We Bought A GrandMA2 Full Size in 2024! (s13e3)

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14 May 202411:37

TLDRThe video transcript details the excitement and discussion surrounding the purchase of a GrandMA2 Full Size lighting console in 2024. The speaker expresses a mix of disbelief and joy over acquiring the console, which they consider a significant upgrade for their setup. They discuss the console's features, including its motorized faders and the potential it has to elevate their lighting game. There's also a humorous exchange about the console's size and the practicality of using it in various scenarios, from large events to more intimate gatherings. The speaker contemplates the future of lighting technology, hoping that their investment in the GrandMA2 will remain relevant even as newer models like the MA3 are released. The summary concludes with a light-hearted debate on the console's aesthetics and a playful banter about the impact of the new equipment on their work and reputation in the industry.


  • 🎉 The team has purchased a GrandMA2 Full Size lighting console, which is a significant upgrade for them.
  • 😂 There's a humorous and emotional reaction to the purchase, with one member even threatening to cry.
  • 🤔 The acquisition was considered a surprise, and they prefer not to disclose it until the console arrives.
  • 💰 The price for the full-size console was within their budget, making it an achievable purchase.
  • 🚫 There's a playful banter about the console being overkill and unnecessary, but also a recognition of its utility.
  • 👶 One member expresses a deep sense of responsibility, likening the care for the console to caring for a child.
  • 🌟 The new console is seen as a step up in their lighting capabilities, with mentions of past experiences and equipment.
  • 🎵 There's a discussion about the potential of creating a video showcasing the console's features, including motorized faders and sound effects.
  • 🚢 A humorous aside about a 'csas', which seems to be a tool or device useful in certain scenarios, like boating.
  • 🎮 Comments are made about the quality of the console's keyboard and keys, comparing them to audio consoles.
  • 📱 The console's connectivity is highlighted, with mentions of IP addresses and potential for remote control via iPad.

Q & A

  • What significant purchase did the speaker make in the year 2024?

    -The speaker purchased a GrandMA2 Full Size lighting console in 2024.

  • Why did the speaker decide to buy the GrandMA2 Full Size console?

    -The speaker decided to buy the GrandMA2 Full Size console because the price was within their reach and they felt it was a necessary upgrade for their work.

  • What is the difference between the GrandMA2 Full Size and the light version?

    -The GrandMA2 Full Size is more powerful and feature-rich compared to the light version, making it better suited for larger and more complex lighting setups.

  • What is the 'csas' mentioned in the script, and what is its purpose?

    -The 'csas' appears to be a device used in boating to stop the boat when needed, possibly by getting stuck on a rock when thrown overboard.

  • How does the speaker plan to care for the new lighting console?

    -The speaker plans to care for the new lighting console as if it were their own child, indicating a high level of commitment and responsibility.

  • What does the speaker think about the future of the GrandMA2 console in the market?

    -The speaker hopes that the GrandMA2 will remain desirable in the market, even if the newer MA3 model becomes popular, so they can potentially sell it for the price they paid.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on the design of the GrandMA2 console?

    -The speaker has mixed feelings about the design, particularly the black and yellow color scheme, which they compare to a bumblebee.

  • What is the significance of Steve's involvement with the company?

    -Steve's involvement with the company has led to significant advancements in lighting, suggesting that his expertise has been a valuable asset.

  • What is the speaker's view on the quality of the keys on the GrandMA2 console?

    -The speaker finds the keys and keyboards on the GrandMA2 console to be less robust compared to those on an audio console.

  • What does the speaker imply about the potential use of the console for smaller jobs?

    -The speaker implies that the GrandMA2 Full Size console might be overkill for smaller jobs, such as a basement party, and it is not practical to bring it to every job.

  • What is the speaker's attitude towards the idea of creating a promotional video for the console?

    -The speaker seems excited about the idea of creating a promotional video, showing the faders moving to music, which is a common practice among other professionals in the field.



🎉 Acquiring a Full-Size Lighting Console 🎉

The first paragraph describes the excitement of purchasing a full-size lighting console, which is a significant upgrade from the previous equipment. The speaker expresses surprise at the affordability and plans to keep the acquisition a secret until it arrives. There's a humorous mention of the console possibly being too large or powerful for their needs, but the enthusiasm is palpable. The conversation also touches on the technical aspects of the console, such as motorized faders and the potential for it to be a smart investment if the newer MA3 model doesn't catch on quickly.


