Descubre las Asombrosas Novedades de ChatGPT con GPT-4o: ¡Te Sorprenderás #GPT4o #ChatGPT #openai

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13 May 202428:44

TLDRIn a recent presentation, the team behind ChatGPT unveiled their latest innovation, GPT-4o, which brings advanced AI capabilities to all users, including those using the free version. The update includes a desktop version of ChatGPT with a refreshed user interface for a more natural and seamless experience. GPT-4o is designed to handle real-time audio, vision, and text, making interactions with AI more intuitive and efficient. The model's advanced features are demonstrated through live demos, showcasing its ability to assist with tasks like calming nerves, solving math problems, and providing coding assistance. The presentation also highlighted the model's new language translation capabilities and its potential applications in various real-world scenarios. The team emphasized the importance of safety and responsible deployment, as they continue to iterate and roll out the technology to users worldwide.


  • 🌟 **New Model Launch**: The new flagship model, GPT-4o, is introduced, aiming to bring GPT-4 level intelligence to everyone, including free users.
  • 💻 **Desktop App Release**: A desktop version of Chat GPT is released, along with a refreshed user interface for a more natural and simpler interaction experience.
  • 🚀 **Real-time Interaction**: GPT-4o allows for real-time, conversational speech, enabling users to interrupt and interact with the model more naturally.
  • 📈 **Enhanced Capabilities**: The model improves on its capabilities across text, vision, and audio, marking a significant step forward in ease of use.
  • 🤖 **Diverse Emotional Responses**: GPT-4o can generate voice in various emotive styles, providing a wide dynamic range of emotional responses.
  • 🧠 **Advanced Data Analysis**: Users can upload charts or data for the model to analyze, offering insights and answers in real-time.
  • 🌐 **Multilingual Support**: GPT-4o supports 50 different languages, aiming to make the experience accessible to a global audience.
  • 📚 **Educational Tools**: Custom chat GPT for specific use cases, such as content creation for university professors or podcasters, is now more accessible.
  • 🔍 **Memory Continuity**: The model now has a sense of continuity across all conversations, making it more useful and helpful for users.
  • 📉 **API Updates**: For developers, GPT-4o is available via API with increased speed, reduced cost, and higher rate limits compared to GPT-4 Turbo.
  • 🔒 **Safety and Misuse Mitigations**: The team is actively working on safety measures to mitigate misuse, especially with the introduction of real-time audio and vision capabilities.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the presentation?

    -The main focus of the presentation is to introduce the new flagship model, GPT-4o, which brings GPT-4 level intelligence to everyone, including free users, and to showcase its capabilities through live demos.

  • Why is it important to have a product that is freely and broadly available to everyone?

    -It is important to have a product that is freely and broadly available to ensure that people have an intuitive feel for what the technology can do, fostering a broader understanding and reducing friction for users to access and utilize the technology.

  • What is the significance of the desktop version of Chat GPT and the refreshed UI?

    -The desktop version of Chat GPT and the refreshed UI are significant because they make the interaction with the AI tool more natural, easy, and integrated into the user's workflow, enhancing the user experience.

  • How does GPT-4o improve on its capabilities compared to previous models?

    -GPT-4o improves on its capabilities by being faster, more efficient, and offering enhanced intelligence across text, vision, and audio. It also allows for real-time responsiveness and a more natural interaction between humans and machines.

  • What are some of the new features available to users with the launch of GPT-4o?

    -With the launch of GPT-4o, users have access to advanced tools like custom chat GPT for specific use cases, Vision for analyzing text and images, memory for continuity across conversations, browse for real-time information search, advanced data analysis, and support in 50 different languages.

  • How does GPT-4o handle real-time audio and vision?

    -GPT-4o natively reasons across voice, text, and vision, which allows for real-time responsiveness and interaction without the latency issues that were present in previous models.

  • What are the challenges that GPT-4o presents in terms of safety?

    -GPT-4o presents new safety challenges due to its real-time audio and vision capabilities, which require the development of mitigations against misuse and collaboration with various stakeholders to ensure the technology is used responsibly.

  • How does GPT-4o make the interaction with AI more natural?

