YouCut Video Editor - Beginner's Guide ( 2023 update)

17 Mar 202327:57

TLDRThe YouCut Video Editor app has received numerous updates in 2023, and this beginner's guide provides a comprehensive overview of its features. The app is free and available on the Play Store without watermarks. Users can start new projects, choose from templates, and access a range of tools including trimming, splitting, and deleting video parts. The app also offers music and sound effects, filters for color adjustments, and various effects to enhance videos. Text can be added with customizable styles, animations, and shadow effects. Stickers and emojis can be searched and added to videos, with the option to adjust their duration and animations. The Picture-in-Picture (PIP) feature allows overlaying videos or photos, and the chroma key tool enables green screen effects. Users can also apply blend modes and adjust the speed of video playback. The background can be customized, and the record feature lets users add voiceovers with voice-changing options. The app includes a keyframe tool for animating elements within the video. This guide encourages users to take advantage of YouCut's powerful editing capabilities to create engaging content.


  • 📱 YouCut Video Editor is a free app available on the Play Store with no watermark.
  • 🔄 The app has been updated with new features since the last beginner's guide.
  • 🎬 Users can start a new project or continue editing previous drafts.
  • 📂 The app provides access to video and photo files on the device and offers video templates, some of which may have copyright restrictions.
  • ✂️ Editing tools include trimming, splitting, and cutting video clips, with an undo option for mistakes.
  • 🎵 Music and sound effects can be added, but users should be cautious of copyright issues.
  • 🎥 Effects, such as filters and color adjustments, are available to enhance video quality.
  • 📝 Text can be added with various styles, animations, and adjustments for appearance and duration.
  • 🔖 Stickers and GIFs can be inserted, with options to customize their duration and animation.
  • 📹 The Picture-in-Picture (PIP) feature allows for overlaying videos or photos, with tools like chroma key, mask, and blend for advanced effects.
  • 🔄 Speed adjustments let users control the pace of the video, from fast to slow motion.
  • 🎨 Background adjustments enable changing the aspect ratio and adding colors or images to the backdrop of the video.

Q & A

  • What is the YouCut Video Editor app?

    -YouCut Video Editor is a free video editing app available on the Play Store that allows users to edit videos with no watermark.

  • How do you start a new project in YouCut Video Editor?

    -To start a new project, open the app and tap on the option to create a new project. You will then be able to select video or photo files from your device to begin editing.

  • What are the different tools available in YouCut for video editing?

    -YouCut offers a variety of tools for video editing, including trim, split, cut, mute, undo, music and sound effects, filters, effects, text, stickers, PIP (picture-in-picture), chroma key, mask, blend, speed adjustment, background, and record with voice change.

  • How can you adjust the audio in your video project?

    -You can adjust the audio by muting or unmuting clips, adding music or sound effects, and changing the volume of audio clips. You can also apply fade in and fade out effects to the audio.

  • What is the PIP (Picture-in-Picture) feature in YouCut?

    -The PIP feature allows you to insert a video or photo as an overlay on your main video. You can adjust the size, position, and animation of the overlay, and use additional tools like chroma key, mask, and blend for more advanced effects.

  • How do you use the chroma key tool in YouCut?

    -The chroma key tool is used for green screen effects. You select a green screen video, adjust the chroma key to select the green color, and then replace the green with your main video, effectively removing the green background.

  • What is the blend tool used for?

    -The blend tool is used to blend two videos together. You can adjust the transparency and color presentation of the overlay video to create different effects, such as overlaying flames or other backgrounds onto your main video.

  • How can you change the aspect ratio or format of your video?

    -You can change the aspect ratio or format of your video by selecting the background tool and choosing from the available presets, such as vertical format for TikTok or YouTube Shorts.

  • What is the keyframe feature in YouCut?

    -The keyframe feature allows you to animate text or stickers within your video. You can set specific points on the timeline and move the element to different positions at each point, creating a dynamic movement throughout the video.

  • How do you ensure that the music or sound effects you use in your video do not infringe on copyright?

    -You should be cautious when selecting music or sound effects, especially if they are marked as copyrighted. It's safer to use music from your own library, ensuring that it does not infringe on any copyrights.

  • What are some additional features of YouCut that can enhance my video editing experience?

    -YouCut offers features like speed adjustment for changing the playback speed of videos, voice recording with voice change effects, and a keyframe system for advanced animations. It also includes tools for cropping, flipping, and rotating videos.



😀 Introduction to U-Cut Video Editor App

The video begins with an introduction to the U-Cut video editor app, highlighting its updates since the last beginner's guide. The app is described as a free, watermark-free tool available on the Play Store. The tutorial covers starting a new project, selecting videos or photos, and using templates. It emphasizes the importance of being cautious with copyrighted material and introduces the various tools available in the app, such as the timeline, mute, undo, trim, split, and delete functionalities.


🎵 Music and Sound Effects in U-Cut

This paragraph discusses adding music and sound effects to videos. It explains how to use featured music, my music, and sound effects, with a caution about potential copyright issues. The process of inserting a song as a video intro, adjusting its volume, and applying fade-in and fade-out effects is detailed. The paragraph also covers applying filters and adjustments to video quality, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpening, to enhance the video's appearance.


🎭 Effects, Text, and Stickers with U-Cut

The video moves on to discuss adding effects, text, and stickers to videos. It covers the use of free and Pro effects, with a focus on applying and editing them. Text functionality is explored in depth, including font styles, colors, labels, borders, shadows, animations, and keyframe animations for dynamic movement. Stickers and GIFs are also highlighted, with options to search, adjust duration, apply animations, flip, and delete them.


