Zdenka Darula
16 Apr 202411:47

TLDRIn this video, Zdenka explores the new features of Evoto AI photo editor, a time-saving tool for professionals. She demonstrates how to correct horizon levels, enhance colors with AI, retouch skin, and smooth clothing. Zdenka also shows how to change backgrounds and create presets for efficient editing. The software offers a credit system for exporting edited photos, providing a cost-effective solution for photo editing needs.


  • 🎨 Evoto photo editor has introduced new features that are time-saving and tailored for professionals.
  • 🌄 The horizon level can be easily adjusted using the crop tool to improve the composition of outdoor photos.
  • 🌈 AI color looks feature allows for color adjustments without losing the photo's original essence.
  • 👚 Body Blemish and freckles/acne tools can be used for minor skin retouching, with adjustments for different types of shots.
  • 🧥 The de-wrinkle clothing feature can smooth out and make clothing less see-through.
  • 🌅 A dramatic change to the photo can be achieved by changing the sky in the background.
  • 🌟 Skin retouching tools can address shine, eye bags, and smile lines, with the ability to adjust for a natural or more polished look.
  • 👁️ Eyes can be enhanced by removing red veins and adjusting iris reflections for a more awake appearance.
  • 💡 The ability to remove glare from glasses is a useful addition for photographers dealing with reflective surfaces.
  • 📸 Tethered shooting has been added, allowing for real-time preview and application of presets as photos are taken.
  • 💳 Evoto offers a credit system for photo exports, with prices ranging from $0.4 to $0.7 per credit, depending on the package chosen.

Q & A

  • What is Evoto photo editor?

    -Evoto photo editor is a time-saving tool designed for professionals, packed with features to enhance and edit photos efficiently.

  • How does the horizon level correction work in Evoto?

    -In Evoto, you can correct the horizon level by using the crop tool to rotate the image by dragging the corner and then confirming the adjustment.

  • What is the difference between AI color looks and traditional filters in photo editing?

    -AI color looks adjusts the color of the photo based on the selected look without losing the original essence, whereas traditional filters generally apply a uniform effect across the entire image.

  • How can you modify the intensity of the AI color looks feature in Evoto?

    -You can modify the intensity by adjusting the percentage value, for example, setting it to 63% for a less dramatic effect.

  • What is the Body Blemish feature in Evoto?

    -The Body Blemish feature in Evoto allows users to retouch and remove blemishes or dark areas on the body, with the option to adjust the intensity for different types of shots.

  • How does the de-wrinkle clothing tool in Evoto work?

    -The de-wrinkle clothing tool helps to smooth out clothing in photos, making them appear less wrinkled and less see-through.

  • What is the significance of changing the sky in a photo using Evoto?

    -Changing the sky can drastically alter the mood and color scheme of a photo, allowing it to match the outfit or desired aesthetic of the subject.

  • How can you apply the same adjustments to multiple photos in Evoto?

    -You can create a preset with the adjustments made to one photo and then apply this preset to other photos with a single click in the presets panel.

  • What are the benefits of the new glare removal feature for glasses in Evoto?

    -The glare removal feature allows users to effectively reduce or eliminate glare on glasses in photos, improving the overall quality and appearance.

  • What is tethered shooting and how does it benefit photographers using Evoto?

    -Tethered shooting allows photographers to connect their camera to a computer and see a live preview of the photos as they are taken. With Evoto, photographers can also apply capture effects settings, meaning the selected preset is applied to the photo instantly as it's taken.

  • How does the pricing work for Evoto, and what is the credit system?

    -Evoto offers free access to all features with periodic updates. Users only pay for exports using a credit system, where one credit equals one photo export, costing between 0.4 to 0.7 cents per credit depending on the package selected.

  • What is the process for importing custom presets or LUTs into Evoto?

    -Evoto allows users to import their own presets or LUTs into the software, providing a simple way to integrate personal settings and styles into the editing workflow.



🎨 Introduction to Evoto Photo Editor's New Features

Zdenka introduces new features of the Evoto photo editor, a time-saving tool for professionals. She mentions that the software has been sponsored and that she will demonstrate its capabilities using outdoor photos of Polina taken in challenging conditions. The video showcases how to correct the horizon, apply AI color looks for vibrancy, and make minor skin and fabric adjustments. Zdenka also details the use of the Body Blemish feature, de-wrinkle clothing, and changing the sky background to create a dramatic effect. She concludes by demonstrating the creation and application of presets for efficient editing.


🖼️ Indoor Portrait Photo Editing Techniques

The second paragraph focuses on editing indoor portrait photos. Zdenka selects a portrait filter as a starting point and adjusts it to her preference. She addresses common issues like skin retouching, face shine, and the removal of red veins from the eyes. Zdenka also discusses the importance of personal taste in photo retouching and how the software provides tools for various preferences, from natural to heavily retouched looks. She demonstrates the use of the smile line tool, the ability to adjust the iris of the eyes, and the removal of straight hairs for a clean look. Additionally, she shows how to improve the background by removing it or changing its color and mentions the new feature of importing custom presets and LUTs.


