CivitAI Stable Diffusion Tutorial: Easy AI Art Generation FREE!

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6 Oct 202307:50

TLDRThe video discusses the underutilization of Civic AI, a free platform for AI art generation that is currently offering powerful features to creators. It highlights the platform's intuitive interface, which allows users to generate images using cloud GPUs without the need for high-end hardware. The video also mentions the upcoming credit system where users can earn credits for engagement to spend on image generation. Despite concerns about potential monetization and centralization issues, the presenter remains optimistic about Civic AI's commitment to the community and its potential as a valuable resource for beginners in AI art. The summary also provides a walkthrough of the platform's features, including model selection, prompt input, and generation settings.


  • 🎨 **CivitAI's Impact**: CivitAI is a game changer for AI art creation, especially for those without high-end hardware.
  • 🚀 **User-Friendly Interface**: The platform offers an intuitive interface for selecting models, custom embeddings, and generating images.
  • 🆓 **Free Access**: Currently, CivitAI provides free image generation services, utilizing their cloud GPUs to generate up to 10 images at once.
  • 💰 **Future Credit System**: A credit system is planned where users earn credits for engagement, which can be used for image generation.
  • 📈 **Active User Benefits**: Active users can earn over 1000 free generations per day, with spent credits primarily going to model creators.
  • 🚀 **Beta Advantage**: As the platform is in open Beta, beginners can take advantage of free, high-quality image generations.
  • 🚧 **Limitations**: Compared to local model running, CivitAI lacks some advanced features like upscaling control and bulk downloading.
  • 📈 **Community Focus**: CivitAI aims to empower creators and contribute to the community, with a transparent and community-focused approach.
  • 🤔 **Concerns of Acidification**: There are concerns about the platform becoming restrictive and money-focused over time, similar to other tech startups.
  • 🌐 **Centralization Risks**: Some worry about centralization issues where model creators may feel compelled to upload to CivitAI to reach users.
  • 👍 **Optimism for CivitAI**: Despite concerns, there is optimism around CivitAI's commitment to transparency and community support.
  • 📚 **Getting Started**: Users can easily get started with CivitAI by signing up, selecting a model, and generating images with various customization options.

Q & A

  • What is the main advantage of using Civic AI for AI art generation?

    -Civic AI is advantageous because it offers powerful features for creators for free, including the ability to generate high-quality AI art without the need for high-end hardware. It also provides an intuitive interface for users to generate images on their cloud GPUs.

  • What are the limitations of using Civic AI compared to running models locally?

    -The limitations of using Civic AI include the lack of certain advanced features such as upscaling control and the inability to download images in bulk. However, for basic image generation, it provides all the necessary tools.

  • How does Civic AI plan to implement a credit system for users?

    -Civic AI plans to introduce a credit system where users earn credits through engagement on the platform, such as posting, commenting, and reviewing resources. These credits can then be used to generate images.

  • What is the current status of Civic AI's generation feature?

    -As of the time of the transcript, Civic AI's generation feature is in open Beta and is available for free. The platform aims to provide over 1000 free generations per day for active users.

  • How does Civic AI address concerns about centralization and monetization?

    -Civic AI has expressed a commitment to transparency and empowering creators. They intend to ensure that if they charge for generations, the majority of fees would go back to the model authors, aligning with their community-focused values.

  • What are some of the community-based models available on Civic AI?

    -Civic AI offers community-based models such as Epic Realism, Cyber Realistic, and Deliberate Dream, among others. Users can also utilize additional resources like loras and embeddings.

  • What are the steps to generate an image using Civic AI?

    -To generate an image, a user needs to select a model, add any additional resources like loras or embeddings, type in their prompt and negative prompt, choose dimensions, adjust advanced settings if necessary, and then select how many generations they want to create.

  • What does the term 'acidification' refer to in the context of online platforms?

    -Acidification refers to the practice where an online platform starts by offering a great free service, then progressively makes it more restrictive, annoying, and money-focused over time, once they have an established user base.

  • How does Civic AI handle the potential issue of centralization?

    -Civic AI acknowledges the potential issue of centralization and aims to avoid it by focusing on community empowerment and transparency. They encourage users to also run models locally and view Civic AI as one option among many in the ecosystem.

  • What are some of the advanced settings available when generating images on Civic AI?

    -Advanced settings on Civic AI include choosing a sampler, adjusting steps and CFG scale, setting the seat, adjusting clip skip, and the option to add a VAE (Variational Autoencoder).

  • What is the current limitation regarding the models available for on-site generation on Civic AI?

    -As of the time of the transcript, only SD 1.5 models are available for on-site generation on Civic AI, and not all SD 1.5 models are supported. However, the list of supported models is expected to grow over time.

  • How does Civic AI ensure that the model creators are fairly compensated?

    -Civic AI has stated that if they start charging for generations, the majority of the fees would be paid out to the model creators whose resources are used, ensuring fair compensation for their contributions.



