Audiences CRINGE At Hillary Clinton Produced Feminist Broadway Musical | It's Bad As You Think 🤮

Benny Johnson
14 Apr 202411:18

TLDRThe video discusses the cringe-inducing reaction to a Broadway musical produced by Hillary Clinton, which aims to promote women's suffrage but is criticized for its quality and timing. The script highlights the awkward media tour by Clinton and the protests against her and her husband's alleged involvement in global conflicts. Despite the criticism, the production team remains optimistic about the potential impact of the musical on women's history.


  • 🎭 The script discusses a Broadway musical produced by Hillary Clinton, which is themed around feminism and the women's suffrage movement.
  • 🎤 The musical is titled 'suffs', a shortened form of 'suffragettes', and is facing criticism for its political timing and content.
  • 🎵 The script highlights the technical capacities of the show, but also the dissatisfaction and cringe from audiences due to the perceived poor quality of the music.
  • 🎬 The video features a host who is critical of modern adaptations of classic movies, expressing concern over the update of 'Dumb and Dumber'.
  • 🤯 The host expresses strong disapproval of the sound clip from the musical, calling it the most annoying sound created by mankind.
  • 🎩 Hillary Clinton's media tour for the show is mentioned, including her appearance on 'The Tonight Show' where she brings hats from the musical.
  • 👥 Protests against Hillary Clinton and her involvement in the musical are detailed, with critics accusing her of being a 'super predator' and responsible for genocides.
  • 📣 The script includes a critique of the political stance of the musical, questioning the timing and relevance of the suffrage movement's platform in the current era.
  • 🌟 Despite the criticism, the script mentions that the cast and orchestra seem to be enjoying the rehearsal process and believe they are making history.
  • 🏆 Hillary Clinton expresses her motivation for producing the musical, citing the importance of voting and the historical significance of women's suffrage.

Q & A

  • What was the main reason for the breakup mentioned in the transcript?

    -The main reason for the breakup was artistic differences, with one party seeing themselves as alive and the other seeing them dead.

  • What is the speaker's opinion about modern updates on classic movies?

    -The speaker dislikes modern updates or reboots of iconic properties, especially their favorite movies like Dumb and Dumber.

  • How does the speaker describe the sound they find most annoying in the world?

    -The speaker describes it as the most annoying sound ever produced by mankind and criticizes the writers of Dumb and Dumber for creating it.

  • What is the main theme of the Broadway musical produced by Hillary Clinton?

    -The main theme of the Broadway musical is feminism and the women's suffrage movement.

  • What is the speaker's criticism about the timing of the women's suffrage movement's platform?

    -The speaker questions why the biggest platform for the women's suffrage movement is now, 100 years after the actual fight for women's right to vote took place.

  • What is the name of the Broadway musical produced by Hillary Clinton?

    -The Broadway musical produced by Hillary Clinton is called 'suffs', short for suffragettes.

  • What incident occurred during the rehearsals of the musical?

    -During the rehearsals, the cast and orchestra seemed to be having a great time, and the speaker describes it as 'fabulous'.

  • What motivated Hillary Clinton to become a producer for the Broadway musical?

    -Hillary Clinton was motivated to become a producer after receiving a letter from Shaina, and she saw it as an opportunity to encourage people to vote and recognize the importance of the power of their vote.

  • What was the audience's reaction on the first night of previews?

    -On the first night of previews, women showed up wearing suffragist white and put on the sashes they found on their seats, indicating a positive reception.

  • What message does Hillary Clinton convey through her involvement in the musical?

    -Hillary Clinton aims to highlight the importance of women's history, the struggle for the right to vote, and the continuous fight for progress and equality.

  • What is the speaker's final verdict on the Broadway musical?

    -The speaker finds the Broadway musical to be bad and cringe-worthy, and they express difficulty in watching it.



🎬 Controversial Artistic Interpretations

The speaker expresses their disdain for modern updates or reboots of classic movies, particularly referencing the film 'Dumb and Dumber.' They criticize the idea of changing the original characters' fates and discuss the annoyance caused by a specific sound effect in the movie. The speaker then transitions to a discussion about Hillary Clinton's involvement in producing a Broadway musical about the women's suffrage movement, questioning the timing and relevance of such a production in an election year.


🎭 Hillary Clinton's Broadway Debut

The paragraph details the public's reaction to Hillary Clinton's appearance on The Tonight Show, where she promotes her Broadway show and gifts a hat to the host. The speaker critiques the quality of the musical, 'suffs,' and the political undertones it carries. There's a mention of protests against Clinton, accusing her of being indifferent to various global conflicts and atrocities. The speaker suggests a common ground of disapproval towards Clinton among the protesters and themselves, despite differing political views.