📹 Picture-in-Picture and Chroma Key with U-Cut

The paragraph introduces the PIP (Picture-in-Picture) feature, allowing users to overlay a video or photo onto the main video. It explains how to adjust the size and position of the overlay and play videos simultaneously. The Chroma Key tool is discussed for its use in green screen effects, with a demonstration of how to remove a green background and blend the subject with another video. The paragraph also touches on the Mask tool for cropping and the Blend feature for blending videos.


🔄 Speed Control, Background, and Recording in U-Cut

This section covers the speed control feature, which lets users adjust the playback speed of their videos, creating fast or slow-motion effects. It also explains how to change the video's aspect ratio and background, including adding colors or images. The recording feature is highlighted, with the ability to record voiceovers and adjust the volume. New voice-changing capabilities are introduced, allowing users to alter the sound of their voice in recordings.


↩️ Rotate, Flip, and Crop with U-Cut

The final paragraph covers the rotate, flip, and crop functionalities within U-Cut. It explains how to correct the orientation of a video and flip it for different perspectives. The crop feature is detailed, with options to use presets for various social media formats or free crop for custom adjustments. The paragraph concludes with a mention of in-depth tutorials available for each feature and an invitation for viewers to ask questions or seek clarification in the comments section.



💡YouCut Video Editor

YouCut Video Editor is a free video editing application available on the Play Store. The app allows users to edit videos and photos with a variety of tools and features, such as trimming, splitting, adding music, and applying filters. It is highlighted in the video for its no-watermark policy, making it an attractive option for beginners and casual users looking to create content without the need for advanced editing software.


In the context of video editing, the timeline is a feature that displays the sequence of video clips and allows for precise editing. In YouCut, the timeline is where users can view their video's structure, trim or split clips, and adjust the duration of different segments. It's a fundamental part of the editing process as it helps in organizing and refining the video content.

💡PIP (Picture in Picture)

PIP, or Picture in Picture, is a feature that allows users to insert a secondary video or image overlay onto the main video. This can add depth and complexity to the video, creating a split-screen effect or allowing for creative use of background and foreground elements. In the script, the PIP tool is used to demonstrate how to layer videos and create more dynamic content.

💡Chroma Key

Chroma Key, often used in video production, is a technique for superimposing two different images together, where a particular color (typically green or blue) is made transparent. In YouCut, the chroma tool is used to remove a green screen and overlay the remaining video content onto another video, enabling special effects and creative transitions.

💡Blend Tool

The Blend Tool in YouCut is used to combine two video clips in a way that they interact with each other visually. This can create various effects, such as blending a foreground video with a background video to create a single, cohesive scene. It's a powerful feature for adding visual interest and depth to edited videos.

💡Stickers and Emojis

Stickers and Emojis are graphical elements that can be added to videos for decorative or expressive purposes. In YouCut, users can choose from a variety of stickers and emojis to enhance their videos with additional visual elements. These can be used to add humor, emphasis, or a personal touch to the video content.

💡Text Editing

Text editing in YouCut allows users to add, style, and animate text within their videos. Features include changing font styles, colors, and adding effects like borders and shadows. Text can also be animated to move or appear in various ways, adding a layer of professionalism and engagement to the video.

💡Music and Sound Effects

Adding music and sound effects to videos can significantly enhance the mood and engagement. YouCut provides options to include music from various sources, including device files and the app's library, as well as adding sound effects to emphasize certain parts of the video or to create specific atmospheres.

💡Filters and Adjustments

Filters and adjustments are tools that allow users to modify the visual and color aspects of their videos. YouCut offers presets as well as manual adjustments for brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. These tools help in correcting or enhancing the video's appearance to achieve the desired look.

💡Speed Control

Speed Control in video editing refers to the ability to change the playback speed of video clips. YouCut allows users to make videos play faster or slower, creating slow-motion effects or time-lapse sequences. This feature can be used to emphasize action, add dramatic effect, or fit content within a desired duration.

💡Record Tool

The Record Tool in YouCut enables users to record voiceovers or additional audio directly within the app. It includes features like trimming, volume adjustment, and a voice changer for creative audio editing. This tool is useful for adding commentary, introducing segments, or creating dialogues for the video.


YouCut Video Editor is a free app available on the Play Store with no watermark.

The app allows users to start new projects or continue previous ones.

You can browse through video templates, some of which are free, but be cautious of potential copyright issues.

The app features a timeline for video editing, with the ability to zoom in for a better view.

Audio can be muted or trimmed directly from the video clip.

The undo option allows for quick correction of any mistakes made during editing.

Trimming and splitting tools enable precise editing of video segments.

Music and sound effects can be added, with caution advised regarding copyright.

Filters and adjustments allow for color correction and enhancement of video quality.

Effects can be added to videos, with many free options available.

Text can be added and customized with various styles, colors, and animations.

Stickers and emojis can be inserted, with the option to search and customize their appearance.

The PIP (Picture-in-Picture) feature allows for overlaying videos or photos.

Chroma key and mask tools enable advanced video effects like green screen and split screens.

Blend tool can mix two videos together with various blending modes.

Speed adjustments let users control the pace of the video, from fast to slow motion.

Background options allow for changing the aspect ratio and adding colors or images.

The record feature enables voice recording with the new ability to change the voice.

Volume control allows for muting, increasing volume, or adjusting the fade in and out.

Rotation and flip tools help correct video orientation and perspective.

Keyframe animation provides dynamic movement for stickers, text, and gifs within the video.