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29 Feb 202420:21


TLDRIn this video, the creator provides an in-depth review and comparison of the new 1.0 version of the ideogram design tool, highlighting its improved text and graphics capabilities. The creator tests the new model by recreating previous designs and showcases the enhanced features, such as the magic prompt and photorealistic graphics. The video also demonstrates how to upscale and vectorize designs for use in various applications, emphasizing the tool's potential for creatives and designers.


  • 🎥 The video is a review and comparison of the new 1.0 version of the ideogram software by Detour Shirts.
  • 🌟 The 1.0 version represents a significant upgrade from the previous 0.1.2 version, with improved text and graphics.
  • 💬 The reviewer, Juna, was granted early access to the 1.0 model by one of the co-founders of ideogram.
  • 🔍 The video provides a sneak peek into the capabilities of the 1.0 model and compares it to the older version.
  • 📈 The improvements in 1.0 include better design elements, more accurate text rendering, and enhanced graphics quality.
  • 🚀 The 1.0 model introduces features such as the ability to create stickers and handle more complex prompts.
  • 🎨 The reviewer demonstrates the use of the software by recreating designs from a previous video and showcasing the results.
  • 📝 The video highlights the importance of crafting specific prompts to achieve desired outcomes in the 1.0 model.
  • 🛠️ The reviewer also discusses post-processing techniques such as upscaling and background removal for preparing designs for print.
  • 📱 The audience is encouraged to explore the new features of ideogram 1.0 and compare it with the older version.
  • 🔗 The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to check out the ideogram blog for more detailed information about the 1.0 upgrade.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is a review and comparison of the new 1.0 version of the ideogram design tool, which the speaker had early access to, and how it has improved from the previous 0.1 version.

  • What improvements were noticed in the 1.0 version of ideogram?

    -The 1.0 version of ideogram shows significant improvements in graphics quality, text rendering, and overall design capabilities. It also introduces features like sticker creation and better prompt understanding, which enhances the user experience.

  • How does the speaker demonstrate the capabilities of ideogram 1.0?

    -The speaker demonstrates the capabilities of ideogram 1.0 by revisiting some of the designs they had created in the 0.1 version and comparing them with the new 1.0 version. They also explore the 'magic prompt' feature and show how it can enhance the design process.

  • What is the 'magic prompt' feature in ideogram?

    -The 'magic prompt' is a feature in ideogram 1.0 that suggests additional elements or ideas to include in the design based on the initial prompt provided by the user. This helps users to expand their design concepts and create more detailed and interesting visuals.

  • How does the speaker upscale and prepare a design for t-shirt printing?

    -The speaker upscales a design by using an external tool like dgb LOL to increase the resolution of the image. They then remove the background of the design using photo editing software, ensuring that the design is ready for t-shirt printing by making it transparent and adjusting the dimensions appropriately.

  • What advice does the speaker give for using ideogram 1.0 effectively?

    -The speaker advises users to be more specific with their prompts for ideogram 1.0, as the tool now understands and executes prompts more accurately. They also suggest using the 'magic prompt' feature to get additional design ideas and to experiment with different versions of the tool to see the improvements made.

  • How does the speaker show the difference between ideogram 0.1 and 1.0 versions?

    -The speaker shows the difference by taking old designs created in the 0.1 version and recreating them in the 1.0 version. They then compare the two side by side to highlight the improvements in graphics, text, and overall design quality.

  • What is the significance of the 'heart' feature in ideogram?

    -The 'heart' feature in ideogram allows users to save or 'like' designs that they find appealing. This feature helps users to keep track of designs that they might want to revisit or use as inspiration for future projects.

  • What additional resources does the speaker recommend for learning more about ideogram 1.0?

    -The speaker recommends checking out the ideogram blog post for more detailed information about the new features and improvements in the 1.0 version. They also suggest following ideogram on Twitter for updates and additional content.

  • How does the speaker suggest using the 'auto' or 'magic prompt' feature to enhance the design process?

    -The speaker suggests that the 'auto' or 'magic prompt' feature can help users by suggesting additional elements to include in their designs. This can be particularly useful when users have a simple prompt, as the tool can provide ideas for making the design more detailed and interesting.

  • What is the speaker's overall impression of the new ideogram 1.0?

