3 Apps for Accountants That BLEW MY MIND

28 Aug 202208:50

TLDRDiscover three innovative apps that revolutionize accounting practices: Scribe, a simple Chrome extension for creating clear, step-by-step instructions; Uncat, a tool for categorizing transactions and notifying clients for more information; and Keeper, a comprehensive dashboard connecting accounting files for task management and financial review. These apps streamline communication, automate processes, and enhance client engagement.


  • 🚀 Scribe is a simple Chrome extension that records and refines steps for tasks, making it easy to create explainers for clients or colleagues.
  • 📝 The ability to create reusable explainers with Scribe can significantly reduce the time spent on explaining repetitive tasks, and these can be shared across firms.
  • 📊 Uncat is a tool that notifies clients when a transaction is uncategorized, allowing for better communication and engagement with clients on their financial data.
  • 🤖 Setting up bank rules in Uncat can automate the categorization of unclear transactions and streamline the process of gathering more information from clients.
  • 💡 Uncat can also handle receipt uploads, class identification, and direct transactions to specific client users, improving efficiency in accounting practices.
  • 🔧 Tech Guru is an outsourced IT group that specializes in providing support for accounting firms, reducing the stress of handling technical issues in-house.
  • 🧰 Keeper connects to accounting files and offers a comprehensive overview of tasks, reviews, and client questions, merging project management with accounting ledger details.
  • 📊 In Keeper, users can access a profit and loss view grouped by payee, and a balance sheet, all within the context of the connected accounting files.
  • 🎯 Keeper's dashboard view consolidates information from multiple accounting files, providing a single, useful overview for bookkeepers and accounting professionals.
  • 💌 The speaker shares a newsletter for accountants that aims to provide insights and opportunities to improve their profession, suggesting a community of learning and growth.

Q & A

  • What is the first software application mentioned in the script that can significantly improve an accountant's workflow?

    -The first software application mentioned is Scribe, a simple Chrome extension that helps in creating clear and concise step-by-step instructions for clients.

  • How does Scribe help in customizing the instructions for clients?

    -Scribe allows accountants to capture steps and remove any unwanted steps, such as 2FA codes, and customize the instructions by adding the client's name and email, making it easier for them to follow.

  • What is the potential benefit of using Scribe for accounting firms?

    -By creating reusable explainers and sharing them with colleagues or other firms, accounting firms can build extensive libraries of helpful guides, saving time and effort in explaining repetitive tasks.

  • What is Uncat and how does it assist accountants and clients?

    -Uncat is a tool that notifies clients when a transaction is placed in an uncategorized expense, prompting them to provide more information. It can be set up on a schedule and can watch any accounts in the ledger.

  • How can an accounting firm automate the process of categorizing unclear transactions with Uncat?

    -By setting up bank rules in Uncat, accountants can auto-categorize unclear transactions directly to uncategorized expenses, and clients will be notified automatically through the bank feed.

  • What advantages does outsourcing IT to Tech Guru offer for accounting firms?

    -Outsourcing IT to Tech Guru provides accounting firms with expert IT support tailored to their industry, reducing the stress and complexity of handling technical issues in-house.

  • How does Keeper integrate with an accounting file to assist bookkeepers and reviewers?

    -Keeper connects to the accounting file, displaying tasks such as closing tasks, bank reconciliations, transaction reviews, and payee entity reviews in a comprehensive dashboard, providing a detailed overview of the financial status.

  • What feature of Keeper allows for a deeper analysis of financial data?

    -Keeper's profit and loss feature, which is not in Quickbooks, allows users to view grouped data by payee, offering a more detailed analysis of advertising and other expenses.

  • How does the dashboard in Keeper benefit the entire accounting practice?

    -The dashboard in Keeper consolidates information from multiple Quickbooks files, showing the status of tasks, open questions, and other key metrics, providing a single, useful view for managing the entire accounting practice.

  • What is the main advantage of using the three software applications discussed in the script?

    -The main advantage is that these applications streamline and automate various accounting tasks, improve client communication, and provide comprehensive tools for managing and analyzing financial data, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and productivity of accounting firms.



🚀 Innovative Software Tricks for Accountants

The first paragraph introduces three software tricks that can be game-changing for accountants. The focus is on the Scribe Chrome extension, which simplifies the process of creating explainer videos by capturing on-screen actions and allowing for the removal of unwanted steps. The paragraph also discusses the potential for creating reusable explainers to address frequently asked questions, thereby improving efficiency and client communication. Additionally, the speaker shares the idea of collaborating with other firms to build a comprehensive library of helpful explainers.