🎨 Discovering Civic AI for AI Art Creation

The first paragraph introduces the topic of Civic AI, a platform that offers powerful AI art creation tools for free. The speaker expresses agreement with a Reddit thread discussing the underutilization of Civic AI, despite its intuitive interface and ability to generate high-quality images using cloud GPUs without the need for high-end hardware. The paragraph explains the process of using Civic AI, from selecting a model and custom embeddings to writing prompts and generating images. It also touches on the future implementation of a credit system based on user engagement and the distribution of credits to model creators. The speaker emphasizes the current open beta phase as an ideal time for beginners with low-end hardware to take advantage of the free service, noting the lack of advanced features compared to local model running but highlighting the platform's adequacy for basic image generation. Concerns about the platform's long-term sustainability and potential centralization issues are mentioned, with the speaker remaining optimistic about Civic AI's commitment to community and creator empowerment.


📈 Exploring Civic AI's Interface and Model Options

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of using Civic AI's interface. It guides users through the process of creating an account, accessing the 'create' button, and selecting models and additional resources such as loras or embeddings. The paragraph outlines the steps for inputting prompts, choosing dimensions, and adjusting advanced settings like sampler, steps, CFG scale, and adding a VAE. It also discusses the options available once an image is generated, including the ability to recreate, delete, or view details of a generation set. The speaker notes the current limitation to SD 1.5 models and mentions that the list of supported models will grow. The paragraph concludes with a call for feedback on the platform and a discussion on the monetization of community-trained models, inviting viewers to share their thoughts on Civic AI and the concerns raised.




CivitAI is an online platform that offers creators powerful features for AI art generation. It is noted for being underutilized despite its free and accessible tools for generating images using cloud-based GPUs. In the context of the video, CivitAI is portrayed as a game-changer, especially for those without high-end hardware, as it allows users to generate images through an intuitive interface without the need for complex setup.

💡AI Art Generation

AI Art Generation refers to the process of creating artwork with the help of artificial intelligence. The video emphasizes how platforms like CivitAI facilitate this by allowing users to input prompts and generate images based on those instructions. It is central to the video's theme, showcasing how AI is making art creation more accessible.

💡Cloud GPUs

Cloud GPUs are graphics processing units that are accessible over the internet and used for computationally intensive tasks like generating AI art. In the script, CivitAI's use of cloud GPUs is highlighted as a key feature that enables users to generate images without needing high-end hardware on their premises.

💡Intuitive Interface

An intuitive interface is a user-friendly design that allows people to easily interact with a system or software. The video praises CivitAI for its intuitive interface, which simplifies the process of generating AI art, making it more approachable for beginners and those with low-end hardware.

💡Free Generations

Free Generations refer to the ability to create AI art without incurring costs. The video discusses how CivitAI currently offers free generations, which is a significant benefit for users, particularly beginners who may not be able to afford paid services. It also mentions a future credit system based on user engagement.

💡Community-Based Models

Community-Based Models are AI models that are developed and shared by a community of creators and developers. The video mentions that CivitAI allows users to utilize such models, which are not owned by CivitAI but are part of the larger AI community, emphasizing the platform's reliance on and support for community resources.

💡Loras and Embeddings

Loras and Embeddings are advanced features in AI art generation that allow for more customized and nuanced image creation. The script notes that CivitAI supports these features, providing users with additional resources to refine their AI-generated art.


Centralization in the context of the video refers to the concern that if a single platform like CivitAI becomes dominant, it could lead to a situation where model creators are forced to use that platform to reach users. This raises issues about control, diversity, and the potential for monopolistic practices.


Acidification, as used in the video, is a metaphor for a platform that starts by offering a great free service and then gradually becomes more restrictive and focused on monetization, often to the detriment of the user base. It is a concern raised by some users regarding the future of platforms like CivitAI.

💡Model Creators

Model Creators are individuals or teams who develop the AI models used for tasks such as image generation. The video discusses the importance of these creators and the need for platforms like CivitAI to ensure that they are fairly compensated if the platform begins to charge for image generations.

💡On-Site Generation

On-Site Generation refers to the process of generating images directly within the platform's environment, using the platform's supported models. The video explains that CivitAI supports on-site generation for certain models, indicated by a green paintbrush icon, which streamlines the process for users.

💡SD 1.5 Models

SD 1.5 Models refer to a specific version or iteration of AI models used for stable diffusion, a type of AI art generation. The video notes that as of the time of the recording, only SD 1.5 models are available on CivitAI, with the expectation that more models will be added in the future.


Civic AI is an underutilized platform offering powerful features for creators absolutely free.

It allows users to generate AI art without the need for high-end hardware.

The interface is highly intuitive, making it easy for beginners to start creating AI art.

Users can generate up to 10 images at once using Civic AI's cloud GPUs.

Civic AI currently offers a free tier with the possibility of a credit system in the future.

Active users can potentially earn over 1000 free generations per day through engagement.

Credits spent on generating images will be primarily paid to the model creators.

Civic AI provides access to community-based models like epic realism and cyber realistic.

Users can also utilize loras and embeddings as additional resources for their creations.

The platform currently has 405 cloud GPUs available for users to utilize.

Civic AI's goal is to empower creators and grow the AI art community.

There are concerns about the potential for Civic AI to become more restrictive and money-focused over time.

Civic AI has shown commitment to transparency and paying it forward to the community.

The platform allows for the use of SD 1.5 models, with more models and features to be added.

Civic AI provides a simple and accessible way for beginners to experiment with AI art generation.

The platform's current limitations include a lack of advanced features like upscaling and bulk downloads.

Civic AI's potential for centralization raises questions about the future of model access and creator rights.

Despite concerns, Civic AI remains a valuable resource for those looking to explore AI art without technical barriers.