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TLDRIn Xiaoyuer's AI Technology School video, the host introduces beginners to midjourney, an AI drawing tool popular on the internet. The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to register for a Discord account, which is necessary to access midjourney. It also covers creating a server on Discord and adding the midjourney bot to the server for AI drawing capabilities. The host addresses common issues such as receiving Discord phone verification codes and offers a solution for those who face difficulties with phone number verification. Additionally, the video briefly touches on the benefits of using a shared midjourney account for frequent users and encourages viewers to explore more tutorials for advanced knowledge.


  • 🎨 AI drawing has become a powerful tool for generating images from textual descriptions, with midjourney being a leading platform in this field.
  • 👥 Many people have successfully earned income through AI tools, particularly on platforms like YouTube.
  • 📈 Midjourney's AI can understand user needs and create images that often exceed expectations.
  • 🚀 For beginners, the tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to register for a midjourney account and start using the platform.
  • 💻 Midjourney operates on Discord, which requires users to have a Discord account to access its features.
  • 📧 Users need to register with a valid email address that is not a QQ email, as Discord does not support QQ email for registration.
  • 🌐 Access to midjourney may require the use of a VPN or other methods to circumvent internet restrictions.
  • 📱 If mobile phone verification is needed for Discord and a user does not wish to use their own number, temporary phone numbers can be obtained from online platforms.
  • 🏢 The tutorial explains how to create a Discord server, which is essential for setting up a personal space for midjourney activities.
  • 🤖 Once a server is created, users must add the midjourney bot to their server to start using the AI drawing features.
  • 📝 The process of adding the midjourney bot includes authorization and verification steps to ensure security and proper functionality.
  • 💡 For those who face difficulties with registration or need a cost-effective solution, midjourney shared rentals offer an alternative way to access the platform.

Q & A

  • What is midjourney drawing?

    -Midjourney drawing is a powerful AI tool that can understand user needs and generate images based on descriptions provided by the user. It is considered a leader in AI drawing technology.

  • Why is it beneficial to have a midjourney account?

    -Having a midjourney account allows users to access and utilize the AI drawing tool to create images as per their requirements, which can be more effective and efficient than traditional drawing methods.

  • How can one register for a Discord account?

    -To register for a Discord account, one needs to visit the official Discord website, click on 'Log in' in the upper right corner, and follow the registration process which includes entering an email address, choosing a username, setting a password, and verifying their age and humanity through a CAPTCHA.

  • What should one do if they encounter issues with receiving a mobile phone verification code on Discord?

    -If someone is having trouble receiving a mobile phone verification code, they can use an alternative service like a code receiving platform to temporarily receive a verification code.

  • How does one create a server on Discord?

    -To create a server on Discord, one needs to scroll to the bottom left of the Discord interface, click on 'Add Server', then 'Create a server', enter a server name, and upload a picture for easy identification before clicking 'Create'.

  • What is the purpose of adding a midjourney robot to a Discord server?

    -Adding a midjourney robot to a Discord server allows users to utilize the AI drawing capabilities within their own server, providing a personalized space for creating and sharing AI-generated images.

  • Why is it necessary to verify the mobile phone number during the Discord account registration process?

    -Verifying a mobile phone number ensures the authenticity of the user and helps prevent spam and abuse on the platform. It is a standard security measure taken by many online services.

  • What does the midjourney community look like on Discord?

    -The midjourney community on Discord is very lively, with many users sharing and discussing the AI-generated images they have created. It provides a collaborative space for users to engage with the AI drawing tool.

  • How can one ensure they are using the midjourney tool correctly?

    -One can ensure correct usage by following the tutorial steps provided, which include setting up a Discord account, creating a server, and adding the midjourney robot to the server. Additionally, referring to previous tutorials and parameter encyclopedias can help users understand how to use the tool effectively.

  • What are the benefits of using the midjourney cheap shared rental?

    -The midjourney cheap shared rental offers a cost-effective way to access the AI drawing tool for those who frequently need to create images. It provides a finished account that can be directly logged into on Discord, eliminating the need for additional registration steps.

  • How can one find more information about midjourney?

    -For more information about midjourney, users can refer to previous tutorials and issues made by Xiaoyuer, which cover topics such as continuous character generation, aspect ratio, and other aspects of using the AI drawing tool.



🎨 Introduction to AI Drawing with Midjourney

This paragraph introduces the audience to Xiaoyuer's AI Technology School and discusses the potential of earning money through AI tools on platforms like YouTube. It highlights the capabilities of AI in generating images, particularly through a tool called Midjourney, which is described as powerful and capable of understanding user needs to create desired images. The paragraph also addresses the needs of beginners who do not have a Midjourney account and offers a basic tutorial starting from scratch. It references previous tutorials and a parameter encyclopedia, and then transitions into a step-by-step guide on how to register for Midjourney, emphasizing the importance of having a Discord account and the process of registering and verifying on Discord. The paragraph concludes with a call to action to watch the tutorial to the end and like the video for future reference.