    -The speaker is very impressed with the new ideogram 1.0, noting that it represents a significant upgrade from the previous version. They are excited about the improved graphics, text rendering, and design capabilities, and encourage viewers to try it out for themselves.



🎥 Introduction to Ideogram 1.0

The speaker, Juna from Detour Shirts, introduces the video by mentioning a previous video about ideogram that became popular. Juna shares an update about receiving access to the new 1.0 model of ideogram from one of its co-founders. The video aims to provide a sneak peek into the latest version, comparing its text and graphic capabilities with the older version. The excitement about the upgrade is evident as Juna highlights the improved design and functionality of the new model.


🌟 Enhancing Creativity with Ideogram 1.0

Juna dives into the practical application of ideogram 1.0, testing its design capabilities with various prompts. The speaker notes the improved graphics and text rendering in the new version, emphasizing how it has made designs look more professional and appealing. The video showcases the software's ability to understand and execute complex design tasks, such as creating stickers and typography, with greater precision and speed. The comparison between the old and new versions demonstrates a significant leap in ideogram's capabilities.


📈 Comparing Old and New Versions

The speaker continues to compare specific designs created with the old version (0.1) and the new 1.0 version of ideogram. Juna selects several designs from past videos and recreates them using the updated software. The results show a marked improvement in the quality and clarity of the designs, with the 1.0 version providing more accurate text and better graphics. The video serves as a testament to the software's progress and its potential for creating high-quality, unique designs.


🎨 Exploring the Magic Prompt and Photo Realism

Juna explores the 'magic prompt' feature of ideogram 1.0, which automatically adds elements to a simple prompt to create a more detailed design. The video demonstrates how this feature can enhance creativity and provide design inspiration. Additionally, the speaker discusses the photo-realistic capabilities of the software, showing examples of how it can produce highly realistic graphics. The segment emphasizes the versatility and potential of ideogram 1.0 for various design projects.

🚀 Final Thoughts and Next Steps

In the concluding part of the video, Juna reflects on the overall experience with ideogram 1.0 and provides guidance on how to access and explore the new version. The speaker encourages viewers to experiment with the software and compare it with the older version to appreciate the improvements. Juna also shares tips on how to upscale and background-knockout designs for applications like t-shirt printing. The video ends with a call to action for viewers to keep creating and learning, highlighting the endless possibilities with ideogram 1.0.




An ideogram is a visual representation of ideas or concepts through symbols, often used in design and communication. In the context of the video, it refers to a specific software or platform that the speaker is reviewing and demonstrating. The speaker discusses the capabilities of ideogram, particularly its text and graphic design features, and compares the older version (0.1.2) with the newer version (1.0).

💡Early Access

Early Access typically refers to a software release model where users are given the opportunity to test and use a product before its official launch. This allows developers to gather feedback and improve the product based on user experience. In the video, the speaker was granted Early Access to the new 1.0 model of ideogram, which enabled them to provide a sneak peek and comparison of its features with the previous version.

💡text and graphics

Text and graphics are the textual and visual elements used in design to convey information or messages. In the context of the video, the speaker is particularly interested in how ideogram handles text and graphics in its design outputs. They compare the quality and capabilities of text and graphic design between the older and newer versions of the software.

💡sneak peek

A sneak peek refers to a preview or a glimpse of something that is not yet fully revealed or released to the public. In the video, the speaker provides a sneak peek of the newest version of ideogram, showcasing its features and improvements over the previous version.


Design refers to the process of creating a plan or blueprint for the visual appearance and functionality of objects, spaces, or systems. In this video, the speaker is focused on the design capabilities of ideogram, especially in creating text and graphic designs for various applications like t-shirts, stickers, and digital art.


A prompt is a stimulus or an input given to a software or a system to elicit a response or an output. In the context of the video, the speaker uses prompts to instruct ideogram to generate specific designs. The speaker also discusses the 'magic prompt' feature, which suggests additional elements or ideas to enhance the design based on the initial prompt.


An upgrade refers to the process of enhancing or improving a product, software, or system to a newer, better-performing version. In the video, the speaker is excited about the upgrade from ideogram version 0.1.2 to version 1.0, highlighting the significant improvements in text, graphics, and overall design capabilities.