📊 Streamlining Accounting Tasks with UNCAT and Keeper

The second paragraph delves into two powerful tools for accountants: UNCAT and Keeper. UNCAT is a tool that simplifies the categorization of expenses and ensures clients provide necessary information for unclear transactions. It can be set up to notify clients on a schedule and can be used to manage multiple credit card users efficiently. Keeper, on the other hand, is a platform that integrates with accounting files, providing a detailed overview of tasks, transactions, and client queries in a single dashboard. It offers a comprehensive view of financial data, allowing bookkeepers and reviewers to work more effectively without needing to switch between different systems.




Accountants are professionals who analyze financial records, ensure compliance with financial regulations, and provide financial insights to businesses and individuals. In the context of the video, accountants are the target audience for the software applications discussed, which aim to streamline and enhance their workflow and client communication.


Scribe is a simple Chrome extension that captures a user's actions on a webpage and allows for the creation of step-by-step guides. It is used to record and explain processes, making it easier for others to follow along and understand complex tasks. In the video, Scribe is highlighted as a tool that can help accountants create visual guides for their clients, such as explaining how to log into a portal or pay an estimate online.


Uncat is a software application that notifies clients when a transaction is recorded as 'uncategorized expense,' prompting them to provide additional information. This tool helps streamline the process of categorizing transactions and ensures that accountants have the necessary details to accurately record financial data. The application can be set up on a schedule and can watch any accounts in a ledger, automating the process of notifying clients about transactions that require further clarification.

💡Tech Guru

Tech Guru is an outsourced IT group that specializes in providing technical support to accounting firms. They handle various IT-related issues, allowing accountants to focus on their core tasks without being distracted by technical problems. Outsourcing IT to Tech Guru can lead to a more efficient and smooth operation of the accounting practice.


Keeper is an application that connects to an accounting file and offers a range of features, including task management, transaction reviews, and client-facing questions. It integrates with accounting software like QuickBooks and presents financial data in a user-friendly format. Keeper is designed to be a comprehensive tool for bookkeepers and accounting professionals, allowing them to manage their work more efficiently and effectively.


A dashboard in the context of software applications is an interface that consolidates essential information and allows users to monitor and manage various aspects of their work in one place. In the video, Keeper provides a dashboard view that compiles data from multiple QuickBooks files, presenting a clear overview of tasks, reviews, and client questions, making it an invaluable tool for managing an accounting practice.


Bookkeeping refers to the process of recording financial transactions and maintaining accurate financial records for a business or individual. It is a fundamental aspect of accounting and involves tracking income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. In the video, bookkeeping is discussed in the context of using software tools to automate and streamline this process, reducing manual work and potential errors.

💡Client Communication

Client communication is the interaction between service providers and their clients, which in the context of accounting, involves explaining financial matters, answering questions, and providing updates. Effective client communication is crucial for building trust and ensuring clients understand their financial situation and the services provided by the accountant.


Automation refers to the use of technology to perform tasks without human intervention, leading to increased efficiency and reduced manual labor. In accounting, automation can involve software tools that handle repetitive tasks, such as categorizing transactions, sending reminders, or generating reports.


Efficiency in the context of the video refers to the ability of software tools to streamline accounting processes, reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, and optimize the use of resources. The goal is to improve the overall performance of the accounting practice and deliver better service to clients.


Outsourcing is the practice of contracting out a business process to an external service provider. In the video, the speaker discusses outsourcing IT services to Tech Guru, which allows the accounting firm to focus on their core competencies while relying on experts to handle technical issues.


Introducing three innovative software tools that can greatly enhance the efficiency and workflow of accountants.

Scribe, a simple yet powerful Chrome extension that simplifies the process of creating step-by-step instructions for clients.

The ability to customize Scribe's templates to fit specific accounting tasks, making client communications more efficient.

Creating reusable explainers with Scribe to reduce repetitive tasks and increase productivity.

The potential for accountants to collaborate and share Scribe libraries across firms for common accounting software like QuickBooks.

Uncat, a tool that notifies clients when their transactions are uncategorized, encouraging timely and accurate financial management.

Setting up bank rules in Uncat to automatically categorize transactions and notify clients, streamlining the accounting process.

The ability to manage multiple credit card users and transactions for a single client within Uncat, simplifying complex financial tracking.

Tech Guru, an outsourced IT solution for accounting firms, providing expert support and reducing the stress of technical issues.

Keeper's integration with accounting files, offering a comprehensive overview of financial tasks and simplifying bookkeeping.

Keeper's unique feature of displaying full ledger detail and project management aspects within its dashboard.

The capability of Keeper to display financial data from multiple QuickBooks files in a single dashboard, enhancing firm management.

The practical applications of these software tools in accounting practices, leading to more effective and streamlined operations.

The presenter's humorous and engaging style in discussing these tools, making complex topics accessible and enjoyable.

The potential for accountants to shift their primary operations to platforms like Keeper, improving efficiency and centralizing data management.