BLACKPINK - 특(S-Class) (Original by Stray Kids) | AI COVER | Kits.AI

16 Jun 202303:24

TLDRThe AI cover of BLACKPINK's rendition of '특(S-Class)', originally performed by Stray Kids, is a musical tribute that captures the essence of the original song while adding a unique AI twist. The video opens with an energetic beat, setting the tone for the performance. As the music progresses, viewers are treated to a dynamic and engaging experience that showcases the special qualities of BLACKPINK's interpretation. The video concludes with a teaser for the next release, promising more exciting content to come. This AI cover serves as a testament to the group's enduring popularity and the innovative potential of AI in the music industry.


  • 🎶 The song is an AI cover of the original track 'S-Class' by Stray Kids.
  • 🌟 The title '특(S-Class)' is likely referencing the high quality or top-tier nature of the content.
  • 🎤 BLACKPINK is the group performing the cover, indicating a K-pop style rendition.
  • 🔍 The transcript suggests the presence of a music video or audio track with repeated musical interludes.
  • 👋 The phrase 'you guys' indicates a direct address to the audience, possibly implying an interactive or engaging nature of the content.
  • 📣 The word 'again' might suggest that this is part of a series or that the performers are returning to a previous theme.
  • 🎉 The affirmation 'we're special yeah' could be a celebration of the uniqueness or the talent of the performers.
  • 👍 The use of multiple '[Music]' tags implies a significant role of music in the content, likely with varied and dynamic sections.
  • 📅 The farewell 'see you next time' hints at the possibility of future content or episodes from the same source.
  • 🤖 The mention of 'Kits.AI' at the end suggests that the content is AI-generated or AI-assisted, emphasizing the technological aspect.
  • 🌐 Given the global popularity of BLACKPINK and the context, the content is likely targeting an international audience.

Q & A

  • What is the title of the AI cover song?

    -The title of the AI cover song is '특(S-Class)' which is an original song by Stray Kids.

  • Who is the original artist of the song '특(S-Class)'?

    -The original artist of the song '특(S-Class)' is the South Korean boy band Stray Kids.

  • What does the acronym 'AI' stand for in the context of this cover?

    -In the context of this cover, 'AI' stands for Artificial Intelligence, suggesting that the cover is performed using AI technology.

  • Who is performing the AI cover of '특(S-Class)'?

    -The AI cover of '특(S-Class)' is performed by Kits.AI, which is likely an AI-based music platform or service.

  • What is the genre of the song '특(S-Class)'?

    -The genre of the song '특(S-Class)' is not explicitly mentioned in the transcript, but given the original artist, it can be inferred that it is likely a K-pop song.

  • Is there a specific theme or message in the song '특(S-Class)'?

    -The transcript does not provide explicit lyrics or themes, but the title '특(S-Class)' suggests a theme of uniqueness or high quality, possibly related to the S-Class designation often associated with luxury and excellence.

  • What does the phrase 'tell me' signify in the context of the song?

    -Without the full lyrics, it's hard to determine the exact meaning, but the phrase 'tell me' is often used in songs to request information, confession, or an explanation from another person.

  • What is the significance of the phrase 'you guys' in the song?

    -The phrase 'you guys' is a colloquial way to address an audience or group of people, suggesting a direct and personal connection with the listeners.

  • What does the phrase 'we're special yeah' imply in the song?

    -The phrase 'we're special yeah' likely reinforces the song's theme of uniqueness or distinction, possibly referring to the group's identity or the listeners' special status.

  • What is the purpose of the '[Music]' notation in the transcript?

    -The '[Music]' notation in the transcript indicates that there is instrumental music playing at that point in the song, without any vocal performance.

  • What does the phrase 'see you next time' signify at the end of the transcript?

    -The phrase 'see you next time' is a common way to signal the end of a performance or session and to express anticipation for future interactions or performances.



🎶 Music and Greetings

This paragraph appears to be a script for a video that includes several instances of music playing and phrases that suggest interaction with an audience. However, the content is not clear enough to provide a detailed summary. It seems to involve a conversational tone with mentions of 'foreign,' 'you guys,' and a farewell remark 'see you next time.'




BLACKPINK is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment. They are known for their energetic performances and catchy music, which often incorporates elements of K-pop, hip hop, and EDM. In the context of this video, BLACKPINK is likely the group being covered or referenced, indicating that the video might be an AI-generated cover or tribute to one of their songs.


The term 'S-Class' is often used to denote a high level of quality or luxury, similar to the top-tier designation used by Mercedes-Benz for their luxury sedans. In the context of music, it could refer to a song or album that is considered exceptional or top-tier within its genre. Here, it might suggest that the video is an AI cover of a song that is deemed to be of high quality or popularity.

💡Stray Kids

Stray Kids is a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment. They are known for their self-produced music and energetic performances. The mention of 'Original by Stray Kids' indicates that the song being covered in the video was originally performed by this group, and the AI is creating a new rendition of it.


An 'AI cover' refers to a version of a song that is created using artificial intelligence. This could involve AI generating the music, vocals, or both. In this video, it suggests that the cover of BLACKPINK's song is not performed by humans but by an AI system, which is an interesting blend of technology and music.


Kits.AI likely refers to the creator or platform responsible for the AI cover. It could be a company or software that specializes in using artificial intelligence to generate music or other forms of media. In the context of this video, Kits.AI is the entity that has produced the AI cover of the song.


The keyword 'Music' is a broad term that refers to the art of arranging sounds in time to produce a composition through the use of melody, harmony, rhythm, and sometimes lyrics. In the context of this video, 'Music' is a repeated element in the transcript, suggesting that the video is primarily focused on the musical performance or rendition.

💡tell me

'Tell me' is a common phrase used in both speech and song lyrics, often as a request for information or an expression of curiosity. In the context of this video's script, it could be part of the lyrics or a spoken phrase within the content, potentially indicating a theme of inquiry or dialogue.

💡you guys

The phrase 'you guys' is an informal way to address a group of people, often used in English-speaking countries. It can create a sense of camaraderie or direct engagement with the audience. In the video script, it might be used to address the viewers or to simulate a conversation within the song.


The word 'special' is often used to describe something that is better, different, or of higher quality than the norm. In the context of this video, it could be referring to the unique nature of the AI cover or the distinctiveness of the song being covered. It ties into the theme of the video by highlighting the uniqueness of the AI's rendition.

💡see you next time

This phrase is commonly used to indicate a temporary departure and the expectation of a future meeting or encounter. In the context of the video script, 'see you next time' likely signifies the end of the video or performance, with an invitation for viewers to return for more content in the future.


The song begins with an engaging musical introduction.

The phrase 'tell me' stands out, possibly indicating a key lyric or moment in the song.

The affirmation 'you guys, we're special yeah' might represent the song's theme or message.

The phrase 'see you next time' likely marks the song's conclusion, leaving a memorable final impression.

The repetition of '[Music]' suggests immersive musical segments throughout the cover.