🚢 Steve's Impact on Lighting Upgrades 🚢

The second paragraph focuses on the impact of a person named Steve on the company's lighting upgrades. It discusses the improvements in lighting since Steve joined the team, the acquisition of new equipment, and the speaker's past reliance on outdated technology. There's a playful banter about the quality of the console's keys compared to audio consoles and the aesthetic appeal of the equipment. The speaker also contemplates the practicality of using the new console for various events and the potential need for additional gear to support it.


🎛️ The Console's Functionality and Aesthetics 🎛️

The third paragraph continues the discussion on the new console, emphasizing its lock screen feature with a logo and the potential for customization. There's a humorous moment where the speaker catches a mistake about putting the logo on the console. The conversation also includes a reflection on the summer season and a closing with music, suggesting a festive or relaxed atmosphere.



💡GrandMA2 Full Size

The GrandMA2 Full Size is a professional lighting console used for controlling stage lighting in various settings such as concerts, theaters, and television studios. In the video, it is a significant purchase for the individuals involved, indicating a step up in their lighting capabilities. It is mentioned with excitement and is a central focus of the video, symbolizing a commitment to enhancing their lighting setup.

💡Lighting Console

A lighting console is an electronic device that allows operators to control multiple aspects of a lighting system, such as intensity, color, and movement. In the context of the video, acquiring a lighting console signifies a professional upgrade for the individuals, as they discuss the benefits and features of their new GrandMA2 Full Size console.


The price of the GrandMA2 Full Size console is mentioned as being 'within reach' for the individuals, suggesting that it was an expensive but achievable investment for them. The discussion around the price highlights the value they place on upgrading their equipment and the financial consideration involved in such a purchase.


The individuals express a desire to keep the acquisition of the GrandMA2 Full Size a surprise until it arrives. This indicates their enthusiasm for the new equipment and their wish to create an element of shock or delight when it is revealed to others.


The term 'overkill' is used to describe the purchase as being more than what is necessary for their current needs. However, it also reflects their ambition to have advanced equipment that could be useful for future, more complex projects. It shows their forward-thinking approach to their work.

💡Cue Stacks (CSAs)

Cue Stacks, or CSAs, refer to a feature on lighting consoles that allows operators to store and organize lighting cues. In the video, they discuss the functionality of CSAs in a somewhat humorous context, indicating that while the feature is useful, it may not be fully utilized in their current work.

💡Motorized Faders

Motorized faders are a feature of the GrandMA2 Full Size console that allows for automated control of lighting parameters. The individuals express excitement about this feature, highlighting the technological advancement it represents compared to their previous equipment.

💡USB Integration

The USB integration mentioned in the video refers to the ability of the GrandMA2 Full Size console to connect with a USB device, which can be used for various purposes such as software updates or data transfer. It is seen as a modern and convenient feature that enhances the functionality of the console.


The MA3 is a newer model of the lighting console, which the individuals discuss in the context of future-proofing their investment. They express hope that the MA3 will not become the new standard too quickly, as they have just invested in the GrandMA2 Full Size console.


A mid-stage setup is a stage configuration that is positioned partway into the audience area. The individuals discuss the need to start doing mid-stage performances, indicating a desire to experiment with different performance formats and potentially increase the scale of their productions.


In the context of the video, 'gigs' refers to performance or event opportunities. The individuals express concern about securing gigs that require more extensive lighting setups, such as those that would充分利用 (make full use of) their new GrandMA2 Full Size console.


Purchase of a GrandMA2 Full Size lighting console in 2024.

The acquisition is described as an 'Overkill' but necessary for their needs.

The console is considered a significant upgrade from their previous equipment.

The decision to buy was influenced by the console's price being within their budget.

Anticipation of a surprise reaction upon the console's arrival.

Mention of the MA2 being preferred over the light version for their specific use case.

Emotional attachment to the new console, comparing it to caring for a child.

Discussion about the potential uses and capabilities of the new console.

Joking about the size and practicality of using the console for various events.

Reference to the MA2's compatibility with older hardware and software.

Aesthetic appreciation of the console's design, particularly the yellow switches.

The console's advanced features, such as motorized faders, are highlighted.

Speculation about the future value of the console depending on industry trends.

The impact of Steve's involvement on the improvement of their lighting setup.

Comparison between the lighting console and audio desks in terms of coolness and functionality.

Concerns about the console's size and whether it's appropriate for all their gigs.

Discussion about the need for a mid-stage setup to fully utilize the new console.

Musing about the potential to sell the console if the MA3 becomes more popular.

The excitement and enthusiasm for the new console's capabilities and features.