say well don't leave out the heart of course  the heart is also very important heart has an even  


bigger electromagnetic field than the brain and is  tied into the physiology in an even more complex  


way than the brain is but we need to understand  the basic structure of the brain to understand the  


types of imbalances that go on within it that lead  to these debilitating conditions within Humanity  


that continue to create suffering for us and also  what these belief systems do is they prevent the  


activation of the heart and the actions of care  and action not only do they prevent Knowledge  


from real Knowledge from manifesting within the  being they prevent care and they create apathy  


and they they create inaction and um cowardice  so that we don't actually act and take action  


based upon what we come to know so let's look  at how the brain and Consciousness actually work  


people will also try to give ridiculously  over complicated and mystified definitions  


of what Consciousness means and many people  are even scared of the term okay we have to  


demystify these terms and bring them down the  real simple English and real simple Concepts  


that the average person can grasp okay and stop  trying to make it more complicated than it is  


being conscious of something meaning having  consciousness of it is an ability of the  


being to recognize patterns remember  this is all about pattern recognition  


to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to  events that are taking place or have taken place  


okay both within oneself okay in the inner  realm in the Lesser realm the realm of the  


individuated Consciousness and in the realm in  which the self-exists and operates the macrocosm  


so it's our ability to accurately perceive truth  of what has happened and what is happening that's  


consciousness that's Consciousness and it's  it's made way overly Complicated by people  


it's mostly made overly complicated in the New Age  movement again now how does Consciousness Express  


there's a difference between what it is and how  it Expresses in our life Consciousness expresses  


I ask people just tell me what are the ways you  could ever make yourself known to any other being  


How can any other being come to know who you are  in this incarnation in this physical manifestation  


how could they possibly come to know you how  could you manifest yourself or make yourself  


known to them and there's only three ways thoughts  emotions and actions okay and I would say speech  


falls into the line of the combination of thoughts  and emotions and speech is also a form of action  


I'm using Force to you know make the air flow  over my vocal cords to make sounds come out  


so that you can hear my voice what the concepts  I'm trying to express so it is a form of action  


and it derives from what we have thought up  to this point And the emotions that we have  


and we can express it through speech so thought  emotion and action thought you have to look at as  


the creative force that is the expression  for Consciousness within the individual  


okay so it's a neutral Force you don't look at  your thoughts as masculine or feminine do you  


but you do look at them as creative forces in  order for anything to manifest in the physical  


domain it had to First exist as a thought this  computer somebody had to Envision all the parts  


how it works how it's put together okay this  camera equipment the clothes you're wearing the  


seats everything that exists had the first exist  in the realm of thought had to by law then it  


comes into physical manifestation through action  your emotions are a polarized component you could  


look at it as it is a feminine feminine aspect of  Consciousness because other people don't feel your  


emotions they could perceive or send or sense them  you're the one who's feeling the emotions in your  


physiology it's an internal expression you feel  emotions inwardly inside in the physiology hence  


this is a feminine expression for Consciousness  it is something that is not externalized and put  


out it is something that is felt within so the  emotions in the mind-body spirit connection are  


the spirits in which we do something okay  so that's the feminine force or the spirit  


of course thoughts are within our mind hence  that's the mind uh component of the consciousness  


then there's a marriage between them okay so  you can look at thoughts as the creative essence  


which then blends with or marries to the feminine  now see we're getting into a notion that is taught  


in all many different religious Traditions it's  called the trinity and I challenge anybody go and  


look in any of the trinities that exist in any  of the religions you can go back to Babylon you  


can go to the Indus Valley Traditions you can  go to the Egyptian and commission traditions  


the Christian traditions every single religious  tradition that is talk of a trinity okay it is  


always a father creator a sacred feminine figure  okay of some kind that the father then work  


impregnates or um inseminates in some form and  then from that Offspring is born a male child  


always okay what we're talking about here  is the father being the mind the creative  