💡T-shirt design

T-shirt design involves creating visual artwork or text that is intended to be printed or applied onto a T-shirt. In the video, the speaker uses ideogram to design T-shirts and compares the ease and quality of the designs produced by the different versions of the software.

💡auto magic prompt

The auto magic prompt is a feature in ideogram that automatically suggests additional elements or ideas to enhance the design based on the initial prompt given by the user. It helps users to expand their ideas and create more detailed and comprehensive designs.


Vectorization is the process of converting images or designs into vector format, which allows for scaling without losing quality. In the video, the speaker mentions vectorizing the designs created with ideogram to make them suitable for various applications, such as T-shirt printing.


Juna from Detour Shirts discusses the new 1.0 model of ideogram, which is a significant upgrade from the previous 0.1.2 version.

The new model offers improved text and graphics, showcasing a sneak peek into its capabilities.

The transition from 0.1.2 to 1.0 is a big jump, with noticeable improvements in design and text quality.

The 1.0 model introduces real-time design generation and the ability to create stickers with white outlines.

The updated model recognizes and handles prompts more effectively, leading to better design outputs.

The video demonstrates how older designs can be reimagined with the new 1.0 model for enhanced results.

The 1.0 model's 'Auto Magic Prompt' feature suggests additional design elements based on the simplicity of the initial prompt.

The new version of ideogram offers photorealistic graphics, adding a new level of detail to designs.

Users with Early Access can explore the new features and capabilities of ideogram 1.0.

The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to upscale and knockout backgrounds for t-shirt designs using ideogram 1.0.

The upgraded model allows for better color selection and font styles, catering to specific design needs.

Juna showcases how the 1.0 model can create custom fonts that are drawn by the software, offering unique designs.

The video emphasizes the importance of refining prompts to achieve better results with the new model.

The 1.0 model's ability to understand and execute t-shirt design prompts more accurately is highlighted.

Juna encourages viewers to experiment with the new version and explore its potential for creating innovative designs.

The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to try out ideogram 1.0 and explore the differences between the old and new models.



Hey everyone it's Juna with Detour Shirts about  five months ago I did this video right here about  


ideogram and how it can do text and everything and  it has become my biggest video on my channel so  


far uh one of the co-founders actually wrote to  me and gave me access Early Access to their new  


model which is 1.0 so we're going to get a sneak  peek I'm going to let you see a sneak peek of the  


newest model on ideogram we're going to test what  I did 5 months ago and what it can do today see  


the difference as as well as some of the other  things on there that you can see how good the  


not only the text but the graphics on there so so  let's get into ideogram right now and get a sneak  


peek of version 1.0 all right so here I am on IDE  uh it doesn't look that much different but you can  


see right here ideogram 1.0 is here check out  our blog and expost and all of that um we might  


do that later but you can see it looks similar the  only difference is I have this access model right  


here this is the original 0.1 point2 it went up to  and then it made a big jump to 1.0 and you can see  


um it's refreshing here but I'm going to come back  you can see um how good it is some of these are  


actually 1.0 so if we come in here we can see what  it was made of made with ideogram 1.0 look at the  


design on here and the text right it's pretty cool  so uh let's scroll down we can actually do some of  


the top ones here and just look at how well it's  doing uh the design this is also a 1.0 yeah like  


it's significantly better as far as the graphics  are concerned like these things are amazing now  


um I bet I bet that's 1.0 you can kind of tell  the difference between 1.0 and what's not 1.0  


and the text it looks like just somebody typed  that in but it was created with the prompt and  


uh this one doesn't say if it's 1.0 or not but uh  you can tell it's pretty cool so got some really  


really good designs 1.0 as well yeah look amazing  so what we're going to do in this video is we're  


going to take some of the things that I did a  long time ago I guess I can go back into my uh  


public and scroll back and these are some of the  ones that I did uh early on in my first video um  


for text right so we're going to take one of these  a few of these and then just see how well they did  


if I click on here you can see it was done in  0.1 this trick or treat and so I'm just going  


to to use the same uh thing here and see what it  does today uh same thing with some of these other  


ones qualified I think yeah 0.1 so let's just do  that let's just do this one I'm going to just copy  


