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19 Aug 202313:14


TLDRThis video script provides a comprehensive tutorial on creating hyper-realistic AI influencers and generating stunning AI influencer videos. It guides viewers through steps like gathering source images, using AI tools like Midjourney and Google Colab for face swapping and video generation, crafting bios, and setting up social media profiles. The script emphasizes the power of AI in creating virtual influencers, encouraging viewers to join the AI revolution and explore potential monetization opportunities like OnlyFans. With an engaging narrative and practical instructions, it aims to spark interest and empower viewers to dive into this emerging field.


  • 😮 The script provides instructions on creating hyper-realistic AI-generated influencers and their social media profiles using various AI tools and techniques.
  • 🖼️ It involves gathering a source image (an AI-generated face), target images (images of real people to swap faces with), and target videos (videos of real people to swap the AI face into).
  • 🤖 The main tools used are Midjourney (for generating source images), CIART.AI (for gathering target images), a face-swapping bot, and a Google Colab notebook (for swapping faces into videos).
  • 🎭 The process includes face-swapping the source image onto target images, creating a bio and name (potentially with ChatGPT), and setting up social media accounts to present the AI influencer.
  • ⚠️ It warns about potential ethical issues, such as creating fake influencers for malicious purposes like OnlyFans scams.
  • 🔗 It provides links to the various tools and resources required for the process.
  • 📋 It emphasizes the importance of organized folder structures and file naming conventions.
  • 🤳 The end goal is to create hyper-realistic AI influencer videos and images for social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.
  • 💻 The script is likely aimed at individuals interested in exploring the capabilities of AI image and video manipulation tools.
  • 🚨 It raises potential concerns about the implications of creating highly realistic AI-generated personas and the need for ethical considerations.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of gathering a source image in the process of creating AI influencers?

    -The purpose of gathering a source image is to use it as a basis for creating consistent character images for an AI influencer's Instagram profile. The image should be of a face looking directly into the camera, resembling a passport photo, but importantly, the person should not exist and must be AI-generated.

  • Why is it important that the person in the source image should not exist?

    -It's important that the person in the source image does not exist to avoid ethical and legal issues related to identity theft, privacy, and the unauthorized use of a real person's likeness for creating AI-generated content.

  • Can you use free AI image generators if you do not have access to Midjourney?

    -Yes, if you do not have access to Midjourney, you can use any free AI image generator to create your source image for the AI influencer.

  • What is the role of target images in creating AI influencers?

    -Target images are used to create varied content that maintains the AI influencer's appearance across different settings. These images are manipulated through face swapping to integrate the AI-generated face consistently across different scenes and scenarios.

  • How does face swapping contribute to the creation of AI influencer content?

    -Face swapping allows for the AI-generated influencer's face to be consistently placed onto different bodies and settings in target images, creating a seamless and realistic portrayal of the influencer in various contexts.

  • What is required to create your own Midjourney Discord server for image creation?

    -To create your own Midjourney Discord server, you need to click the plus icon to add a server, navigate to the official Midjourney server, find the Midjourney bot, and add it to your newly created server.

  • Why might you choose a different source image for video creation compared to the one used for still images?

    -A different source image may be chosen for video creation if the initial source image appears unreal compared to the face-swapped images or if another image offers a facial orientation that is better suited for video manipulation, such as facing perfectly toward the camera.

  • What is the significance of using Google Colab for video creation with AI influencers?

    -Google Colab is significant for video creation as it provides a platform to run scripts that automate the process of face swapping in videos, enabling the creation of hyper-realistic videos featuring the AI influencer.

  • Why is it advised to avoid spaces in the file names of source images and target videos for Google Colab processing?

    -Avoiding spaces in file names helps prevent potential errors during the script execution in Google Colab, ensuring a smoother and more successful processing of the face swapping in videos.

  • What are the steps involved in creating a social media account for an AI influencer?

    -The steps involved in creating a social media account for an AI influencer include assembling all necessary elements such as AI-generated images and videos, then proceeding to create an account on platforms like Instagram or TikTok, following each platform's account creation process.



