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26 Feb 202414:26

TLDREleven Labs AI Voices' video showcases the creation of a unique and cursed AI voice. The team at Eleven Labs, after spending money on their lab, decided to experiment with AI voice cloning. Chris had a brilliant idea to combine two voices to see the outcome. However, during the file upload process, unexpected sound effects and random audio clips were added, leading to the creation of a bizarre and fluctuating AI voice. As they continued to feed the AI with various inputs, including altered Wikipedia articles and a full song, the AI's responses evolved, becoming more unstable and unpredictable. The video ends with the AI performing an impressive rendition of a song, leaving the creators in awe of their creation, which they deem a masterpiece.


  • 🤖 The creators of the AI voice experiment used AI technology to clone voices and combine them, resulting in a unique and evolving voice.
  • 💸 They spent money on 11 Labs to start the process of creating the AI voice.
  • 🧙 Chris had an idea to create a hybrid voice from two people and observe the outcome.
  • 🚫 During the file uploading process, unexpected sound effects and random audio clips were added, leading to a 'cursed' AI voice.
  • 🎮 They fed the AI various sound clips, including video game sounds, TV show themes, and random internet content.
  • 📚 The AI was then given altered Wikipedia articles to read, which further changed its output.
  • 🎶 An entire song was fed to the AI, which led to a performance that was surprising and entertaining to the creators.
  • 📉 Initially, the creators were disappointed with the AI's voice, but as they experimented more, they noticed it was evolving with each generation.
  • 👴 The AI's voice changed to sound like an old man, and it seemed to fluctuate and become unstable over time.
  • 🔥 The AI's performance was compared to various pop culture references, indicating its diverse and unpredictable nature.
  • 🎉 The creators were highly entertained by the AI's unpredictable and humorous outcomes, considering it their best work.

Q & A

  • What was the initial intention behind creating the AI voice?

    -The initial intention was to use AI to clone voices, and then to experiment by creating a hybrid voice of two individuals to see what it would do.

  • What unexpected event occurred during the process of uploading files to create the AI voice?

    -An unexpected event occurred when the PCP started inserting random sound effects and other audio clips into the mix, leading to the creation of a 'cursed' AI voice.

  • What type of content was used to feed the AI voice during the experiment?

    -The AI voice was fed with a variety of content, including sound effects, video game sounds, altered Wikipedia articles, random copy pastas from Reddit, and even an entire song.

  • How did the AI voice evolve over time as more content was added?

    -The AI voice evolved by becoming more complex and unpredictable with each new piece of content added, taking on different characteristics and even seemingly 'evolving' its responses.

  • What was the reaction of the creators when they first heard the AI voice after uploading the initial content?

    -The creators were initially a bit disappointed with the AI voice, but as they continued to experiment with it, they noticed that the voice was changing and becoming more interesting.

  • What was the significance of the altered Wikipedia articles in the development of the AI voice?

    -The altered Wikipedia articles were used to introduce more structured and varied information into the AI, which influenced its responses and contributed to its evolving nature.

  • How did the AI voice's performance change when it was fed an entire song?

    -When fed an entire song, the AI voice gave its best performance yet, demonstrating a more coherent and expressive output that resembled a storytelling or narrative style.

  • What was the reaction of the creators to the AI voice's performance with the song?

    -The creators were amazed and impressed by the AI voice's performance with the song, considering it a masterpiece and expressing that they were not bored by the outcome.

  • What was the final verdict of the creators on their AI voice creation?

    -The final verdict was that they considered their creation to be their best work yet, with a unique and entertaining outcome that they found to be a significant achievement.

  • What was the purpose of adding random and unrelated content to the AI voice?

    -The purpose was to observe how the AI would process and integrate the diverse range of inputs, effectively testing its capacity to handle and generate responses from a wide array of data.

  • How did the creators feel about the ethical implications of creating such an AI voice?

    -They briefly acknowledged the potential ethical concerns, as evidenced by the warning not to repeat the mistake after a child's voice was mentioned, but the transcript does not provide an in-depth discussion on the topic.



🤖 Accidental Creation of a Cursed AI Voice

The video script details an accidental experiment where the creators spent money on 11 Labs to clone voices using AI. They decided to merge their own voices and, during the process, uploaded random files including sound effects and snippets from various sources like Fortnite, Breaking Bad, and Halo. The result was an evolving AI voice that began to fluctuate and change with each new input, eventually leading to a bizarre and seemingly cursed AI voice that startled and amused the creators.


🎮 Testing the AI with Games and Altered Content

The creators continued to push the AI's capabilities by feeding it altered Wikipedia articles and an entire song. The AI's responses became increasingly unstable and unpredictable, with it taking on various personas and mimicking different voices, including those of well-known figures and characters. The experiment showcased the AI's ability to evolve and adapt to the content it was exposed to, leading to a performance that was both chaotic and entertaining.