The Prompt copy here put it here same thing same  prompt and I'm going to use 1.0 instead of 0.1  


and it should uh let's see I'm using typography  funny sticker I think it'll be okay so let's do  


generate it's going to bring me here oh I forgot  to put Square on there uh it's going to do a tall  


rectangle but that's okay see what it does now  some of the things that I noticed on here I got  


to play with it for a while is that it recognizes  sticker so it actually now makes a sticker with  


the white outline and everything whereas the  other one didn't do the sticker so let's go  


back um you know I'm going to do this one more  time but do it a square so that we have the same  


thing and you can see how fast it is too and this  is real time I haven't been um going fast forward  


or anything but the thing I like about this one  is that it actually made a sticker now you may  


want to not have the hand in there so you might  have to tuck put that in here um but some of them  


didn't have the hand and this is so cool so I'm  going to take this one right here you can see I  


can really just knock this out if I wanted to use  this as a sticker for red bubble but let's compare  


the two so I'm going to put this on screen this  one versus the one with 0.1 and you can see it's  


totally different um and this one I think could  work the new one could really work on red bubble  


whereas the other one was kind of iffy and this  one spelled it right it still has problems with  


the F here but that can be taken away this little  part um but for the most part it's spelled all of  


them correctly totally qualified totally that got  lost in here totally qualified let's see the other


one totally qualified yeah totally well that  one had a couple of letters different but the  


the graphics are way better right all right let's  go and see oh let's go back to my profile scroll  


down okay let's do another one um yeah let's just  do this one this one was super simple uh trick or  


treat let's see what it does just trick or treat  and we're going to see some of the the differences  


when we do this so trick or treat um 0.10 we're  going to do here same same prompt 1.0 1 by one I  


got Auto Magic prompt on I don't know if that's  good or not I we'll see what that does because  


I think it kind of helps um do some things in the  background so very simple prompt uh and let's see  


what it does now you can see I tried it out  a little bit before the thing I liked about  


the old one is that it had some color I didn't  put anything in there it just came up with some  


cool colors and this one did too so here it is I  think this one could work really well I didn't say  


put it on a white background but nicely it did  it spelled it right using a cool font switched  


out the colors I think this can do really well  on a t-shirt so there you go now I could add  


more things and you can see the magic prompt  just like it does in chat GPT my simple prompt  


got interpreted by ideogram and gave this longer  magic prompt which added more things now you can  


copy this and and look in here and looked and see  like oh maybe I should have added that or added  


that and you can add that to your your simple  prompt right so let's see let's look at this  


for a little bit you can say spooky yet playful  font which is great that's actually what I wanted  


so maybe next time I should put that in my prompt  um and it then added some illustrations which I  


didn't ask for but which was nice right so make  maybe I should add this in my prompt so kind of  


giving you some ideas with that auto prompt that  magic prompt here kind of like how we're seeing  


in some of the other the other AI spaces like chat  GPT and other places all right so I think this one  


we're going to compare the two this one versus the  other one I think this one works a lot better to  


knock things out too like I can come in here and  knock out the white where the other one was kind  


of hard with all the different colors so it kind  of understands that all right um let's go back  


one more let's do this again in October we wear  pink um I did I tried that one out too cuz you  


can see in this one although it's really cool like  we have some issues here right with the especially  


there air pink so I'm going to see what happens  when I say t-shirt design in the prompt I'm going  


to just copy this prompt you can see back in on  this time when I did t-shirt design with text it  


actually didn't do a t-shirt but we we'll see  what happens here now that it understands a  


lot more um same thing same prompt going to hit  generate now a lot of times with the new model  


I think the the prompts are going to be even more  particular I mean you can it's going to understand  


the prompts a lot lot better in here so if you  wanted a certain color you wanted a certain style  


um you're going to have to put that in but look  at this really fast and I think this is the best  


one in October we wear pink no double A letters  no other so let's put this up against the other  


one now the other one did have more color but I  think this one um you know easier to knock out  


with a T-shirt and it didn't actually do a t-shirt  it understood that this is going to be a t-shirt  


design and you know did it appropriately so really  really cool I think this one does it better and  


it's easier to read doesn't have all those weird  uh things we'll put both together here again um  


the fonts right and the colors and the fonts all  right um let's see what else can we do okay let's  