Essence then the spirit or the emotions being the  sacred feminine Essence okay or the Holy Spirit  


the emotions and then the child the male child is  behavior it is the active or masculine principle  


that actually interacts with the physical world  to change it and hence that is the only way to  


actually save ourselves the nature of a human  being is that a human being is programmable  


our nature is that we can be programmed and  there's another that's another thing people don't  


want to hear they don't want to hear this I'm not  saying we are computers I'm saying we're like them  


in the ways that we can be programmed so what gets  put into a person through the environment which  


is called the culture all right and becomes their  programming determines what they will output onto  


the screen which is called human life and that  will create The Human Condition in the aggregate  


as more and more people operate that way all  right so let's look at how this works human  


beings are programmable much like computers like  a computer if a human being has a bad file system  


format that's the first thing you do when you're  going to get ready to use a computer you have to  


format the drive a file system format is you got  to format the hard drive so you can prepare it for  


a specific operating system which is basically  the task controllers that's going to control  


what happens on the computer what Pro how programs  get launched how memory is used Etc in a nutshell  


all right if the human being has a Fed bad file  system format right this is akin to the operating  


conditions during a child's formative years the  first six years of their life essentially now  


think about it we call this their formative  years their format of years like a format on  


a hard drive because this is what puts the file  system into the human being that prepares it for  


its operating system okay so largely what programs  the child at this stage is the parents and what  


they will see in their immediate environment and  home and during their very early years in quote  


schooling all right now if like a computer if a  human being also has bad a bad operating system  


again they are basically providing a platform that  other programs will run in and they're providing  


a graphical user interface this is your culture  the operating system is the culture in which the  


programs Run Okay so let's say if you have a bad  operating system meaning you're already surrounded  


in a bad environment in a bad culture right  that's also going to negatively impact the output  


and then they have bad software programs now  these are the programs that you run now if I  


didn't have a good presentation uh software piece  of software my presentation might come out sloppy  


it might crash in the middle of it it might not  display the graphics or the text properly okay  


so you got to make sure you're working with good  Reliable Software as well now what the software is  


is the belief systems what the person has taken  into the mind and is processed and made part of  


themself and now if all of those things are bad  we have three bad components the format is bad the  


file system format which is the formative years of  the child okay the culture is bad meaning they're  


already growing up in a bad culture or in a con  culture that condones moral relativism Etc and  


doesn't understand natural law and the software  programs that have been input into the child are  


bad meaning their belief systems okay what do you  think the output of that quote computer is going  


to be like is it going to be good is it going to  be chaotic if I screw up my systems hard drive  


format if I put an operating system that is like  at Alpha State and it's not ready for prime time  


because the development's not finished it's Half  Baked okay and then I load crappy software that's  


full of bugs and the developers didn't really care  about programming them correctly do you think that  


computer is going to operate properly and give  me the output on the screen I'm looking for or  


I'll put on the printout I'm looking for or I'll  put on the internet that I'm looking for good luck  


if you know a little bit about computers you're  laughing now because it would be ridiculous to  


assume that it could do that well why do we think  that we're going to have that in our environment  


when all of these things are badly programmed  see this output onto the screen is also going  


to be horrible if all those three things you know  that determine how the the system works are also  


bad so it will continue it will contribute  to deteriorating conditions on a mass scale  


like a computer the behavior of a human  being largely depends upon its programming  


and its programming is the quality of the  information that is being input into it  


the quality of the information it's taking in the  quality of the information it's taking in is going  


to determine the quality of the information  it's outputting like any other computer  


so if garbage goes in Surprise  garbage is going to come out  


if good information goes in quality goes in  quality will come out and the output will be  


as one wants it to be it will be able to process  and create efficiently effectively not chaotically  


here's a very simple diagram again if people  understand it they really get how natural law  


functions and again it is very unpopular people  don't want to look at what the bottom base  


Foundation or platform of this structure is  because once again this idea that knowledge is  


what's required makes many people upset because  they want to believe they're going to achieve  


these things they say they want without doing  the work to acquire that knowledge and therefore  


understand the requirements for obtaining those  conditions so we start with available information  


this constitutes potential knowledge and it can  become knowledge if it's taken in if it's a mess  


if it's aggregated okay it can be gathered it  can be processed it can be understood and then  


it can be acted upon we're still you could call  this the grammar stage of this three-part process  


