Your Face In Midjourney! It's Here, Easy, and It Works! (Amazing Faceswap Plugin!)

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18 May 202309:48

TLDRIn this video, the presenter introduces an innovative face-swapping plugin that allows users to easily integrate their own face into various images without the need for complex software like Photoshop. The plugin, powered by the open-source library Insight Face, is demonstrated through a step-by-step guide on how to set up a Discord server, invite the MidJourney bot, and use the plugin to create personalized images. The video showcases several examples, including a cinematic still of Indiana Jones, a painting in the style of Andrew Wyeth, and a LinkedIn profile picture. The presenter also discusses some limitations, such as issues with beards, extreme expressions, and stylized images, but notes that the developers are actively working on improvements. The video concludes with a reminder to use the technology responsibly and a thank you from the presenter, Tim.


  • 🎉 A new face-swapping plugin is available that allows users to put their face into a mid-journey image without using Photoshop or extensive re-rolls.
  • 🤖 The process begins with creating a new server in Discord and adding the Insight Face and Mid Journey bots to it.
  • 📷 Users need to upload a high-quality, forward-facing image of themselves without glasses or bangs to create a character ID for swapping.
  • 🚀 The plugin works quickly, generating images in about 40 seconds, and maintains consistent skin tones and lighting.
  • 🎭 The plugin can handle various styles, including photographic, cinematic, and illustrative styles, with some limitations.
  • 💪 It struggles with extreme expressions and detailed styles like abstract or very illustrative ones, which may require manual adjustments.
  • 🧔 Beards and glasses can sometimes cause issues with the face-swapping process, leading to distorted or incorrect representations.
  • 🤔 The Insight Face developers are actively working on improvements, suggesting that the plugin will get better over time.
  • 📚 Documentation advises against wearing glasses and bangs in the uploaded image and recommends a high-quality profile picture for the best results.
  • 😲 The plugin can create some very realistic and disturbing results, especially when used with personal images or highly detailed prompts.
  • 📈 Users can experiment with upscaled images and face-swapping to achieve different looks, but should be aware of the current limitations of the technology.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the Insight face plugin in Midjourney?

    -The main purpose of the Insight face plugin is to allow users to swap their faces into images generated by Midjourney, enabling them to see themselves in various scenarios like being Indiana Jones or Superman without the need for complex photo editing software.

  • How do you start using the Insight face plugin on Discord?

    -To start using the Insight face plugin on Discord, create a new server, then add the plugin to your server using the link provided. You'll also need to invite the Mid Journey bot to your server to execute the /imagine commands.

  • What are the recommended conditions for the profile picture used with Insight face?

    -The image supplied to Insight face should be high quality, forward-facing, without glasses, and without bangs, as these features can interfere with the face swapping process.

  • What type of images can you transform using the Insight face plugin?

    -You can transform a wide range of images using the Insight face plugin, from cinematic stills and paintings to comic book styles and photographic images, though the results vary based on the style and complexity of the original image.

  • What limitations does the Insight face plugin have?

    -The plugin struggles with images that are highly stylized or abstract, and it can have issues with matching skin tones in illustrations or managing complex expressions and details like beards in images.

  • How can you achieve a successful face swap with the Insight face plugin?

    -For a successful face swap, use a high-quality image that meets the recommended conditions. Be aware that less complex and more realistic images tend to yield better results.

  • What issues did the user encounter with beards in face swapping?

    -The user encountered issues where beards were either distorted or incorrectly rendered by the face swapping process, resulting in unnatural appearances.

  • Can the Insight face plugin handle different artistic styles effectively?

    -While the Insight face plugin can handle various artistic styles, it performs better with realistic images. It struggles with maintaining the artistic integrity of illustrative styles, often requiring additional editing to match the original style.

  • Is it possible to reuse the same image for multiple face swaps with different results?

    -No, reusing the same image for multiple face swaps with the Insight face plugin will yield the same result each time because the plugin does not re-roll images.

  • What is the potential for improvement in the Insight face plugin as per the video?

    -The Insight face plugin is still under active development, and improvements are expected, possibly including new features like sliders to adjust how the face swap integrates with different artistic styles.



😀 Introduction to Mid-Journey Image Swapping

The video begins with the presenter sharing exciting news about a new feature in mid-journey image generation that allows users to integrate their own face into various scenarios. The presenter demonstrates this by showing an image of himself as Indiana Jones, generated using a prompt that described the desired scene and character. The process involves using an open-source library called Insight Face for 2D and 3D face analysis. The presenter guides viewers through setting up a new server on Discord and adding the necessary bots, including the Mid Journey bot, to facilitate the image generation. The viewer is also shown how to create an ID for the face to be swapped using a personal image and provides tips on the image quality and ethical considerations.


