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TLDRIn the engaging conversation, the interviewee shares their positive experience with a sales manager, highlighting the benefits of switching to solar panels. They mention a significant reduction in their energy bills, now only paying for state taxes and meter fees, and being in the negative on electricity usage. The individual strongly recommends solar energy to friends and family, especially for those with high electronics usage or aiming for an all-electric house.


  • 🤝 The interviewee had a positive experience with their sales manager, describing it as 'great' and 'straight to the point'.
  • 🛒 The individual found the deal they received to be one of the best they've encountered while shopping around.
  • 🔌 The experience with the panels was described as 'amazing' by the person who received them.
  • 👤 The service provider mentioned is 'e TI', who assisted with the panels.
  • 💡 Since installing the solar panels, the interviewee's bill consists only of state taxes and a meter fee, with no additional costs.
  • 📉 The individual reports being 'in the negative' on electricity usage, indicating a net surplus or zero cost for electricity.
  • 🏠 Prior to going solar, the person's electricity bills for other houses ranged from $50 to $100 per month.
  • 🔄 The interviewee would recommend solar panels to friends and family, especially those who use a lot of electronics.
  • 🏡 The benefits of solar panels are highlighted as even more significant for those moving towards a fully electric house.
  • 🙌 The overall tone of the interview is highly positive, with the interviewee expressing satisfaction and appreciation for the service received.

Q & A

  • How did the individual's interaction with the sales manager go?

    -The interaction was described as great, with the individual appreciating the straightforwardness of the sales manager.

  • What was the individual's experience like when shopping around for solar panels?

    -The individual found it to be one of the best deals they've encountered, indicating a positive experience in the shopping process.

  • Who assisted the individual with the installation of their solar panels?

    -The individual was helped by a company or individual referred to as 'e TI' during the installation of their solar panels.

  • How has the individual's energy bill changed since installing solar panels?

    -The individual's energy bill has significantly reduced, consisting now only of state taxes and a meter fee, as they are consistently in the negative on usage.

  • What was the approximate cost of the individual's energy bills before going solar?

    -Prior to installing solar panels, the individual's energy bills ranged from $50 to $100 a month for their other houses.

  • How does the individual feel about recommending solar energy to friends and family?

    -The individual is enthusiastic about recommending solar energy, especially for those who are heavy users of electronics or are considering moving to a fully electric house.

  • What benefits does the individual highlight about using solar panels?

    -The individual highlights the significant reduction in energy costs and the environmental benefits of using solar panels, particularly for those with high electricity consumption.

  • Did the individual encounter any issues or challenges during the solar panel installation process?

    -The script does not mention any issues or challenges during the installation process, suggesting a smooth experience.

  • How soon after purchasing the house did the individual install the solar panels?

    -The individual installed the solar panels almost immediately after purchasing the house.

  • What is the individual's overall sentiment towards their solar panel investment?

    -The individual's overall sentiment is highly positive, with the investment resulting in cost savings and a more sustainable energy solution.

  • What advice does the individual have for others considering solar energy?

    -The individual advises that solar energy is a worthwhile investment, particularly for those with high electricity consumption or an interest in transitioning to a fully electric lifestyle.



🙌 Welcoming and Appreciating the Guest's Time

The paragraph begins with a warm welcome and expression of gratitude towards the guest for joining. The host mentions having a few questions prepared and checks if the guest is ready. The guest affirms their readiness enthusiastically.

🛒 Discussing the Guest's Positive Experience with Sales Manager

The guest shares their positive experience with a sales manager, highlighting the efficiency and straightforwardness of the interaction. They describe it as one of the best deals they've encountered when shopping around and express satisfaction with the overall experience.

🔋 Inquiry about Solar Panel Installation and Benefits

The host inquires about the guest's experience with solar panel installation, specifically asking for a rundown of the benefits they've observed since the panels have been set up. The guest explains that their energy bill now only covers state taxes and a meter fee, as they are otherwise in the negative on usage, indicating a significant cost saving due to the solar panels.

🏠 Contrasting Pre- and Post-Solar Energy Bill

The conversation shifts to a comparison of the guest's energy bills before and after the installation of solar panels. The guest is unsure of the exact amount for the current house but recalls that for their other houses, the bills ranged from $50 to $100 per month. With the solar panels in place, the guest now enjoys a negligible bill, which greatly enhances their satisfaction with the solar energy system.

🌟 Recommending Solar Energy to Friends and Family

The host asks if the guest would recommend solar energy to friends and family based on their experience. The guest responds positively, especially recommending it to those who are heavy users of electronics. They also mention the added benefit of transitioning to a fully electric house, which further underscores the advantages of solar energy.