I'm going to explain okay you could also refer to  this as the input stage if we're looking at it in  


a computer model this is the stage of inputting  information or programming something okay now the  


next step that's built upon this is once you've  taken information in necessary information you  


then come to a position of understanding it you  know what it means you recognize the patterns  


all right so this is the second step in this  process now the your understanding or lack of  


understanding okay now in the first stage your  knowledge or lack of knowledge is going to lead  


to understanding or lack of understanding if you  have understanding present your decision-making  


processes are going to be in harmony with what  you say you want okay you're going to understand  


if here's what I want this is what's necessary to  get that to make that happen to manifest it that's  


understanding it's a decision-making process  that happens within the Mind these processes  


take place in the human mind and are chosen by  each individual based upon available information  


so again you can see if information is held back  if it is occulted or even if it's just people are  


dissuaded from taking it in because people will  say no there's nothing there there's nothing to it  


right you could see how they'll never get to this  step they'll never understand they'll never get  


to the the second level of creating our reality  the third stage to this process is what you do  


with what you have come to understand to know  and understand so this is the action stage okay  


each individual's Behavior the behaviors that they  choose through their own free will is based upon  


the quality of their decision-making processes  that are happening within the human mind okay  


that process as we've already seen is in return  based upon the quality of available information so  


this is behavior see people don't think of wisdom  as Behavior they don't think of wisdom as action  


they think of it as something that you just know  no wrong wisdom is not knowledge or understanding  


wisdom is action let me say this again wisdom  is action it is knowledge and understanding  


that has been applied So based upon these three  processes something is generated something is  


created in the physical manifestation physically  manifested reality the real world so to speak  


so the manifested reality is  based upon the aggregate Behavior  


aggregate Behavior no one person is creating the  reality we are experiencing okay it's another  


fallacy of the New Age movement and thinking in  the aggregate we are creating our shared reality  


all the behaviors put together creates the output  on the screen the generated result is it orderly  


is it chaotic well that's going to be based upon  whether someone took in the information processed  


it efficiently to come to an understanding and  then acted upon it the manifested reality is  


the quality of the condition which manifests  in any given Society based upon the aggregate  


quality of human behavior within that Society  this is how our reality is actually created  


the conditions that we experience as  the daily events of our life it's a  


simple three-stage process that leads to  a result and for many people here you will  


recognize if you've looked into this Discovery  process and this creative process is known as the  


Trivium this is what the Trivium is in the ancient  traditions this is what the Trivium was labeled it  


was labeled knowledge understanding and wisdom the  Trivium methodology of Truth Discovery has been  


completely obliterated from public consciousness  many people have never heard the word instead  


of the Trivium method of learning the classical  liberal arts education methodology because they  


want to try to sanitize that as much from human  consumption as possible they don't even want  


you to understand how that works at all so you  got to look into it and understand how it works  


that's all I can say about it it is how we build  our reality either efficiently or destructively  


so let's look at what some of the  principles of how natural laws work  


first before we can actually find out what  the expressions of these laws are in our lives  


which will be the next section these are what I  call the general principles of natural law natural  


law is expressed through seven basic underlying  principles plus what I have referred to as an  


eighth or hidden principle which you you hear very  few other researchers even people who are studying  


this from the occult perspective who are studying  this from the consequentialism perspective you  


very hear them incorporate the eighth and all  encompassing principle which I'll get to last here  


this eighth principle which I call the Lost  principle binds all the other seven principles  


together all right these principles together  constitute a master key through which Universal  


wisdom including the knowledge of the requirements  to obtaining what we desire is then unveiled or d  


o culted these are the seven general principles  of natural law many people who have studied some  


variants of occultism May recognize these  as what are known as the Hermetic principles  


hermetic essentially comes from Hermes Hermes Tres  Magistas the Thrice great one as he was referred  


to in the ancient uh Greek mystery Traditions  seven general principles they are mentalism  


correspondence vibration polarity Rhythm cause and  effect which is a huge one which we'll be getting  


