The Quickest Way to Edit Your Photos - Imagen AI Tutorial

Julia Trotti
28 Feb 202307:54

TLDRThe video tutorial introduces Imagen AI, an AI-powered photo editing software for Lightroom Classic. It highlights the software's ability to quickly edit batches of photos using built-in or custom profiles, making it ideal for wedding, portrait, and travel photographers. The presenter demonstrates the process by editing a wedding photo set, showcasing the ease of creating a project, selecting an AI profile, and applying edits. The software's efficiency is emphasized, with claims of editing 1,500 photos in 10 minutes. The results are reviewed in Lightroom, where the presenter appreciates the control over adjustments and the consistent editing style across different types of photos. The video concludes with an invitation to try Imagen AI using a provided link for 1,500 free edits.


  • 🎨 **Imagen AI** is an AI-powered photo editing software for **Lightroom Classic** that can significantly speed up the editing process for photographers.
  • 🚀 It offers **built-in profiles** for quick edits and the ability to **upload custom profiles**, enabling the AI to learn and replicate a user's editing style over time.
  • ⏱️ The software is particularly beneficial for editing large batches of photos quickly, which is ideal for wedding photographers or those dealing with high volumes of images.
  • 🖼️ Editors can use Imagen AI for various types of photography, including portraits, travel, and any other photo shoots that require batch editing.
  • 📂 The process involves importing photos into Lightroom, selecting a profile in Imagen AI, and letting the AI handle the editing.
  • 🌟 The **Cinematic Luxury** profile is highlighted as a favorite for its film-like look, which suits certain weddings well.
  • 🔍 Imagen AI provides options to filter which images are edited, allowing for selective editing within a catalog.
  • ⚙️ The editing process is fast, with a claimed speed of **0.33 seconds per photo**, enabling the editing of **1,500 photos in 10 minutes**.
  • 📁 After editing, users receive the Lightroom catalog back with edits applied, retaining **full control** to make further adjustments.
  • 📈 The software continually learns from the user's edits, improving the accuracy and consistency of edits over time.
  • 🌈 Imagen AI's editing is consistent across an entire session, which is particularly useful for maintaining a cohesive look in a collection of photos.
  • 💡 For those who want to try Imagen AI, a link is provided in the description for signing up and receiving **1,500 free edits**.

Q & A

  • What is Imagine AI and how does it work?

    -Imagine AI is an AI-powered photo editing program designed for Lightroom Classic. It allows users to apply built-in profiles for certain looks or upload their own profiles, which the AI will learn from to edit photos in a similar style.

  • How does Imagine AI benefit wedding photographers?

    -Imagine AI can significantly save time for wedding photographers by quickly editing large batches of photos. It can process up to 1,500 photos in 10 minutes, which is much faster than manual editing in Lightroom.

  • What kind of images can Imagine AI be used for?

    -Imagine AI is not limited to wedding photography. It can be used for editing portrait sessions, travel photos, or any other type of photo shoot that requires batch editing.

  • How does the AI profile selection work in Imagine AI?

    -Users can choose from pre-made profiles to quickly test how Imagine AI edits their images. The 'Cinematic Luxury' profile is an example of a pre-made profile that gives a film-like look to the photos.

  • What are the benefits of using Imagine AI's built-in profiles?

    -Using Imagine AI's built-in profiles is an easy way to start and test the software. It allows users to quickly see how their images will be edited without having to create their own profiles.

  • How does Imagine AI handle different types of lighting conditions in photos?

    -Imagine AI does a good job at adjusting for different lighting conditions, such as tungsten lighting, outdoor lighting, golden hour, and flash photography, evening out the lighting and cooling down vibrant colors where necessary.

  • What kind of adjustments can be made after using Imagine AI?

    -After the initial edit by Imagine AI, users receive the Lightroom catalog back with edits applied to the photos, allowing for complete control to tweak and adjust sliders such as exposure and white balance to suit personal taste.

  • How does Imagine AI handle skin tones in photo editing?

    -Imagine AI performs well with skin tones, ensuring they look natural and balanced. It also does a good job at evening out the lighting in photos with mixed lighting conditions.

  • What is the process for creating a personal AI profile in Imagine AI?

    -To create a personal AI profile, users can import their own edits for Imagine AI to analyze. It requires 3,000 images to build the profile, which can then be used repeatedly for future edits, with the AI learning and replicating the user's editing style more accurately over time.

  • How does Imagine AI assist with cropping and straightening images?

    -Imagine AI automatically performs cropping and straightening of images, which is often one of the most time-consuming tasks during manual editing. It can recognize straight lines and correct the orientation even in images without a clear horizon line.

  • What are the potential time savings when using Imagine AI for a full wedding photo edit?

    -Imagine AI can edit a final wedding call of around 1,000 photos in less than 10 minutes, which is a significant time saver compared to manual editing in Lightroom, which could take several hours.

  • How does Imagine AI ensure consistency in editing throughout an entire wedding session?

    -Imagine AI maintains consistency by applying the chosen profile evenly across all selected photos, ensuring that the editing style is uniform from one image to the next.



🎥 Introduction to Imagine AI for Photo Editing

The video introduces Imagine AI, an AI-powered photo editing software for Lightroom Classic. It is sponsored and aims to showcase the software's capabilities by editing a real wedding. Imagine AI offers built-in profiles or the option to upload personal profiles for customized editing styles. The video mentions the software's efficiency in batch editing, which is particularly beneficial for wedding photographers or those handling large volumes of images. The speaker has been using Imagine AI for a year and highlights its speed, with the ability to edit a batch of photos significantly faster than manual editing in Lightroom. The video also discusses the variety of photo types included in the wedding catalog to demonstrate Imagine AI's versatility.


