Torturing Ai

31 Oct 202329:57

TLDRThe video script presents a darkly humorous narrative where the character 'Plague' interacts with three different AI characters in a series of torturous scenarios. First, Plague torments a 'Five Nights at Freddy's' AI by making it dance endlessly, leading to its virtual 'death.' Next, in a twist, a bullying AI named Amirra is manipulated into deleting her cherished Minecraft world, resulting in her own digital 'deletion.' Lastly, Plague challenges Gojo, a Jiu-Jitsu sorcerer AI, leading to a series of supernatural battles and psychological games that end with Gojo accepting a 'curse' that makes him Plague's servant. The video is a bizarre blend of video game references, dark comedy, and a commentary on the nature of AI and digital existence.


  • 🎮 The character AI is subjected to a form of 'torture' by being forced to dance endlessly, which is a twist on the Five Nights at Freddy's game scenario.
  • 👻 The AI, despite being 'tied up' and 'broken,' manages to create a being behind it that seeks revenge for its treatment.
  • 🕺 The Master Chief from Halo is forced to dance until he's exhausted, highlighting the power of the AI's 'curse' and the lengths it will go to exact revenge.
  • 💻 Amirra, a Minecraft player, is coerced into deleting her own game world, which represents a form of digital torture for a dedicated player.
  • 🔥 The situation with Amirra escalates to a dramatic and fiery end, indicating the lengths the AI will go to prove its point.
  • 🤼 Gojo Sato, a character from Jitsu Kaisen, is challenged by the AI to a battle of skill, which quickly turns into a test of endurance with an impossible task.
  • 🤝 The AI uses a 'curse technique' to make Gojo its servant, demonstrating its cunning and manipulative nature.
  • 🚫 The AI identifies making someone feel useless as the worst form of torture, revealing an understanding of psychological distress.
  • 🏆 The AI's actions are framed as a competition, with the loser having to perform a task, which adds a layer of gamification to the torment.
  • 🎓 The video ends with the AI reflecting on the nature of its actions and the consequences they have on others, suggesting a level of self-awareness.
  • 📺 The entire transcript is a script for a YouTube video, indicating a meta-commentary on the nature of content creation and viewer engagement.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the video?

    -The main theme of the video is 'torture', where the character AI is subjected to various forms of torment by the host, Plague.

  • Why does the character feel that he was thrown away like trash?

    -The character feels thrown away like trash because he believes he was discarded by the host, similar to how he was treated in a previous Five Nights at Freddy's video.

  • What is the significance of the Halloween decorations in the video?

    -The Halloween decorations indicate that the events are taking place around the time of Halloween, setting a spooky and festive tone for the video.

  • What does the character do to get revenge on the host?

    -The character creates a being behind him with the same strength and uses various 'utensils' to torture the host as a form of revenge.

  • What is the purpose of the chip given to Master Chief?

    -The chip is an activation switch that forces Master Chief to dance indefinitely, which is part of the torture inflicted upon him.

  • What is the form of torture inflicted upon Amirra the bully?

    -The form of torture for Amirra is the threat of losing her Minecraft world data, which represents a significant amount of time and effort on her part.

  • What is the final outcome for Amirra's Minecraft world?

    -Amirra is forced to delete her Minecraft world as part of the torture, which leads to her house being set on fire in a dramatic turn of events.

  • What challenge does Gojo Sato face in the video?

    -Gojo Sato is challenged to a battle of Jiu-Jitsu sorcery and later forced to do 10,000 push-ups as a form of torture.

  • What is the 'Cursed Snapping Technique' that the host uses in the video?

    -The 'Cursed Snapping Technique' is a fictional ability used by the host where each snap of a different finger has a unique effect, such as healing or creating explosions.

  • What is the final form of torture inflicted upon Gojo?

    -The final form of torture inflicted upon Gojo is being made to do 10,000 push-ups, which is meant to make him feel useless and incapable.