into and gender so I'm going to briefly describe  what each of these are and what they are about  


the principle of mentalism states that the all  everything in creation is actually a manifestation  


of mind the always mind hey what this means is  everything that happens has to be a result of  


a mental state which preceded it everything for  anything to exist thoughts had to form first and  


then they formed the physical reality after  the universe itself is a mental construct of  


the creator thoughts lead to the manifestation  of things and events thoughts create conditions  


thoughts create things and conditions they cannot  just magically manifest themselves thought comes  


first thoughts create our state of existence  and the quality of our experience here on Earth  


ultimately therefore we should be responsible for  everything that we create by being responsible for  


that which we think because the thought processes  are what are driving the behaviors people behave  


the way they do because they have certain belief  systems embedded in the mind and running like a  


program their thoughts and their emotions are  driving their actions so the behavior is not  


magically suddenly going to just change the  thoughts and emotions have to change because  


they're the driving force behind the behavior  that's when reality will change see people don't  


want to hear that once again they don't want to  hear if you want to change reality you yourself  


have to change the way you think because the way  you think is not conducive to the requirements for  


getting what you say you won they're doing  the exact opposite of that in many cases  


so that's the principle of mentalism  the principle of Correspondence  


states that that which is above is similar or  like to that which is below so what this means is  


that which is below and that which is below  is like to that which is above it's a mirror  


okay the above is like the below the below is like  the above all right the above in this case is the  


macrocosm okay the laws of the very large things  okay the laws that govern the creation which we  


consider is seemingly outside of ourselves we know  it the deepest level that it's not that we're one  


with it but you know we perceive this as out here  the laws that are govern the the large aspects of  


things so the macrocosm were the very large  the totality of everything and the microcosm  


which is the very small or the individuated units  that comprise the whole in their aggregate okay  


they are reflections of each other they cannot be  separated from each other as one goes the other  


goes the universe is actually a holographic  system a hologram is an image okay you pass a  


laser through it and then projects a 3D image  okay it's like a flat image and IT projects a  


three-dimensional image but the aspect why they  call it a hollow like holistic hologram holistic  


image is if you break a hologram into multiple  components by cutting it so if I take a hologram  


and I cut it in four pieces you don't have a  quarter of the image on one part of the Hologram  


and a quarter on the other and a quarter on the  third and a quarter on the fourth you have four  


whole images that only lose their resolution  by a quarter Okay so everything is contained  


in all the smaller parts okay that's like the  reality that we're living in our universe is a  


holographic one so the universe is inside the  individual and the entire universe is like an  


individual the reflections of each other to know  the workings of the individual will help lead us  


to an understanding of the macrocosmic laws  similarly to learn the macrocosmic laws will  


help us to learn the way that Consciousness  within the individual functions these two  


things cannot be separated from each other and  once again as I said at the near the beginning  


that's what occulted knowledge is the knowledge  of the occult is how the microcosmic world Works  


which is the individuated Consciousness and how  the macrocosmic world Works which is natural law  


so the other part of the principle of  Correspondence is that our reality is also fractal  


in nature now if you studied fractals these are  self-similar mathematical generated patterns okay  


we see this through things like Fibonacci sequence  in in mathematics and this is repeated endlessly  


throughout nature okay so you look at you look at  the um structure of the atom and it's similar to  


the structure of the solar system which is similar  to the structure of the Galaxy they work the same  


way they look the same you pull back enough you'll  keep seeing the same pattern repeat the principle  


of vibration simply states that there is no  such thing as rest as dead or or non-motion okay  


death in that sense is an illusion because  true death would be the cessation of all motion  


and energy there is no such thing it doesn't  exist you cannot go anywhere in creation where  


something is at complete rest everything moves  everything vibrates and at the most fundamental  


level the universe and every single thing which  comprises it is ultimately pure vibratory energy  


that is manifesting itself in different ways  different frequencies different vibratory forms  


the universe has no true solidity as such as  we imagine solidity at the macro Cosmic level  


matter is merely energy in a state of vibration  and what this is if we truly understand this and  


many Sciences are now finally really understanding  this and try trying to propagate this knowledge  


out into the public we want we will come to  the understanding that this is a spiritual  


construct for experience to be gained to have an  experience and learn and grow in Consciousness  


that's what the purpose of this whole thing is  for nothing is truly solid you know it's it's a  


