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TLDRThe video script provides a step-by-step guide on utilizing Panda by Points, a reward system where users earn points for shipping costs. These points can be redeemed for various items on, with restocks happening twice weekly on Sundays and Wednesdays. The process involves copying a redeem code from the website and pasting it on the Panda by platform to claim desired items. The video emphasizes the importance of acting quickly during restocks and suggests using these points during a haul for cost-effectiveness.


  • 📍 Access your Panda by Points from the user center on the website.
  • 💰 Earn one Panda by point for each Yuan spent on shipping.
  • 🔄 Use Panda by Points to redeem items on
  • 🛍️ Check the 'available soon' tab for upcoming redeemable items.
  • 📅 CN Fair restocks weekly on Sundays at 12 pm EST and Wednesdays at midnight.
  • 🎯 Select items to redeem by clicking on them once they are marked as redeemable.
  • 🔗 Copy the redeem code from the item page on CN Fair.
  • 🏷️ Redeem items by pasting the copied code into the Panda by Points redemption section.
  • 📦 It's most efficient to redeem items when planning a haul to save on shipping costs.
  • 🗓️ Redeemed items have a 90-day limit before they must be shipped.
  • 📈 Keep track of restock times to maximize the use of Panda by Points.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the video?

    -The purpose of the video is to provide a tutorial on how to use Panda by points to redeem items on CN Fair.

  • How are Panda by points earned?

    -Panda by points are earned by spending money on shipping. For example, if you spend 500 Yuan on shipping, you would get 500 Panda buyer points.

  • Where can users see their Panda by points?

    -Users can see their Panda by points by going to the user center and looking at the 'My Points' tab.

  • What website is used to redeem Panda by points?

    -The website used to redeem Panda by points is

  • When does CN Fair restock items?

    -CN Fair restocks items twice a week, on Sundays at 12 pm EST and on Wednesdays at midnight.

  • How can users find items that are redeemable with Panda by points?

    -Users can find redeemable items by going to the 'available soon' tab on the CN Fair website.

  • What is the process for redeeming an item with Panda by points?

    -To redeem an item, users click on the item, copy the redeem code, go to Panda by, paste the code into the 'Panda Points Redeem' section, and press 'Redeem Now'.

  • Why is it recommended to redeem items during a haul?

    -It is recommended to redeem items during a haul because the items will be sent to the user's warehouse, and it's more cost-effective than paying for separate shipping for a single item.

  • What is the validity period for redeemed items in the warehouse?

    -The validity period for redeemed items in the warehouse is 90 days.

  • How can users be notified about CN Fair restocks?

    -Users can keep track of CN Fair restocks by remembering the schedule, which is every Sunday at 12 pm EST and Wednesdays at midnight.

  • What should users do if they have questions about using Panda by points?

    -If users have questions, they can leave a comment down below the video tutorial for further assistance.



📚 Introduction to Panda by Points

This paragraph introduces viewers to the concept of Panda by Points, a reward system that grants points for every Yuan spent on shipping. It explains that 500 Yuan spent on shipping equates to 500 Panda buyer points. The speaker guides users on how to navigate to the 'My Points' tab in the user center to view their accumulated points.

🛍️ Redeeming Points on CN Fair

The speaker elaborates on the process of redeeming Panda by Points for items on the CN Fair website. They instruct viewers to look for 'available soon' items, which are not yet redeemable, and explain that CN Fair restocks twice a week, on Sundays at 12 pm EST and Wednesdays at midnight. The paragraph emphasizes the importance of acting quickly to redeem items, as they are available in limited quantities.

📌 How to Redeem an Item

This section provides a step-by-step guide on how to redeem an item using Panda by Points. The speaker explains that once an item is marked as redeemable, users should click on it, select the desired color and size, and then copy the redeem code. They then demonstrate how to paste this code into the 'Panda Points Redeem' section on the Panda by platform to claim the item.

📦 Best Practices for Using Points

The speaker advises viewers on the best way to use their Panda by Points, recommending that they do so during a haul to avoid unnecessary shipping costs. They explain that items redeemed with points will be sent to the user's warehouse, where they will remain for approximately 90 days. The paragraph concludes with a reminder of the key times for CN Fair restocks and encourages viewers to take advantage of these opportunities to get the items they want.

🙏 Conclusion and Q&A

In the concluding paragraph, the speaker summarizes the process of using CN Fair and redeeming Panda by Points. They stress that the process is straightforward, involving copying and pasting the redeem code. The speaker also reminds viewers of the restock times and encourages them to leave comments if they have any questions or need further clarification.



💡Panda by points

Panda by points is a reward system mentioned in the script that allows users to earn points for each Yuan spent on shipping. These points can be redeemed for items on a website called The concept is central to the video's theme as it explains how users can benefit from their spending on shipping and how to utilize these points to get free items.

💡User Center

The User Center is a platform where users can manage their accounts, including viewing their accumulated Panda by points. It is the starting point for users to engage with the Panda by points system and is integral to the video's instructions on how to access and use the points.