👩‍🎤 Creating AI Influencers: The Beginning

The video starts with a striking reveal that certain Instagram profiles are artificial, created through AI, and not real people. It then guides the audience on how to create hyper-realistic AI influencers, beginning with the process of selecting a non-existent source image. The creator emphasizes using an AI-generated face that looks directly at the camera, similar to a passport photo. The process involves searching for a desired face, using Midjourney (or any free AI image generator if Midjourney isn't available) to generate a character-consistent image, and selecting the most realistic option for further use. This segment outlines the foundational steps in crafting AI influencer images, highlighting the importance of starting with a compelling source image.


🖼️ Step-by-Step Guide to Generating AI Influencer Images

This part of the script delves into the detailed process of creating AI influencer content, starting from gathering target images that match the source image's characteristics, such as hair color, using a free AI image generator. The narrator shares a specific strategy for creating a series of consistent and realistic images by utilizing the 'Insight face swap bot' to merge the source image with various target images, achieving a natural-looking face swap. The process is illustrated with examples, including troubleshooting tips like organizing files and ensuring image quality. The narrator engages with the audience by promising a cookie for those who interact in the comments, showcasing the finished images before moving onto the video creation phase.


🎥 Transforming AI Images into Videos and Going Social

The final segment of the script covers creating hyper-realistic videos of the AI influencer using Google Colab and discusses setting up social media profiles for the influencer. The process involves selecting a suitable source image, finding a real-person model to serve as a target video, and using specialized tools to swap the AI-generated face onto the video. The script explains how to navigate potential technical challenges and highlights the importance of content and bio creation for the AI influencer's Instagram and TikTok profiles. Despite a hiccup with Instagram account creation, the narrator encourages viewers to experiment with making their own AI influencers, embracing the AI revolution, and hints at the potential for viral success and monetization through platforms like OnlyFans.



💡AI Influencer

An AI influencer is a fictitious social media personality created using artificial intelligence technologies like image generation and video editing. In the video, the narrator guides the audience through the process of creating hyper-realistic AI influencers, including generating images, face swapping, and creating videos, with the goal of making these AI personas appear authentic and appealing on social media platforms like Instagram.

💡Face Swapping

Face swapping is a technique used to replace or swap the face in an image or video with another face. The video demonstrates how to use the Insight Face Swap Bot on Discord, in combination with Midjourney, to swap a generated face onto various target images. This process is a crucial step in creating consistent visual content for the AI influencer persona.


Midjourney is an AI image generation tool mentioned in the video. It is used to generate an initial source image of a face that does not exist in reality, which serves as the basis for creating the AI influencer. The narrator advises using Midjourney to generate prompts and select the most realistic-looking image as the starting point.

💡Source Image

The source image refers to the initial AI-generated image of a face that will be used for face swapping onto target images and videos. The narrator emphasizes the importance of using a source image that does not depict an actual person, as the goal is to create a completely fictitious AI influencer persona.

💡Target Images

Target images are the images onto which the AI-generated source face will be swapped using face swapping techniques. In the video, the narrator gathers target images of models with similar appearances (e.g., blonde hair) from websites like to create a consistent look for the AI influencer across different visuals.

💡Google Colab

Google Colab (Colaboratory) is a cloud-based platform for writing and executing Python code. In the video, the narrator demonstrates using a Google Colab notebook to create hyper-realistic AI influencer videos by swapping the source face onto a target video. This process involves uploading the source image and target video to Google Colab and running the provided code.

💡Target Video

The target video is an existing video featuring a real person that will serve as the basis for creating an AI influencer video. The narrator suggests finding a suitable target video by searching for videos of models or influencers with a similar appearance to the desired AI persona on platforms like TikTok. The source face will then be swapped onto the target video using the Google Colab process.

💡Bio and Name

The bio and name refer to the personal details and background information that will be created for the AI influencer persona. In the video, the narrator suggests using ChatGPT or other AI writing tools to generate a compelling bio and name for the AI influencer, further adding to the illusion of authenticity.

