How To Use Canva Ai Image Generator 2024 (For Beginners)

Tutorials by Manizha & Ryan
26 Jul 202308:17

TLDRIn this tutorial, the presenter guides beginners through using Canva's AI image generator to create various types of media. Canva is known for its templates that can boost sales and viewership, and the AI image generator allows users to create custom images by specifying styles, aspect ratios, and detailed descriptions. The video demonstrates how to generate images for social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, and how to use the tool to create product packaging variations or unique wallpapers. It also covers the use of additional Canva applications like the background remover and mockups for further customization and creativity. The presenter encourages viewers to experiment with the tool to enhance their social media presence and offers tips on how to select styles that align with their brand aesthetic.


  • 🎨 Canva's AI image generator is a powerful tool for creating various types of media, not just presentations.
  • 🛠️ Canva offers customizable templates that can increase sales and viewership for posts across multiple platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.
  • 📏 Users can select a custom size for their canvas, choosing from pre-set dimensions for different social media platforms.
  • 🖼️ The AI image generator can be accessed by searching for 'text to image' within the Canva apps section.
  • 🌟 Multiple style options and aspect ratios are available to tailor the AI-generated images to specific aesthetic preferences.
  • 📚 Detailed prompts yield more accurate AI-generated images, which is beneficial for creating product images or packaging variations.
  • 🎁 The tool provides variations of the generated images, offering a wide range of options to choose from for different creative needs.
  • 🌈 Applying specific styles to the generated images can help maintain a consistent aesthetic across social media platforms or for branding purposes.
  • 👩‍🎨 Background removal and mockup applications within Canva further enhance the creative possibilities for image editing and product presentation.
  • 📢 Sharing the knowledge of Canva's AI image generator with others can help creators and businesses improve their visual content creation.

Q & A

  • What is Canva and how is it used?

    -Canva is a popular online design tool used for creating various types of media forms such as presentations, planners, price lists, and illustrative work. It offers powerful and proven templates that can increase sales and viewership on posts. Users can customize illustrations and create their own images with Canva's AI image generator.

  • How do I start using Canva's AI image generator?

    -To start using Canva's AI image generator, you first need to go to a custom size and select the canvas size you want. Then, open an empty template for your desired platform like Instagram or Pinterest. Once the blank canvas is open, click on 'Apps' and search for 'Text to Image'. Install the 'Text to Image' app by Canva and start creating images based on your prompts and styles.

  • What kind of templates does Canva offer for social media platforms?

    -Canva offers a wide range of templates suitable for various social media platforms including Instagram, Tick Tock (TikTok), and Pinterest. These templates can be customized to fit different content needs and styles.

  • How does the 'Text to Image' app by Canva work?

    -The 'Text to Image' app by Canva allows users to create images based on text prompts. Users can input a description or idea, select a style, and choose an aspect ratio. The app then generates an image that matches the input criteria, providing variations for infinite possibilities.

  • Can I use Canva's AI image generator to create product images for my business?

    -Yes, Canva's AI image generator can be used to create product images. It's particularly useful for generating images that can boost the reach of your social media platforms or business. You can provide detailed descriptions to get more accurate images that represent your products well.

  • How can I customize the style of the generated images?

    -You can customize the style of the generated images by selecting different styles within the 'Text to Image' app. If you don't like the style of an image but like the prompt, you can apply a specific style, such as 'ink print', to generate the image again with the desired aesthetic.

  • What is the advantage of using Canva's AI image generator for social media?

    -Using Canva's AI image generator for social media can help create unique and engaging images that can increase the reach and viewership of your posts. It allows for the creation of wallpapers, creative illustrations, and product images that fit the aesthetic of your social media platforms without needing to hire specific designers.

  • Can I use Canva to create mock-ups for my products?

    -Yes, Canva offers the 'Mockups' application created by Smart Mockups, which specializes in creating mock-ups for your products. While it doesn't create AI-generated images, it provides creative ways to insert images into pre-existing backgrounds, which can be useful for building unique images for social media platforms.

  • What is the process of removing the background from an image in Canva?

    -In Canva, you can remove the background from an image by using the 'Remove BG' (Remove Background) application. You can find and install this app within the 'Apps' section. Alternatively, you can use third-party applications like, which also offers free background removal services.

  • How can I use Canva to create a cohesive aesthetic for my social media platforms?

    -You can use Canva to create a cohesive aesthetic by selecting a specific style that fits your brand or the vibe you want to convey on your social media platforms. You can apply this style to all your generated images to maintain consistency across your posts.

  • What are some other creative uses of Canva's AI image generator?

    -Apart from creating social media content, Canva's AI image generator can be used to design wallpapers, generate images for digital art, and create unique visuals for various marketing materials. It can also help in creating presentations and other business documents with a creative and professional touch.

  • How can I share the knowledge I gained from this tutorial with others?

    -You can share the knowledge by liking the video, subscribing to the YouTube channel, and sharing the video with friends, family, and other creators. Encourage them to explore Canva's AI image generator and apply it to enhance their own social media presence or business needs.



