Essence of Thought's QUESTIONABLE Motives & Manipulation

Jade's Speculation Station
15 Apr 202461:36

TLDRIn this video, the host Jade delves into the controversy surrounding allegations of plagiarism and extortion between the YouTube channels Essence of Thought and Vangelina Scove. The discussion centers on the complex situation involving the handling of sensitive content and the ethical implications of content creation for profit. The video explores the nuances of the accusations, the response from both parties, and the broader implications for the YouTube community.


  • 🔍 The video discusses allegations of plagiarism and extortion between the YouTube channels Essence of Thought and Vangelina Scove.
  • 🤝 Essence of Thought, run by Ethel and Levi, claims that Vangelina Scove plagiarized their extensive work on the internet personality Lily Orchard.
  • 📈 Ethel alleges that Vangelina used identical screenshots, copied phrases, and referenced a victim's testimony without permission.
  • 📝 Essence of Thought demanded recognition and financial compensation, claiming copyright violations and a violation of their intellectual property rights.
  • 💌 Vangelina initially did not respond directly to the email from Ethel but later linked references in her video, questioning the legitimacy of the plagiarism claims.
  • 📝 Ethel sent a follow-up email to Vangelina's sponsor, HelloFresh, with the plagiarism allegations, potentially using intimidation tactics.
  • 🤔 The video script questions the validity of the plagiarism claims, suggesting that the content used may fall under fair use or public domain.
  • 👥 Ethel and Levi are accused of using the victim narrative for personal gain and manipulating the situation to their advantage.
  • 💬 The video script emphasizes the importance of supporting actual victims and encourages viewers to watch Courtney Orchard's content for more context.
  • 🚨 The situation raises questions about the ethics of content creation, especially when dealing with sensitive topics and the stories of real people.
  • 📈 The video script suggests that financial struggles and the desire for ad revenue may have motivated Essence of Thought's actions.

Q & A

  • What is the main issue discussed in the video?

    -The main issue discussed in the video is the plagiarism allegations made by Essence of Thought against Angelina Scav and the subsequent extortion claims made against Ethel by Velina Scove.

  • What type of plagiarism is being referred to in the video?

    -The video refers to both academic plagiarism and copyright violations, also known as piracy. However, the term 'plagiarism' is used interchangeably within the context of the allegations.

  • Who are the main characters involved in this issue?

    -The main characters involved are Ethel and Levi, who run the channel Essence of Thought, and Angelina Scav, who is accused of plagiarizing their work.

  • What was the nature of the work that Essence of Thought claimed was plagiarized?

    -Essence of Thought claimed that their extensive research and video series on a YouTuber named Lily Orchard Pop, which took years to compile, was plagiarized by Angelina Scav in her video.

  • How did Ethel approach Angelina regarding the plagiarism allegations?

    -Ethel sent an email to Angelina detailing the instances of alleged plagiarism and demanding financial compensation, credit in Angelina's video description, and a public apology on all social media platforms.

  • What was Angelina's response to the initial email from Ethel?

    -Angelina did not directly respond to the email but linked missing references in her video, stating that she wasn't certain how to respond to the allegations and the demand for financial compensation.

  • What was the reaction of the community to these allegations?

    -The community's reaction is not explicitly mentioned in the script, but it implies that there was significant discussion and speculation, with various creators making videos on the situation.

  • What was the outcome of the plagiarism allegations?

    -The video does not provide a clear outcome, but it discusses the complexities of the situation, including the potential legal implications and the public's perception of the issue.

  • What is the significance of the term 'Data triangulation' mentioned in the video?

    -Data triangulation is a method used by Essence of Thought to prove their allegations of plagiarism. It is a technique used to validate information by comparing different sources or pieces of evidence.

  • What is the role of fair use in this situation?

    -Fair use is a legal doctrine that allows for the use of copyrighted material under certain circumstances without permission from the copyright owner. It is brought up in the context of whether Angelina's use of the alleged plagiarized content falls under this category.



😀 Introduction to Speculation Station and Plagiarism Allegations

Jade introduces the Speculation Station, acknowledging the deviation from usual content and setting the stage for a discussion on plagiarism allegations. The main characters are Ethel and Levi from the channel Essence of Thought, who accuse Angelina Scav of plagiarizing their work on YouTuber Lily Orchard. Ethel and Levi demand financial compensation, credit, and a public apology, which Jade finds surprisingly aggressive.


📚 The Nature of Plagiarism and Initial Contact

Vagelina Scove is accused of plagiarizing in her summary video about Lily Orchard. Ethel from Essence of Thought contacts Vangelina with allegations of copyright violation and demands 30% of the video's monetary value. Vangelina responds by linking sources but does not credit Essence of Thought. Ethel follows up with further allegations and disappointment, leading to a public expose video.


🔍 Analyzing the Evidence of Plagiarism

The analysis of whether Vangelina's use of screenshots from Essence of Thought constitutes plagiarism is discussed. While Ethel makes a strong case for the origin of the screenshots, it is argued that the content does not represent a violation of copyright laws. The discussion also touches on the use of public domain material and the importance of citation for credibility.


🤔 The Plausibility of Independent Thoughts

Ethel and Levi argue that Vangelina has stolen their personal thoughts, which is contested. The paragraph explores the idea that people can come to similar conclusions independently, especially when the subject matter is manipulative or inappropriate. It is suggested that Ethel's claims of Vangelina stealing thoughts are not convincing.