I think we should just do one more I'll go back to  my public here and I want to see like with books  


so we had I remember we had something about back  to school with books or something here we go all  


right so this was done um back in my video an ID  ideogram .1 all right and let's see how it does  


this one actually did okay back to school but I  didn't like the artwork so let's see if 1.0 does  


better artwork on here and I did it a tall we're  we're just going to do it um we're going to do  


it the square here so generate here and I like how  fast it is too definitely a little faster at least  


I feel like it's a little faster here and you can  see the preview kind of in black and white which  


I when I first start I got a little scared that  it's only going to do it in black and white but  


it adds the color later so that's that's cool  yeah look at that now I didn't say this is for  


a t-shirt design so it went to the edge here but  I bet if I said it was a t-shirt design it would  


do everything around it and so this one I think is  the winner here but but all of them back to school  


back to school back to school all of them spelled  it correctly nothing wrong here and I think the  


artwork is really simple easy to um knock out  here um itd be interested to see if we did T-shirt  


design on here now sometimes there's a magic  prompt and sometimes there's not so there's an  


auto um let's see yeah I can copy it not sure why  I I'll have to figure out why sometimes there's a  


magic promp and sometimes there's not maybe when  it's too simple and you don't put in um let's see  


let's test out this Theory I'm going to do back  to school on a black background illustration  


photography and just do that and see if I get a  magic prom I think that's what's happening so the  


first one that I did trick or treat typography  I only put something really simple and so it had  


to think about like what do you actually mean  what can we put on there to make a differ so  


let's see what happens and see if this one adds  a magic prompt to it it yeah back to school okay  


did it do any magic yes yes it did so if you put  something super simple like I usually do in chat  


GPT into ideogram now the magic prompt will help  you that auto uh will help you add some things so  


you can see here there's ruler pencil and stuff  and so kind of helping you like oh maybe did you  


want all of these things and so maybe you should  put that in the in the problem next time but this  


one's pretty cool uh don't know about the paper  clip and stuff but the pencil and the Eraser and  


the yeah pretty cool and you can this can be  a base too so I love the font the nice thing  


about ideogram is sometimes it does a font that  you you know this isn't this is kind of like a  


custom font so you don't it doesn't say what font  it's using it's kind of drawing the letters right  


so you have a font that other people aren't using  and then you can add some little clip art things  


so if you didn't like this paperclip go find a  paper clip on canva or whatever I put it in here  


and you have a design that nobody else has because  it Drews the font font for you this isn't a font  


that you're just typing in from canva so um back  to idog here yeah I think 1.0 pretty cool so it's  


you can see I guess let's see yep that's 1.0 look  at that I know you can't use this on t-shirts but  


just the the graphics are amazing too so not only  an upgrade in uh fonts uh and how it writes it  


but an upgrade in the graphics like some amazing  Graphics now I'm sure that's 1.0 yeah so you can  


come in here if you have access some people have  Early Access some don't I'm going to check out the  


blog here see what this is ideogram 1.0 you can  see now available to ideogram users so you might  


have access to this already um and just look at  some of these examples really cool and then the  


photo realism like I was telling you not you may  not use that for t-shirt design but just if you  


if you're the type that likes to play around with  AI and see what kind of I think it comes up with  


look at that just so much better than um before  um these are some other ones that we saw on there  


like puzzle pieces it's amazing so go ahead and  read this photo realistic stuff is amazing and  


the magic promp um so you can see like I said the  simple promp here and then it does the magic promp  


with adds more things but it makes it a really  cool so let's see what the other one said so  


um I think yeah the X post oh this is Twitter uh  okay so this is their Twitter post and some other  


things on here so if you follow them on Twitter  it's there too um but check out that blog post I  


I went pretty quickly on here but you can get it  from their site and read way more about it and  


how it how it works but just amazing amazing stuff  so hopefully this was really helpful um for you uh  


go around and play with it you can do the same  thing and um vectorize these things as well or  


upgrade and knock out the background let me show  you one I would do so uh let's see I think I went  


into my private one oh the trick- or treat right  we T talked about this one okay so this is how I  


would do it if I was on ideogram so you can still  remix it you can like it and that's what I would  


we'll come back and do the liking thing but uh we  can download this right here just download so I'm  


going to download this I'm going to go and upscale  it and then take out the background so it's still  


going to be 1024 let me show you so this is it  right here I downloaded it and you can see the  