💡My Points tab

The 'My Points' tab is a specific section within the User Center where users can view their earned Panda by points. It is a key component in the process of redeeming points for items, as it is where users can monitor their point balance.

💡CN Fair

CN Fair is a website mentioned in the script where users can redeem their Panda by points for various items. It is a crucial part of the video's message as it is the destination for users to apply their points towards obtaining free items.


The term 'Redeemable' refers to items on CN Fair that can be exchanged for using Panda by points. It is an important concept in the video as it guides users on which items are currently available to be claimed using their points.

💡Available Soon

In the context of the video, 'Available Soon' indicates items on CN Fair that will become eligible for redemption in the near future. This concept is significant as it informs users about upcoming opportunities to redeem their Panda by points for new items.

💡Redeem Code

A 'Redeem Code' is a unique alphanumeric string that users copy from CN Fair to utilize their Panda by points for claiming an item. It is a critical element in the redemption process, linking the user's points to a specific item on the website.


A 'Warehouse' is a storage facility where users' items are sent after they have redeemed their Panda by points. It is relevant to the video's theme as it explains where the items will be stored and the importance of combining redemption with a haul to save on shipping costs.


A 'Haul' in this context refers to a collection of items that a user intends to purchase or has purchased. The concept is important in the video as it suggests the best time to use Panda by points—to add free items to an existing haul, thereby saving on shipping costs.


The term 'Drop' in the video refers to the release of new items on CN Fair that become available for redemption using Panda by points. It is a key concept as it informs users of the timing for new opportunities to redeem points for desired items.

💡Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Eastern Standard Time (EST) is the time zone mentioned in the script for the scheduled drops on CN Fair. It is important for users to know this time zone to plan when to access the website for new redemption opportunities.


Introduction to using Panda by Points

Accessing the User Center to view Panda by Points

Understanding the concept of Panda by Points and earning mechanism

Redeeming points at

Exploring the 'Available Soon' section for upcoming redeemable items

CN Fair's bi-weekly restocks on Sundays and Wednesdays

How to redeem an item using a redeem code

The importance of quick action during restocks

Using Panda by Points during a haul for efficient shipping

The 90-day limit for storing items in the warehouse

Strategic use of Panda by Points to avoid extra shipping costs

Brief overview of the straightforward redemption process

The significance of knowing CN Fair's restock timings

Encouragement for viewers to ask questions and engage

Summary of the benefits of using Panda by Points with a haul



yo what's good guys today I'm going to


be showing you guys how to use your


Panda by points


so first thing you're gonna do you're


gonna head over to user Center once


you're at user Center you can see your


Panda by points here but what you want


to do is you want to go down here to the


my points tab first I'll explain what


points are


you get one Panda by point for each one


you spend on shipping for example if you


shipped at a hall and you have to pay


500 Yuan for shipping then you would get


500 Panda buyer points now to use these


Panda buy points you want to go to a


website called you can look


at this tab right here it'll say


redeemable available soon and redeemed


you want to be looking at the available


soon because everything that's


redeemable is stuff that you really


don't want once you go to available soon


you can see all these items that are


just waiting to be claimed CN Fair


restocks twice a week it restocks ones


on Sunday at 12 pm EST and it also


restocks on Wednesdays at midnight


so right here we can look through all of


these items that can be claimed with our


Panda by points some of these are


expensive some of them are not all these


items are available soon so I'll show


you how to redeem an item with your band


of my points we'll do these slides for


example so what we're going to do is


we're going to click on the item once


the item is redeemable it'll be


clickable it's going to tell us the


color it's going to tell us the size and


we're going to press copy redeem code


now we're going to head back to Panda by


and press the button that says Panda


Points redeem


then we just paste in our redeem code


and press redeem now now I don't want to


actually redeem these slides but if you


actually want to redeem an item you just


want to paste it in as soon as possible


and press redeem now you're going to


repeat this exact same process with the


items that you want on CN Fair you're


going to wait for the drop so that's on


Sundays at 12 or Wednesdays at midnight


you're going to click on the item as


soon as possible copy the redeem link


and then press redeem now go over to


Panda by and press redeem now now I'd


recommend getting these items when


you're actually doing a haul because


these items will be sent to your


warehouse and then it only lasts like 90


days from there so if you're not doing a


haul then you'll just have a singular


item sitting in your warehouse and it'll


be a complete waste because then you'd


have to spend a lot of money on shipping


so the best thing to do is to just use


your Panda by points when you have a


haul that way it's like a free item that


you can add onto your haul anyways that


was a brief overview on how to use CN


Fair it's really it's really


straightforward honestly all you got to


do is copy the redeem code and then


paste it in but not a lot of people know


about this website and not a lot of


people know when it restocks so again


it's Sunday at 12 and Wednesday at


midnight Eastern Standard Time just


remember that and you should be able to


get the item you want thank you for


watching and if you have any questions


feel free to leave a comment down below

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