SP it's again like we say we are Spirit having a  human experience the whole universe is spiritual  


having us experience in solidity all right that's  how you have to look at the principle of vibration  


the principle of polarity states that everything  has a dual nature to it there are polarities in  


everything that exists okay everything has  poles everything has its pair of opposites  


however opposites they they are identical in  nature but they're different in degree so let  


me give you an example of what that means are hot  and cold really opposites or can we simply look at  


them as the presence of heat energy or the absence  of heat energy meaning that they're the same thing  


energy and whether it's concentrated  in a specific area which would make  


it hot or whether it's absent from a  specific area which would make it cold  


okay that's what hot and cold are at the  fundamental level at our level of perception there  


are opposites but at the fundamental level they're  the same thing energy or it's or lack thereof  


just like those three stages of the Trivium  our knowledge and ignorance the same thing yeah  


actually they are because truth is always present  it's a matter of whether it's PR whether it's  


taken in and processed or whether it's refused to  be taken in and it's not processed extremes can  


meet and blend and you know play with each other  like as depicted in the yin yang symbol masculine  


and feminine they need to be Blended and at some  level of reality everything that is seemingly  


contradictory may be reconciled now again I stress  the term at some level at the unified field level  


this everything is consciousness  pure Consciousness let's look at the  


principle of rhythm everything flows out and in  everything has its Tides all things rise and fall  


okay so everything has a rhythm to it or a swing  to it there's tendencies that exist in energy  


the pendulum swing manifests in everything that  we undergo everything we perceive the measure of  


the swing to the right is the measure of the  swing to the left it's just an opposite it's  


perceived as an opposite Rhythm will compensate  now what this how this should be understood when  


we are talking about natural law is many people  will say well that's just the way the tendency  


is moving us it's just the way the tide is taking  us right but that's not really accurate okay we  


can't look at these things as that The rhythms are  set in stone and it has to be this way now right  


one of the things that a lot of the Hermetic  tradition taught regarding these laws these  


principles were they can be overcome buy higher  levels of consciousness okay this one was one of  


them Rhythm is a principle that is a tendency for  something to swing a certain way it's it's let's  


let's liken it to genetics you know if you look  at some newer biology a lot of modern biologists  


are suggesting Consciousness plays into whether  a gene activates or not and expresses a certain  


condition well this is the same way there's  something that can be done about the swing  


or the tide okay let's look at it as you have a  boat you want to row the boat out to sea right  


you have to get past the tide you have to get  past the breakers and the waves and if that Tides  


really strong at high tide it's going to be very  much more difficult you're gonna have to expend  


more energy to get it out to sea if however you  were taking it when the current's moving out to  


sea okay there's a a flow that's moving outward  deeper into the ocean and you start rowing that  


boat then you're going to be able to do it much  more easily okay so if there's if there's winds  


pushing along a plane it's going to have to  expend less energy it's going to get there  


quick more quickly okay because it's adding to  the energy if however you're flying Against the  


Wind you've got to expend a lot more energy  it's just the tendency you can still get to  


where you want to go you may just have to exert  more effort so that's the principle of rhythm


this is the principle here in natural law that  most fits in with how I'm using the term natural  


law today cause and effect many people again in  the New Age Community don't want to believe that  


there's causes and effects and that effects  are driven by causes that you know come first  


and then manifest conditions so the principle  of cause and effect simply states that every  


cause has its effect and every effect has its  cause uh every single thing that occurs happens  


according to law all right chance is a name  for law a law not recognized there are many  


planes of causation but nothing escapes the law  so again is there free will yes there is free will  


but is there free will to ignore Law Without  consequence no there is not that's the limit of  


free will Free Will is operating within boundary  conditions that I'm referring to as natural law  


