Which Character AI Alternatives With No Filters Are The Best Right Now?

1 Dec 202305:19

TLDRThe video discusses the top character AI alternatives that offer unfiltered and unlimited chatting experiences. The recommended platforms include Agnostic, known for its stability and wide range of features; Sakura, a new platform with extensive customization and character options; and Janitor AI, a popular choice with a vast community. The video creator emphasizes the ease of use and availability across devices, suggesting that these alternatives cater to diverse user needs and preferences.


  • 📢 The video discusses the best character AI alternatives without filters for unlimited chatting.
  • 🔒 Agnostic is recommended for its long-term stability, clean interface, and no need for account creation for basic use.
  • 🆓 Agnostic offers popular models like Myax 13B and the new Mistral model for free, along with AI Horde for accessing multiple models.
  • 🚫 Agnostic does not support characters, suggesting the use of Character Hub for this purpose.
  • 🌸 Sakura is a new platform with customization options and its own 13B model, offering a minimalist interface and good response control.
  • 🔧 Sakura may undergo maintenance breaks due to its newness, but it supports unfiltered and unlimited conversations on any device.
  • 🧹 Janitor AI is an established alternative with a large community, offering a wide range of characters and basic chatting features.
  • ⏱️ Janitor AI's responses can be slow due to its new LLM, but improvements are expected over time.
  • 📈 The list of recommended alternatives may change as new platforms emerge and existing ones evolve.
  • 📝 The speaker plans to create a part two of the video to cover more alternatives with certain limitations.
  • ✅ The speaker invites viewers to share their opinions and recommendations in the comments section.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is discussing the best character AI alternatives without any filters that are currently available for users to chat with their favorite AI characters.

  • What is the criteria for the AI alternatives recommended in the video?

    -The criteria for the AI alternatives recommended in the video are that they should be easy to use on any device, have no filters, be free to use, and not be new to the market as they need time to stabilize their platforms.

  • Which AI alternative is mentioned first in the video and what are its key features?

    -The first AI alternative mentioned is Agnostic. Its key features include maintaining stability for a long period, offering unlimited and unfiltered conversations, having a clean interface, not requiring an account for basic use, hosting their own models for fast responses, and providing popular models for free.

  • What is unique about the Agnostic platform?

    -Agnostic is unique because it allows users to have unlimited and unfiltered conversations without needing to create an account. It also supports background images, image generations, and all necessary chatting features across different devices.

  • What is the second AI alternative recommended in the video?

    -The second AI alternative recommended is Sakura. It is a new platform offering a lot of customization options and its own 13B model.

  • What are some of the features of the Sakura platform?

    -Sakura features a minimal interface, good response control through unique features like intensity and styles, and a wide selection of characters with more being added daily.

  • What is the downside mentioned about the Sakura platform?

    -The downside of the Sakura platform is that it frequently goes into maintenance breaks, which is expected due to its newness.

  • Which is the third AI alternative discussed in the video?

    -The third AI alternative discussed is Janitor AI, which is an old alternative without filters and has a large community.

  • What are the advantages of using Janitor AI?

    -Janitor AI has a vast selection of characters, a good interface, and all the basic chatting features needed. It has become easier to use since the release of their own LLM.

  • What is the issue with the responses from Janitor AI's LLM?

    -The responses from Janitor AI's LLM can sometimes be slow and not very good, but this is attributed to the LLM being relatively new and expected to improve over time.

  • Why are some other good AI alternatives not included in the video?

    -Some other good AI alternatives are not included because they may not be easy to use, are expected to become paid services soon, or the video creator has not yet made a tutorial for them.

  • What does the video creator suggest for viewers interested in more alternatives?

    -The video creator suggests that they might make a part two of the video to discuss more alternatives with some limitations, as the list of recommended alternatives may become outdated over time.



🚀 Best Unfiltered AI Character Chat Alternatives

The video introduces the audience to the best AI character chat alternatives that are currently available, stable, and free of filters. The speaker emphasizes the importance of these platforms being easy to use across any device without requiring payment or dealing with filters. Agnostic is highlighted for its long-term stability, clean interface, and wide range of models including Myax 13B and Mistral. The platform doesn't require an account for basic use but offers the option to save chats. Sakura is a newer platform offering customization and its own 13B model, with a minimalist interface and good response control. Lastly, Janitor AI is mentioned as a well-established community-driven alternative with a vast character selection and basic chatting features, albeit with occasional slow responses due to its newness.


