Summarization Tool

Jeff Coots
11 May 201503:01

TLDRThe Summarization Tool on Mac allows users to quickly grasp the essence of an article before delving into it fully. By enabling the tool through System Preferences and using keyboard shortcuts, users can summarize text with a simple right-click and selection from the Services menu. The tool offers adjustable summary lengths and can be a valuable resource for students or those with special needs, helping to condense large volumes of reading material. For further assistance, contact Jeff Coot at [email protected].


  • 🔧 To use the summarization tool on Mac, you need to enable it via System Preferences.
  • 🖥️ Navigate to Keyboard and then Shortcuts to find the summarization tool option.
  • 🔍 Ensure the summarization tool is checked and enabled in the Services menu.
  • 📝 To summarize an article, highlight the text, right-click, select Services, and then choose Summarization.
  • 📉 The summarization tool can adjust the level of summarization from 1 to 100%.
  • 📚 Ideal for reducing the reading time of long articles and focusing on key content.
  • 🛠️ Not perfect but effective for summarizing paragraphs and sections of text.
  • 📑 Users can adjust the summary to include different sizes, sentences, or paragraphs.
  • 📋 Once summarized, the text can be copied into other documents or applications.
  • 📝 Useful for students or individuals with different reading abilities or time constraints.
  • 💻 The summarization tool is built into the Mac OSX system and can be a valuable resource for managing large amounts of reading material.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the summarization tool mentioned in the transcript?

    -The summarization tool is designed to condense articles, allowing users to quickly grasp the main points before deciding to read the entire piece, thus saving time and helping to focus on content of interest.

  • How can you enable the summarization tool on a Mac?

    -To enable the summarization tool, go to System Preferences, then to Keyboard, and finally to Shortcuts. Under Services, scroll down and ensure the summarization tool's checkbox is ticked.

  • What is the process of using the summarization tool on an article?

    -Highlight the text you want to summarize, right-click, navigate to Services, and select Summarization. The tool will then provide a condensed version of the highlighted text.

  • How does the summarization tool adjust the length of the summarized content?

    -The tool provides a slider that allows you to adjust the percentage of the original text's length, thus controlling the brevity of the summary.

  • What are some potential use cases for the summarization tool?

    -The summarization tool can be useful for students who may not have time to read full articles, for educators working with students of varying reading abilities, or for anyone dealing with large volumes of text.

  • Can the summarization tool handle different sizes of articles?

    -Yes, the tool can summarize both short and long articles, although its effectiveness and utility may be more apparent with longer texts.

  • How can you integrate the summarized content into other applications?

    -Once summarized, the content can be copied and pasted into other applications such as Word documents, emails, or social media platforms for further editing, sharing, or tweeting.

  • Is there a specific format or structure that the summarization tool follows?

    -The tool does not follow a specific format; it condenses paragraphs, sentences, or even entire articles based on user preference.

  • What is the default summarization percentage when using the tool?

    -The default summarization percentage is set at 100%, meaning the full text is initially displayed before the summary is generated.

  • Who should you contact if you have questions about the summarization tool?

    -If you have questions, you can reach out to Jeff Coot at [email protected].

  • How can others benefit from knowing about the summarization tool?

    -Others can benefit by sharing the tool with individuals who may find it helpful, and by posting comments and feedback on the holler to enhance its utility and accessibility.



📚 Enabling the Summarization Tool on Mac

This paragraph introduces a tool on Mac that can summarize articles, allowing users to quickly grasp the essence before deciding to read the entire piece. The speaker explains the steps to enable this feature, which involves going to System Preferences, selecting Keyboard, then Shortcuts, and ensuring the summarization service is checked. The tool is activated by highlighting text and using the Services menu option to summarize it. The speaker demonstrates the process with a short article, showing how the tool can reduce the length of the text and adjust the summary percentage for more or less detail. The paragraph concludes by suggesting the tool's utility for students and those with special needs, and provides contact information for further inquiries.



💡Summarization Tool

A summarization tool is an application or feature that condenses lengthy text into a shorter, more digestible format while retaining the essential points. In the context of the video, it is a built-in utility on Mac computers that allows users to quickly grasp the main ideas of an article without reading the entire content. The tool is particularly useful for skimming through long articles or for individuals with different reading abilities, such as students or those with special needs.

💡System Preferences

System Preferences is a panel in Mac OS X that allows users to configure various settings for their computer, including keyboard shortcuts, display settings, and network configurations. In the video, it is the first step to enable the summarization tool, indicating that the user must navigate to this panel to access and activate the feature.

💡Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keys on a keyboard that allow for quicker access to commands or functions in a software application or operating system. In the script, enabling the summarization tool involves setting a keyboard shortcut, which is part of the system preferences, to make the tool easily accessible.


In Mac OS X, 'Services' is a submenu under the 'Application' menu that provides additional functionalities, such as text translation, file tagging, or in this case, summarization. The script instructs users to navigate to the 'Services' menu to find and use the summarization tool after enabling it through system preferences.


Highlighting is the act of marking or emphasizing text to draw attention to it. In the video, the user is shown how to highlight the portion of an article they wish to summarize, which is a prerequisite step before applying the summarization tool.


A paragraph is a block of text that deals with a single idea or topic and is typically separated from other paragraphs by a blank line. The script mentions that the summarization tool can condense paragraphs, which is significant for reducing the length of articles while preserving the core information.


Customization refers to the ability to modify or adjust settings to suit individual preferences or needs. The summarization tool allows users to adjust the level of summarization, such as changing the size from sentences to paragraphs, to cater to the user's specific requirements for reading or skimming through content.

💡Word Document

A Word document is a file created using Microsoft Word, a word processing software. In the script, the summarized text is copied into a Word document, which serves as an example of how the summarized content can be integrated into other tools for further editing, sharing, or distribution.


Students are learners who are engaged in educational activities. The video suggests that the summarization tool can be beneficial for students who may not have the time to read full articles or who have different reading abilities, providing them with a way to quickly understand the main points of the material.

💡Special Needs

Special needs refer to the unique requirements of individuals with disabilities or learning difficulties. The script highlights that the summarization tool can be particularly helpful for students with special needs, as it can make the content more accessible by reducing the length and complexity of the text.

💡Mac OSX System

Mac OSX System, or macOS, is the operating system that powers Mac computers. The summarization tool is an embedded feature within this system, showcasing the integration of advanced utilities within the platform to enhance user experience and functionality.


Summarization Tool helps to quickly grasp the gist of an article before reading the whole thing.

To enable the Summarization Tool, go to System Preferences and navigate to Keyboard and Shortcuts.

Ensure the summarization service is checked within the services menu.

Highlight the text you want to summarize in an article and right-click for the Services option.

Select 'Summarization' from the Services menu to begin the summarization process.

The summarization tool can adjust the level of summary from 1% to 100%.

It is not a perfect tool but provides a summarized version of paragraphs.

Users can adjust the size of the summary to fit their needs.

The tool can summarize sentences or paragraphs depending on the user's preference.

The summarized text can be copied into other documents or tools for further use.

The Summarization Tool is useful for handling large amounts of data that need to be read.

It can assist students who may not have time to read an entire article.

The tool is beneficial for working with students with special needs or different reading abilities.

The Summarization Tool is embedded in the Mac OSX system.

For inquiries or questions, contact Jeff Coot at [email protected].

The tool is recommended for sharing with others and posting comments on the holler.