Annamalai's Rapid Fire Round With Navika Kumar Before Lok Sabha Elections 2024 | Tamil Nadu BJP

29 Mar 202404:13


TLDRThe transcript features Anam Malai discussing various political figures and topics. He expresses no regret about leaving the IPS and shares his views on the next Prime Minister of India, predicting Modi's return. He respects certain communist leaders and his thoughts on Kamal Hassan as both an actor and politician. Anam Malai also addresses the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), calling it discriminatory and criticizes MK Stalin's stance on it. He emphasizes the importance of respecting all cultures and languages. Lastly, he touches on the possibility of contesting elections and his political aspirations for 2024 and 2026, predicting significant outcomes for his party.


  • 🙅 Anam Malai has no regrets about leaving the IPS and does not support the idea of Rahul Gandhi as the next prime minister of India.
  • 🌟 Anam Malai expresses a strong belief in Modi G securing a significant victory, predicting 400 seats for his party.
  • 👦 Anam Malai envisions a future where a very small child will recognize the name Modi G as the leader.
  • 🤝 Anam Malai respects some communist leaders, especially those from Tamil Nados, acknowledging their leadership qualities despite finding their ideology outdated.
  • 🎭 The actor Kamal Hassan is viewed by Anam Malai as an outstanding actor and a politician who faced challenges in politics, ultimately realizing its difficulties and stepping back.
  • 🌐 Anam Malai identifies as a proud Tamilan, emphasizing the importance of the Tamil language and culture while advocating for equality and respect among all people.
  • 📜 Anam Malai criticizes the CAA as discriminatory, referencing the pages released by the Home Ministry and arguing against its implementation in Tamil Nadu.
  • 🚫 MK Stalin's stance on the CAA has evolved, with Anam Malai highlighting the inconsistency in his positions from 2021 to 2024.
  • 🔊 Anam Malai calls for political parties to provide clear and substantial arguments against policies rather than resorting to brief statements on social media.
  • 🏛️ Anam Malai clarifies that he has no interest in contesting any political positions, leaving such decisions to the will of the people and the parties involved.
  • 🎯 Anam Malai sets ambitious goals for the future, aiming for a 25% cross in the win share and forming a government in 2026 with a historic number of seats.

Q & A

  • Does Anam Malai regret leaving the IPS?

    -No, Anam Malai does not regret leaving the Indian Police Service (IPS).

  • What does Anam Malai think about the next Prime Minister of India?

    -Anam Malai believes that Narendra Modi will be the next Prime Minister of India, as he mentions 'Modi G' in the context of securing 400 seats.

  • Which leader in the opposition does Anam Malai respect the most?

    -Anam Malai respects the communist leaders, particularly the Tamil and Hindi communist leaders, despite finding their ideology outdated.

  • What is Anam Malai's opinion on Kamal Hassan as an actor and politician?

    -Anam Malai considers Kamal Hassan to be an outstanding actor in Indian cinema and a politician who struggled, realizing that politics is not easy, and ultimately gave up quickly.

  • How does Anam Malai view the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)?

    -Anam Malai views the CAA as discriminatory, based on his reading of the certification pages released by the Home Ministry.

  • What does Anam Malai say about MK Stalin's stance on the CAA?

    -Anam Malai points out that MK Stalin has expressed that Tamil Nadu will not implement the CAA, but he also notes that the power to implement or not implement the citizenship act lies with the Union government, not with state leaders.

  • How does Anam Malai respond to the claim that the CAA is discriminatory?

    -Anam Malai argues that the CAA is not discriminatory and that the certification pages released by the Home Ministry do not contain discriminatory language.

  • What does Anam Malai suggest for political parties in India?

    -Anam Malai suggests that political parties should not rely on one-line statements in the press or social media to run their parties, as it is not a comprehensive approach to politics.

  • Is Anam Malai considering contesting in any elections?

    -Anam Malai indicates that he has moved beyond the stage of contesting in elections and is not interested in doing so.