🎬 The AI's Evolving Performance and Final Showdown

In the final act, the AI's performance reached a crescendo as it was fed more complex and varied content. The creators observed the AI taking on the characteristics of a wizard, a dying narrator, and even a panicked individual trying to convey information before being chased by an unseen threat. The AI's responses included everything from song lyrics to movie-like narratives, with the creators marveling at the AI's ability to generate such a diverse range of content, making the experiment feel like watching a movie.



💡Cursed AI Voice

A 'Cursed AI Voice' refers to an artificial intelligence that has been intentionally or accidentally created to produce strange, unsettling, or humorous results. In the context of the video, it was created by feeding random and diverse data to an AI voice cloning system, leading to unpredictable and often comical outputs.

💡11 Labs

11 Labs is likely a fictional or brand name mentioned in the script, possibly referring to a company or a group that specializes in AI voice cloning or similar technologies. The video suggests that the 'Cursed AI Voice' was created using resources or technology from 11 Labs.


Trolling is the act of deliberately provoking or upsetting others, often for one's own amusement. In the video, the creators discuss using AI to clone voices with the intent of trolling, implying that the creation of the 'Cursed AI Voice' is part of a prank or humorous endeavor.

💡Evolving AI

An 'Evolving AI' is a term used to describe an artificial intelligence system that changes or develops over time, often through learning or adaptation. In the script, the AI voice is described as evolving, suggesting that its outputs become more complex or varied as it processes more data.

💡Copy Pasta

Copy pasta (a playful term for 'copy-paste') refers to blocks of text that are copied and pasted across the internet, often used in online discussions or as part of internet memes. In the video, the creators feed 'random copy pasta from Reddit' to the AI, contributing to the chaotic nature of the AI's voice.

💡Altered Wikipedia Articles

This phrase refers to Wikipedia articles that have been deliberately modified or 'altered' for the purpose of the experiment. The creators of the AI use these as input data, which likely results in the AI generating outputs that are nonsensical or bizarre, thus contributing to the 'cursed' nature of the voice.

💡Sound Effects

Sound effects are artificially created sounds that are added to audio or video content to enhance the experience or convey a specific mood or action. In the script, various sound effects are mentioned, such as 'metal pipe sound effect' and 'woman crying,' which are used to demonstrate the versatility and unpredictability of the AI voice.

💡Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a cultural figure associated with the Christmas holiday, known for bringing gifts to children. In the video, the AI voice unexpectedly mentions Santa Claus, which is likely included as part of the random and diverse data fed into the AI, contributing to the humor and randomness of its output.


Markiplier is a popular YouTuber known for his gaming content and energetic personality. The mention of Markiplier in the script suggests that the AI voice may have been fed his voice or content as part of its training data, resulting in the AI mimicking his style or tone.

💡All That Glitters Is Gold

This phrase is a variation of the proverb 'All that glitters is not gold,' which means not everything that appears valuable or attractive truly is. In the context of the video, it could be a part of the song fed into the AI, used to demonstrate the AI's ability to incorporate and adapt to various inputs, including idiomatic expressions.

💡Shooting Stars

Shooting stars are a natural phenomenon where a meteoroid enters the Earth's atmosphere and leaves a trail of light. In the video, 'shooting stars' is likely used metaphorically or as part of a song lyric, showcasing the AI's ability to generate outputs that are poetic or abstract.


Accidentally created a cursed AI Voice by using AI to clone voices and adding unexpected sound effects.

The AI Voice began to fluctuate and evolve during the process of uploading various files.

Files uploaded included random sound effects, video game clips, and altered Wikipedia articles.

The AI's output started to sound like an old man, evolving with each generated response.

Experimentation with the AI led to bizarre and unexpected vocal transformations.

AI was fed altered Wikipedia articles, leading to humorous and strange results.

The AI's performance was compared to a chameleon, changing rapidly with each input.

AI began to incorporate elements from the internet, such as YouTube comments and memes.

The AI's responses became increasingly unstable, leading to concern and amusement.

The AI was named 'the ultimate voice' after uploading 25 clips and blending them together.

A random copy pasta from Reddit was used to further experiment with the AI's capabilities.

The AI's performance was described as a roller coaster, with unpredictable and entertaining results.

The AI was fed an entire song, leading to its best and most complex performance yet.

The AI's output included a sneeze and blowing its nose, showcasing its ability to mimic human sounds.

The experiment was considered a success, with the AI demonstrating a wide range of vocal expressions.

The AI's evolution was likened to a wizard trying to convey as much information as possible in a short time.

The final AI voice was a compilation of various sound effects, songs, and vocal styles, creating a unique and cursed entity.