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6 Jun 202215:51

TLDRIn this intriguing narrative, a young man named Jason Glass, feeling insecure about his appearance, engages in an online relationship by using a photo of Brad, a more attractive individual. As the relationship deepens, the girl, Margo, expresses a desire to meet in person, leading to Jason's anxiety and eventual decision to ghost her. However, Margo surprises him by flying across the country to meet him. Faced with the reality, Jason initially avoids her but ultimately confronts his deception. Through a series of events, including a failed date with the real Brad, Margo realizes that Jason's personality is what she truly connected with. The story concludes with a chance for redemption as Margo offers Jason a chance to start over, highlighting the importance of honesty and authenticity in relationships.


  • 😲 The protagonist, feeling insecure about his appearance, uses a photo of Brad to catfish a girl he met online, leading to a complex web of deception.
  • 🤔 The friend advises honesty, emphasizing that it's the person's character that matters, not their looks.
  • 🎬 The girl, Margo, is a fan of actress Saoirse Ronan and shares her pet peeves, showing her personality and interests.
  • 📱 The protagonist avoids FaceTiming Margo due to his insecurity about his appearance, which is a red flag for dishonesty.
  • ✈️ Margo surprises the protagonist by flying out to meet him, escalating the situation and the pressure to reveal the truth.
  • 👻 The protagonist considers ghosting Margo to avoid the confrontation, which reflects his fear of rejection.
  • 💬 A friend of the protagonist offers to go out with him to boost his confidence, but he declines, revealing his existing relationship.
  • 🏃 Margo arrives and the protagonist initially avoids her, but eventually, they meet face to face, leading to a confrontation.
  • 🙌 Margo expresses her disappointment in being lied to and ghosted, but also shows understanding of the protagonist's insecurities.
  • 🍽️ Margo goes on a disastrous date with Brad, the person the protagonist pretended to be, highlighting the differences between appearance and personality.
  • ❤️ In the end, Margo and the protagonist decide to start over, with a promise of honesty, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in relationships.

Q & A

  • What is the main issue the protagonist faces in the beginning of the story?

    -The protagonist is insecure about his appearance and uses a picture of Brad, a more attractive person, to catfish an online girl he is interested in.

  • Why does the protagonist decide to use Brad's picture instead of his own?

    -The protagonist believes that the girl he is interested in would not be attracted to him if she knew his real appearance, as she only dates guys that look like Brad.

  • What does the protagonist's friend advise him to do?

    -The friend advises the protagonist to be honest with the girl and not to continue the deception.

  • What is the term used to describe the act of pretending to be someone else online?

    -The act is called 'catfishing'.

  • Why does the protagonist feel compelled to ghost the girl after she decides to fly out to meet him?

    -The protagonist fears that once the girl sees his real appearance, she will not want to be with him.

  • What does the protagonist's friend suggest he should do instead of ghosting the girl?

    -The friend suggests that the protagonist should come clean and tell the girl the truth about his deception.

  • How does the girl find out about the protagonist's deception?

    -The girl confronts the protagonist in person after he tries to avoid her by not responding to her messages.

  • What does the protagonist's friend say about his own appearance?

    -The friend reassures the protagonist that he is not bad looking and that he is being too hard on himself.

  • What does the protagonist's father say about the situation?

    -The father points out that both the protagonist and the girl have been superficial in their expectations and judgments of each other.

  • How does the story resolve?

    -The girl decides to give the protagonist a second chance after realizing that she enjoyed talking to him and that his appearance does not define him.

  • What is the moral lesson that can be inferred from the story?

    -The story emphasizes the importance of honesty in relationships and suggests that true connection is based on personality and shared interests rather than physical appearance.



😅 Catfishing and Insecurities

The first paragraph introduces a young man who is talking to a girl he met online. They have a lot in common, including being vegetarians. The girl wants to FaceTime, but the man is hesitant because he has been pretending to be someone else, specifically Brad, because he feels insecure about his appearance. His friend calls this act 'catfishing' and encourages him to be honest with the girl, emphasizing that it's what's on the inside that matters. The conversation also touches on the girl's admiration for actress Saoirse Ronan and ends with the girl planning to fly out to meet him, leaving the man panicked about how to handle the situation.


😣 Facing the Consequences

In the second paragraph, the man decides to ghost the girl after she arrives, avoiding her calls and messages. His friend confronts him about his actions, suggesting that honesty would have been the better approach. The girl, Margo, eventually finds him and confronts him about his deception. The man admits to lying about his appearance but not about his personality. The situation is further complicated when the real Brad, the person he pretended to be, is introduced. Brad offers to take the man's place on a date with Margo, leading to an awkward and disappointing date for her.


