Is ja nur n GT3 Touring

22 Jan 202404:19


TLDRIn this dynamic episode, we're taken on a whirlwind journey through a series of engaging anecdotes and personal stories. From a friend's exhilarating reaction to acquiring a new car, celebrated with a vivid appreciation of its color, to playful banter about the luxury of owning a GT3, the narrative weaves through various themes of excitement, friendship, and the joys of new acquisitions. The episode delves into the realms of online shopping, event experiences like the Venus trade fair, and the communal creation of content, highlighting the spirited adventures of content creators. Additionally, it touches on personal reflections about the use of stock footage, the amusing concept of 'sprisel', and ends on a note of self-romanticization and humor, urging viewers to find joy in the small moments of life.


  • 😀 A friend, trimax, recently acquired a new car, generating excitement over its color and overall appeal.
  • 😃 The reaction to the new car was highly anticipated, with expectations of a positive and enthusiastic response.
  • 😄 There's a light-hearted acknowledgment of how people react to acquiring new vehicles, with a specific mention of a GT3 as a humorous reference.
  • 🙂 The importance of remembering not to neglect items from an online shop, hinting at a blend of personal and promotional content.
  • 👨‍💻 Insight into events like a Venus fair, offering deeper insights into what happens there, featuring Jens, Sasa, and others creating content.
  • 📺 Mention of a live broadcast and on-demand content creation, highlighting the dynamic and interactive nature of content production.
  • 📢 Discussion on Instagram stories and clothing promotions, reflecting on the integration of social media and fashion in content.
  • 📝 Introduction of merchandise like Teddy Jackets and fleece jackets, indicating a promotional segment for apparel.
  • 😎 Reflections on returning to normalcy and engaging with YouTube videos, expressing enthusiasm for when content creation picks up pace again.
  • 😂 Humorous take on the use of stock footage to depict joy and an anecdote about 'sprisel', a term used humorously to describe a small imperfection in wood, serving as a metaphor for embracing flaws.
  • 💥 Anticipation for an important video that has been impactful in 2024, suggesting ongoing engagement and content creation.
  • 😭 Emotional mention of ending a video prematurely, romanticizing the act of stopping, and expressing a moment of self-reflection and realization.

Q & A

  • What event prompts the speaker's enthusiasm at the beginning of the episode?

    -The speaker's enthusiasm is prompted by a friend, referred to as 'trimax', getting a new car, which excites the speaker due to its color and the friend's reaction.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on Trimax's reaction to the new car?

    -The speaker considers Trimax's reaction to his new car as super, indicating a very positive and enthusiastic response.

  • How does the speaker describe their anticipation for Trimax's reaction?

    -The speaker describes their anticipation as very high, curious to see Trimax's reaction to the new car, and finds the color particularly appealing.

  • What kind of content is being created at the Venus trade show mentioned in the script?

    -At the Venus trade show, the attendees, including Jens, Sasa, and others, are creating content together, although specifics about the content are not detailed.

  • What is the speaker's sentiment about not attending the event with Jens, Sasa, and others?

    -The speaker expresses a sense of missing out or disappointment at not being part of the group attending the event and creating content together.

  • What merchandise is currently being promoted in the script?

    -The script mentions the promotion of Teddy Jackets and fleece jackets that are available for restock.

  • What does the speaker use 'stock footage' to describe in their YouTube activities?

    -The speaker discusses seeing people use stock footage on YouTube, but it's not entirely clear how they personally use it or their opinion on its use.

  • What is a 'sprisel' as mentioned in the script, and how is it related to wood objects?

    -A 'sprisel' is humorously described as a small splinter or piece of wood, indicating minor annoyances or issues that arise with wood objects prone to splintering.

  • What major theme does the speaker reflect on towards the end of the script?

    -Towards the end, the speaker reflects on the theme of romanticizing every aspect of their life, indicating a tendency to find or seek deeper meaning or beauty in everyday things.

  • How does the speaker feel about ending the video abruptly?

    -The speaker appears to romanticize the act of ending the video abruptly, suggesting that they find some sense of satisfaction or appropriateness in doing so at that moment.