📱 Registering and Using Discord for Midjourney

The second paragraph provides a detailed guide on how to register for a Discord account, which is a prerequisite for using Midjourney. It covers the process of searching for Discord, navigating to the official website, and registering with an email address. The paragraph also addresses potential issues with certain email providers and suggests alternatives. It then explains the need for a verified mobile phone number and offers a solution for those without one by using a temporary phone number from a code platform. The guide continues with instructions on how to create a server on Discord and add the Midjourney bot to the server. It concludes with a demonstration of how to use the bot to generate an image, noting that there might be a queue due to high demand.


🔗 Additional Resources and Conclusion

The final paragraph offers additional resources for those interested in learning more about Midjourney. It references Xiaoyuer's previous videos on the topic, including tutorials on continuity characters and aspect ratios. The paragraph also mentions a cost-effective shared rental option for Midjourney, comparing its price to the official website and highlighting its convenience for frequent users. The video concludes with an invitation to follow Xiaoyuer's future content for more knowledge on Midjourney.



💡AI drawing

AI drawing refers to the process of creating visual art using artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, it is the primary focus where AI tools are used to generate images based on textual descriptions. The script mentions that AI drawing can produce effects that are even better than imagined, showcasing the power of AI in the field of art.


Midjourney is an AI tool mentioned in the video that is used for creating drawings. It is described as a leader in AI drawing, capable of understanding user needs and generating images from descriptions. The video provides a tutorial on how to register and use Midjourney, indicating its relevance to the video's theme of AI art creation.


Discord is a communication platform that the video script uses as a context for using Midjourney. It is where the Midjourney AI software operates, and the tutorial includes steps for registering a Discord account, which is a prerequisite for accessing Midjourney. The script emphasizes the popularity of Midjourney on the internet and the need to understand its account creation process.


Parameters in the context of the video are the settings or variables that users can adjust in AI drawing tools like Midjourney to influence the output of the generated images. The script mentions a 'parameter encyclopedia' which comprehensively explains these settings, indicating their importance in customizing AI-generated art.


The term 'community' in the video refers to the social aspect of using Midjourney within Discord. It highlights the lively interaction within the Midjourney community where users can share and view each other's AI-generated artwork. The community aspect is vital for users to engage, learn, and draw inspiration from each other's work.

💡Account Registration

Account Registration is a key process detailed in the video for both Discord and Midjourney. It involves creating a new user account with an email address and password, agreeing to terms, and verifying the account. The script provides a step-by-step guide on how to register, which is essential for users to begin using Midjourney.

💡Mobile Verification

Mobile Verification is a step in the Discord account registration process mentioned in the video. If a user encounters issues receiving a verification code on their mobile phone, the script suggests using a temporary phone number from a code platform to complete the verification. This step ensures account security and authenticity.


In the context of the video, a 'server' refers to a private space within Discord where users can communicate and interact. The tutorial shows how to create a server for personal use, which is necessary to add the Midjourney bot and start generating AI drawings. The server acts as a user's personal workspace within the larger Discord platform.


A 'bot' in the video is an automated program that performs specific tasks. For Midjourney, the bot is essential for interacting with the AI drawing tool within a Discord server. The script explains how to add the Midjourney bot to a server, which is a crucial step for users to start creating AI-generated images.


The term 'queue' in the video refers to a waiting list for using the Midjourney AI tool when the service is at high demand. Users may encounter a full queue, meaning they have to wait for their turn to use the tool. This indicates the popularity of Midjourney and the need to manage user access efficiently.

💡Shared Rental

Shared Rental in the context of the video is an option for users who do not wish to go through the process of registering and setting up their own Midjourney account. The script mentions a 'midjourney cheap shared rental' as a more affordable and convenient alternative for frequent users, allowing them to log in and start drawing without additional setup.


AI technology has enabled many people to earn a dollar on Youtube through AI tools.

AI drawing leader, midjourney, can understand our needs and generate pictures we want based on our description.

Xiaoyuer's course is a basic introduction for beginners on how to register for a midjourney account.

A parameter encyclopedia exists for comprehensive explanations of almost all parameters used in AI drawing.

If you can't get a picture drawn, there are specific tutorials for troubleshooting such issues.

Midjourney is an AI tool running in Discord and is very popular on the Internet.

To use midjourney, one must first have a Discord account and register it through the official Discord website.

Discord does not require a scientific Internet access, but midjourney does.

For those who don't have a mobile phone verification, a temporary number can be purchased from a code platform.

After registering Discord, one can create a server in the Discord community and name it for easy identification.

Midjourney has a public channel in Discord, but creating a personal channel is recommended for less crowd.

To start drawing with midjourney, one must invite the midjourney bot into the personal Discord server.

Once the midjourney bot is added, users can start drawing by entering commands, even if the queue is full.

Xiaoyuer also provides tutorials on generating continuous characters and managing character interactions in a scene.

For those who don't want to go through the registration process, midjourney cheap shared rental accounts are available.

The shared rental accounts are cost-effective and offer the convenience of direct access to Discord without additional registration.

Xiaoyuer's videos provide a wealth of knowledge on midjourney, including aspect ratio management and other advanced techniques.