😌 Reflections and Redemption

The third paragraph reveals Margo's father's perspective, suggesting that Margo's previous relationships didn't work out for a reason and that it's not just about physical appearance. The man receives an encouraging poem in his locker, which seems to inspire him to seek Margo out. He finds her and admits that his date with Brad was terrible because Brad wasn't her. Margo realizes that she should have been with the person she connected with over the phone. They decide to start over, with Margo suggesting they go to a burger place for dinner, but only if the man loses the bow tie.


😉 Starting Anew

The final paragraph sees the man and Margo agreeing to start their relationship anew, with the man promising never to lie to her again. They plan to have dinner together at a place known for its great burgers. The summary ends on a light note with a rumor that Margo is in love with the man, and a playful interaction between the man and his friend Mark, who teases him about needing a partner.




Catfishing is the deceptive act of creating a fake online persona or identity to engage with others. In the video, the main character pretends to be someone else by using a picture of Brad, which is a form of catfishing. This act is central to the theme of the video as it explores the consequences of dishonesty in relationships and the importance of self-acceptance.


Insecurity refers to a lack of confidence and self-esteem. The main character expresses his insecurity about his appearance, which leads him to catfish the girl he's interested in. This keyword is crucial to understanding the character's motivations and the emotional journey he undergoes throughout the video.


A vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat, often for health, ethical, or environmental reasons. The script mentions that the girl the main character is talking to is a vegetarian, which is a detail he uses to connect with her. This keyword is part of the character's attempt to find common ground and build a relationship.


Facetime is a video calling feature on Apple devices that allows users to see each other during a call. In the script, the girl wants to Facetime the main character, but he avoids it because he's pretending to be someone else. This keyword is significant as it represents a point of conflict and a barrier to genuine connection.


Ghosting is the act of suddenly cutting off all communication with someone without explanation. The main character considers ghosting the girl after she plans to visit, which highlights his fear of confrontation and the consequences of his deception.


Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance and belief in one's own abilities or qualities. The main character's friend tries to boost his confidence by telling him he's not bad looking and shouldn't be so hard on himself. This keyword is important as it contrasts with the character's insecurity and sets up the potential for personal growth.

💡Pinnacle of Phenomenal Acting

This phrase is used to describe exceptional acting skills. In the script, it's used to praise an actress, indicating high admiration for her work. This keyword is part of the dialogue that reveals the characters' interests and provides a glimpse into their personal lives outside the main narrative.

💡Rapid Fire Questions

Rapid fire questions are a quick succession of questions asked in a fast and informal manner, often used as an icebreaker or to get to know someone better. In the video, this technique is used to deepen the connection between the characters and reveal their preferences.


Gnocchi is a type of Italian dumpling made from potatoes, typically served with a sauce. The girl orders potato gnocchi at a restaurant, which leads to a conversation about her being a vegetarian. This keyword is used to develop the characters' interaction and to create a realistic dining scenario.


Poetry refers to the art of expressing ideas and emotions through the written or spoken word, often using various forms of meter and rhythm. In the script, one character dismisses poetry as boring, which sparks a humorous moment and reveals differing tastes between the characters.

💡Revenge of the Nerds

Revenge of the Nerds is a phrase that references a 1984 comedy film about social outcasts getting their revenge. In the script, it's used humorously to describe a situation where the main character is trying to retrieve a notebook. This keyword adds a layer of humor and cultural reference to the dialogue.


A young man is catfished by a girl he met online, who he believes only likes him because he's using a picture of someone else.

The protagonist is insecure about his appearance and uses a photo of Brad, a more attractive guy, to attract the girl's interest.

His friend advises him that if the girl truly likes him, she won't care about his looks, emphasizing inner beauty.

The girl expresses her excitement to meet the protagonist in person, unaware of the deception.

The protagonist plans to ghost the girl to avoid the confrontation of revealing his true identity.

The girl arrives at the school looking for the protagonist, leading to an unexpected face-to-face encounter.

The protagonist confesses his deception and apologizes to the girl for lying about his appearance.

The girl is hurt by the deception but offers the protagonist a chance to start over, valuing their connection over looks.

The protagonist learns a valuable lesson about honesty and the importance of being true to oneself.

The story explores the theme of self-acceptance and the pressures of societal beauty standards.

The girl's decision to give the protagonist a second chance emphasizes forgiveness and the potential for personal growth.

The protagonist's friend offers support and a humorous perspective on the situation, adding levity to the narrative.

The story concludes with the protagonist and the girl agreeing to go on a date, symbolizing a fresh start to their relationship.

The use of humor and dialogue effectively conveys the emotional journey of the characters.

The narrative serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of dishonesty in relationships.

The story highlights the importance of communication and trust in building a strong foundation for a relationship.

The protagonist's transformation from a deceiver to a remorseful individual seeking redemption adds depth to his character.

The girl's character is portrayed as understanding and compassionate, which contributes to the story's positive resolution.