InVideo AI Review (Crazy AI Video Generator! 🤯)

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4 Dec 202311:03

TLDRIn this comprehensive review of InVideo AI, we explore the remarkable capabilities of this AI video generator. The platform is praised for its speed and ease of use, with features like text-to-video AI that streamline the video creation process. Users can create visually appealing videos quickly, handling everything from scriptwriting to finding b-roll footage, AI voiceovers, and music selection—all initiated from a single text input. The review demonstrates how specific prompts can generate targeted content, such as a YouTube video aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs, focusing on growth and success strategies. The platform's editing tools allow for customization of both the script and the visual elements, ensuring the final product aligns with the user's vision. Additionally, InVideo AI offers a workflow for creating YouTube Shorts, providing a structured approach to generating content for different platforms. The review also touches on the platform's pricing options and the potential for using InVideo AI as an inspiration tool for traditional video content creation. Overall, InVideo AI is presented as a powerful and versatile tool for content creators looking to enhance their video production workflow.


  • 🚀 InVideo AI is a powerful tool for creating videos quickly and easily from text prompts.
  • 📝 The platform handles script creation, finding b-roll footage, AI voiceovers, and music selection.
  • 📈 Users can input specific instructions for the AI to generate a video tailored to their needs.
  • 📉 The more detailed the prompt, the better the resulting video aligns with the user's vision.
  • 🎬 Workflow options include creating YouTube shorts, explainer videos, and recent events videos.
  • 🔍 The AI can ask for additional context to improve the video generation process.
  • ✂️ Users can edit the generated script and stock footage to customize the video further.
  • 🎼 Music and voiceover can be adjusted to fit the desired tone and pace of the video.
  • 💬 The platform provides options to resolve potential copyright issues on platforms like YouTube.
  • 💡 InVideo AI can also be used for inspiration in creating talking head videos or other content types.
  • 📉 There's a free plan available for basic usage, with paid plans offering additional features like watermark removal and more stock footage.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of InVideo AI?

    -The main purpose of InVideo AI is to allow users to create high-quality, engaging videos quickly and easily using AI technology. It handles everything from script creation, finding b-roll, adding AI voiceovers, and music, all from a text prompt.

  • How does InVideo AI handle the process of creating a video?

    -InVideo AI creates a video by first analyzing the text prompt provided by the user. It then generates a video, asking for additional context if needed. Users can further customize the video by editing the script, changing stock footage, and adjusting the voiceover.

  • What are the different workflows available in InVideo AI?

    -InVideo AI offers different workflows such as creating a YouTube short, a YouTube explainer video, a recent events video, or starting with a video script if the user already has one prepared.

  • How can users customize the AI-generated video?

    -Users can customize the AI-generated video by editing the script, swapping out stock footage with their own media or searching for new footage within the platform, and adjusting the voiceover to fit their needs.

  • What is the process for exporting a video in InVideo AI?

    -To export a video, users select the 'Export Video' option, choose the video export resolution, decide on watermark and branding preferences, and then initiate the rendering process. Once completed, they can download the video file to their computer.

  • How does InVideo AI assist with potential copyright issues on YouTube?

    -If a video is flagged for copyright on YouTube, InVideo AI provides a button that users can click to get assistance in removing the copyright claim, ensuring that all licensing is legitimate and taken care of by the platform.

  • What are the benefits of using InVideo AI for video creation?

    -InVideo AI benefits users by saving time and effort in video creation, offering a wide range of customization options, and providing a user-friendly interface for generating professional-looking videos with minimal technical knowledge required.

  • What are the different pricing plans available for InVideo AI?

    -InVideo AI offers a free plan for basic usage, a Plus plan for additional features like removing watermarks and accessing more stock footage, and a Max plan for professional users with higher allocations for AI generation minutes and storage limits.

  • How can InVideo AI be used for inspiration in traditional video creation?

    -InVideo AI can be used to generate a script and corresponding stock footage suggestions for a video that a user has already planned to shoot. This can serve as an inspiration for what to include in the video and help in planning the content.

  • What kind of content can be created using InVideo AI?

    -InVideo AI can be used to create various types of content such as YouTube shorts, explainer videos, business growth guides, and even travel destination videos, making it versatile for different types of video content needs.

  • How does InVideo AI ensure the legitimacy of stock footage and licensing?

    -InVideo AI takes care of all the licensing and ensures that the stock footage used is legitimate. In case of any copyright issues, the platform provides assistance to resolve them, giving users peace of mind while creating content.

  • What are the steps to create a video with InVideo AI?

    -To create a video with InVideo AI, users need to sign up or log in, enter a topic and detailed instructions into the main AI prompt box, select a workflow if desired, and hit 'Generate Video'. The platform then analyzes the input and creates a video, allowing for further customization before exporting.



😀 Introduction to AI Video Generator

The script introduces an AI video generator, highlighting its efficiency and ease of use. It emphasizes the tool's ability to create high-quality videos quickly, covering everything from scriptwriting to adding voiceovers and music. The user is encouraged to sign up for a free account and is guided through the process of creating a video, starting from entering a topic and detailed instructions to generating a preview version. The script also mentions the possibility of customizing the video by swapping out stock footage and editing the script, as well as the option to remove watermarks during export.