    -GPT-4o makes the interaction more natural by allowing users to interrupt the model at any time, responding in real-time without lag, and perceiving emotions and nuances in the user's speech or text.

  • What is the purpose of the live demos during the presentation?

    -The purpose of the live demos is to showcase the full extent of GPT-4o's capabilities, including real-time conversational speech, vision capabilities, and advanced features like custom chat GPT and data analysis.

  • How does GPT-4o's API offering compare to GPT-4 Turbo in terms of speed, cost, and rate limits?

    -GPT-4o's API is available at 2x faster speed, 50% cheaper, and with five times higher rate limits compared to GPT-4 Turbo, making it a more efficient and cost-effective option for developers.

  • What is the future plan for GPT-4o in terms of accessibility for users?

    -The future plan for GPT-4o includes an iterative deployment over the next few weeks to roll out all its capabilities to users, focusing on making advanced AI tools available to everyone, including free users.



🚀 Introduction to Accessibility and New Product Release

The speaker begins by expressing gratitude to the audience and emphasizing the importance of making their product, chbt, freely and broadly available. They discuss the company's mission to reduce friction in accessing their advanced AI tools and announce the release of the desktop version of chbt with a refreshed user interface. The main highlight is the launch of their new flagship model, gbt 40, which brings advanced intelligence to all users, including free users. The speaker also mentions live demos and an iterative rollout of new features in the coming weeks.


🔍 Reducing Friction and Enhancing User Experience

The speaker details the company's efforts to make their technology intuitive and accessible, highlighting the removal of the signup flow for CH gbt and the introduction of the desktop app. They also discuss the refreshed user interface aimed at simplifying interactions with increasingly complex models. The speaker introduces gbt 40 as a significant advancement in ease of use, with real-time capabilities across voice, text, and vision. The paragraph also covers the expansion of free user access to advanced tools and the API availability of gbt 40, which is faster, cheaper, and has higher rate limits than its predecessor.


🎤 Real-time Conversational Speech and Emotional Intelligence

The speaker introduces Mark, a research lead, who demonstrates the real-time conversational speech capabilities of gbt 40. They showcase the model's ability to handle interruptions, respond in real-time without lag, and perceive emotions. The model also generates voice in various emotive styles, as illustrated by a dramatic bedtime story about robots and love. The capabilities are shown to enhance the naturalness and ease of human-machine interaction.


📚 Interactive Learning and Problem-Solving

The speaker engages with the model to solve a linear equation, emphasizing the educational aspect of the interaction. The model provides hints rather than direct solutions, guiding the user through the problem-solving process. The speaker also discusses the practical applications of linear equations in everyday life and business. The model's ability to understand and respond to written text is showcased, along with its appreciation for the user's positive feedback.


💻 Coding Assistance and Real-time Plot Analysis

The speaker demonstrates the model's coding assistance capabilities by sharing a code snippet that fetches and analyzes weather data. The model explains the functionality of a specific function within the code and provides insights into the expected plot output. The speaker then runs the code and uses the model's vision capabilities to analyze the resulting plot, showcasing the model's ability to understand and interpret complex data visualizations.


🌐 Real-time Translation and Emotion Detection

The speaker explores the model's ability to function as a real-time translator between English and Italian. They also challenge the model to detect emotions based on a selfie, which the model successfully does, identifying happiness and excitement. The speaker concludes the live demos by expressing gratitude to the team and the audience, and teases future updates on the next frontier of their technology.




GPT-4o refers to the new flagship model of an AI language model discussed in the video. It is significant because it brings advanced AI capabilities, comparable to GPT-4, to a broader audience, including free users. The term is central to the video's theme of democratizing advanced AI technology. In the script, GPT-4o is highlighted as a model that will enhance the natural interaction between humans and machines.

💡Real-time conversational speech

This concept refers to the ability of the AI model to engage in live, uninterrupted dialogue with users. It is a key advancement in AI as it allows for more natural and efficient communication. In the video, a live demo showcases this feature, where the AI provides feedback on a user's breathing during a nervous moment, demonstrating real-time responsiveness.

