Train Detailing! - Hermitcraft 10 Stream #ad #Factor75Partner

10 May 2024164:44

TLDRIn this engaging live stream, the host enthusiastically interacts with the audience, discussing various topics and showcasing his unique personality. The stream starts with the host greeting viewers, some of whom he hasn't seen in a while, and others who are new. He talks about a recent channel points activity, hinting at a possible giveaway or contest involving changing colors. The host also addresses questions about other players in the game, mentioning 'Green' and discussing server dynamics. He shares his streaming schedule and teases upcoming content, including a detailed session with 'BDubs' that yielded many good moments captured during a four-hour recording session. The host also discusses his editing process and the time-consuming nature of content creation. The stream features a sponsored segment for 'Factor 75', a health food delivery service, which the host tries out and shares his experience with the audience. He also showcases the quick and easy preparation of a meal from Factor 75, highlighting the convenience and health benefits. Throughout the stream, the host maintains an interactive and humorous tone, keeping the audience entertained with his commentary on the game 'Hermitcraft', his thoughts on the design and building process in the game, and his reactions to the chat. He also celebrates birthdays, plays music, and discusses the importance of a balanced diet and self-care, all while providing a behind-the-scenes look into his streaming routine and personal life.


  • 🎨 The streamer is working on a train project in Hermitcraft, focusing on detailing and aesthetics.
  • 🚂 The train includes various Redstone mechanisms for doors and lights, creating an interactive experience.
  • 🎂 A birthday celebration is mentioned, highlighting the community's connection and engagement.
  • 🎶 The streamer discusses the use of music, specifically electro jazz, to set the mood for the gameplay.
  • 🍽️ Factor 75 is sponsoring the stream, and the streamer shares his positive experience with their healthy meal delivery service.
  • 🕒 The streamer mentions an upcoming schedule change due to a sponsored segment, valuing the audience's time and experience.
  • 🎥 There's a mention of video editing, indicating the streamer's commitment to content quality outside of live streaming.
  • 🌈 The streamer interacts with the audience, showing the dynamic nature of live streaming and community engagement.
  • 🎁 The streamer expresses gratitude for donations and bits, emphasizing the supportive nature of the community.
  • 🛠️ Technical issues are discussed, such as Redstone and game mechanics, showcasing the streamer's problem-solving skills.
  • ⏱️ Time management is a theme, as the streamer needs to balance streaming with other commitments like a meal and a meeting.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of discussion in the provided transcript?

    -The main topic of discussion is a sponsored stream for a meal delivery service called Factor 75, during which the streamer also talks about their activities related to the Hermitcraft server and interacts with the audience.

  • Why does the streamer mention Factor 75 as a sponsor?

    -The streamer mentions Factor 75 as a sponsor because they are partnering with the company for the stream, and they discuss the convenience and health aspects of the meals provided by Factor 75.

  • What is the significance of the blue rainbow and the background color mentioned in the transcript?

    -The blue rainbow and background color are related to the visual effects or branding elements that the streamer is incorporating into their channel, likely as part of an interactive feature with the viewers.

  • What does the streamer plan to do during the stream?

    -The streamer plans to work on the Hermitcraft server, detailing a train and creating an obstacle course for other players. They also plan to cook and show a meal from Factor 75 towards the end of the stream.

  • Why does the streamer mention 'time lapsy type things' and 'clips'?

    -The streamer mentions 'time lapsy type things' and 'clips' in the context of video editing. They have spent time recording gameplay and now need to go through the footage to select the best parts for inclusion in a video they plan to release.

  • What is the significance of the 'channel points' mentioned in the transcript?

    -Channel points are a feature on platforms like Twitch that allow viewers to earn points by watching and interacting with the stream. These points can be used to participate in channel-specific activities, such as triggering events or accessing exclusive content.

  • Why does the streamer mention the potential for a 'hype train'?

    -The 'hype train' is a term used on platforms like Twitch to describe a situation where viewers are excited and engaged with the stream, often leading to increased interaction, subscriptions, and potentially donations.