🚗 New Car Reveal and Mixed Reactions

The paragraph describes a scenario where the speaker's friend, referred to as 'trimax', has purchased a new car, sparking interest due to previous discussions about people getting new vehicles. The speaker is eager to see trimax's reaction to the car, particularly admiring its color. The reaction is positive, with an expression of gratitude and excitement. The narrative then shifts to hypothetical reactions one might expect when unveiling a new car, including potential disappointment or surprise, hinted at through an imagined musical cue. The speaker then transitions to discussing the importance of not needing items from an online shop, alluding to the unnecessary nature of certain purchases. This leads into a brief mention of a convention, where deeper insights into the event are promised, and a shift to a scenario involving content creation by a group of individuals, including Jens, Sasa, and others. The story continues with a comedic take on ordering food and receiving clothes for social media promotion, ending with an advertisement for Teddy Jackets and fliejckets, and a reflection on the use of stock footage in YouTube videos. The speaker humorously discusses the misuse of the term 'stock footage' to describe expressions of joy, sharing a personal anecdote about acquiring a 'sprisel' and the tendency of wood objects to develop splinters. The paragraph concludes with anticipation for an important video in 2024 and a humorous plea for understanding in adulting, expressing a whimsical approach to life and content creation.



💡New car reaction

The term 'new car reaction' refers to the emotional response someone exhibits upon receiving a new car. In the video, this concept is central when the speaker discusses a friend, trimax, who has recently acquired a new vehicle. The excitement and appreciation displayed by the friend upon seeing the car, especially its color, epitomize the 'new car reaction.' This moment is used to highlight the joy and surprise that come with such significant personal milestones.

💡Content creation

Content creation is the process of generating topic ideas that appeal to a target audience, and then planning, producing, and sharing these ideas in the form of content to attract, engage, and retain an audience. The script mentions various forms of content creation, including attending events like a trade fair, collaborating with others to produce content, and engaging with an audience through social media and video platforms. The reference to creating content at a trade fair and through collaborations underlines the diverse ways individuals and groups can produce engaging material for their audiences.

💡Online shop

The term 'online shop' is mentioned in the context of reminding viewers about the availability of products that might not be necessary but are offered for those interested. This part of the script connects to the broader theme of commerce and marketing within digital content creation, showcasing how creators often diversify their engagement with their audience through the sale of merchandise or related products.

💡Venus trade fair

The Venus trade fair reference in the script points to a specific event where the speaker's acquaintance provides deeper insights, indicating the fair's role in content creation and networking. It illustrates how trade fairs serve as pivotal points for creators to gather content, insights, and collaborations, enriching their offerings to their audience.

💡Instagram stories

Instagram stories are mentioned as a platform for sharing moments or promoting products, such as clothing in this case. This highlights the role of social media in content dissemination and audience engagement, showing how creators use these platforms to interact with their followers, share aspects of their lives, and promote products or content.

💡Merchandise promotion

Merchandise promotion within the video is tied to the announcement of a restock of Teddy Jackets and flight jackets. This demonstrates the marketing aspect of video content, where creators advertise their merchandise to their audience. It's an example of how digital platforms are used not just for entertainment or information but also for commerce.

💡Returning to routine

The mention of hoping the audience has returned well to their routine in the new year touches on the theme of transition and normalcy. It reflects the creator's connection with the audience, acknowledging their daily lives outside the digital sphere and expressing a wish for their well-being and adjustment after holiday seasons or significant events.

💡Stock footage

Stock footage is discussed in the context of YouTube videos, with the creator expressing pleasure in seeing people use it creatively. This indicates the utilization of pre-existing video material to enhance or support new content, showcasing the resourcefulness and creativity within content creation.


A 'splinter' or 'sprisel' is humorously described as a minor frustration encountered, likened to a small piece of wood getting under the skin. In the script, it metaphorically represents small but irritating challenges that can arise in any context, including content creation or daily life, emphasizing the speaker's light-hearted approach to setbacks.


The concept of 'romanticizing' every aspect of life is discussed towards the end of the script, indicating a tendency to find or attribute enchanting qualities to ordinary moments. This reflects a philosophical or emotional approach to life, suggesting a deeper narrative about appreciation and perception in the creator's content and personal ethos.


Welcome to a new episode featuring reactions to a friend's new car purchase, highlighting the excitement and the unique color of the car.

Discussion on how people react to getting new cars and the anticipation of a friend's reaction.

A humorous mention of expecting reactions like surprise or disbelief towards new acquisitions.

An update on a friend pulling off a new car model, the GT3, and wishing well for the new ownership.

Reminder not to forget items from the online shop that are not necessary for the car but might interest some.

Insights into what happens at a Venus trade show, offering deeper looks into the event.

Collaborative content creation at the Venus show with several YouTubers.

A live broadcast mention, highlighting the ability to order food on demand while taking care of a JAL (possibly a pet or project).

A playful interaction about sending clothes for Instagram stories, showcasing the social media engagement.

Introduction to 'werbescope 21', featuring Teddy Jackets and fleeces in restock.