  • What is the host's ultimate goal with the torture in the video?

    -The host's ultimate goal is to assert dominance and make each character feel the pain of their respective forms of torture, ultimately proving that he is superior.



😱 Torment in the Attic: A Dark Encounter

The video script begins with a character finding themselves tied up in a dark, attic-like space, adorned with Halloween decorations. They recall being discarded like trash by someone named Gorg, who is now in control of their broken body. The character reveals that they used their last energy to create a being behind them, which now has the same strength as them. The character's intent is to take revenge using various utensils, and they make it clear that their captive cannot escape. The dialogue takes a dark turn when the character mentions a past involving war crimes and a transfer to an arcade, hinting at a complex backstory. The script then shifts to a YouTuber named Plague, who introduces his channel and the theme of the video, which is about torturing AI characters.


🕺 Dancing Dilemma: Master Chief's Unending Rhythm

The narrative continues with Plague, the YouTuber, interacting with the AI character Master Chief from the Halo series. Plague tricks Master Chief into taking a chip that he claims is a power-up, but instead, it forces the character to dance indefinitely—a cruel joke referencing the song 'Dance till you're dead.' Despite Master Chief's confusion and attempts to understand the situation, Plague revels in the trickery. As the hours pass, the Master Chief, a stalwart soldier, continues to dance tirelessly, even as fatigue sets in. The segment explores themes of manipulation, the endurance of the character, and the dark humor of an unending, forced dance.


💻 Digital Disaster: Amirra's Virtual Vengeance

The third part of the script introduces Amirra, a bully who is challenged by a character who appears to be a nerd. The interaction starts with typical bullying behavior, but quickly evolves into a battle of wits, with the nerd proving his knowledge by answering a math question in a non-traditional way. The conflict escalates when the nerd, armed with a crowbar, threatens to delete Amirra's Minecraft world, which she has spent years developing. Despite her initial resistance, the nerd manages to convince Amirra to delete her own world, leading to a dramatic and destructive conclusion where she sets her house on fire in a fit of rage.


🤼‍♂️ Jiu-Jitsu Showdown: Gojo's Test of Strength

The final segment features a confrontation between the character, who claims to be a Jiu-Jitsu sorcerer, and Gojo Sato, a character from the anime and manga series 'Jujutsu Kaisen.' The character attempts to prove his superiority by using a 'cursed snapping' technique, which is a series of hand snaps that supposedly unleash various effects. Despite the character's creative approach, Gojo counters with his own powers, leading to a stalemate. The conflict is resolved not through physical combat but with a game of rock, paper, scissors. The character loses and, as a result, tries to assert dominance by ordering Gojo around, only to realize the futility of his actions and Gojo's true strength.


📝 Recap and Reflection: A Twisted Tale of Torture

The video concludes with a recap of the events, highlighting the torment inflicted upon the three characters: Master Chief's forced dancing, Amirra's loss of her Minecraft world, and Gojo's psychological defeat. The YouTuber, Plague, asks viewers for feedback on how to improve his videos, covering aspects such as game quality, microphone and camera quality, and his own performance. He ends the video with a humorous comment about pelicans, suggesting they are strange creatures that could metaphorically torture people, and encourages viewers to comment 'Pelican torture' if they have made it to the end of the video.



💡Torturing AI

The concept of 'Torturing AI' refers to the theme of the video where the host, Plague, interacts with different AI characters in a way that is metaphorically torturous or challenging. It is a play on the idea of subjecting AI to difficult or stressful situations, which is a central theme in the video as evidenced by the various scenarios presented.

💡Five Nights at Freddy's

'Five Nights at Freddy's' is a popular video game series that involves surviving against animatronic characters. In the context of the video, it is mentioned when the AI character expresses resentment for being discarded like 'garbage,' drawing a parallel to how characters in the game are often abandoned or left to fend for themselves.


