Best Prompt marketplace to make money| Prompt base tutorial [Testing AI]

Testing AI
9 Feb 202306:50 is a marketplace for buying and selling prompts tailored for AI tools like ChatGPT, Mid-Journey, and Stable Diffusion. It's an ideal platform for both creators who can monetize their skills by selling their prompts and users seeking ready-to-use prompts for various projects. The website features a structured layout with categories and filters to find trending or popular prompts. Users can view product details, including prompt length, views, and compatibility with specific AI engines. There's also an option to generate and test prompts, with the potential to sell them directly if they meet quality standards. Prompt engineering is emerging as a new career, and the platform allows users to become official prompt engineers after achieving a minimum number of sales. The website also offers a 'cell' page for selling prompts, where sellers can provide detailed descriptions and set prices. PromptBase is likened to the early stages of freelancing platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, offering potential for growth and side income for active users.


  • 🌟 **PromptBase Overview**: PromptBase is a marketplace for buying and selling prompts, especially useful for AI tools like ChatGPT, Mid-Journey, Stable Diffusion, etc.
  • 💼 **Monetizing Prompts**: Users can sell their prompts on PromptBase to make money, which is beneficial for those skilled in creating effective prompts for various projects.
  • 🔍 **Finding Prompts**: The platform allows users to find prompts based on categories and trends, which can save time for those who need specific prompts for their projects.
  • 📈 **Popularity and Views**: Each prompt's detail page shows how many views and likes it has received, indicating its popularity and potential effectiveness.
  • 📚 **Requirements for Use**: Some prompts require access to specific AI tools, and the free versions of these tools may have limitations, suggesting a need for a subscription for extensive use.
  • 📝 **Detail on Prompts**: Prompts come with detailed information including word count, indicating the level of detail and complexity involved.
  • 🎨 **Customization Options**: Prompts can be customized based on the subject and title, offering flexibility for users to tailor the output to their needs.
  • 💰 **Selling Your Prompts**: Users can try selling their own prompts on the Generate page, with a default of five credits to start and the option to buy more.
  • 🚀 **Career Path**: Prompt engineering is emerging as a new career, with PromptBase offering a platform for individuals to market themselves as prompt engineers.
  • 📈 **Becoming a Prompt Engineer**: To be recognized as an official prompt engineer on PromptBase, one needs to make at least five sales on the platform.
  • 📊 **Hiring Engineers**: Businesses can hire prompt engineers directly from the platform for custom prompt creation, with engineers categorized by their areas of expertise.
  • 📦 **Selling Process**: To sell a prompt, users provide details such as name, description, and price range on the Sell page, with options to sell across different AI tool categories.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of is a marketplace for buying and selling prompts, particularly useful for those who use AI tools like ChatGPT, Mid-Journey, or Stable Diffusion to create content.

  • How does one earn money on

    -Individuals can earn money on by selling their own prompts that they have created for use with various AI tools.

  • What are the different categories of prompts available on offers a variety of categories for prompts, catering to different projects such as real estate, architecture ideas, print-on-demand businesses, and more.

  • How does one find prompts on according to their needs?

    -Users can sort and filter prompts on based on categories, popularity, and the specific AI tools they are compatible with, such as Mid-Journey, GPT 3, or Stable Diffusion.

  • What information is provided on a product detail page of a prompt?

    -A product detail page provides information about the prompt, including its length, number of views, likes, the AI tool it's compatible with, and any subscription requirements for using it.

  • What is the 'Generate' page on used for?

    -The 'Generate' page is where users can test out prompts and, if satisfied, have the option to sell them directly on the platform.

  • How much does it cost to buy additional credits on

    -100 credits cost $10 on, which can be used to test out prompts.

  • What are the requirements to become an official Prompt Engineer on

    -To become an official Prompt Engineer, one needs to have at least five sales on the marketplace.

  • How can businesses find custom prompts or hire a Prompt Engineer on

    -Businesses can hire a Prompt Engineer by visiting the 'Sell' page on, where they can find engineers categorized by their expertise in different AI tools.

  • What is the process for selling a prompt on

    -To sell a prompt, one must provide details about the prompt on the 'Sell' page, including its name, description, and a tested and perfected version of the prompt. They can then set a price range for the prompt.

  • What are the potential benefits for users who sign up and use

    -Users can potentially make money by selling their prompts, gain access to a variety of prompts for their projects, and position themselves as prompt engineers for freelancing opportunities.

  • How can users share their experiences with

    -Users are encouraged to comment on the video or platform where they found out about, sharing their experiences as buyers or sellers of prompts.



🚀 Introduction to PromptBase: A Marketplace for AI Prompts

This paragraph introduces the video and the website, which is a marketplace for buying and selling AI prompts. It explains that the video will serve as a tutorial for beginners interested in using PromptBase. The speaker discusses the potential to sell custom prompts that have been created for various AI tools like chatgpt, mid-journey, or stable diffusion. It also mentions that if someone lacks time to create prompts, they can find suitable ones on the platform. The structure of the website is briefly outlined, including how to sort prompts by category and popularity, and the types of prompts supported.


