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TLDRLiz shared a positive experience with her sales manager, Sarah, who provided accurate and well-researched information for their project in Illinois. The outcome was as planned, with financial expectations met. Notably, Liz observed a significant reduction in her utility bills, from a typical range of $100-$220 to a minimum of $15 per month after implementing solar energy solutions with Greenhouse. Liz expressed satisfaction with her decision to go solar after finding the company online and discussing it with her husband.


  • 🤝 Positive Interaction - The customer had a positive experience working with Sarah, the sales manager.
  • 📚 Thorough Research - Sarah provided comprehensive information and conducted extensive research on the state regulations.
  • 🗓 Accurate Planning - The advice and planning provided by Sarah were precise, with timelines and procedures accurately outlined.
  • 💰 Financial Accuracy - The financial projections shared by Sarah, particularly regarding the money received, were spot-on.
  • 🔋 Significant Savings - The customer observed a substantial decrease in their utility bills, from a typical range to as low as $15 per month.
  • 🌤️ Solar Energy Consideration - The decision to go solar was a deliberate choice after researching and discussing options online.
  • 🏡 Homeowner Collaboration - The customer consulted with their spouse before deciding to contact the solar company.
  • 📞 Initial Contact - The customer reached out to the company after finding them online and was satisfied with the information provided.
  • 😃 Satisfied Decision - The customer is very happy with their decision to use the solar option provided by the company.
  • 💡 Impactful Difference - The solar option has made a significant positive impact on the customer's utility expenses.

Q & A

  • How was the interaction with the sales manager, Sarah?

    -The interaction with Sarah, the sales manager, was very positive. She was well-informed, provided all the necessary information, and conducted thorough research for the state of Illinois.

  • What kind of research did Sarah do for the state of Illinois?

    -Sarah did specific research related to the requirements and regulations for the state of Illinois, ensuring that the actions taken were in compliance and met the necessary standards.

  • How did Sarah's guidance impact the project timeline?

    -Sarah's guidance was very accurate and well-planned, which meant that the project proceeded exactly as she outlined, with tasks being completed on time.

  • What was the accuracy of the financial projections provided by Sarah?

    -The financial projections provided by Sarah were very accurate. The amount of money received was in line with what she had initially projected.

  • What was the typical utility bill amount before the changes?

    -Prior to the changes, the utility bill ranged from $100 to $220, which was considered a normal amount for the user.

  • What is the current monthly utility bill after the changes?

    -After the changes, the minimum monthly utility bill has been reduced to approximately $15, marking a significant saving.

  • What led to the decision of choosing Greenhouse as the solar option?

    -The decision to choose Greenhouse as the solar option was influenced by online research and a discussion between the user and her husband. They decided to contact the company to learn more about their offerings.

  • How has the user's experience been with Greenhouse?

    -The user has been very happy with their decision to go with Greenhouse, especially noting the significant reduction in their utility bills.

  • What is the overall satisfaction with the solar option chosen?

    -The user is very satisfied with the solar option chosen, as evidenced by the substantial savings on their utility bills and the positive experience with the sales manager and company.

  • How has the solar option impacted the user's utility expenses?

    -The solar option has greatly impacted the user's utility expenses, resulting in a significant reduction from a typical bill of $100 to $220 to a minimum of $15 per month.

  • Would the user recommend Greenhouse to others based on their experience?

    -Given the user's positive experience and the substantial savings, it can be inferred that they would likely recommend Greenhouse to others considering a similar solar option.



🤝 Positive Feedback on Sales Manager

The speaker expresses gratitude for the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience. They highlight the exceptional service provided by their sales manager, Sarah, who was well-informed and proactive in her approach. Sarah's thorough research on the state requirements for Illinois and her precise guidance on necessary actions contributed to a smooth process. The speaker also mentions the accuracy of Sarah's predictions regarding financial outcomes. The discussion then shifts to the impact on the speaker's utility bills, showing a significant reduction in cost, which is viewed positively. The choice of Greenhouse as a solar option is described as a result of online research and a satisfactory initial interaction with the company.



💡sales manager

The term 'sales manager' refers to an individual who oversees a sales team and ensures the successful closure of sales deals. In the context of the video, the sales manager, Sarah, is praised for her comprehensive knowledge and effective communication, which contributed to the success of the customer's experience. An example from the script is when the customer mentions that Sarah had all the necessary information and guided them through the process accurately.