🎨 Exploring Mid-Journey Image Swapping Capabilities

The presenter continues by showcasing the versatility of the image swapping feature, applying it to different styles and scenarios. He demonstrates the process of swapping his face onto a Superman image, a Wes Anderson-style film still, and a highly detailed painting style reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth. The presenter also humorously shares an image of himself as a weightlifter and discusses the limitations of the technology, such as difficulties with stylized or abstract styles and issues with beards and extreme expressions. He also touches on the potential for using personal images as prompts and the challenges faced with certain styles, such as comic book illustrations. The presenter concludes by emphasizing the ongoing development of the Insight Face technology and encourages responsible use of the face swap feature.




Faceswap is a technology that involves replacing one person's face in a digital image or video with another person's face. In the context of the video, the host uses a plugin to swap his face onto various characters and images, such as Indiana Jones and a painting style by Andrew Wyeth, demonstrating the ease and effectiveness of the technology.


Mid-journey refers to a specific point in a process or journey. In the video, it is used to describe a platform or tool that allows users to generate images with a particular style or theme. The host uses 'mid-journey' to create images that are stylistically consistent with certain genres or artistic styles.

💡Insight Face

Insight Face is an open-source library for 2D and 3D face analysis. It is used in the video to facilitate the face-swapping process. The host explains how to use Insight Face to create a new character ID by uploading an image of oneself, which is then used to generate images with the user's face swapped onto various characters or scenes.


Discord is a communication platform that allows users to create servers for text, voice, and video communication. In the video, the host instructs viewers on how to create a new server in Discord to integrate with the face-swapping plugin, demonstrating the social and collaborative aspects of the technology.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the width and the height of an image or screen. In the video, the host mentions the aspect ratio 16:9, which is a common widescreen format used in film and television, to maintain the correct proportions when generating images.

💡Cinematic Still

A cinematic still is a single, static frame taken from a movie or video. The video script uses this term to describe the style of images being generated, such as 'cinematic still Superman flying in the air,' which implies a high-quality, visually impactful image.


Upscaling is the process of increasing the resolution of an image or video. In the context of the video, the host upscales images to improve their quality before performing a face swap, showcasing the importance of image resolution in achieving a realistic result.

💡Ethical Considerations

Ethical considerations involve thinking about the moral implications of an action. The host mentions being as ethical as possible when using personal images for the face-swapping process, highlighting the importance of privacy and consent when dealing with personal data and images.

💡High-Quality Image

A high-quality image is one that has a high resolution and clear details. The video emphasizes the need for a high-quality image when creating a character ID for face-swapping, as it affects the final output's realism and clarity, although the host also notes that even slightly compressed images can still work.

💡Illustrative Style

An illustrative style refers to a type of artwork that is representative or explanatory, often characterized by a unique artistic style. The host experiments with an illustrative style in the video, such as a painting by Andrew Wyeth, to demonstrate the versatility of the face-swapping technology across different artistic mediums.

💡LinkedIn Profile Picture

A LinkedIn profile picture is a professional photograph used on the LinkedIn social networking platform to represent oneself. In the video, the host explores the possibility of using the face-swapping technology to create a professional-looking LinkedIn profile picture, indicating the potential practical applications of the technology.


A new face-swapping plugin allows users to integrate their faces into mid-journey images without the need for Photoshop or extensive re-rolls.

The process is facilitated through the use of an open-source library called Insight Face for 2D and 3D face analysis.

To get started, users need to create a new server on Discord and add the Insight Face and Mid Journey bots to it.

Users can create an ID for face swapping by uploading an image and naming their character within an eight-character limit.

The image provided for Insight Face should be a high-quality, forward-facing profile picture without glasses or bangs.

The plugin can generate images in various styles, including cinematic stills, photographic, and illustrative styles.

The face-swapping process is quick, taking approximately less than a minute to generate an image.

The plugin successfully swaps faces in images that resemble Wes Anderson films and Andrew Wyeth paintings.

The face-swapping plugin can struggle with highly stylized or abstract images, and may not perfectly merge with the original's illustrative style.

Users can also use their own images as prompts for the Mid Journey bot to create personalized avatars.

The plugin has potential for creating convincing LinkedIn profile pictures with some re-rolls and base image adjustments.

Beards and extreme expressions can sometimes cause issues with the face-swapping accuracy.

The Insight Face bot does not re-roll images, so running the same image will result in an identical output.

The developers of Insight Face are actively working on improvements, and future updates may include enhanced features.

The plugin offers a unique and efficient way to fulfill childhood fantasies by placing one's face onto iconic characters.

The face-swapping technology, while impressive, should be used responsibly for ethical considerations.

Tim, the presenter, demonstrates the practical use and limitations of the plugin through various examples and test cases.