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Kevin Stratvert
13 Nov 202311:23

TLDRIn this video, Kevin introduces viewers to the best AI video generator, which can transform text prompts into impressive videos. Partnering with Invideo, he demonstrates the process of creating a commercial for the Kevin Cookie Company. The AI tool allows for customization, including video type, duration, tone, and specific elements like a call to action. After generating a video, users can make refinements, such as changing the media, script, voiceover, and music. The final product is a professional-looking video that aligns with the user's vision, showcasing the capabilities of AI in video creation.


  • 🚀 The best AI video generator can turn text prompts into impressive videos quickly.
  • 🍪 Kevin Cookie Company is highlighted as a purveyor of high-quality cookies, emphasizing tradition and passion.
  • 📺 The video is intended for platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, or Instagram, with a focus on a call to action directing viewers to
  • ✍️ Descriptive prompts yield better AI-generated videos, including details like video type, tone, and specific elements.
  • 🎥 The AI tool allows for customization of the video, including the choice of voiceover and platform-specific video ratios.
  • 📊 The process includes selecting an audience, look and feel, and platform to guide the AI in generating the video.
  • 📝 Minor tweaks can be made to the video after generation, including changing the media, script, and voiceover.
  • 🎶 Music and voiceover options can be changed to suit the creator's preference, with the ability to undo changes easily.
  • 📱 High-resolution video export is available, with options to remove watermarks and branding through a paid account.
  • 🔄 The platform provides support for any issues encountered during the video creation process.
  • 📚 Users can access a history of their projects for further editing or to retrieve rendered videos.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the AI video generator mentioned in the script?

    -The AI video generator is designed to take text or a prompt and turn it into an impressive video. It is particularly useful for creating commercials, social media content, or any video that requires a script and visual elements.

  • How does the AI video generator help in creating a video for the Kevin Cookie Company?

    -The AI video generator assists by crafting a script based on the input text, selecting appropriate stock footage, and including a voiceover and overlaid text. It generates a video that encourages people to buy cookies from the Kevin Cookie Company, adhering to the specified tone, length, and content requirements.

  • What are the key elements to include in the prompt for the AI to generate a video?

    -The prompt should include the type of video (e.g., YouTube short, TikTok, Instagram), the desired video length, the tone of the script, specific elements to be included in the video (like a call to action), and the preferred voice for the voiceover.

  • How can users get assistance with writing their prompt for the AI video generator?

    -Users can click on a dropdown menu that offers different workflows for various types of videos, such as a YouTube short, an explainer video, or a recent events video. This helps guide them through the process of crafting an effective prompt.

  • What kind of control does the user have over the final video after it's generated by AI?

    -The user has full control over the final product. They can edit the media used in the video, modify the script, change the voiceover, and make adjustments to the visuals and text overlays to match their vision.

  • How does the AI video generator determine the type of video to create based on the input?

    -The AI video generator uses the information provided in the prompt, such as mentioning 'YouTube short' or 'TikTok', to understand the desired video format (vertical or sixteen by nine) and tailors the content accordingly.

  • What are the steps to edit the generated video if the user wants to make refinements?

    -The user can click on the 'edit' button to access the video editing screen, where they can modify the media, script, and other elements. They can also use the AI to make changes by giving commands for specific adjustments.

  • How does the AI video generator assist with selecting the right voiceover for the video?

    -The user can specify the type of voice they want for the voiceover in the prompt. After the video is generated, they can experiment with different voice options and easily switch between them until they find the one that best fits their video.

  • What options are available for customizing the music in the generated video?

    -The user can choose to change the music by giving a command to the AI for a different style or mood of music. The AI then generates the video with the new music selection, allowing the user to preview and decide if it meets their expectations.

  • What are the benefits of having a paid account with the AI video generator service?

    -Paid accounts offer the ability to remove watermarks and in-video branding, providing a more professional look to the generated videos. They also may include additional features and capabilities beyond the free account, starting at a cost of $20 per month.

  • How can users keep track of their generated videos and make further edits if needed?

    -Users can access a history of their projects through the hamburger menu on the homepage. This allows them to revisit, edit, and manage their videos, including making changes to the script or accessing rendered videos.



🚀 Introduction to AI Video Generation

Kevin introduces an AI video generator that can convert text prompts into impressive videos. He discusses the capabilities of the tool, particularly its ability to create a commercial for the Kevin Cookie Company. The process is straightforward: users visit a website, create an account, and input their video description, specifying the type of video, desired length, tone, and elements like call to action. The AI tool then generates a video based on the input. Kevin also mentions the possibility of using different workflows for various types of videos and emphasizes the importance of a detailed prompt for better AI performance.