🎨 Getting Started with Canva's AI Image Generator

This paragraph introduces viewers to Canva, a versatile tool known for presentations but also useful for creating various media forms such as planners, price lists, and illustrative works. It highlights Canva's powerful templates that can boost sales and viewership. The speaker guides beginners on how to use Canva's AI image generator by selecting a custom size canvas, choosing a template, and then using the 'Text to Image' app to create images based on textual prompts. The AI provides variations, offering users a wide range of creative possibilities for social media, product images, and more. The paragraph also touches on generating specific product-related images, like a lipstick post on Instagram, and the importance of detailed prompts for accurate AI-generated images.


🌐 Customizing Aesthetics with Canva's AI and Tools

The second paragraph delves into customizing images further by changing styles to fit a brand's aesthetic or social media vibe. It demonstrates how to apply different styles to AI-generated images and suggests using these styles to maintain consistency across various social media platforms. The paragraph also covers the effectiveness of using AI images beyond social media, such as for backgrounds and foreground images, and introduces tools like 'Remove BG' for background removal. It mentions third-party apps like and other Canva integrations, such as the 'Smart Mockups' application, for creating mock-ups and unique images for business or social media. The speaker concludes by encouraging viewers to like, subscribe, share the video, and leave comments for further assistance.



💡Canva AI Image Generator

The Canva AI Image Generator is an innovative tool within the Canva platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to assist users in creating images. It is particularly useful for beginners who may not have extensive design experience. In the video, it is shown to be capable of generating a wide range of images from simple prompts, making it a powerful asset for social media content creation and beyond.

💡Custom Size

Custom Size refers to the option within Canva that allows users to specify the exact dimensions of their canvas. This is crucial for creating images tailored to specific platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, ensuring that the content fits perfectly within the platform's requirements. In the script, selecting a custom size is the first step to start creating an image with the AI generator.


Templates in Canva are pre-designed layouts that users can choose from to create various types of media, such as presentations, planners, and social media posts. These templates often follow proven designs that can increase sales and viewership. The video emphasizes the variety of templates available and how they can be customized to fit individual needs.

💡Text to Image

Text to Image is an application within Canva that converts text descriptions into visual images. This feature is particularly highlighted in the video as a way to generate images based on specific prompts or descriptions provided by the user. It is part of the AI capabilities of Canva, offering multiple styles and aspect ratios to choose from.


Variations in the context of the Canva AI Image Generator refer to the different versions of an image that can be generated from a single prompt. The video script mentions that the AI provides variations, which gives users multiple options to choose from, allowing for a high degree of flexibility and creativity in their image selection.

💡Product Images

Product Images are visual representations of items or goods that are often used in marketing and sales materials. In the video, the AI generator is shown to be effective in creating product images, such as for a lipstick, which can be beneficial for e-commerce and social media marketing. The level of detail provided in the prompt affects the accuracy of the generated image.

💡Packaging Variations

Packaging Variations are different design options for the packaging of a product. The video demonstrates how the Canva AI Image Generator can be used to explore various packaging designs for products like lipsticks. This can help in the creative process of designing product packaging without the need for hiring external designers.


Mock-ups are representations of how a product might look in a real-world setting. In the context of the video, the Smart Mockups application within Canva is mentioned as a tool for creating mock-ups. Although it does not generate AI images, it offers creative ways to insert images into existing backgrounds, which is useful for social media and business platforms.

💡Background Removal

Background Removal is the process of taking an image and removing its background, leaving only the subject of the image. In the video, the Remove BG application is discussed as a tool within Canva that facilitates this process. This feature is useful for creating images with transparent backgrounds that can be easily layered onto other designs.

💡Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms refer to online services where users can create and share content or participate in social networking. The video emphasizes the utility of the Canva AI Image Generator in creating content for platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. High-quality images generated through the AI tool can help boost the reach and engagement of posts on these platforms.

💡Brand Aesthetic

Brand Aesthetic refers to the visual style and design elements that are consistent across a brand's various marketing materials. The video script discusses how the AI Image Generator can be used to create images that align with a brand's aesthetic, ensuring that the visual content is cohesive and reflective of the brand's identity.


Canva AI image generator is a powerful tool for creating various media forms like presentations, planners, and price lists.

Canva offers templates proven to increase sales and viewership.

Customize illustrations on Canva without extensive design experience.

Create images with Canva AI by selecting a custom size and choosing a template.

Canva AI provides a blank canvas for creating Instagram or Pinterest posts.

Install the 'Text to Image' app by Canva to generate images from text descriptions.

Canva AI offers multiple styles and aspect ratios for image generation.

Generate images with variations to create wallpapers and social media content.

Detailed descriptions lead to more accurate product representation in images.

Canva AI can generate product packaging variations for creative inspiration.

Use style variations to align with your brand aesthetic on social media platforms.

Create unique backgrounds and foreground images for a layered design effect.

Use the 'Remove BG' app to remove existing backgrounds from images.

Third-party apps like offer free background removal services.

Canva Integrations and mockups can help create unique images for business or social media.

Smart Mockups application specializes in creating product mock-ups.

Canva is a beginner-friendly platform for navigating through different social media creation needs.

The video provides a detailed guide on using Canva AI for image generation.