💡UI refresh

UI, or User Interface, refresh denotes the update made to the visual and interactive elements of the AI tool's interface. The aim is to simplify usage and make interaction more intuitive. The script mentions that despite the increasing complexity of AI models, the UI refresh is designed to make the user experience more natural and less focused on the interface itself.

💡Voice mode

Voice mode is a feature that allows users to interact with the AI through voice commands and responses. The script discusses improvements to voice mode in GPT-4o, such as the ability to interrupt the AI and receive responses without a noticeable lag, which enhances the user's engagement and the feeling of a natural conversation.

💡Vision capabilities

This refers to the AI's ability to process and understand visual information, such as images or video. In the context of the video, the AI demonstrates its vision capabilities by solving a math problem shown on paper and providing feedback on a plot generated from code, showcasing its multimodal understanding.


Memory, in the context of the AI model, refers to its capacity to retain and utilize information from previous interactions to inform future responses. This feature is highlighted as making the AI more useful and helpful by providing continuity across conversations. The script illustrates this with the idea that users can have ongoing, contextually aware dialogues with the AI.


The 'Browse' feature allows the AI to search for real-time information and incorporate it into the conversation. This capability is important as it enables the AI to provide up-to-date and relevant information to users. The script does not provide a direct example but implies that this feature would allow users to stay informed within their discussions.

💡Advanced Data analysis

This feature enables the AI to analyze and interpret complex data, such as charts or statistical information, providing insights or answers based on the data presented. The script suggests that this capability can assist users in understanding and making decisions from data, although it does not provide a specific example from the demo.

💡Multilingual support

The AI's multilingual support is its ability to function in multiple languages, which is crucial for reaching a global audience. The script emphasizes the addition of GPT-4o's capabilities in 50 different languages, demonstrating the company's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.


API stands for Application Programming Interface, which allows developers to integrate the AI's capabilities into their own applications. The script mentions that GPT-4o will be available through the API, offering faster performance, lower cost, and higher rate limits compared to its predecessor, which is significant for developers looking to leverage advanced AI in their applications.

💡Safety and mitigations

Safety and mitigations refer to the strategies and precautions taken to prevent misuse of the AI technology. The script discusses the challenges of introducing real-time audio and vision capabilities and the importance of building in safeguards to ensure the technology is used responsibly. This is a critical aspect of deploying advanced AI, as it addresses ethical concerns and potential risks.


The release of the desktop version of Chat GPT and a refreshed user interface for easier and more natural use.

Introduction of GPT-4o, a new flagship model that brings GPT-4 level intelligence to all users, including free users.

Live demonstrations showcasing the full extent of the new model's capabilities.

The mission to make advanced AI tools freely available to everyone and reducing friction for broader accessibility.

The ability to use Chat GPT without a signup flow and the integration of the desktop app for convenience.

GPT-4o's enhanced capabilities across text, vision, and audio, providing a more natural and efficient interaction.

The model's real-time responsiveness and the ability to perceive emotions and generate voice in different emotive styles.

The introduction of custom Chat GPT for specific use cases, such as content creation for university professors or podcasters.

The addition of vision capabilities, allowing users to upload screenshots, photos, and documents for conversational interaction.

The implementation of memory functionality, providing continuity across all conversations with Chat GPT.

The browse feature, enabling real-time information search within conversations.

Advanced data analysis capabilities, where users can upload charts or information for analysis and receive answers.

Support for 50 different languages to make the experience accessible to a wider audience.

Paid users will have up to five times the capacity limits of free users with GPT-4o.

GPT-4o will also be available through the API, offering faster performance, lower cost, and higher rate limits.

Challenges in ensuring the safety and responsible deployment of GPT-4o's real-time audio and vision capabilities.

Collaboration with various stakeholders to mitigate misuse and responsibly introduce the technology.

Iterative deployment of GPT-4o's capabilities over the next few weeks.

Live audience interaction and demonstration of real-time translation capabilities.

Demonstration of GPT-4o's ability to analyze emotions based on facial expressions.

The presentation of GPT-4o's coding assistance and plot visualization features.

The ongoing commitment to updating users on progress towards the next big innovation.