Best CivitAI models inside Automatic1111, easy model management

Vladimir Chopine [GeekatPlay]
12 Sept 202308:28

TLDRThis video introduces an extension called 'CVEI Browser Plus' for Stable Diffusion, which simplifies the process of managing and discovering various AI models. The extension allows users to browse, select, and download models more efficiently, with features like filtering for safe content and sorting options based on popularity or ratings. It also provides a user interface that helps identify outdated models and offers previews of model capabilities. The video demonstrates how to install the extension, use its search components, and navigate through the extensive model categories. It emphasizes the ease of managing AI models with this tool and encourages viewers to explore the wide array of styles and capabilities available through Stable Diffusion.


  • 📦 The video introduces an extension for Stable Diffusion called 'Civic AI' that simplifies model management.
  • 🔍 The extension allows for easy browsing and discovery of various models within the Stable Diffusion platform.
  • 🚫 The content may not be safe for work, so viewers are advised to enable filtering to avoid inappropriate models.
  • 🔧 To install the 'Civic AI' extension, users need to go to the Stable Diffusion extension tab and load it from the available extensions.
  • ✅ After installation, it's recommended to check for updates and potentially restart the server for the changes to take effect.
  • 🔎 The extension provides a new tab with search components and parameters to help users find specific models more efficiently.
  • 📈 Users can sort and filter models based on criteria like most downloadable, highest rated, and specific tags.
  • 📚 The UI helps users manage their installed models by indicating which ones are outdated and need updating.
  • 🖼️ The extension provides previews of models, which is helpful for users to understand what each model can do without having to download and test them.
  • 🔗 It supports various content types including checkpoints, textual inversions, and control nets, making it versatile for different creative needs.
  • 💾 The extension also assists in downloading models directly to the user's specified folder and provides a visual confirmation of the download.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the extension mentioned in the video?

    -The extension, called CivitAI Browser Plus, is designed to enhance the user experience with Stable Diffusion by making it easier to manage and discover different AI models.

  • Why is it necessary to enable filtering when browsing through the models?

    -Filtering is necessary because some of the models may not be safe for the workplace, and enabling filtering helps to avoid potentially inappropriate content.

  • How does the extension help in managing AI models?

    -The extension provides a user interface that allows users to search, sort, and filter models based on various criteria like content type, tags, and popularity. It also helps in identifying outdated models and provides options to update or download them.

  • What are the steps to install the CivitAI Browser Plus extension?

    -To install the extension, go to the Stable Diffusion extension tab, click on 'Available', and then 'Load from'. Look for 'CivitAI Browser Plus', click on 'Install', and follow the prompts to download necessary components and libraries.

  • How can users ensure they are not downloading duplicate or outdated models?

    -The extension shows the status of each model (e.g., green for up-to-date, orange for new versions available), helping users to manage their models effectively and avoid unnecessary downloads.

  • What are the benefits of using tags instead of model names when searching?

    -Using tags can provide a broader selection of models as some models may have specific styles or types in their names, which could be missed if searching by model name alone.

  • How does the extension assist in previewing models?

    -The extension provides previews of the models, showing variables and pre-renders, which gives users a clear idea of what the model can do before they decide to download it.

  • What additional types of models does the extension support besides checkpoints?

    -Besides checkpoints, the extension also supports textual inversions, control nets, and other types of models, offering a comprehensive management system for various AI components.

  • How can users sort the models to find the most popular or highest rated ones?

    -Users can sort models by most downloadable, highest rated, or newest, allowing them to find the most popular or highest rated models according to their preferences.

  • What does the extension offer for users who have a large collection of models?

    -For users with a large collection, the extension provides sorting and filtering options, as well as a preview feature that allows users to view and manage their models more efficiently.

  • How does the extension help in managing the download process of models?

    -The extension simplifies the download process by providing a direct 'Download Model' option after selecting a model. It also ensures that the download folder is correctly pointed to and provides a preview of the model post-download.

  • What is the extension's approach to handling potentially unsafe content?

    -The extension allows users to enable or disable an NSFW (Not Safe For Work) filter, helping to ensure that only appropriate content is displayed and downloaded.



🚀 Introduction to a Special Extension for Stable Diffusion

The video introduces a special extension for Stable Diffusion, aimed at enhancing the enjoyment of video creation. It mentions the familiarity with Civic AI and the availability of various models and extensions within Stable Diffusion. The speaker advises enabling filtering for a safe browsing experience and guides viewers on how to find and install the 'CVEI Browser Plus' extension. The installation process includes downloading necessary components and libraries, checking for updates, and potentially restarting the server. The new tab 'Save it EI' is highlighted, which offers a range of search components and parameters to streamline the model selection process. The importance of selecting the right content type and model is emphasized, along with the benefits of using tags over model names for a more refined search. The video also discusses the management of models, checking for outdated versions, and the convenience of previews in understanding what each model can do.