series of laws actually okay Free Will operates  Within These parameters or boundary conditions  


that cannot be exceeded or gone beyond without  consequence oh yeah you can break natural law  


yes you can break it but you cannot break it  without consequence you cannot break it without  


consequence negative consequence and that's  why this body of knowledge has in the past  


been referred to as consequentialism it is the  knowledge of how consequences are generated by  


our Free Will decision-making processes within the  boundaries of natural law so this is the law of  


cause and effect the principle of cause and effect  and I think this image I was searching for images  


that encapsulate cause and effect and I found this  cartoon and I think it does it brilliantly most of  


all because will the effect happen immediately no  it will not happen immediately there is a time lag  


you set the cause into motion the universe is  going to intelligently bring to you through a  


rearrangement of all the Dynamics that it needs  to rearrange the effect of what you've generated  


by setting that cause into motion and there is a  Time gap between the the cause going into place  


and the effect coming around and hitting you this  is why the pattern recognition of cause and effect  


is more difficult because it is separated by a  time lag by what we perceive as linear time for  


some people familiar with my work you've seen  me Break Down The Matrix trilogy and the law of  


cause and effect is brought forward extensively  in the second Matrix movie The Matrix Reloaded  


and the the scene that encapsulates this the  most is the the character of the Merovingian  


who tells to the heroes who want to be  free from The Matrix and it's control okay  


you are coming to me without an understanding of  why you're in this position you don't understand  


the causal factors that have led to the current  conditions that are in place therefore you are  


coming to me with no power to affect change  you are powerless so why should I help you  


you're powerless because you lack knowledge and  understanding of what set these events into motion  


why the question why he says why is the only  source of real power without why you are powerless  


he's talking about cause and effect and he says  it specifically causality he calls the only real  


truth and this is the villain the words of truth  come through one of the it's a big technique in  


Hollywood too the words of truth are spoken by the  villain in the movie or in the series everything  


starts with choice and Morpheus is correct our  choices set that causality into motion before  


it becomes an effect and the Merovingian  tries to tell him no there is no free will  


that's where the dark occultists will give you  the bulk of Truth and then poison it with that  


one thing he wants to get you to accept Okay so  the the next thing that needs to be understood  


is the two planes all right there's the plane  of effects and then there's the plane of causes  


no power to affect any change lies on the plane of  effects which is the physical manifested reality  


again what already is nothing can be done  about what already is you cannot change  


you cannot change the past you can change what it  is starting now and make sure that it gets changed  


in the future but right now what is is the truth  and all you could do is accept that or reject it  


you can't change the past so the physical world  that is manifested up to this point happened  


because of things that occurred in the past the  causes happened in the past nothing you could  


do about that right now no power to affect any  change lies in the world of effects cannot be done  


you are rearranging the deck chairs  on the Titanic while it sinks  


you're not creating any change doing those things  because the underlying causes aren't changing and  


the underlying causes are how we think how we  feel and how we behave and no one wants to look  


at that they want to think all those things can  stay in place and I can magically get what I want  


I want to keep my hand over the fire but I don't  want it to burn and blister well enjoy find out  


what you get when you do that because that's what  we're doing when it comes to natural law the final  


principle of the seven principles of natural law  at least the the formalized ones are gender gender  


exists in everything everything has its masculine  and its feminine components or principles we've  


already seen that when it comes to the human brain  Consciousness worldview Etc gender manifests on  


all planes of existence spiritual mental physical  everything okay very simple concept what I want to  


briefly talk about is mental gender mental gender  is the state of coexistence between the masculine  


and feminine aspects of the Mind our left brain  hemisphere largely facilitates the masculine  


aspects of the mind or the intellect logic  analytical thought linear thought processes while  


the right brain hemisphere largely facilitates the  feminine aspect or intuition meaning creativity  


compassion and holistic thought processes this  next section is what I call the Lost principle  


this is the eighth principle of natural law  which binds all of the other principles together  


okay it is what I would call  the encapsulating principle  


hey it's the container inside which all the  other principles fit very nicely and neatly  


however it's lost here's the eighth Circle  the seed of life now what happens from a seed  


grows it generates something it creates something  a seed has an outer casing an outer shell  