💡Social Media Account

A social media account, such as an Instagram or TikTok profile, is the platform where the AI influencer's content will be shared and promoted. The video instructs viewers to create social media accounts using the generated images, videos, bio, and name to establish the AI influencer's online presence and potentially gain a following.

💡AI Revolution

The phrase "AI Revolution" refers to the rapid advancement and widespread adoption of artificial intelligence technologies across various industries and applications, including the creation of AI influencers and virtual personas. The narrator encourages viewers to embrace this revolution and explore the potential of AI in shaping online content and marketing strategies.


The video explains how to create hyper-realistic AI-generated influencers by face swapping and creating videos using AI tools.

It starts by gathering a source image, which is an AI-generated face that does not represent an actual person.

The source image is generated using the Midjourney AI image generator, where prompts are provided to create a realistic face image.

Target images are then gathered from various sources, including models from other AI image generators like

Face swapping is performed using the Insight Face Swap Bot on a custom Discord server, where the source image and target images are swapped.

Video creation is done using a Google Colab notebook, where the face-swapped image and a target video are used to generate a hyper-realistic video of the AI influencer.

The video shows examples of successful face swaps and generated videos, demonstrating the capabilities of the AI tools used.

It also mentions creating a bio and name for the AI influencer using ChatGPT, and setting up social media accounts like Instagram or TikTok.

The video encourages viewers to create their own AI influencers, go viral, and join the "AI Revolution."

It emphasizes the potential for AI influencers to be successful and "Make It Rain," likely referring to monetization opportunities.

The video provides step-by-step instructions and links to the tools and resources used, making it easier for viewers to replicate the process.

It acknowledges the creators of the tools used and expresses gratitude for their contributions.

The video encourages subscribers to create their own AI influencers and have fun with the process.

It suggests that AI influencers could potentially be used for platforms like OnlyFans, hinting at the possibility of creating synthetic adult content.

The overall tone of the video is enthusiastic and encouraging towards the adoption and exploration of AI-generated influencers.



wait stop this girl does not exist she  is fake look at this Instagram profile


and now look at this one


they are both fake not real hey Lemonheads  today we are going to create hyper realistic AI  


influencers we are even going to create stunning  AI influencer videos so are you with me or not  


let's go step one gather your Source image first  we have to gather a source image this is the image  


we are going to use to create character consistent  Instagram images we need an image of a face that  


is looking right into the camera like a passport  photo but more important the person should not  


exist we have to AI generate it so what I did was  I searched for a face I liked so I could use it  


for a reference so let's go and search an image  of your desired face and save it on your computer


next we head over to mid-journey by the way if  you do not have mid-journey you can also generate  


an AI image with any free AI image generator and  use that image as your Source image I also made  


a video about the best free AI image generators  so check that out if you do not have mid-journey  


for the people that have mid-journey let's  continue go to your Discord mid-journey server  


and type slash describe now drag the reference  image into the box that appears and hit enter  


now mid-journey provided us with  four prompts let's generate them all


now we have to choose which one we like the most  and which looks the most realistic I got to be  


honest the images are looking almost nothing  like the reference image this time but okay  


let's choose this one here and save it  


let's go to the next step step 2 gather your  target images now let's gather the target images  


for that we go to this is a free AI  image generator now what we want to do is look for  


a model that also has blonde hair so what I did  was I went to the search bar and searched blonde


now I was lucky and found a  model that I wanted to use


you can use that image but more important if  you click try you get the prompt and model  


in your image generator chat so now you can  create unlimited images that look like that  


model like I took the same prompt and just  tweaked it a bit for example instead of her  


being in the mall I wrote that she was in  the club now instead of this you get this  


you can also render the same prompt  and another image will appear


also I downloaded images of other blonde girls  to use as Target images that were similar looking




these are all the target images I downloaded


step 3 image creation through face  swapping now comes a cool step for  


this you need mid-journey but I will put  the GitHub Link in the description maybe  


you can work your way around it first we  have to go and create our own mid-journey  