  • What is Anam Malai's political milestone for 2024 and 2026?

    -For 2024, Anam Malai aims to deliver 25% of the vote share to Narendra Modi's party and for 2026, he aims to form a government with a historic number of seats, specifically mentioning 39 seats in Tamil Nadu.

  • How does Anam Malai view the unpredictability of Indian politics?

    -Anam Malai acknowledges that miracles do happen in politics and that predictions can sometimes seem unlikely but are still possible, as he illustrates with the example of the number of seats he predicts for 2026.



🗣️ Political Views and Respect for Leaders

The paragraph discusses Anam Malai's views on various political figures and parties in India. It mentions the lack of regret for leaving the IPS and the respect for certain leaders, including the Prime Minister Modi. It also highlights the admiration for some communist leaders, despite finding their ideology outdated. The paragraph touches on the topic of Kamal Hassan, both as an actor and a politician, and Anam Malai's pride in being a Tamilan while emphasizing the importance of respecting all languages and cultures. The discussion extends to the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), with Anam Malai expressing a belief that it is discriminatory and urging the government not to implement it. The paragraph concludes with a critique of political parties making statements on social media and the assertion that entry related to citizenship falls under the Union list, thus decided by the union government.



💡Anam Malai

Anam Malai is a key figure in the conversation, presumably a political commentator or analyst. The term refers to this individual's perspective and opinions on various topics discussed in the transcript. In the context of the video, Anam Malai's views on different political leaders and ideologies play a central role in shaping the narrative.


IPS stands for Indian Police Service, which is one of the three All India Services of the government of India. In the context of the video, the mention of leaving the IPS suggests a career change or transition from a role in law enforcement to a different path, possibly in politics or public service.

💡MK Stalin

MK Stalin is a prominent Indian politician and the leader of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) party. In the transcript, his views and actions regarding various political matters are discussed, including his stance on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and his political strategies.


The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is a controversial legislation in India that amends the Citizenship Act of 1955 to provide a path to citizenship for six religious minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, but specifically excludes Muslims. In the video, the CAA is a central topic of debate, with different perspectives on its discriminatory nature and its implications for Indian society and politics.

💡Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a state in the southern part of India known for its rich culture and history. In the context of the video, it is significant as the place where Anam Malai was born and the political landscape where MK Stalin and the DMK party operate.

💡Communist leaders

Communist leaders refer to individuals who adhere to or lead political movements based on communist ideology, which advocates for a classless society and common ownership of the means of production. In the transcript, Anam Malai expresses respect for certain communist leaders, acknowledging their leadership qualities despite considering their ideology outdated.

💡Kamal Hassan

Kamal Hassan is a renowned Indian actor and filmmaker who has also ventured into politics. In the transcript, Anam Malai's opinion of Kamal Hassan as both an outstanding actor and a struggling politician is discussed, reflecting on the challenges of transitioning from the entertainment industry to politics.

💡Language and culture

Language and culture are central to the identity and heritage of individuals and communities. In the video, the discussion of language and culture is tied to the respect for diversity and the rejection of superiority based on one's linguistic or cultural background.

💡Political parties

Political parties are organized groups of people who share a common ideology or set of goals and work together to contest elections and hold political power. In the transcript, the functioning and strategies of political parties are discussed, including the need for comprehensive policies rather than simplistic statements.


Citizenship refers to the status of a person recognized under the law of a sovereign state, which grants certain rights, privileges, and duties. In the context of the video, the discussion revolves around the legal and political aspects of citizenship, particularly in relation to the CAA and its implementation.

💡Political landscape

The political landscape refers to the overall context and conditions of political activities and environments, including the dynamics between different political parties, leaders, and ideologies. In the video, the political landscape is characterized by discussions on various political figures, parties, and legislations that shape the current state of Indian politics.