🎬 Customizing and Exporting AI Videos

This paragraph demonstrates how to fine-tune the AI-generated video by adjusting the voiceover, changing scenes, and modifying the script. It also showcases the process of generating a YouTube short using a workflow designed for it, which includes selecting a voice, style, and preferences for stock footage. The video creation process is described as fast and straightforward. After the video is generated, the user is guided through exporting the video at different resolutions, with options for watermark and branding preferences. The paragraph also touches on the tool's utility for generating scripts and providing inspiration for regular talking head videos.


💰 Pricing and Additional Resources

The final paragraph discusses the pricing options for the AI video generator, outlining a free plan and paid plans (Plus and Max) with varying features such as the removal of watermarks and access to more stock footage. It also mentions the availability of a month-to-month plan. The script provides a call to action for viewers interested in exploring more AI tools for video editing, with a link provided on screen. Additionally, it directs viewers to find more resources and links in the description box and teases the next video in the series.



💡AI video generator

An AI video generator is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to automate the process of creating videos. In the context of the video, it refers to the InVideo AI tool, which can generate videos from text prompts, handling tasks such as script creation, finding supplementary footage (b-roll), adding voiceovers, and music selection. It is portrayed as a fast and easy way to produce professional-looking videos.

💡Text-to-video AI

Text-to-video AI refers to the capability of an AI system to convert written text into a video format. The video emphasizes the power of InVideo's text-to-video AI in creating videos quickly. It means that by simply inputting text, the AI can generate a video, making the video production process more efficient and accessible.

💡YouTube video

A YouTube video is a piece of content hosted on the YouTube platform. The script discusses creating different types of YouTube videos, such as YouTube shorts and explainer videos, which are targeted at business owners and entrepreneurs. These videos aim to be non-technical, inspiring, and action-inducing.


B-roll refers to supplementary footage that is edited into a video production to establish tone, provide context, or to convey information. In the video, InVideo AI is shown to find and add b-roll footage that is relevant to the script, enhancing the overall video quality and engagement.


A voiceover is a production technique where a voice is recorded and added to a video, typically to narrate or explain what is happening on screen. The video script mentions AI voiceovers, where the AI selects and adds a voiceover to match the video's theme and content, such as a friendly young male voice for a business-oriented video.

💡Script editing

Script editing involves revising and making changes to the text or dialogue of a video. The video demonstrates how users can edit the generated script within InVideo AI, allowing for minor adjustments to improve the flow and clarity of the narrative. This feature is crucial for ensuring the final video aligns with the creator's vision.

💡Stock footage

Stock footage consists of pre-shot video clips that can be used in various productions. The video script discusses the ability to search for and replace stock footage within the InVideo AI platform, providing users with a wide range of visuals to enhance their videos.

💡YouTube shorts

YouTube shorts are short-form videos created specifically for the YouTube platform, typically under one minute long. The video script includes a workflow for generating YouTube shorts, emphasizing their growing popularity and the need for content creators to leverage this format.

💡Exporting video

Exporting video refers to the process of saving a finished video project in a specific format that can be shared or uploaded to platforms like YouTube. The video explains how to export videos from InVideo AI, including options to choose the resolution and whether to include watermarks or branding.

💡Copyright claim

A copyright claim occurs when a video is flagged for using content that may infringe on someone else's copyright. The video mentions a feature within InVideo AI that assists users in resolving copyright claims, ensuring that the stock footage and licensing used in videos are legitimate and reducing the risk of such claims.

💡Pricing plans

Pricing plans are the different levels of service offered by a company, each with varying features and costs. The video outlines the free option for InVideo AI and the paid plans (Plus and Max), which offer additional features like the removal of watermarks, access to more stock footage, and higher storage limits.


InVideo AI is a powerful and fast AI video generator that can create videos quickly from a text prompt.

The platform handles script creation, B-roll footage, AI voiceovers, and music selection from a single text input.

Users can sign up for a free account to start creating videos.

The AI tool provides different workflows for various types of videos, such as YouTube shorts, explainer videos, and recent events videos.

The more specific the prompt, the better the generated video aligns with the user's vision.

The AI can generate a preview version of the video, which can be edited for customization.

Users can swap out stock footage and edit the script for minor changes without regenerating the entire video.

InVideo AI provides the ability to adjust the voiceover, music, and scene lengths to fit the desired video outcome.

The platform allows for easy editing of the generated script and the replacement of stock footage with user-uploaded media.

InVideo AI can be used for inspiration in creating talking head videos or other content types.

The platform offers a script-to-video feature that can help users visualize their video before shooting.

Pricing starts with a free option, with paid plans offering additional features like watermark removal and access to more stock footage.

Paid plans also provide higher AI generation minutes, more stock footage, and increased storage limits.

The platform assists users with copyright claims on YouTube, ensuring all licensing is legitimate.

InVideo AI is user-friendly, allowing for quick and easy video creation with minimal technical knowledge.

The tool is particularly useful for business owners, entrepreneurs, and YouTube creators looking to grow their online presence.

Users can export their videos in various resolutions, including 4K, depending on their plan.

InVideo AI is an all-in-one solution for video creation, offering a comprehensive platform for content generation and editing.