📉 The Crumbling Data Triangulation

Ethel's 'clever data triangulation' is further scrutinized, focusing on the claim that Vangelina used specific details from an exclusive interview not publicly shared. The paragraph discusses the potential for Vangelina to have found this information elsewhere and questions the strength of Ethel's plagiarism case.


📉 The Fair Use Argument and Legal Scrutiny

The concept of fair use is introduced as a defense against the plagiarism allegations. It is argued that Vangelina's video is transformative and constitutes commentary, which may fall under fair use. The paragraph also discusses the factors that determine fair use in a legal context and suggests that Ethel's case is unlikely to hold up in court.


🤬 Ethel's Aggressive Tactics and Financial Motives

Ethel's initial email to Vangelina is criticized for its accusatory tone and demands for compensation. The paragraph suggests that Ethel's actions resemble extortion rather than a genuine attempt to resolve the issue. It is also implied that Ethel's motivations may be financial, given the mention of her personal financial struggles.


😤 Ethel's Exploitation and the Ignored Victim

The paragraph discusses Ethel's alleged exploitation of the situation for financial gain and the neglect of Lily Orchard's first victim, Courtney. It is suggested that Ethel is more interested in maintaining control over the narrative than in supporting victims or seeking justice.


🤔 The True Motives Behind the Accusations

The final paragraph questions Ethel's true motives, suggesting that the accusations against Vangelina are part of a pattern of behavior involving financial gain and victimization. It is argued that Ethel's actions are self-serving and disingenuous, and that the real focus should be on supporting victims and seeking justice.




Plagiarism refers to the act of using another person's work or ideas without giving proper credit, which can be considered both morally wrong and a violation of copyright law. In the video, it is a central issue as Ethel from 'Essence of Thought' accuses Angelina Scav of plagiarizing their work on Lily Orchard, a YouTube personality. Ethel alleges that Angelina used screenshots and phrases from their videos without proper citation.


Extortion is the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats. In the context of the video, Angelina Scav feels that Ethel's demand for 30% of her video's monetary value as compensation for alleged plagiarism is akin to extortion, as it feels like an attempt to coerce money under the threat of negative publicity.

💡Fair Use

Fair use is a doctrine in copyright law that allows limited use of copyrighted material without permission under certain circumstances, such as for commentary, criticism, or news reporting. The video discusses whether Angelina's use of screenshots and information from 'Essence of Thought' falls under fair use, considering the transformative nature of her video and the public domain nature of some of the content.


Monetization is the process of generating revenue from a digital asset, such as a YouTube video. Ethel and Levi from 'Essence of Thought' monetized their video series on Lily Orchard, and they accuse Angelina Scav of benefiting from their work through monetization without proper attribution.

💡Public Opinion

Public opinion refers to the collective views of the public on a particular matter. The video discusses how Ethel and Levi are concerned about their reputation and the public's perception of their work, especially in the context of the plagiarism allegations and their subsequent actions.


Victimhood is the state of being a victim. Ethel and Levi position themselves as victims in the situation, claiming their work has been exploited. The video also discusses how Ethel's portrayal of victimhood is perceived as self-perpetuating and potentially disingenuous.

💡Legal Action

Legal action refers to the steps taken to resolve a dispute through the judicial system. Ethel threatens to take legal action against Angelina Scav for alleged plagiarism, but ultimately does not, suggesting that the financial gain from a potential lawsuit would not outweigh the costs.

💡Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a creation of the mind, such as an invention, literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, names, and images used in business. The video script discusses how Ethel and Levi believe their videos and research constitute intellectual property that has been infringed upon by Angelina Scav.

💡Data Triangulation

Data triangulation is a method of confirming data or information through the use of multiple sources. Ethel and Levi claim to use this method to prove that Angelina Scav plagiarized their work, although the video suggests that their evidence may not be as robust as they claim.


Defamation is the act of damaging someone's good reputation by making false statements about them. The video explores the possibility that Ethel's actions and public allegations against Angelina Scav could be considered defamation, particularly if the plagiarism claims are unfounded.


Vlogging is the act of creating video blogs, often discussing personal experiences or commentary on various topics. The video mentions vloggers who share their lives and experiences online, and it discusses the ethical considerations of using such content in derivative works.


Jade Rabbit Hole discusses questionable motives and manipulation by Essence of Thought regarding plagiarism allegations against Angelina Scav.

Essence of Thought accused Angelina Scav of plagiarizing their work on Lily Orchard, demanding financial compensation and public apology.

Angelina Scav denies the plagiarism allegations and claims the initial email from Ethel Thirston felt like extortion.

Ethel Thirston's email to Angelina Scav contained manipulative language and legal threats, despite claiming to seek a solution.

Essence of Thought's allegations of plagiarism are questioned, as the content in question may fall under fair use and lacks substantial evidence.

Ethel Thirston's personal financial struggles and the impact on their work are discussed, raising questions about their motivations.

The conversation shifts to the broader implications of the allegations, including the potential impact on victims and the exploitation of sensitive topics for financial gain.

Courtney Orchard, Lily Orchard's sister, shares her experience and views on the situation, criticizing Essence of Thought's approach.

The video highlights the importance of supporting actual victims and encourages viewers to engage with Courtney Orchard's content.

Jade Rabbit Hole emphasizes the need for creators to take responsibility for their actions and the consequences of manipulating sensitive issues for personal gain.

The discussion concludes with a call for creators to prioritize ethical practices and genuine support for victims over financial exploitation.