📸 Tethered Shooting and Glare Removal

In the final paragraph, Zdenka introduces the new tethered shooting feature, which allows photographers to connect their camera directly to a laptop and see a preview with applied presets. She also discusses the software's pricing model, which offers free access to features with a credit system for exporting edited photos. Each credit costs between $0.4 to $0.7, allowing users to pay for what they use. Zdenka highlights the convenience of the software's update system and provides a link for viewers to try the software themselves. She ends the video with a call to action for viewers to like, subscribe, and watch more of her content.



💡Evoto photo editor

Evoto photo editor is a time-saving software tool designed for professionals that offers a wide range of features to enhance photo editing. In the video, it is used to edit outdoor photos of a model named Polina, showcasing its capabilities in adjusting horizon levels, colors, and retouching skin and fabric.

💡AI color looks

AI color looks is a feature within the Evoto photo editor that adjusts the color of a photo based on a selected look without losing the original essence of the image. In the video, the 'vivid light' option is chosen to add more contrast and color to the photos, making them appear less dull.

💡Body Blemish

Body Blemish is a tool within the Evoto software that allows for the removal of blemishes and imperfections on the body. It is used at 100% for the full-body image of Polina, but the presenter suggests toning it down for close-up images to avoid an overly strong effect.

💡De-wrinkle clothing

De-wrinkle clothing is a feature that smoothens out the fabric in a photo, making it appear less wrinkled and see-through. In the video, this tool is used to improve the appearance of the model's skirt, making it less transparent and more visually appealing.

💡Background adjustment

Background adjustment is a tool that allows users to change the background of a photo drastically. In the video, the presenter chooses a sunset and sunrise sky to complement the model's warm-colored outfit and then adjusts the scenery color to match the sky for a blended yet standout effect.


Presets in the Evoto photo editor are pre-set configurations of adjustments that can be applied to photos with a single click. The presenter creates a preset called 'dramatic Sky' and applies it to other photos for a consistent editing workflow, saving time and effort.

💡Portrait filters

Portrait filters are effects applied to portrait photos to enhance their visual appeal. The video demonstrates the use of these filters as a starting point for editing indoor studio photos, with adjustments made to tone down the intensity for a more natural look.

💡Skin retouching

Skin retouching involves the use of various tools to improve the appearance of skin in a photo. The video shows the use of tools to clean the skin, remove shine, and adjust the smile line, allowing for a more polished and professional final image.

💡Remove-straight hair tool

The remove-straight hair tool is used to eliminate unwanted straight or unflattering hairs from a photo. The presenter uses this tool to clean up the model's hair, providing a neater and more aesthetically pleasing result.

💡Background removal

Background removal is the process of eliminating the background of a photo, which can be useful for creating posters or overlaying images on websites. The video demonstrates how easy it is to remove the background completely and replace it with a solid color like white or gray.

💡Tethered shooting

Tethered shooting refers to the ability to connect a camera directly to a computer and preview photos immediately after they are taken. The video shows how the presenter connects their Canon M6 Mark two to their laptop and uses the Evoto software to apply presets and see the final look of the photos as they are captured.

💡Credit system

The credit system is a payment model used by the Evoto software where users pay for exports rather than subscribing to a service. Each credit represents one photo export, costing between 0.4 to 0.7 cents, allowing professionals to edit and export photos at a low cost.


Evoto photo editor introduces new exciting features for professionals aimed at saving time.

The software is packed with features that can enhance the editing process significantly.

Zdenka demonstrates how to correct the horizon level using the crop tool.

AI color looks feature adjusts photo colors based on selected looks without losing the original essence.

Vivid light option is used to add more contrast and color to the photo.

Body Blemish feature can be adjusted for different types of photos, from full body to close-ups.

Freckles and acne can be subtly adjusted for a natural look.

De-wrinkle clothing tool not only smoothens fabric but also reduces its transparency.

Background adjustment panel allows for dramatic changes like adding a sunset or sunrise sky.

Scenery color and human color adjustments help the model blend in while still standing out.

Evoto allows for the creation of presets to streamline the editing process across multiple photos.

Indoor portrait photos can benefit from toning down filters and specific skin retouching tools.

Face shine can be reduced while maintaining a natural look.

New tools for adjusting smile lines and smoothing skin provide detailed control over facial features.

Eyes can be enhanced by removing red veins and adjusting iris reflections for a more awake appearance.

Gentle smile feature can be used to add a subtle smile to serious portraits.

Remove-straight hair tool provides a clean look by eliminating unwanted straight hairs in photos.

Background adjustments allow for complete removal or change to solid colors like white or gray.

Sync button and keyboard shortcuts streamline the editing process for batch photos.

Users can import their own presets or LUTs into the software for personalized editing styles.

Glare on glasses can be effectively removed with a new feature, enhancing the overall photo quality.

Tethered shooting feature allows for real-time preview and application of presets during live shoots.

Pricing is based on a credit system, where users pay for exports only, with costs ranging from $0.4 to $0.7 per credit.