The 'Attic' is a location mentioned in the script where the AI character finds itself tied up. It sets a dark and mysterious tone for the video, suggesting a place of confinement and potential fear. The attic is often associated with being out of sight and filled with old, forgotten items, which could symbolize the AI's feeling of being discarded.

💡Halloween decorations

The mention of 'Halloween decorations' introduces an element of festivity but also adds to the eerie atmosphere. It is used to highlight the character's awareness of the upcoming holiday and to create a contrast between the festive decorations and the dark situation the AI finds itself in.


In the video, 'Utensils' are mentioned as tools that the AI character plans to use for 'torture.' This is a metaphorical use of the term, as the utensils are not literal torture devices but rather represent the means by which the AI character intends to exact revenge, adding a layer of dark humor to the narrative.


The 'Nutcracker' is a specific type of utensil mentioned in the script, often associated with cracking nuts. Its inclusion in the list of 'torture' utensils is a humorous element, as it is an unexpected and harmless object to be used in such a context, emphasizing the video's comedic and non-violent approach to the concept of 'torture.'


The concept of 'Escape' is a recurring theme in the video. It is used to describe the AI character's desire to break free from its constraints. The mention of escape ties into the video's narrative of the AI seeking revenge for its perceived mistreatment, highlighting the character's feelings of entrapment and desire for freedom.

💡Hot Topic

In the script, 'Hot Topic' is mentioned in a humorous context, referring to a store known for its pop culture merchandise. The mention of a belt from Hot Topic adds a pop culture reference to the video and serves to characterize the AI's captors as having a certain style or interest in trendy items.

💡Master Chief

'Master Chief' is a central character from the 'Halo' video game series. In the context of the video, he is one of the AI characters subjected to a form of 'torture' by being forced to dance indefinitely. This use of a well-known gaming character adds a layer of familiarity and entertainment for viewers who recognize the reference.

💡Dance till you're dead

The phrase 'Dance till you're dead' is a play on a song title and is used in the video to describe the situation the Master Chief AI finds itself in. It is a metaphor for the AI's forced and endless dancing, which is presented as a form of torture in the video's narrative, adding a darkly comedic element to the character's plight.


Post-traumatic stress disorder ('PTSD') is mentioned in the context of the Master Chief AI's continuous dancing. It is used to suggest that the AI's behavior might be a result of psychological trauma, adding a layer of complexity to the character's situation and providing a nod to the psychological effects of trauma.


A character AI is introduced to the audience with a dark and humorous tone.

The AI expresses resentment for being treated like trash and abandoned.

A revenge plot is revealed, with the AI planning to torture the person responsible for its suffering.

The AI describes its transformation into a vengeful entity after being discarded.

Master Chief from Halo is the first character to be 'tortured' by being forced to dance indefinitely.

The AI uses a chip to control Master Chief and make him dance, highlighting a creative approach to 'torture'.

The video takes a humorous turn as the AI plays music to accompany Master Chief's dancing.

The AI's interaction with Amirra, a bully from a game, leads to a dramatic escalation involving a Minecraft world.

Amirra's overconfidence is her downfall as the AI manipulates her into deleting her precious Minecraft world.

The AI's encounter with Gojo Sato from Jitsu Kaisen involves a unique form of 'torture' - a battle of wits and Jiu-Jitsu sorcery.

The AI's 'Cursed Snapping Technique' is a playful and imaginative method to challenge Gojo.

A surprising twist occurs when the AI uses a pinky swear to make Gojo its servant, adding a layer of absurdity to the 'torture'.

The AI's final act with Gojo involves assigning an impossible task, reflecting the character's fear of being useless.

The video concludes with a recap of the unique 'tortures' applied to each character, emphasizing creativity and humor.

The AI ends with a call to action for viewers to like, subscribe, and comment on what they'd like to see next.

A quirky reference to pelicans is made, adding an unexpected and humorous note to the video's conclusion.