Jung Hoo Lee's dad had the BEST reaction to his first HR 🥰

30 Mar 202402:14


TLDRJung-hul Lee, a new addition to the San Francisco Giants, makes a remarkable debut in Major League Baseball by hitting his first home run, drawing parallels to his father's legacy as an MVP in Korean baseball. Known for his powerful hits and speed, Lee Sr. was nicknamed 'Son of the Wind' and was renowned for his base-stealing abilities. Jung-hul Lee's impressive 104 mph hit extends the Giants' lead, marking a significant moment as the son follows in his father's footsteps, much to the delight of fans and his proud family.


  • 🌟 Jung-hul Lee, a new addition to the San Francisco team, has a remarkable background in baseball, following in his father's footsteps.
  • 🏆 Lee's father was a renowned MVP in Korea about 30 years ago, known for his speed and base-stealing abilities, earning the nickname 'Son of the Wind'.
  • 🔥 Jung-hul Lee has demonstrated his power at the plate, hitting the first major league home run of his career in the fifth inning.
  • 💥 Lee's home run provided a significant insurance run for the Giants, contributing to a 4-1 lead in the game.
  • 🏎️ The younger Lee's style is different from his father's, as he is known for hitting the ball deep to right field, as showcased by his home run.
  • 🏆 The achievement of hitting his first major league home run is a continuation of the family legacy, with Lee's grandfather also being a celebrated baseball player.
  • 🎥 The moment of Lee's home run was captured with emotion, as both he and his father, a 1994 KBO MVP, knew the significance of the hit immediately.
  • 🤔 The script mentions the need for a nickname for Lee's unique hitting style, suggesting a sweeper-like approach.
  • 📈 Lee's performance in the first three games with the Giants indicates a strong start to his major league career, hitting the ball hard and consistently over 105 mph.
  • 👏 The script highlights the special moment of Jung-hul Lee's first big league home run, drawing applause and recognition from the audience and emphasizing the familial pride in this achievement.

Q & A

  • Who is the player mentioned in the transcript making his debut for San Francisco?

    -The player mentioned is Jung-hul Lee.

  • What significant achievement did Jung-hul Lee's father accomplish in his career?

    -Jung-hul Lee's father was an MVP in Korea about 30 years ago.

  • What was the nickname of Jung-hul Lee's father?

    -The nickname of Jung-hul Lee's father was 'Son of the Wind'.

  • What type of player was Jung-hul Lee's father?

    -Jung-hul Lee's father was a speedster who stole a lot of bases and caused havoc on the base paths.

  • What was the notable feature of Jung-hul Lee's performance in the game described in the transcript?

    -Jung-hul Lee hit his first major league home run in the game described in the transcript.

  • How did Jung-hul Lee perform in his first three games for the Giants?

    -Jung-hul Lee hit a lot of balls hard, with three balls in the first two games going over 105 mph, and hit his first home run in the big leagues.

  • What was the result of Jung-hul Lee's home run in the game?

    -The home run resulted in a four to one lead for San Francisco, providing a big insurance run for the Giants.

  • What was the significance of Jung-hul Lee's home run for his family?

    -Jung-hul Lee's home run was a special moment as it represented the continuation of his family's legacy in baseball, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, both of whom were also named 'Jong-bom Lee' and had successful careers.

  • What was the reaction of the audience and Jung-hul Lee's father to the home run?

    -The audience applauded, and his father, a former KBO MVP, must have been proud watching his son's accomplishment in his first year in Major League Baseball.

  • What was the speed of the pitch when Jung-hul Lee hit his home run?

    -The pitch was traveling at 104 mph when Jung-hul Lee hit it out of the park.

  • What was the commentator's suggestion regarding Jung-hul Lee's play style?

    -The commentator mentioned the need to come up with a name for Jung-hul Lee's play style, referring to his powerful swing and high finish.



🏆 Jung-Ho Lee's Debut Home Run

This paragraph highlights the impressive debut of Jung-Ho Lee, a new edition to the San Francisco team. It draws a parallel between Lee's career and that of his father, an MVP in Korea 30 years prior, who was known as 'Son of the Wind'. The script narrates the excitement of Lee's first major league home run, a moment that resonates with fans and family, including his father who was also a KBO MVP in 1994. The home run is described as a powerful hit to deep right field, showcasing Lee's potential and the high expectations surrounding him. The paragraph emphasizes the significance of this moment, not just for Lee and the Giants, but also as a continuation of his family's legacy in baseball.




Lee refers to Jung-Ho Lee, a professional baseball player who has transitioned from playing in Korea to the Major Leagues in the United States. In the context of the video, Lee is highlighted for his impressive debut in the Major League, hitting a home run and showcasing his powerful skills. His performance is particularly notable given his lineage of athletic achievement, as his father was also a renowned player in Korea.

💡San Francisco

San Francisco in this context refers to the city where the Major League Baseball team, the San Francisco Giants, is based. The video discusses one of the new players, Lee, who has joined the team and is making an impact on their performance. The mention of San Francisco signifies the geographical and organizational setting for Lee's current professional endeavors.