Anam Malai's lack of regret in leaving the IPS

Madam Modi's influence and MK Stalin's banery on Rahul Gandhi

Prediction of Modi G securing 400 seats and being the next prime minister of India

Anam Malai's respect for communist leaders and desire for conversation

Anam Malai's admiration for Tamil nados and communist leaders

Kamal Hassan's transition from an outstanding actor to a struggling politician

Anam Malai's pride in being a Tamilan and his respect for all languages and cultures

Anam Malai's view on the CAA as discriminatory based on its certification pages

MK Stalin's stance on not implementing the CAA in Tamil NAD

Anam Malai's critique of MK Stalin's inconsistent statements on the CAA

Actor Vijay's opposition to the CAA and the importance of comprehensive political discourse

Anam Malai's clarification on the limitations of political power in implementing citizenship laws

Anam Malai's perspective on the potential for miracles in Indian politics

Anam Malai's ambition for his party to cross the 25% vote share and deliver seats to Modi G

Anam Malai's goal to form a government in 2026 with a historic number of seats

Anam Malai's projection of winning 39 seats in Tamil Nadu as a political milestone

Anam Malai's response to the question of contesting elections and his detachment from personal desires



Anam Malai does he regret leaving the


IPS absolutely no


Madam Modi MK Stalin mam banery Rahul


Gandhi who's the next prime minister of


India Modi G 400


seats very small child will know Madam


it's Modi G again once


more uh one leader in the opposition who


Anam Malai respects the most I respect U


communist leaders a bit Madam I want to


really have a conversation with them and


some of Tamil nados communist leaders


are wonderful leaders great leaders


amazing leaders but ideology is outdated


that is the only


regret what does anamalai think of Kamal


Hassan the actor Kamal Hassan the


politician outstanding


actor uh a gy in Indian Cinema brilliant


politician who struggled who felt


politics is not


easy and who gave up very fast Tamil


Hindi of course I'm a proud tamilan and


born in this land and this land gave me


everything but I am a guy who believes


the saying of mahakavi


barati he


said English translation is among the


languages I know


the sweetest and the most brilliant


language is Tamil but when did he speak


after learning 14 languages a true Tamil


will always say I am not Superior to


anybody else my language is better my


culture is better I respect everybody


equally that is my my brought up that is


how I see CAA is


discriminatory anybody reading through


CAA the certifi pages released by the


Home Ministry 2 days back not even a


single word is discriminate it is a


onetime offer 2014 one time pass people


said came in before 2014 one time you


make them citizen it is not open for


people in 2015 Act V says it should not


be implemented MK Stalin says Tamil NAD


will not implement it MK Stalin G in


2021 he said same MK Stalin G in 2021


and his election Manifesto said CIA


which is oblig to Pakistan Bangladesh


and Afghanistan we would like to add Sri


Lanka to it this is his 20 21 stand 2024


stand he say discriminate actor Vijay


says one line you cannot run a political


party with one line statement in a press


it is discriminatory I request


government of Tamil Nadu not to


implement it when did Stalin get that


powers to implement or not to implement


a citizenship thing it is Union list


entry citizenship is decided by the


union government I think either you got


to have better political advises or you


got to tell very clearly what is


discriminat now you cannot have on line


press statement in tweet in social media


by Leading political parties of our


country C is discriminatory thereby I'm


opposing full stop period bye-bye what


is this matter last question are you


contesting from


katur party wants me to contest anywhere


I'll contest what does analai want


anamal has crossed that stage there's no


want why you become God now not God


there's no want I'm a party Kaka party


Kaka want God they say contest I Contest


no Contest no contest 2024 2026 what's


what's your Milestone you are looking


for 2024 25% cross the w share deliver


seats to Modi G 2026 form government how


many seats in the Kitt of charar it'll


be a historic is the number I'm giving


you madam it'll be historic how many how


many in Tamil Nadu put a number why not


39 when people decide here it'll be a


sweep ma'am Indian politics miracles do




miracles do happen when I say 39 today


to you you might say he's gone mad what


is he talking 39 to 2019 what does your


number 2014 what was your number


miracles do happen in politics well so

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