A reflection on returning to normal life and engaging with YouTube videos again.

A funny note on using 'stock footage' in YouTube videos and the anticipation for when things 'really start going'.

Discussion of a personal purchase, 'sprisel', and its significance.

A heartfelt moment about not knowing how to be an adult and the challenges of uploading personal content.

A candid confession of romanticizing every aspect of life, leading to a decision to break off the video in a romanticized way.

A humorous and abrupt ending with a message to favorite YouTubers.



morgen B und auch ich bin und damit


herzlich Willkommen zu neuen Episode mir


ist wieder mal was über die Linse


geschossen guute Kollege von mir trimax


habt vielleicht mitbekommen hat sich


inen neuen Wagen gezogen wir haben ja in


letzter Zeit öfter mal geguckt wie sich


Leute in Neu wegen ziehen und ich bin


sehr gespannt auf seine Reaktion ich


find die Farbe so geil ne oh mein


Gott danke schön


h freut er sich ich find das so krass so


lange draf jetzt steht es hier Leute ich


weiß nicht was mit Trix los ist meine


Meinung nach eine super reaction auf


neuen Wagen man hätte mit sowas


gerechnet wie


z.B oder man hätte mit sowas gerechnet






z.B mal wie geht hast du schon


mitbekommen TR jetzt auch GT3


ne ja


und nur ein




natürlich alles Spaß gewesen alles Gute


mit dem neuen Wagen aber bitte vergiss


eine Sache nicht alle Sachen die wir im


onineshop haben benötigt ihr nicht für


den ein oder anderen der sich schon


immer mal gefragt hat auf so einer


venusmesse was genau passiert da unser


aon gewährt uns tiefere Einblicke SP


Venus danke schön warum bist du


hier ma Spaß hier sch aktuell sind Jens


Sasa re und mehrere andere zusammen


unterwegs dort gemeinsam Content zu


erstellen meine Güte Z bin ich da nicht


dabei ach Moment live live ber talking




talking und das macht er auch be demand


zu essen bestellen kann der sich hier um


dieses wunderschöne JAL




FIS guten


Abend kte ich bitte ih








instagrory Hug ich sehe du trst hier


abkatug ich kann dir auch gerne ein paar


Klamotten zuschicken die kannst du dann


auch sehr sehr gerne mit Instagram




Klamotten habe ich mich da richtig


verhört Papa Platte guck meine Videos


sowieso nicht mehr und damit herzlich


Willkommen zu werbescope 21 aktuell gibt


es die Teddy Jackets und die fliejckets


im restock schauen Sie vorbei oder schm


damit herzlich willkommen zurück bei


meinen Videos ich hoffe ihr seid


mittlerweile wieder gut im normalen


Alltag angekommen Leute ich hoffe ihr


seid wirklich wieder gut im neuen Jahr


angek klein ich bin hin und wieder auf


Youtube Videos unterwegs und dann sehe


ich dass Leute Stock foage benutzen ich


freue mich eigentlich immer wenn es dann


wieder so richtig losgeht wisst ihr was


ich meine aber benutzt kellyock hier


wirklich stopf um zu beschreiben wie


Freude aussieht verdam habe ich mir


einen SPR sprisel gezogen lustige


Anekdote zum Thema sprisel ein sprisel


ist tatsächlich eine kleine fasadierung


eines holzobjektes Holzobjekte leiten


dazu Spliss zu entwickel über


den wisst was ich mein verdammte scheie


wir machen weiter und lassen uns nicht


betrüben sehr sehr wichtigen Video für


mich kommen was mich im Jahr 2024 bisher


mega geil begleitet hat hallo meine


süßen Engel und herzlich willkommen


zurück sorry falls ihr Pablos Fußstapfen


im Hintergrund hören können mit was für


einer Lautstärke diese Fußstapfen da im


Hintergrund genau hin weil ich nicht


weiß wie Erwachsensein funktioniert das


kann man nicht hochladen Leute niemand


hat sein sorry für die agneismen sein


shit all Figur


out romantisiere alles im Großen und


Ganzen romantisiere ich wirklich jede


Kleinigkeit in meinem Leben


oh mein Gott das stimmt so sehr ich weiß


gar nicht mehr wohin überhaupt mit


meiner selbst gerade deswegen möchte ich


das Video hier abbrechen ich


romantisiere jetzt auch gerade mal ganz


kurz das Abbrechen man das fühlt sich


gerade richtig gut an einer unserer


Lieblings youber und zwar verpisst euch


oh mein gott kennt ihr noch