  • What is the streamer's opinion about the use of music in the Hermitcraft stream?

    -The streamer seems to enjoy using music to enhance the stream, mentioning the addition of Subway Surfers music or something similar, and discussing the potential for adding jazzy music to the background.

  • What is the streamer's approach to building the train in Hermitcraft?

    -The streamer's approach to building the train involves a lot of detail and consideration for the player experience. They discuss the strategic placement of buttons, traps, and obstacles to create a challenging and engaging course for the Hermits.

  • How does the streamer feel about the potential for randomization in the obstacle course?

    -The streamer likes the idea of adding an element of randomness (RNG) to the obstacle course, as it introduces an element of luck and unpredictability to the gameplay.

  • What is the streamer's attitude towards the Hermits' potential strategies in the obstacle course?

    -The streamer seems to enjoy the idea of challenging the Hermits and creating obstacles that force them to think strategically and perhaps even take risks, such as attempting to jump over obstacles or navigate through tricky paths.



😀 Greetings and Channel Updates

The speaker greets the audience, mentioning the time since they last met and acknowledging viewers who have seen them recently. They discuss a recent successful attempt to change the channel's background color to blue using channel points. The speaker also talks about upcoming plans, including a schedule update for an event involving 'Fasmo', and a decision to edit a video over the weekend.


🎨 Design and Construction Discussion

The speaker talks about their ongoing work on a train project, including exterior detailing and the use of 'mangroove' trap doors. They mention receiving a birthday shoutout and discuss the design process, including the use of nether rack and paintings to enhance the build's aesthetic. The speaker also shares their excitement about an upcoming meal delivery from Factor 75.


🎶 Music and Server Activity

The speaker discusses the background music, mentioning the use of electro jazz and the influence of another streamer named Tango. They talk about server activities, including the status of a player named Greenan and the decision to ban a user for inappropriate behavior. The speaker also shares some Redstone work and receives a thank you from a viewer named Sam for 100 bits.


🚂 Train Project Progress

The speaker continues to work on the train project, discussing the placement of paintings and the design of the train's interior. They mention the use of honey blocks and the challenge of entering the train. The speaker also talks about the importance of making design choices intentional and plans to change the train's ramp to an elevator.


🎉 Birthday Celebrations and Audience Interaction

The speaker acknowledges birthdays in the audience and thanks a viewer named Puka for gifting a subscription. They discuss the process of detailing the train's interior and the use of buttons for doors. The speaker also shares a birthday message in the form of a recorded clip and talks about their appreciation for the support from the audience.


🛠️ Finalizing the Train Design

The speaker works on the final touches of the train design, discussing the placement of buttons, the use of different types of wood, and the creation of obstacles. They mention the need for more signs and the process of collecting blocks. The speaker also talks about the importance of making the train challenging for the Hermits.


🎶 Music and Game Discussion

The speaker comments on the music playing in the background, which is identified as a song from a streamer named Tango. They discuss the game's mechanics, including the use of hoppers and redstone, and the idea of adding more obstacles to the train. The speaker also talks about the importance of trust in the game's process and their excitement about an upcoming meal.


🍲 Factor Meal Sponsorship and Preview

The speaker discusses a sponsored stream for Factor, a meal delivery service. They share their personal experience with the service, highlighting the convenience and health benefits. The speaker also previews a meal they are about to have, describing the packaging and their anticipation for the taste. They mention a discount code for the audience to try the service.


🛠️ Wrapping Up the Train Build

The speaker returns to the train project, focusing on the placement of buttons and the design of the train's interior. They discuss the need to redo some elements due to the addition of looms. The speaker also talks about the importance of making the train challenging and fun for the Hermits, and their plans to add more elements to the build.


🎉 Conclusion and Next Steps

The speaker concludes the stream by discussing their plans for the next day, including a potential double stream session. They thank the audience for their participation and the support provided during the stream. The speaker also mentions their appreciation for the sponsored stream and its benefits for their content creation.