💡sales manager

A sales manager is an individual who oversees a sales team, sets sales goals, and ensures that the team is performing at its best. In the context of the video, the sales manager likely played a role in facilitating the purchase of solar panels, helping the customer understand the benefits and the process involved.

💡solar panels

Solar panels are devices that convert sunlight into electricity, typically used for residential or commercial power generation. They are a form of renewable energy and can significantly reduce a household's reliance on traditional electricity sources.

💡shopping around

Shopping around refers to the process of comparing different products, services, or deals from various providers to find the best option. In the context of the video, the customer seems to have done thorough research before deciding on their solar panel purchase.

💡electricity bill

An electricity bill is a statement sent by an electric utility company to its customers, detailing the cost of electricity consumed during a billing period. It typically includes the amount of electricity used and the associated charges.

💡negative usage

Negative usage in the context of electricity refers to a situation where a household generates more electricity than it consumes, often due to renewable energy sources like solar panels. This can result in the utility company paying the homeowner for the excess energy fed back into the grid.

💡renewable energy

Renewable energy refers to energy sources that can be replenished naturally and are sustainable over time, such as solar, wind, and hydro power. It is considered more environmentally friendly compared to fossil fuels as it produces little to no greenhouse gases.


Electronics refers to devices that use the flow of electrons to perform various functions, such as computers, smartphones, and home appliances. These devices are an integral part of modern life but can consume significant amounts of electricity.

💡electric house

An electric house refers to a home that is powered entirely by electricity, often sourced from renewable means like solar energy. This concept is gaining popularity as it reduces reliance on fossil fuels and can lead to significant environmental and financial benefits.


A recommendation is a suggestion or endorsement made by one person to another, often based on personal experience or knowledge. In the context of the video, the customer is recommending solar energy to friends and family based on their positive experience.

💡cost savings

Cost savings refer to the reduction in expenses that result from implementing more efficient or economical practices. In the context of the video, the customer experienced significant cost savings by generating their own electricity through solar panels, reducing their reliance on the grid.


The guest expresses gratitude for the sales manager's efficiency and effectiveness.

The guest had an exceptional shopping experience, describing it as one of the best deals they've encountered.

The individual who assisted the guest with their panels is identified as 'e TI'.

Prior to installing solar panels, the guest experienced higher utility bills.

After the solar panels were installed, the guest's utility bill was reduced to only state taxes and meter fees.

The guest's solar panel usage results in a consistently negative electricity usage, meaning they generate more than they consume.

The guest is unsure of the exact previous utility bill amount for the current house but estimates it was around $50 to $100 a month for other houses.

The guest strongly recommends solar energy to friends and family, particularly those with a high usage of electronics.

The guest suggests that transitioning to a fully electric house is further enhanced by the use of solar energy.

The interview concludes with the host appreciating the guest's time and contributions to the discussion.

The guest's experience with solar panels is presented as a success story, highlighting the benefits of renewable energy.

The discussion emphasizes the financial savings achieved through the use of solar panels.

The interviewee's positive experience with solar panels could serve as a testimonial for the benefits of solar energy.

The conversation underscores the environmental benefits of reducing reliance on traditional electricity sources.

The guest's recommendation to go solar is based on personal experience and the potential for others to save on utility costs.

The interview highlights the potential for a fully electric, self-sustaining household powered by renewable energy sources.



hello thank you so much for joining me


here today I really appreciate your time


I just have a few questions for you are


you ready yes amazing can you share with


us how everything went with your sales


manager it was great straight to the


point uh one of the best deals I've when


shopping around and it was a amazing


experience fantastic and who helped you


with your panels it was uh e TI great


now give us a rundown here I know that


you might have had higher bills before


you went solar can you share with us the


difference that you've seen now that


your panels are up and running um now


that my panels are up and running my


bill is literally my state taxes and my


meter fee and other than that I'm always


in the negative on usage that's


fantastic and what was your bill like


before going solar


um I'm not 100% sure with this house but


cuz I bought the house and almost


immediately put solar on but it's my


bills on my other houses were anywhere


from $50 to $100 a month great that's


fantastic that you're now in the


negative and can you share with us if


you would recommend your friends or


family members to go solar after your


experience yes I would especially if


you're heavy on on your electronics and


the even better thing is when you start


pushing to a full uh electric


house amazing perfect we did a fantastic


job answering these questions for us


today I definitely appreciate your


time thank



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