Okay then if you're going to get to the inner  core of it that contains all of the creative  


genetic generative material okay that shell has  to be there and intact you break the shell of the  


seed the creative essence of the seed is going  to be gone now what is that principle here's  


what that principle is it's the eighth or what I  call the Lost principle and it's the thing that  


has to be present in order for any change to  manifest itself and it is not what most people  


think of it as even when I tell you what this  is I guarantee you there will be a inaccurate  


connotative meaning for what people think this  means okay here's what the eighth principle is  


it is known as the generative principle or the  principle which governs creation which actually  


is the causal factor that goes into effect and  generates the result that we say that we want  


but what's the real term for it care this means  what are you giving attention and helping to grow  


what are you focusing upon because what Focus  you're focusing upon that's what's ultimately  


getting generated getting created and growing  and this doesn't mean be ignorant of what's  


going on in the world and don't look at anything  that's negative because you're going to feed that  


and give power to it that's not what it means  okay that means you know what you're feeding  


in that instance if you want to do that you're  feeding ignorance and that's what's going to grow  


it's the exact opposite that the new agers  want you to believe that it is by ignoring  


the negative you are ensuring that more of  it occurs you are fueling it by ignorance  


ensuring that it grows and takes over okay  what care has to be looked at here as is  


this is what you're giving your energy to this is  what you're focused upon this is what you actually  


care enough about to do to spend your time on to  put your attention on to manifest in the world  


that's what I'm talking about as care here's  how it actually operates the Lost principle  


is the dynamic of care what we care about on a  day-to-day basis acts as the driving force of  


our thoughts and actions what did I say we need to  develop the heart mind guts right heart mind guts  


in that order care comes first you've got to care  enough to know to develop the knowledge okay then  


you got to act on it and put it into practice  apply it so that's the order heart mind guts  


care knowledge action those are the steps okay  and all three of those have to be in place  


all three that's what Unity Consciousness  is it's unifying false emotions and actions  


the three aspects of Consciousness such there is  no contradiction between them what we think how we  


feel and how we act are one and the same there's  no contradiction that's Unity consciousness  


therefore okay since it's the care is the driver  of our thoughts and actions It ultimately can be  


seen as the generator of the quality of our  shared experience here on the earth care is  


what generates the whole thing hence it  has been called the generative principle  


liken the heart to a pump in the body well what  does a pump do it's a generator it provides energy  


it moves the Life Force Through the blood in the  body in every ancient tradition they talk about  


the life force being in the blood the heart is  what pumps that through the whole physiology and  


enables us to continue to sustain life okay the  heart is the generator it's the pump it's the  


center of the being as important as the brain  is which we just talked about the importance of  


it the heart is ultimately what's generating The  Experience because what we care about determines  


what we think about on a daily basis most of the  time and therefore how we behave all right so  


the this principle has often been referred to as  the generative principle is anybody familiar with  


the compasses and square symbol of Freemasonry  with the G in the middle well that's what the G  


stands for at the highest level you'll talk  about many many porch Masons these are the  


exoteric Masons that are given the teachings of  the profane and they think they're in the know  


okay they're given the the informational this  only means geometry it only means god Etc okay  


one of the things they'll tell you it means in  a slightly higher level is that it means gnosis  


knowledge okay which we saw the meaning of in  Greek earlier at a higher level at illuminated  


levels of Freemasonry which were above the 32nd  degree they will give you what the real meaning  


of the G inside the compasses and squares and  it is the generative principle it means Genesis  


creation okay and yeah you can tie that right back  to God I'm not saying those things are different  


and the the forms that get created in the physical  manifested world are geometric forms now it is  


geometry as well it's all these things but at the  highest level it's the generative principle that's  


what that g really stands for in esoteric  Freemasonry okay it's called the generative  


principle because that means to create it comes  from the word generative comes from Latin the verb  


generate as we've already talked about means to  create the generative principle is what we create  


through and it's lost because people don't care  they don't have care hence it's the Lost principle

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