Korea is mentioned as the country where Jung-Ho Lee and his father, the Son of the Wind, had significant baseball careers. It highlights the cultural and athletic background from which Lee comes and emphasizes the international aspect of his career transition to the Major Leagues.


The term 'father' in this context refers to Jung-Ho Lee's parent, who was also a prominent baseball player in Korea and was known by the nickname 'Son of the Wind.' The father's legacy sets the stage for understanding Lee's own athletic prowess and the expectations that followed him as he began his career in the Major Leagues.

💡Home Run

A home run in baseball is a play in which the batter hits the ball in such a way that they are able to circle all the bases and reach home safely in one play, without any errors or stops by the defensive team. In the video, the home run is a significant event as it marks Jung-Ho Lee's first in the Major League, symbolizing a major accomplishment in his career and a highlight of his skill.

💡Major League

The Major League, specifically referring to Major League Baseball (MLB) in the United States, is the highest level of professional baseball. It represents the pinnacle of the sport for many players worldwide. In the context of the video, the Major League is where Jung-Ho Lee is making his mark, having transitioned from playing in Korea, and it signifies his entry into the elite ranks of baseball.

💡Son of the Wind

The nickname 'Son of the Wind' refers to the moniker of Jung-Ho Lee's father, who was a successful baseball player in Korea. This nickname likely references his speed and agility on the field, as a 'speedster' who could steal bases and cause disruptions for the opposing team. The use of this nickname in the script serves to draw a parallel between the father's and son's athletic abilities and their impact on the sport.


In this context, 'Giants' refers to the San Francisco Giants, a professional baseball team based in San Francisco, California, that competes in Major League Baseball. The Giants are the team for which Jung-Ho Lee is playing, and the script discusses his contributions to the team's performance.

💡Base Paths

Base paths are the four paths that a runner takes around the bases in a baseball field during gameplay. They include the path from home plate to first base, first to second, second to third, and third back to home. The term is used in the script to describe the strategic running and movement of players like Lee's father, who was known for causing disruptions on the base paths with his speed and base-stealing abilities.


MVP stands for 'Most Valuable Player,' an annual award given to the best performing player in a baseball league. In the context of the video, it highlights the father's achievement of being named an MVP in the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) about 30 years ago. This accolade underscores the father's significant impact on his team and the sport, setting a high bar for his son's own career.

💡First Big League Shot

The phrase 'first big league shot' refers to Jung-Ho Lee's inaugural home run in the Major League. This event is significant as it marks a milestone in his career, demonstrating his ability to compete at the highest level of professional baseball. It is a moment of personal achievement and a testament to his skill and potential within the Major League.

💡Insurance Run

In baseball, an 'insurance run' is a run scored that provides a cushion or 'insurance' for the leading team, reducing the risk of losing the game. The term is used in the script to describe the strategic importance of the run that Lee helped secure for the Giants, suggesting that it contributed to the team's confidence and potential victory.


Jung-hul Lee hits his first major league home run

Lee's father was an MVP in Korea about 30 years ago

Father's nickname was 'Son Of The Wind'

Lee's father was known as a speedster who stole a lot of bases

Jung-hul Lee can crank balls deep to right field

The home run was a big insurance run for the Giants

Lee's impressive performance in his first three games for the Giants

Lee hit balls over 105 mph in his first two games

Jung-hul Lee's home run had a hangar sweeper trajectory

The high finish of Lee's swing indicated he knew it was a home run

Jong-bom Lee, the father, was a 1994 KBO MVP

Special moment as father watches son's first big league home run

Jung-hul Lee's phenomenal career in Korea

Lee is one of several new editions for San Francisco this year

Lee's ability to cause havoc on the base paths

The excitement and applause from the audience

The anticipation and watchful eye of Lee's father during the game

The potential need for a new nickname for Jung-hul Lee



one down for Lee sack fly back in the




inning as we said one of several new


editions for San Francisco this


year had a phenomenal career in




Korea much like his


father his father's nickname his father


was an MVP in Korea about 30 years ago


his father's nickname was Son Of The


Wind he was a Speedster stole a ton of


bases caused havoc on the base


paths Lee can crank them deep to right


field back goes tatis long gone and


there is the first major league home run


for Jung hul


Le and there is the son of the win


watching the grandson of the win round


the bags for his first big leak




four to one San Francisco a big


Insurance Run for the Giants one of the


questions about Lee when he came over


was can he do that yep but he's proven


it these first three games for the


Giants he's hit a lot of balls hard that


was 104 off the bat he's hit I think


three balls in the first two games over


105 this is the Home Run the first of


his big league career for Jung hul Lee


hanging sweeper street sweeper I don't


know we got to come up up with a name


for that but just a great swing you see


the finish the high finish and he knew


it right away tatis knew it right away


and dad knew it right away Jong bom Lee


1994 kbo


MVP watching his son in his first year


in his first Series in Major League


Baseball hit his first big league home


run what a special moment for those







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