Thrift With Me | Vintage Home Decor & Collectibles For Resale & My Own Home And Haul

Eclectic Vintage Thrifter
7 May 202420:29

TLDRIn this video, the host returns to thrift store shopping after a month-long hiatus, following a significant move to a new home. The host shares their experience of settling into the new house and the challenges of a large move. The video focuses on the host's search for vintage home decor and collectibles, including plates for their collection, plant pots for their indoor plants, and a vintage laundry basket. The host also keeps an eye out for items to resell in their Etsy shop. They visit Value Village and carefully select items, including a wooden tray and a plant pot, while also purchasing an area rug that finds a perfect spot in their bathroom. The host concludes by styling the wooden tray with vintage items and highlighting some unique brass salt and pepper shakers available in their Etsy shop.


  • 🛍️ The host has been thrift shopping but hasn't made a video about it for over a month.
  • 🏠 They spent April moving and settling into a new home, which was a significant and tiring experience.
  • 🍽️ The host has a collection of plates and is looking to add more variety to it.
  • 🌿 They are also in need of plant pots for their indoor plants, especially for some that require transplanting.
  • 🧺 The host is searching for a vintage laundry basket due to the new layout of their home where the laundry room is now in the basement.
  • 🪟 They are interested in finding decorative items such as plates, curtains, and other odds and ends for their home.
  • 🛒 Their first stop for shopping is Value Village, where they hope to find good items.
  • 💰 The host is selective in their purchases, considering the condition and price of the items.
  • 🔍 They look for markings on items to help with selling them, as unmarked items can be harder to sell.
  • 🏡 The host bought a plant pot, a tray, and an area rug, which they felt were good finds for their home.
  • 🧼 They decided to keep the tray for decorative purposes after conditioning the wood and styling it with other items.
  • 🛍️ The brass salt and pepper shakers with carved lion heads that they found are available for sale in their Etsy shop.

Q & A

  • How long has it been since the last thrift store shopping video?

    -It has been over a month since the last thrift store shopping video.

  • What has the host been busy with during April?

    -The host has been busy moving and getting settled into their new home during April.

  • What is the host's collection of plates like?

    -The host has a collection of a variety of plates, which are not for daily use but are pretty plates collected over time.

  • What is the host looking to add to their plate collection?

    -The host is looking for some really nice plates to add to their collection, as they have six spots left in the plate wall.

  • Why is the host looking for new plant pots?

    -The host is looking for new plant pots because they have a lot of light for plants in their new home and have purchased some newer plants that need to be transplanted.

  • What type of laundry basket is the host interested in?

    -The host is interested in a vintage laundry basket, as they believe they are better made.

  • What is the first store the host plans to visit?

    -The first store the host plans to visit is Value Village.

  • What is the condition of the pottery piece the host found?

    -The pottery piece has a pretty glaze, but it has a little chip on the ear and is not marked.

  • Why did the host decide to keep the wood tray they purchased?

    -The host decided to keep the wood tray for decorative purposes, as it has some scratch marks but can be restored with Howard feed and wax.

  • What is the host's opinion on brass planters?

    -The host prefers to use brass planters decoratively rather than for planting.

  • What items did the host decide to purchase for their home and Etsy shop?

    -The host purchased a plant pot, a wood tray, and a vintage tealight holder, as well as brass salt and pepper shakers for their Etsy shop.



🏡 Thrift Store Shopping for Home Decor

The speaker has returned to thrift store shopping after a month-long hiatus due to moving into a new home. They share their recent experience of a significant move and the challenges of handling a large volume of items. The focus of the thrifting session is to find a variety of decorative plates to add to their collection, new plant pots for their indoor plants, and a vintage laundry basket. The speaker also mentions their intention to look for items to resell in their Etsy shop and plans to start at Value Village.


🛒 Thrift Store Finds and Considerations

The speaker describes their thrift store experience, detailing the items they encountered and considered purchasing. They discuss the appeal and drawbacks of various pieces, such as a chipped pottery piece, collector plates, and a midcentury modern-style item without markings. They also mention their preference for certain materials like brass and wood, and the need for plant pots in specific colors and styles. The speaker is selective, considering the resale value and personal use of each item.


🍽️ Kitchenware and Pottery Browsing

The speaker continues their thrift store exploration, focusing on kitchenware and pottery. They come across brass goblets, a carved wooden piece of Mother Mary and Jesus, and a jewelry box. They also find a wood tray that needs some conditioning, and discuss the appeal of items made in Japan. The speaker evaluates the condition and potential value of each item, including a set of Royal porcelain and Royal Albert bone china, before deciding on their purchases.