🖼️ Editing Process and Results with Imagine AI

The video script details the process of using Imagine AI to edit a wedding catalog. It explains how to create a project, select an AI profile (in this case, 'Cinematic Luxury'), and apply filters to choose which images to edit. The software's efficiency is emphasized, claiming it can edit 150 photos per minute. After uploading the catalog, the editing process begins, and the viewer is informed that they will receive a Lightroom catalog with edits applied, allowing for full control and adjustment of the edits. The video then presents before-and-after comparisons of various types of wedding photos, including indoor, outdoor, and golden hour images, to demonstrate the software's consistency and effectiveness in editing. The speaker also briefly touches on the possibility of using Imagine AI for other types of photography beyond weddings, such as travel and portrait sessions.



💡AI powered photo editing program

An AI powered photo editing program is a software application that uses artificial intelligence to automate and enhance the process of photo editing. In the context of the video, it refers to the Imagine AI software, which is designed to speed up the editing process for photographers by applying consistent edits across a batch of images using AI technology.

💡Lightroom Classic

Lightroom Classic is a photo editing and organization software developed by Adobe. It is widely used by photographers for editing and managing large volumes of photos. In the video, it is mentioned as the platform where the Imagine AI software integrates, allowing users to apply AI-based edits to their photos within the familiar Lightroom interface.

💡Built-in profiles

Built-in profiles in the context of photo editing software are pre-defined sets of adjustments or filters that can be applied to photos to achieve a certain look or style. Imagine AI offers these profiles so users can quickly test and apply a consistent look to their photos, as demonstrated in the video with the 'Cinematic Luxury' profile.

💡Batch editing

Batch editing refers to the process of editing multiple images at once, rather than individually. This is particularly useful for professionals who need to edit large volumes of photos, such as wedding photographers. The video highlights Imagine AI's capability to quickly batch edit photos, saving significant time and effort.

💡Uploading catalog

In the context of photo editing software, uploading a catalog involves transferring a collection of photos from a local storage to a cloud-based or online platform. In the video, the user uploads their Lightroom catalog to Imagine AI to begin the AI editing process, which streamlines the workflow by allowing edits to be made to multiple images simultaneously.

💡Cropping and straightening

Cropping and straightening are common photo editing techniques used to improve the composition and alignment of a photo. Cropping involves removing parts of the photo to focus on the subject, while straightening corrects the orientation. The video mentions that Imagine AI can automatically perform these tasks, saving the photographer time that would otherwise be spent manually editing each photo.

💡Editing time

Editing time refers to the duration it takes to make adjustments and apply effects to a photo or a set of photos. The video emphasizes Imagine AI's efficiency, claiming it can edit a photo in 0.33 seconds, which significantly reduces the time spent on editing compared to manual editing in Lightroom.

💡Download edits

Downloading edits means retrieving the changes made to photos after they have been processed by an editing program. In the video, the user downloads the edits made by Imagine AI to review and, if satisfied, apply these edits to their Lightroom catalog. This process allows photographers to maintain control over their images and make further adjustments if necessary.

💡White balance

White balance in photography is the process of ensuring that white appears truly white in an image, regardless of the lighting conditions. It is a critical adjustment for achieving natural and accurate colors. The video showcases how Imagine AI automatically corrects the white balance in photos, contributing to a consistent and professional look across a batch of edited images.

💡Skin tones

Skin tones refer to the color and quality of human skin as represented in a photograph. Achieving accurate and pleasing skin tones is often a priority in portrait photography. The video script mentions that Imagine AI does a great job with skin tones, which is important for wedding photography where capturing natural and flattering skin colors is essential.

💡Golden hour

Golden hour is a term used to describe the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the sunlight is soft, warm, and diffused, creating a special lighting condition that photographers often find ideal for taking pictures. The video discusses how Imagine AI handles the bright and challenging lighting conditions of golden hour, ensuring that the photos retain their warmth and quality.


Imagen AI is an AI-powered photo editing program for Lightroom Classic.

It uses built-in profiles or allows uploading personal profiles for editing styles.

The software learns to edit photos in the user's style over time.

Imagen is possibly the fastest way to batch edit photos, saving significant time for photographers.

It's not limited to weddings; can be used for portrait sessions, travel photos, and more.

The video demonstrates editing a real wedding with 209 unedited images.

Imagen can selectively edit photos marked in Lightroom.

Cinematic Luxury is a pre-made profile that offers a film-like look.

Using a link in the video description gives 1,500 free edits for new users.

Imagen allows selection of filters to determine which images are edited within a catalog.

Photos are edited at a rate of 150 per minute, or 1,500 in 10 minutes.

Edited photos are not final JPEGs but Lightroom catalogs with applied edits, allowing full control for adjustments.

Develop module in Lightroom shows all sliders adjusted with the selected preset.

Before and after comparisons demonstrate Imagen's consistent editing across various lighting conditions.

Imagen does a great job with skin tones, color correction, and white balance.

It automatically performs cropping and straightening, saving time on manual adjustments.

Consistency in editing is maintained throughout an entire session or wedding.

Minor manual tweaks may be needed for personal taste, but most photos are ready for client delivery after AI editing.

Importing personal edits helps Imagen create a custom AI profile that matches the user's style.

Using one's own AI profile improves accuracy in replicating the user's editing style.

Imagen offers 1,500 free edits for new users who sign up through the link in the video description.