📚 Understanding PromptBase's Features and Selling Process

The second paragraph delves into the features of PromptBase, including how to navigate the website, the different categories of prompts available, and how to view product details. It highlights the importance of having access to the necessary AI tools to utilize the prompts. The paragraph also covers the process of selling prompts on the platform, including the generation page where sellers can test out their prompts and the option to sell them directly from the platform. It touches on the concept of becoming a 'prompt engineer' by making at least five sales and then being able to accept jobs in the field. The video concludes with an invitation for viewers to share their experiences with PromptBase and an encouragement to subscribe to the channel for more content.



💡 is an online marketplace specifically designed for the buying and selling of prompts. These prompts are used with AI tools such as chatGPT, mid-journey, or stable diffusion to generate content. The platform is a hub for both creators who can monetize their prompts and users who need prompts for their projects without having to create them from scratch. It is central to the video's theme of monetizing and utilizing AI prompts.

💡AI Tools

AI Tools refer to artificial intelligence software applications that can generate content based on user inputs, known as prompts. In the context of the video, tools like chatGPT, mid-journey, and stable diffusion are mentioned. These tools are integral as they are the means by which prompts are utilized to produce outputs like images or text, making them a key component of the Promptbase ecosystem.

💡Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is the process of creating and refining prompts to effectively communicate with AI tools to generate desired outcomes. It is highlighted in the video as an emerging career path where individuals can specialize in crafting prompts for various AI applications. The video suggests that being good at prompt engineering can allow someone to market themselves as a prompt engineer on, indicating its significance in the field of AI content creation.


Mid-Journey is an AI tool mentioned in the video that is used for creating images based on prompts. It is one of the supported platforms on Promptbase where users can find and sell prompts specific to this software. The mention of mid-Journey underscores the video's focus on the practical application of prompts in AI-generated image creation.

💡Selling Prompts

The act of selling prompts on is a core concept in the video. It involves users listing their prompts for sale in categories corresponding to different AI tools. The video provides an overview of how to sell prompts, including setting prices and describing the prompts, which is a significant aspect of the platform's functionality and the potential income opportunity for creators.


Categories on are used to organize and filter prompts based on their intended use or the AI tool they are designed for. Examples given in the video include daily mid-journey, GPT 3 front based, and stable diffusion. These categories help users find relevant prompts for their specific projects, showcasing the platform's organizational structure and user experience.

💡Product Detail Page

A product detail page on provides information about an individual prompt, such as its length, views, likes, and the AI tool required to use it. The video uses the example of a prompt about futuristic street bikes to illustrate what users can expect to find on these pages. This section of the platform is crucial for potential buyers to assess the value and relevance of a prompt before making a purchase.

💡Generating Page

The generating page on is where users can test out prompts and get a preview of the AI-generated content. The video describes the process of using this feature to try out a prompt like 'Harry Potter varying cowboy boots,' which allows users to evaluate the effectiveness of a prompt before deciding to sell it. This page is an interactive component of the platform that aids in the selling process.


Credits on are the virtual currency used to test prompts on the generating page. The video mentions that new users are given five credits to start with and can purchase additional credits if needed. Credits are an essential part of the platform's mechanics, allowing users to experiment with prompts before committing to a purchase or sale.

💡Custom Prompts

Custom prompts refer to prompts that are specifically created for an individual or business's unique requirements. The video discusses how business owners can hire prompt engineers on to create custom prompts for them. This service caters to users who need tailored content generation, highlighting the platform's versatility and the professional services offered by its users.

💡Prompt Engineer

A prompt engineer is a professional who specializes in crafting effective prompts for AI tools. The video explains that to become an official prompt engineer on, one must make at least five sales on the platform. This title represents a new type of expertise within the AI content creation field and is a key role for providing high-quality prompts to other users.


PromptBase is a marketplace for buying and selling prompts for AI tools like ChatGPT, Mid-Journey, and Stable Diffusion.

You can sell your own prompts on PromptBase to make money if you're skilled at creating them.

Users can buy prompts if they don't have time to create their own, for direct use in their projects.

The website structure allows sorting by categories and popularity of the prompts.

Prompts are available for various AI software, including DALL-E, Mid-Journey, GPT-3, and Stable Diffusion.

Different categories of prompts are available for specific project needs, such as architecture or print-on-demand business.

Product detail pages provide information on prompt length, views, likes, and compatibility with specific AI software.

Users need access to the AI software to use the prompts, with subscription options available for more extensive use.

The Generate page allows users to try out prompts and offers the option to sell them directly on the platform.

Prompt engineering is emerging as a new career path, with PromptBase offering opportunities to become a prompt engineer.

To become an official prompt engineer, users need at least five sales on the marketplace.

Business owners can hire prompt engineers for custom prompt creation through the platform.

Prompt engineers are categorized by their expertise in different AI software, such as DALL-E, Mid-Journey, and Stable Diffusion.

The Sell page allows users to list their prompts for sale, providing details and setting a price range.

Prompts can be priced between $0.99 to $9.99, with potential for higher prices for more advanced prompts.

Users can perfect their prompts before listing them for sale and gain experience as sellers on PromptBase.

The chat section allows buyers to communicate directly with the prompt engineer for any inquiries.

PromptBase is in its early stages but has the potential to grow like Upwork or Fiverr, offering opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

The video encourages viewers to sign up, submit their prompts, and share their experiences on PromptBase.