Discord server to do that we simply  click the plus icon to add a server




setting up the server we need to go  to the official mid-journey server


here click to show the member list and find  the mid-journey bot click on the mid Journey  


bot and click add to server now choose the  server you've just created and continue


now we're ready to go and click the  GitHub link which is in the description  


scroll down and go to where  it says step-by-step guide


now on point 2 click that Discord link


now select your mid-journey  Discord server and click continue


this way you're going to add  another bot to your server


now go back to your mid Journey server and  as you can see on the right hand side you now  


should have the newly invited bot the Insight  face swap bot many thanks and praise to the  


creators of that tool it's amazing now let me  show you how it works go and type slash save ID


now where it says ID name put a  name like Instagram for example  


I first tried AI influencer  but somehow it gave me an error  


after putting in the name you now have to  drag the source image from Step 1 into the box  


and then hit enter now wait till it  says that it has created your ID name


now it gets interesting type slash swap ID


now type the ID name so I will type instagirl


and now in that box you have to  drag in a Target image from step two


and hit enter


look at that it did an amazing face swap  here is the before and after now let's do  


that process again and for all the target images  we have don't forget to save the finished images


so just type slash swap ID enter the ID name  like Instagram and then drag the target image in  


the box and now hit enter just do that again and  again and again until you are completely finished


also make sure you have everything in ordered  folders for nice and organized working


did I mention that if you can hear me now and type  


in the comments ding ding dong  dong I will send you a cookie


and that was the last one


here are all the images before and after


only one image swap did not work  too well that is this one it looks  


like she has double eyebrows with a bit of  Photoshop you could fix it but I deleted it  


step 4 video Creation with Google collab you  thought step three was cool well I've got to  


tell you it even gets better here let's  avoid runway's image to video generator


and create some hyper realistic video  with our newly created AI influencer  


so first we need some video material in other  words we need a Target video for that you can  


create a video yourself or ask your sister  or mother but what I did was I copied the  


model name from and realized that  that model was based of a real person


then I searched her name on Tick Tock and found  her what I did was download one of her tick tocks


voila there I have my target  video just download it with any  


Tick Tock downloader now we got our Target video


and yes we already made a source image but  in my opinion The Source image looks unreal  


compared to the face swap images so I choose  this image instead as our source image also  


because her face is facing perfectly toward  the camera by the way make sure the names of  


the files do not contain spaces that will be  helpful for the next step now click the Google  


collab link which is in the description run the  first cell like I do and wait till it's finished


by the way many thanks and praise to  the creators of that tool it's amazing  


now drag your Source image and Target video  into the files box so that are being uploaded


now click the second cell  and wait till it's finished


now to avoid errors please delete  the pass that says video quality 18.


next you have to copy the path of your  target video by clicking on the three  


dots and then click copy and paste it into  where it says slash content video dot MP4


let's copy The Source image path and paste  it where it says slash content image2.jpg


now run that cell for a six second video  it takes about six to seven minutes


and then a file named swapped.mp4  will appear if it does not appear  


itself click the refresh button  download the file and watch it


let's watch that again that


now let's do that with another Target video  before doing that make sure you delete the  


swapped dot MP4 now let's search for  a new Target video and download it


I choose this one


upload it to the Google colab files copy  the path and paste it in the Target path


run the last cell again and  your video will be created


let's watch it together because it's  supposed to feel let's watch that again


now I only want to see that last part zoomed in  it's so cool that it even face swapped the images


step 5 creating your bio and name  now for this step we just copy  


this Instagram bio and name and then we  ask chatgpt to make something similar  


boom done next step 6 creating a social media  account now we've got all elements we need to make  


an AI influencer next thing left to do is making  an Instagram account and or Tick Tock profile


well unfortunately Instagram didn't want  me to create an account today but I think  


you all know how to create an account on  those websites many thanks to Gabriel he  


sent me an Instagram DM asking about  those virtual girls and how they were  


made that's the reason I made this video I  hope you learned how you can do it yourself  


start making an amazing Ai influencer and have  fun go viral making only fans and Make It Rain  


join the AI Revolution and don't forget  to subscribe see you in the next video bye



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