🎬 Customizing and Editing the AI-Generated Video

The video script details how to customize and edit the AI-generated video. Kevin explains that after the video is generated, users can make refinements by selecting different elements like audience, look and feel, and platform. He demonstrates how to replace stock footage with preferred media, including uploading custom media like the Kevin Cookie Company logo. Kevin also shows how to edit the script, remove unnecessary quotes, and adjust the narration to fit the video's context. Additionally, he explores changing the voiceover and music to better match the desired tone, and concludes with how to export the final video with customizable settings, including resolution and watermark preferences.


📚 Project Management and Support

The final paragraph outlines the project management features and support available within the AI video generation platform. Kevin mentions that users can access a history of their projects through a menu for further editing or script adjustments. He also highlights the quick support option available in the platform for users encountering difficulties. Kevin concludes by encouraging viewers to subscribe for more content like the one presented and expresses a humorous concern about the potential impact of AI on his video-making job.



💡AI video generator

An AI video generator is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically create videos from text prompts. In the context of the video, it is the main subject and the technology that enables the creation of promotional content for the Kevin Cookie Company. The AI video generator is showcased as a time-saving and efficient method to produce high-quality videos with minimal manual effort.

💡Kevin Cookie Company

The Kevin Cookie Company is a fictional business entity mentioned in the video script that specializes in crafting confectionery delights. It serves as the client for whom the AI video generator is used to create a promotional video. The company represents the typical small business that could benefit from AI technology to enhance its marketing efforts without significant investment in video production.

💡Text prompt

A text prompt is a written input that guides the AI video generator in creating the desired video content. It includes descriptions, requirements, and specific elements the user wants to be included in the video. In the script, the text prompt is used to instruct the AI to generate a commercial for the Kevin Cookie Company, emphasizing the need for a compelling narrative and specific visual and auditory elements.

💡Video script

A video script is a written plan for a video that outlines the dialogue, scenes, and actions that will occur. In the context of the AI video generator, the script is automatically generated based on the text prompt provided by the user. The script is crucial as it dictates the narrative and tone of the video, ensuring that the final product aligns with the user's vision.


Voiceover refers to the spoken commentary or dialogue that is recorded and added to a video, typically by a separate speaker who is not seen on screen. In the video script, the voiceover is mentioned as an element that can be selected and customized, with the user choosing an authoritative British voice to narrate the commercial for the Kevin Cookie Company.

💡Call to action

A call to action (CTA) is a prompt designed to inspire a specific response or action from the viewer. In the video, the CTA is to visit, which is a directive for the audience to engage with the company's website. It is a key marketing tool used to drive traffic and conversions.

💡Stock footage

Stock footage consists of pre-existing video clips that are used in the production of new videos. In the context of the AI video generator, stock footage is automatically selected and integrated into the video based on the text prompt. The user has the option to replace or customize this footage to better fit the desired outcome.


Editing is the process of revising and refining a video to enhance its quality and impact. The video script describes the user's ability to edit the AI-generated video, including changing the media, script, and voiceover. This allows for personalization and fine-tuning to meet the user's specific needs and preferences.

💡Export settings

Export settings are the parameters chosen when a video is prepared for sharing or distribution, such as resolution and the presence of watermarks or branding. In the script, the user selects 1080P resolution and opts for no watermarks, indicating a preference for high-quality output suitable for professional or public sharing.

💡Paid account

A paid account refers to a subscription-based service that offers additional features or benefits beyond those available in a free account. The video script mentions that with a paid account, users can remove watermarks and in-video branding, suggesting that there are incentives for users to upgrade for a more polished and professional video output.

💡Video resolution

Video resolution is the number of pixels that make up the width and height of a video image, affecting its clarity and quality. The script specifies 1080P as the chosen resolution for exporting the video, which is a common high-definition standard providing a balance between quality and file size.


The best AI video generator can turn text into impressive videos in minutes.

Kevin Cookie Company is featured as an example, promoting extraordinary cookies.

Invideo is the partner platform used to demonstrate the AI video generation process.

The AI tool is intuitive and straightforward, allowing users to create videos with detailed prompts.

Descriptive prompts yield better AI-generated videos.

Specifying the type of video, audience, and tone is crucial for effective video creation.

The AI can generate a video tailored for different social media platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikTok, or Instagram.

Users have full control to edit and refine the AI-generated video to match their vision.

The AI suggests stock footage and script based on the user's prompt.

Users can replace footage and upload their own media for a personalized touch.

AI can assist with scriptwriting by providing different workflows for various video types.

The generated video includes a human-sounding voiceover, matching visuals, and overlaid text.

Minor tweaks can be made to the video, such as removing quotes or periods for a cleaner script.

AI can also change the voiceover to different accents and tones based on user preference.

Users can try different music tracks to find the best fit for their video's mood.

Export settings allow users to choose video resolution and whether to include watermarks or branding.

Paid accounts offer additional features like the removal of watermarks and start at $20 per month.

Invideo provides customer support for any issues encountered during the video creation process.

The platform allows users to access and edit their past projects and rendered videos.

AI video generation threatens traditional video creation jobs as it becomes more advanced and accessible.