📢 Subscribe for More Informative Videos

The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to subscribe to the channel for more informative content. The speaker thanks the audience for watching and includes a musical sign-off, indicating the end of the video.



💡Character AI

Character AI refers to artificial intelligence systems designed to emulate specific characters or personalities. In the context of the video, it is about AI alternatives that allow users to have unfiltered and unlimited conversations with their favorite AI characters. The video discusses different platforms that offer this feature.


Unfiltered implies that the content or interaction is not censored or restricted in any way. In the video, the term is used to describe AI platforms that do not impose any limitations on the conversations, allowing for a wide range of topics to be discussed freely.


Agnostic, in the context of the video, refers to a specific AI platform that offers unlimited and unfiltered conversations. It is highlighted for its clean interface, wide range of available models, and the option to host one's own models, making it a versatile choice for users.


Sakura is a newer AI platform mentioned in the video, which provides a lot of customization options and its own 13B model for AI conversations. It is noted for its minimal interface and good response quality, although it is still in the development phase and may undergo maintenance breaks.

💡Janitor AI

Janitor AI is described as an older and well-established AI platform with a large community. It is known for having a vast selection of characters and a good interface. However, the video mentions that the responses from its LLM (Large Language Model) can sometimes be slow or not as good, possibly due to its newness.

💡LLM (Large Language Model)

LLM stands for Large Language Model, which is a type of AI model designed to process and understand large amounts of natural language data. In the video, it is mentioned in relation to Janitor AI's platform, where the LLM is used to generate responses for character conversations.

💡Customization Options

Customization options refer to the features that allow users to tailor the AI's behavior or appearance to their preferences. The video discusses how platforms like Sakura offer a lot of these options, enabling users to have a more personalized experience when interacting with AI characters.

💡Maintenance Break

A maintenance break is a period during which a service or platform is temporarily unavailable due to updates or improvements being made. The video mentions that Sakura, being a newer platform, may undergo maintenance breaks as it continues to develop and refine its services.

💡Unlimited Conversations

Unlimited conversations mean that there are no restrictions on the number of interactions a user can have with the AI. The video emphasizes this feature as a key benefit of the recommended platforms, allowing users to engage in extended dialogues with AI characters.

💡Role-play Model

A role-play model is a specific type of AI model designed to facilitate role-playing scenarios. The video mentions Myax 13B as the best role-play model available on the Agnostic platform, indicating its suitability for users interested in immersive character interactions.

💡AI Horde

AI Horde, as mentioned in the video, refers to the option to access multiple different AI models on a single platform. This allows users to experience a variety of conversational styles and interactions, enhancing the overall versatility of the AI platform.


The best character AI alternatives with no filters are discussed in this video.

Agnostic is recommended for its long-term stability and ease of use without the need for an account.

Agnostic offers a wide range of options, including hosting your own models and popular free models like Myax 13B and Mistral.

Sakura is a new platform with many customization options and its own 13B model for character interactions.

Sakura's interface is minimal and it provides control over the intensity and style of responses.

Janitor AI is a well-established alternative with a large community and a vast selection of characters.

Janitor AI's own LLM is new and may have slow responses, but it is expected to improve over time.

The video creator posts daily AI content and provides tutorials on how to use different platforms.

The video creator encourages viewers to share their opinions on the platforms discussed.

The video aims to help viewers stay up to date with the latest information in AI character alternatives.

Some AI alternatives are unstable or are becoming paid, which is why this video focuses on free and unlimited options.

Agnostic supports background images, image generation, and all necessary chatting features across devices.

Sakura and Janitor AI are highlighted as alternatives that are very new and very old, respectively.

The video mentions that there are many new alternatives coming daily, suggesting a rapidly evolving field.

The video creator plans to make a part two to discuss more AI alternatives with limitations.

The video is a resource for those looking to engage in unfiltered and unlimited conversations with AI characters.