dimensions 1024 by 1024 so you will either have  to um vectorize it which I think this one would  


be great vectorize because it has some really  straight lines pretty straightforward or if you  


want to upscale it you can do that too I'm going  to show you how I would upscale it and then knock  


out the background and have it just be ready for  t-shirt so we'll we'll do that right now so um I'm  


going to go to dgb LOL right um hit get started  upscale drag in that 1024 by 1024 come in here  


now they have eight point uh eight times which  is I think overkill for what we need I'm going  


to do six but you can do eight and then scale it  back down if you want um and then I'm going to


submit and you can go to my files you can see I  I did one recently for the D dinosur this going  


to take 4 minutes so I'm going to come back and  when this is done I'll show you what I do next  


after upscaling it all right so I'm back here  uh it finished and I downloaded it so the next  


thing I would do is I would come in here into  photo p and I'll drag in the one the six times  


you you'll see it in your downloads you can  just drag that in here um and there it is and  


then I would use the magic wand here and just  delete the white so here you go and you might  


have to do it a couple of times oh this one has  a lot of different whites in here so let's zoom


in and that's okay we're just going to go here  I'm going to zoom through here and show you um  


this probably wasn't the best example but  I'll show you what happens all right now  


that we got all the white all I got to do  is maybe crop this um to the size that I  


want so I'm going to go on here here um  grab this corner here grab this corner


here great and now I can export this as a PNG  so I'm going to come in here file export as PNG  


and now you can see it's a lot bigger it's not 1  point it's not 1024 x 1024 it's 54 by so we can  


do uh the width all we need is 4500 we can change  it uh there and then you can see that changed to  


4216 which is big enough if you want it bigger  you can you still can you can do 5,000 because  


it we're going down still right from what it  was so it will remember it's linked here so you  


can see that now it's 5,000 by 4600 which is big  enough for a T-shirt and I can hit save now I'm  


going to go into um Amazon but you can put this  on red bubble or um tuu or wherever and you can  


see it's knocked out and it will show through the  background so let's look at that I'm going to take  


my uh design that I made I should have retitled it  but it still has all that dgb stuff in there and  


it's going to take a while so I'm going to show  you what it looks like so just to show you that  


it works and it knocked it out you can see on any  color here it works so you can use this straight  


from ideogram I only took a couple of steps right  I went upscaled it make sure that it's big enough  


and then I knocked out the background in photo  and you can use various different applications  


for that you can use Photoshop Affinity photo  um you need to upscale it first though if you  


do this the other style would be to vectorize  that and I have videos on how to do that um all  


all the thing but you can see came out pretty cool  I'm zoom in right here and see it last thing on  


ideogram that I forgot to mention is if you find  something that you really like you still have this  


heart thing right here right so let's say oh that  would make a great t-shirt design I would hard it  


and then come back here to your stuff and you  can see the liked one so you can see I liked  


a bunch of these that I thought would make um  great t-shirt designs or other things coloring  


books and things and I just saved it here on my  lik and then the nice thing is you can come in  


here and then look at their prompt and you know  see this was done in0 two but you can still use  


the promp and see what happens in 1.0 and so on  so um this one was done in 2 as well so we could  


copy this prompt and see how well it does with  the new with the new version so um go on here  


have fun with this idog knew read all about it in  their blog post take a look at all of this stuff  


it's really cool I believe just another upgrade um  to what already it did really well so um thumbs up  


I can't wait to play around with it more and see  more designs so there you go uh kind of a sneak  


peek into idrs 1.0 it looks like it's already  released and maybe a lot of you already have it  


so if you do go try it out um see the difference  between the old one and the new one the 0.1 point2  


and the 1.0 what a big jump uh and just see the  difference in graphics now you may need to type  


in your prompts a little better and that you can  get some help with that type in something really  


simple and use the auto um the magic prompt and  I think that can be really helpful to you for  


you to kind of learn what kinds of things you may  need to put in your prompts to get a better result  


so I'd love that uh thanks again for watching if  you haven't seen my uh first ideogram video I'm  


going to put that right here uh and it's again it  was 5 months ago and using the 0.1 version but I  


think it's still back then it was still pretty  cool so to give that a watch thanks again for  


watching and as always guys keep creating and  keep learning I'll see you on the next one bye

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