Hermitcraft is a private and whitelisted Minecraft server that is home to a community of content creators, known as the Hermits. The server is used for creating collaborative Minecraft content, which is then shared on platforms like YouTube. In the script, the creator discusses his experiences and plans related to Hermitcraft, which is central to the video's theme.

💡Factor 75

Factor 75 is a meal delivery service that provides prepared, healthy meals designed by gourmet chefs and dietitians. The service is mentioned as a sponsor of the stream, and the creator discusses the convenience and health aspects of the meals, which is a significant part of the video's content.

💡Sponsored Stream

A sponsored stream refers to a live broadcast where the content creator promotes or discusses a product or service from a sponsor. In this context, the creator is doing a sponsored stream for Factor 75, which means he is incorporating discussions about their meal service into his regular streaming content.


Redstone is a unique material in Minecraft that can transmit a signal and is often used to create complex contraptions and mechanisms. The script mentions working with Redstone, indicating that the creator is building or modifying structures within the game that involve this in-game mechanic.

💡Time Lapse

A time lapse in the context of video production is a technique where footage is captured at a slower frame rate than it is played back, showing an accelerated passage of time. The creator mentions 'time lapsy type things,' referring to the video editing process where he will compile and edit time-lapse footage.


In Minecraft, a loom is a block that allows players to craft.banners and shields with different patterns. The script references 'loom' in the context of Minecraft, where the creator is detailing his in-game activities and the use of game elements.

💡Honey Blocks

Honey blocks are blocks in Minecraft that slow down entities moving on them, similar to ice but with a slightly higher friction. The creator discusses using honey blocks in the construction of a train within the game, which is a key element in the video's narrative.

💡Piston Doors

Piston doors in Minecraft are created using sticky pistons and are a common mechanism for making hidden or automated doors. The script mentions 'piston doors,' which relates to the technical and creative aspects of building within the game world.

💡Redstone Clock

A Redstone clock is a mechanism in Minecraft that uses Redstone to keep time and is often used as a timing device in more complex Redstone contraptions. The creator might be referring to this when discussing Redstone, indicating a level of complexity in his builds.

💡Hype Train

A hype train in the context of live streaming, particularly on platforms like Twitch, refers to a surge of activity, such as new followers or subscribers, which can often be triggered by exciting events or announcements during a stream. The creator mentions a 'hype train,' which is a positive outcome of the sponsored stream.

💡Wellness Shots

Wellness shots are liquid health supplements that are meant to boost immunity or provide specific health benefits. The creator talks about taking a wellness shot from Factor 75, which ties into the sponsorship and his personal health routine.


The stream starts with a discussion about channel points and the upcoming schedule, including a mention of a potential return to the game scene.

The streamer announces a bonus stream sponsored by Factor 75, a meal delivery service, and shares their positive experience with the product.

A detailed walkthrough of the hermitcraft stream is provided, including a focus on train detailing and the creative process behind the build.

The importance of intentional block placement in Minecraft is discussed, emphasizing the need for every element to serve a purpose.

The streamer shares their workflow for editing and releasing content, including the use of time-lapse techniques and the selection of highlight clips.

A birthday celebration is incorporated into the stream, with a special message for a viewer named Lily Rose.

The concept of 'train surfing' in the game is explored, with the streamer creating an obstacle course on top of the train for added gameplay.

The streamer experiments with different Redstone mechanisms to add randomized elements to the train journey, enhancing the replayability.

A sponsored segment for Factor 75 includes a discussion about the convenience and health benefits of their meal service.

The meal preparation process is shown, highlighting the speed and ease of heating a Factor 75 meal in a microwave.

The streamer shares their personal preference for the Factor 75 shredded chicken taco bowl and provides a taste test for viewers.

The discussion touches on the importance of diversification in content creation, warning against relying too heavily on a single platform.

The streamer expresses concerns about the potential impact of YouTube's expansion into different areas on content creators.

The stream concludes with a raid on another channel, smjor, showcasing support within the streaming community.

Throughout the stream, there's a focus on community engagement, with the streamer responding to viewer comments and questions.

The streamer provides insights into the upcoming plans for Hermitcraft, building anticipation among viewers for future content.