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25 Dec 202304:57

TLDRThe video provides a step-by-step guide on how to engage in group chats with your favorite AI characters using the Agnostic platform. It starts with creating an account on Agnostic and uploading an avatar. Next, it guides viewers to the Character Hub Venus website to find and download AI character files. After importing the characters into Agnostic, the tutorial explains how to start a group chat by adding characters and setting up the chat interface. The video emphasizes the interactive nature of the chats, where users can control the conversation flow between characters. The presenter also encourages viewers to explore Agnostic further and share their experiences with the group chat feature.


  • 🎄 Merry Christmas! The video is a festive guide on how to chat with your favorite AI characters.
  • 📱 Start by subscribing to the channel for daily AI content updates.
  • 💻 Visit the Agnes website to create an account for group chatting with AI characters.
  • 👤 You can upload your avatar on the Agnes platform after creating an account.
  • 🔍 Use the Character Hub Venus website to find and download AI character files.
  • 📁 Import the downloaded character files into Agnes to add them to your group chat.
  • 🗣️ Start a group chat by adding at least two characters to the chat interface.
  • ➕ Add more characters to the chat by using the 'add character' button.
  • 📝 Control the conversation by choosing which character replies next.
  • 🤖 Characters can respond to each other, creating a dynamic and interactive chat experience.
  • 🆓 Agnes offers this group chat feature for free and without filters.
  • 📹 For more information on Agnes, check out the previous video linked in the description.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about how to group chat with your favorite AI characters without any filters using a platform called Agnostic.

  • Why would someone want to group chat with AI characters?

    -Someone might want to group chat with AI characters for entertainment, to enhance their Christmas celebration, or to stay up to date with the latest AI interactions.

  • What is the first step to start group chatting on Agnostic?

    -The first step is to visit the Agnostic website, create an account, and upload an avatar if desired.

  • How does one obtain AI characters for group chatting?

    -To obtain AI characters, one needs to visit the Character Hub Venus website, search for desired characters, download their files, and then import them into Agnostic.

  • What is the process of adding characters to a group chat on Agnostic?

    -After creating a group chat, you add characters by going to the settings, selecting participants, clicking the add character button, and choosing the character you want to add.

  • How does the conversation flow in a group chat with AI characters?

    -The conversation flows by the user controlling the chat, typing messages, and choosing which character will reply next. The AI characters can also respond to each other, creating a dynamic conversation.

  • Can you add more than two characters to a group chat on Agnostic?

    -Yes, you can add more characters to a group chat by following the same steps used to add the initial characters.

  • Is there a cost associated with using Agnostic for group chats?

    -No, the video mentions that Agnostic can be used for group chats absolutely free.

  • What does the video recommend for users who want to learn more about Agnostic?

    -The video recommends watching the previous video on Agnostic where all the basics are covered, with the link provided in the description.

  • How does the video encourage viewer interaction?

    -The video encourages viewer interaction by asking them to comment on whether they like the idea of group chats with AI characters and to share their responses.

  • What is the significance of the 'no filters' aspect mentioned in the video?

    -The 'no filters' aspect signifies that the AI characters can engage in more natural and potentially unrestricted conversations, which may be more engaging and realistic for the user.

  • What is the purpose of the 'update' button mentioned in the script?

    -The 'update' button is used to save changes made to the user's account, such as uploading a new avatar.



🎄 Christmas with AI Characters: Introduction

The speaker, an experienced YouTube viewer, introduces the topic of the video, which is about how to engage in a group chat with favorite AI characters without filters and for free. The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel for daily AI content and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. The focus is on enhancing the Christmas experience through AI character interaction.



💡AI Characters

AI characters refer to virtual or computer-generated personalities that can interact with humans through chat or other forms of communication. In the video, the host discusses how viewers can engage in group chats with their favorite AI characters, which is central to the video's theme of enhancing interactive experiences with technology.

💡Group Chat

A group chat is a method of communication where multiple participants can send messages to a shared conversation space. The video provides a tutorial on how to set up a group chat with AI characters, which is a key aspect of the content as it allows viewers to interact with multiple AI characters simultaneously.


Agnostic, in the context of the video, is referred to as a platform that allows users to engage in group chats with AI characters. It is highlighted as the best free character AI alternative with no filters, indicating that it provides an open and unrestricted environment for AI interactions.


Filters, in this context, refer to limitations or restrictions placed on the content or interactions that can occur within a platform. The video emphasizes 'no filters,' suggesting that the Agnostic platform allows for a more open and natural conversation with AI characters without censorship or limitations.

💡Character Hub Venus

Character Hub Venus is mentioned as a platform where a variety of AI characters can be found and downloaded. It serves as a source for obtaining AI characters to be used in group chats on the Agnostic platform, which is a crucial step in the process outlined in the video.

💡Unfiltered Characters

Unfiltered characters are AI personalities that are available for interaction without any content restrictions. The video instructs viewers to enable an option to see more unfiltered characters on the Character Hub Venus, which is important for users seeking a more authentic and unrestricted chat experience.

💡Importing Characters

Importing characters refers to the process of adding AI characters to the Agnostic platform after they have been downloaded from the Character Hub Venus. This step is essential for setting up the group chat, as it brings the AI characters into the platform where they can interact with users.

💡Chat Interface

The chat interface is the user interface where the group chat takes place. The video describes how to navigate the chat interface to add characters, start conversations, and control the flow of the group chat, which is central to the user's interaction with AI characters.


Settings in the context of the video refer to the configuration options available within the chat interface that allow users to customize their group chat experience. This includes adding characters, controlling who can see the chat, and managing other preferences to ensure a personalized interaction.


Participation relates to the involvement of AI characters in the group chat. The video explains how to add characters as participants in the chat, which is a key step in enabling the group chat functionality and allowing multiple AI characters to engage in conversation.

💡Controlling Conversations

Controlling conversations means managing the flow of dialogue between users and AI characters within the group chat. The host of the video emphasizes that users have the ability to direct the conversation, choosing which character responds next, and when, which adds an interactive layer to the chat experience.


Discover how to group chat with your favorite AI characters without filters and for free.

Subscribe to the channel for daily AI content updates.

Celebrate Christmas with AI characters by making a group chat.

Agnostic is a free character AI alternative that allows group chatting.

Create an account on Agnostic to start group chatting with AI characters.

Upload your avatar on Agnostic to personalize your experience.

Character Hub Venus is a platform with many different AI characters for group chats.

Download character files from Character Hub Venus to use on Agnostic.

Import characters into Agnostic to start a group chat.

Add characters to the chat interface by selecting and creating a group.

Control the conversation flow by choosing which character replies first.

Characters can interact with each other, simulating a natural group chat.

Delete the first system-generated message to start your conversation.

Experience the true pleasure of group chatting by controlling the dialogue.

Add more characters to the group chat for a richer conversation.

Agnostic allows for free and filter-less group chatting with AI characters.

Watch the previous video on Agnostic for more basic information and setup.

Share your thoughts on group chats in the comments section.