📚 Managing and Exploring Models with the Extension

This paragraph delves into the management and exploration of models using the extension. It discusses the importance of sorting and filtering when dealing with a large selection of models. The speaker demonstrates how to sort models by different criteria such as most downloadable, highest rated, or most recent. The video also shows how to filter models based on their compatibility with specific versions of Stable Diffusion. The management of checkpoints, textual inversions, and control nets is covered, along with the process of downloading a selected model. The convenience of the extension is praised for its ability to preview models and streamline the overall process, making it easier and more pleasant for users to expand their style and usage of Stable Diffusion.




CivitAI refers to a collection of AI models that can be integrated with Stable Diffusion, a machine learning model for generating images from text descriptions. In the context of the video, CivitAI models are used to enhance the creative process of video production by offering a variety of AI-driven image generation capabilities.

💡Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a term used to describe a type of AI model that is capable of creating images from textual prompts. It is the foundation upon which the video's discussion is built, as the extension mentioned is designed to work with Stable Diffusion for easier management and utilization of AI models.


In the context of the video, an extension is a software component that adds to or modifies the functionality of a primary application—in this case, Stable Diffusion. The video discusses a specific extension called 'CVEI Browser Plus' that simplifies the management and use of CivitAI models within Stable Diffusion.

💡CVEI Browser Plus

CVEI Browser Plus is the name of the extension discussed in the video that aids in the management of CivitAI models within the Stable Diffusion environment. It is presented as a tool that streamlines the process of finding, downloading, and utilizing various AI models for image generation.

💡Model Management

Model management refers to the process of organizing, updating, and selecting AI models within the Stable Diffusion framework. The video emphasizes the ease of managing different CivitAI models through the CVEI Browser Plus extension, which is crucial for users looking to efficiently work with a variety of image generation models.

💡Textual Inversion

Textual inversion is a concept in AI image generation where the model is trained to interpret and generate images based on textual descriptions. It is a core component of how Stable Diffusion and its extensions, like CVEI Browser Plus, function to create images from text prompts.


In the context of AI and machine learning, a checkpoint refers to a saved state of a model's training. It allows for the resumption of training or the use of the model at that particular stage. The video discusses selecting and using different checkpoints of CivitAI models for specific image generation tasks.


Tags are descriptive labels used to categorize and filter content, in this case, AI models within the Stable Diffusion environment. The video script mentions using tags to search for specific types of CivitAI models, such as 'pixel art' or 'anime', making it easier for users to find relevant models for their projects.

💡NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

NSFW is a content rating that indicates material that could be inappropriate in a professional setting. The video mentions the option to filter out NSFW models, which is important for users who want to ensure the content they generate is suitable for all audiences.

💡UI (User Interface)

UI refers to the point of interaction between users and a software application. In the video, the term is used to describe the interface provided by the CVEI Browser Plus extension, which allows users to interact with Stable Diffusion and manage CivitAI models more effectively.

💡Download Model

Downloading a model, as mentioned in the video, involves obtaining the necessary files for a specific AI model and adding it to the user's Stable Diffusion setup. The process is simplified by the CVEI Browser Plus extension, which assists users in finding, selecting, and downloading the desired CivitAI models.


The video discusses a special extension for Stable Diffusion called CivitAI, which simplifies model management.

CivitAI allows users to discover and utilize various models for Stable Diffusion more efficiently.

The extension is not safe for the workplace and requires filtering to be enabled.

Cvei Browser Plus is the specific extension that can be loaded from the Stable Diffusion extension tab.

After installation, users can check for updates and start using the new features.

The new tab 'Save it EI' provides advanced search components and parameters for model selection.

Content type and search term are key parameters to pay attention to when using the extension.

The extension allows sorting models by most downloadable, highest rated, or latest.

Users can filter models based on support for specific Stable Diffusion versions.

The UI helps in managing installed models and identifying outdated versions.

Textual inversions and control nets are additional features available through the extension.

The extension provides previews of models, which is helpful for users to understand what the model can do.

Downloading a model through the extension is straightforward and includes a preview feature.

The extension makes model management easier and more pleasant for users.

The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to install and use the CivitAI extension.

The extension enhances the user experience by streamlining the process of finding and using models in Stable Diffusion.

The video encourages viewers to subscribe, like, and share for more content on using Stable Diffusion extensions.