Research in this context refers to the systematic investigation and collection of information to inform decision-making. The customer highlights the importance of thorough research by mentioning that Sarah conducted extensive research for the state of Illinois, ensuring that the customer's needs were met in a timely and accurate manner.

💡utility bill

A utility bill is a statement sent to a customer by a utility company that itemizes the charges for services provided during a particular billing cycle, such as electricity or water usage. In the video, the customer shares their positive experience with a significant reduction in their utility bill, which is a direct result of their interaction with the sales manager and the subsequent changes they made.

💡solar option

A solar option refers to the choice of using solar energy as an alternative source of power. In the video, the customer discusses their decision to go solar, which is a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solution. The choice of a solar option is highlighted as a positive change that led to significant savings on their utility bills.


Greenhouse, in this context, likely refers to the company or product that the customer chose for their solar energy solution. The name suggests an association with environmental sustainability and innovation in energy production. The customer's satisfaction with the solar option provided by Greenhouse is evident in their testimonial.


Feedback refers to the opinions, suggestions, or comments provided by individuals about a product, service, or experience. In the video, the customer is giving feedback on their overall experience with the sales manager and the impact of the solar option on their utility bills.


Accuracy in this context pertains to the correctness and precision of information provided. The customer values the accuracy of the sales manager's statements, particularly regarding the financial aspects of their solar project, which helped them make informed decisions.


Planning involves the process of preparing and organizing actions to achieve specific goals. In the video, the customer emphasizes the importance of planning in the execution of their solar project, as it ensured that tasks were completed at the right time and in the right manner.


Savings refer to the reduction in costs or expenses, often resulting from efficient resource management or smart financial decisions. In the video, the customer shares their experience of significant savings on their utility bills after implementing the solar option, which is a key benefit of their decision.


Decision-making is the process of selecting a course of action from multiple alternatives. The video features a customer who had to make a decision about whether to invest in a solar energy solution. Their positive experience and the resulting savings illustrate the importance of informed decision-making.

💡customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction refers to the feeling of contentment or pleasure a customer experiences as a result of using a product or service. In the video, the customer expresses their satisfaction with the sales manager's performance and the impact of the solar option on their utility costs, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction.


The interviewee expresses gratitude for the sales manager's assistance.

The sales manager, Sarah, provided comprehensive information and research.

Sarah's knowledge of Illinois regulations and requirements was precise.

The interviewee's experience with Sarah was highly satisfactory as everything went as planned.

The accuracy of financial projections regarding the amount of money received was spot on.

The interviewee observed significant savings on their utility bills, ranging from $100 to $220.

The current minimum monthly utility bill is now only $15.

The decision to choose Greenhouse as a solar option was influenced by online research.

The interviewee discussed the solar option with their spouse before making a call to Greenhouse.

The interviewee is very happy with the decision to go solar with Greenhouse.

The significant reduction in the utility bill confirms the positive impact of the solar option.

The interview concludes with the interviewee thanking Liz for her time.



hello thank you so much for joining me here today  I really appreciate your time I just have a few  


questions we'd like to get some of your feedback  on your overall experience can you let us know  


how everything well with your sales manager well  Sarah was wonderful to work for uh or work with  


she had pretty much all the information that we  needed um she did a lot of research for the state  


of Illinois knew exactly what we needed to do  when we needed to do it how we needed to do it  


and everything she told us uh it went exactly as  she said and as planned actually like the amount  


of money we'd be getting when we we be getting it  it was all accurate that's great with that being  


said your panels happen up for a while now can  you give us some examples of the difference you  


you've seen in your utility bill okay it would  veryy on the season for anywhere from 100 maybe  


up to 2 220 that was a normal bill for us and now  it's just it's a minimum of like 15 bucks a month  


so it's been a it's been a very good deal that's  a good great and why did you choose Greenhouse  


this down as a solar option we kind of tossed  around going solar and I was online just kind of  


browsing and I ran across the company and talked  to my husband about it and decided we just decided  


to give him a call and see what they had to say  great and are you happy you made that decision  


very much very much fabulous well thank you so  much for your time today and we are definitely  


so glad you've seen that big difference  in your utility bill thank you Liz thank



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