🎉 The Impact of 'suffs' and Women's History

This paragraph focuses on the impact of the Broadway show 'suffs' and its significance in telling women's history. It highlights the show's first night of previews, where attendees wore suffragist white and engaged with the performance. The speaker includes a quote from one of the songs, emphasizing the possibility of progress. The paragraph concludes with a call to action for continued fighting and marching, suggesting that the ancestors of the audience are proof of possible progress.



💡Broadway Musical

A Broadway musical is a large-scale theatrical production that typically combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance, usually with an ensemble cast. In the context of the video, it refers to the production that Hillary Clinton has apparently produced, which is themed around the women's suffrage movement. The script mentions the musical as a platform for the movement, indicating that it aims to bring attention to the historical struggle for women's right to vote.


Feminism is a social, political, and cultural movement that seeks to establish and achieve equal rights, opportunities, and treatment for women. In the video, the term 'feminist' is used to describe the theme of the Broadway musical produced by Hillary Clinton, suggesting that the show aims to promote women's rights and gender equality.

💡Women's Suffrage Movement

The Women's Suffrage Movement refers to a series of historical campaigns for the right of women to participate in public affairs through the right to vote and run for public office. In the video, this movement is the central theme of the Broadway musical, with the production aiming to highlight the struggle and achievements of women in the fight for suffrage.

💡Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is an American politician, diplomat, lawyer, and writer who served as the First Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001, U.S. Senator from New York from 2001 to 2009, and the 67th United States Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. In the context of the video, she is noted for her controversial involvement as a producer of the Broadway musical, which is criticized for its perceived lack of quality and relevance.

💡Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber is a 1994 American comedy film starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. The film is known for its slapstick humor and has become a cult classic. In the video, the mention of Dumb and Dumber is used as a point of comparison to express the speaker's disdain for modern updates or adaptations of classic properties, which he feels often fail to capture the essence of the original works.

💡Artistic Differences

Artistic differences refer to disagreements between creative individuals or teams regarding the vision, style, or direction of a project. In the video, the term is used to describe a breakup between two individuals where one saw themselves as 'alive' and the other as 'dead,' suggesting a fundamental disagreement on the creative process or outcome.


A reboot refers to the process of starting a franchise, series, or other creative work from the beginning, often with a new cast, updated story elements, or a fresh perspective. In the context of the video, the speaker expresses a dislike for reboots, particularly when they involve iconic properties that have a special place in popular culture.


Cringe is a term used to describe a feeling of embarrassment or discomfort, often experienced when witnessing awkward or poorly executed content. In the video, the term is applied to the audience's reaction to the Broadway musical produced by Hillary Clinton, indicating that the production is perceived as awkward or of low quality.


A protest is a public expression of objection or disapproval towards a policy, decision, or action, often with the intent to influence public opinion or policy change. In the video, protests are mentioned in relation to the Broadway musical and the criticism of Hillary Clinton, indicating that some individuals are expressing their disapproval of her involvement in the arts and her political stance.


Progress refers to the forward or onward movement towards a refined, improved, or desired state. In the context of the video, progress is discussed in relation to the women's suffrage movement and the changes that have been made over time in terms of women's rights and equality. The term is used to emphasize the importance of continued effort and activism to ensure that these improvements are maintained and further advancements are made.


A producer in the context of theater or film is an individual who oversees the production of a show or movie, often managing financial aspects, hiring key personnel, and supervising the creative process. In the video, Hillary Clinton takes on the role of a producer for the Broadway musical, which is a central point of discussion and critique.


Audiences cringe at a Broadway musical produced by Hillary Clinton, which is perceived as being as bad as people thought it would be.

The show is a hard or soft reboot of a classic property, which the speaker generally dislikes.

A notable scene from the movie 'Dumb and Dumber' is discussed, highlighting the most annoying sound in the world.

The speaker questions the timing and relevance of a women's suffrage movement musical in the current era.

The musical 'suffs' is mentioned, which is short for suffragettes, but the name is corrected to avoid sexism.

A viral clip is referenced that showcases the negative reception of Hillary Clinton's Broadway production.

Protests against Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are described, accusing them of being responsible for genocides and atrocities.

The speaker humorously attempts to unite people under a common dislike for Hillary Clinton and her musical production.

The speaker mentions a press tour where Hillary Clinton suggests there shouldn't be an election.

Hillary Clinton's involvement in the production is discussed, highlighting her lack of experience in theater.

The importance of voting and the historical significance of women's suffrage are emphasized by the production's message.

The impact of the musical on women's history and the progress made is highlighted.

The cast and orchestra's positive rehearsal experience is shared.

Audience members wear suffragist white and put on sashes as a show of support for the musical's message.

The line 'progress is possible but not guaranteed' from one of the songs is noted as a significant message.

Hillary Clinton's life and experiences are tied to the progress and history depicted in the musical.