🛍️ Final Purchases and Home Styling

The speaker concludes their shopping with a selection of items, including a plant pot and a wood tray, and an area rug found for a bargain price. They express satisfaction with the rug's fit in their bathroom, matching the decor and providing a needed touch. The plant pot is deemed suitable for a tall plant, and the tray, despite some scuff marks, is kept for decorative purposes after conditioning. The speaker also showcases brass salt and pepper shakers from their Etsy shop, highlighting their unique design and functionality.


🎵 Music in the Background

This paragraph does not contain any spoken content but features background music, indicated by the '[Music]' notation. It suggests that the video script includes intervals where music plays a role, possibly to set the mood or fill gaps in dialogue during the video.



💡Thrift Store

A thrift store is a type of retail store where secondhand items are sold. They are often run by non-profit organizations and the proceeds are used to fund various programs. In the video, the host visits thrift stores to find items for their home and to resell, which is a common practice for those looking to furnish their homes affordably or source unique items for a curated look.

💡Vintage Home Decor

Vintage home decor refers to items that are not only old but also stylish and valuable from a bygone era. They add a classic and timeless touch to a home's interior. The host is looking for vintage plates and other decor items to enhance the aesthetic of their new home, which is a central theme of the video.


Collectibles are items that are sought after by collectors due to their limited availability, condition, or historical significance. In the context of the video, the host is searching for items that not only will adorn their home but also have the potential to be resold for a profit, highlighting the dual purpose of their thrifting activities.


Resale refers to the act of selling an item that has been bought previously, often for a profit. The host mentions looking for items to resell in their Etsy shop, which is an online platform for buying and selling vintage and handmade items. This indicates the commercial aspect of the host's thrifting expeditions.

💡Etsy Shop

An Etsy shop is an online storefront on the Etsy platform where sellers can list handmade, vintage, and unique items for sale. The host plans to find items for their Etsy shop, which is part of their business model of sourcing secondhand items and reselling them for a profit.

💡Plant Pots

Plant pots are containers used for growing plants, either for decorative purposes or as part of a home's ecosystem. The host discusses needing new pots for their plants, which ties into the home decor theme and the desire to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living space.

💡Laundry Basket

A laundry basket is a container used to hold dirty laundry before it is washed. The host expresses a need for a vintage laundry basket, indicating a preference for items that are not only functional but also contribute to the overall vintage aesthetic they are aiming for in their home.

💡Candle Holders

Candle holders are implements used to hold candles, often for decorative or ambient lighting purposes. The host briefly mentions candle holders while browsing through potential items to purchase, which suggests an interest in creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in their home.

💡Midcentury Modern

Midcentury modern is a design movement characterized by simplicity, functionalism, and an emphasis on modern materials. The host identifies a piece with this style, indicating an appreciation for design eras and a desire to incorporate such elements into their home decor.


Crazing refers to a network of fine cracks in the glaze of pottery or porcelain, often considered a sign of age or use. The host notes the presence of crazing on some Royal Albert bone china, which is significant as it can affect the value and desirability of vintage items.

💡Value Village

Value Village is a well-known thrift store chain where one can find a variety of secondhand items at affordable prices. The host's decision to start their thrifting trip at Value Village underscores the importance of finding good deals and unique items for their home and Etsy shop.


The host hasn't made a thrifting video in over a month but has been thrift store shopping in secret.

April was spent moving and settling into a new home, the biggest move of the host's life.

The host is looking for a variety of plates to add to their home decor collection.

A collection of plates with different designs is displayed, including a Flow Blue Plate from a previous thrifting video.

The host has several spots left to fill in their plate wall and is on the hunt for nice plates.

The living room has large windows and is filled with plants, some of which need new pots.

The host prefers not to plant directly in brass planters and is looking for more plant pots.

A vintage laundry basket is sought to accommodate the new distance between the bedroom and laundry room in the new home.

The host plans to look for decorative plates, new curtains, and items to resell in their Etsy shop.

Value Village is the first stop in the thrifting journey for the day.

A variety of items are considered, including a chipped pottery piece and collector plates.

The host is picky, looking for items with markings to make them easier to sell.

A midcentury modern look piece without marks is put in the cart with the intention to research it further.

A carved wood piece of Mother Mary and Jesus is found, despite some chipping.

A jewelry box with a mirror is considered, but the host is looking for items in better condition.

The host decides on a plant pot and a wood tray, both of which will be used for decorative purposes in their home.

An area rug is purchased for $11.99, which fits well in the bathroom and complements the existing decor.

The wood tray is reconditioned and styled with vintage items for a beautiful decorative piece.

Unique brass salt and pepper shakers with carved lion heads are available in the host's Etsy shop.