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23 Aug 202309:41

TLDRThe video script discusses various AI image generation services as alternatives to Midjourney, a paid service. The first service highlighted is Leonardo AI, which offers a wide range of image generation options and allows for customization. Despite the impressive results, it operates on a token-based system, which may be a barrier for some users. The second service, Playground AI, is noted for its clean interface and free usage, although it sometimes struggles with complex prompts. Adobe Firefly, a beta service from Adobe, is praised for its extensive customization options and lack of credit limits. Lastly, Dream Studio is mentioned for its fun and unique filters, despite some imperfections. The video emphasizes that there are viable and cost-effective alternatives to Midjourney, encouraging viewers to explore these options.


  • 🚀 Leonardo AI is a powerful and free alternative to Midjourney for image generation, offering a wide range of customization options.
  • 🎨 The user interface of Leonardo AI includes advanced controls such as style, negative prompts, and image dimensions.
  • ⏱️ Image generation with Leonardo AI can take around 45 seconds, resulting in multiple interpretations of the prompt.
  • 🌟 The quality of images generated by Leonardo AI is high, with the ability to zoom in and upscale images with a single click.
  • 👍 The AI also assists with prompt generation, suggesting improved prompts based on user input.
  • 🚀 Playground AI is another free alternative with a clean interface that allows for easy image manipulation and style adjustments.
  • 🔄 Users can create separate images or modify existing ones by moving the image box, offering flexibility in design.
  • 🎭 Despite some prompts being challenging for AI, Playground AI delivers consistent results and handles various styles well.
  • 💳 Adobe Firefly is a new beta service from Adobe with no credit limits, providing extensive control over image generation parameters.
  • 🎨 Adobe Firefly excels at handling different styles and offers a wide array of options for creating unique and creative images.
  • 🎭 Dream Studio is a less predictable and more experimental tool that provides fun and uncommon filters, though it may not always meet expectations.
  • 📈 All these services present viable alternatives to Midjourney, showcasing the potential of AI in image generation and the variety of tools available to users.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the first AI image generation service mentioned in the transcript?

    -The first AI image generation service mentioned is Leonardo AI.

  • What are some of the features offered by Leonardo AI for image generation?

    -Leonardo AI offers features such as choosing a model, style, adding a negative prompt, changing image dimensions, adjusting accuracy of results, and uploading an image for modifications.

  • How long did it take to generate an image with Leonardo AI in the transcript?

    -In the transcript, it took around 45 seconds to generate an image with Leonardo AI.

  • What is a limitation of Leonardo AI mentioned in the transcript?

    -Leonardo AI operates on a token-based system, which can be a limitation for average users as it might not be easy to obtain tokens, especially since it's in beta and requires an early access request.

  • What is the name of the second AI image generation service discussed in the transcript?

    -The second AI image generation service discussed is Playground AI.

  • How does Playground AI differ from Leonardo AI in terms of user interface?

    -Playground AI has a cleaner interface with just a box for the image, an input field, and it allows users to create separate images or outpatient parts of the old one by moving the box.

  • What is a unique feature of Adobe Firefly mentioned in the transcript?

    -Adobe Firefly, being in beta, has no credits or limits on image generation, allowing users to experiment with it as much as they like.

  • What is the name of the VPN service recommended in the transcript?

    -The VPN service recommended is Private Internet Access (PIA).

  • What kind of discount is offered for PIA through the provided link in the transcript?

    -An 83% discount is offered, reducing the cost to $2.03 per month with the bonus of four extra months free.

  • What is the name of the AI image generation service that is described as less predictable and more interesting?

    -The service described as less predictable and more interesting is Dream Studio.

  • What is a common issue faced by users of token-based AI image generation services as mentioned in the transcript?

    -A common issue is that users need to know exactly what they need or be prepared to register new accounts to obtain more tokens, as these services often limit the number of free tokens available.

  • What is the main takeaway from the transcript regarding AI image generation services?

    -The main takeaway is that there are several AI image generation services available, each with its own unique features and styles, and some offer free alternatives to more established, paid services like Midjourney.



🎨 Exploring Free AI Image Generation Services

The speaker discusses their experience with a paid image generation service and then introduces several free alternatives. They highlight Leonardo AI, praising its extensive customization options and the ability to generate a wide range of images from simple prompts. Despite the quality, the token-based system and beta access requirement are noted as potential barriers for average users. Playground AI is also mentioned, which offers a clean interface and consistent results, albeit with some limitations in interpreting complex prompts. The speaker emphasizes the value of these free tools as alternatives to paid services.


🛡️ Discussing Online Privacy with Private Internet Access VPN

In the second paragraph, the speaker transitions to discussing online privacy and the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), specifically Private Internet Access (PIA). They share their positive experiences with PIA, noting its compatibility across various platforms and its effectiveness in accessing geo-restricted content. The speaker also mentions PIA's support for P2P file sharing and the reassurance of a 30-day money-back guarantee. A promotional offer is presented, encouraging viewers to try PIA with a significant discount and additional months of service for free.



💡AI Image Generation

AI Image Generation refers to the use of artificial intelligence to create images based on textual prompts or other input data. In the video, it is the main theme as the host explores different AI services that offer this capability, such as Leonardo AI and Adobe Firefly, demonstrating how they can generate various images like spaceships and characters in different styles.

💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is an AI image generation service mentioned in the video. It is highlighted for its extensive controls and customization options, allowing users to generate images based on prompts. The host uses Leonardo AI to create images like a yellow spaceship and a Gundam in a specific style, showcasing its capabilities.


In the context of AI image generation, a 'prompt' is a text input that guides the AI to create a specific image. The video script describes how the host inputs prompts such as 'yellow spaceship' or 'French mime barking at Saturn' to generate corresponding images, emphasizing the importance of clear and creative prompts for the desired output.


Gundam is a reference to the popular Japanese anime and mecha franchise. In the video, the host uses 'Gundam' as a prompt to generate images of the mecha character in different styles, such as 'anime style' and 'Miyazaki style', demonstrating how AI can interpret and render pop culture references.

💡Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is an AI image generation platform by Adobe, known for its photo editing software Photoshop. The video discusses how Adobe Firefly allows users to generate images with a wide range of styles and controls, making it a versatile tool for creating various types of images, from spaceships to abstract art.

💡Dream Studio

Dream Studio is another AI image generation service featured in the video. It is described as less predictable and more interesting due to its unique filters and styles. The host uses it to create images like a Gundam in a 'photographic style', highlighting its fun and creative aspect despite some of the results being less accurate to the prompt.


Token-based refers to a system where users have a limited number of 'tokens' or credits to use a service. In the context of the video, Leonardo AI operates on a token-based system, which can be a limitation for users who want to generate a large number of images, as the host mentions running out of tokens.


Beta refers to a testing phase of a software or service that is still under development. The video mentions that Leonardo AI and Adobe Firefly are in beta, indicating that they are still being refined and improved upon. Users can access these services by submitting early access requests.

💡Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a VPN service mentioned as a sponsor in the video. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is used to secure online activities and maintain privacy by encrypting internet connections. The host discusses how PIA works across various platforms and offers a discount for viewers, tying it into the broader theme of online safety and privacy.

💡Miyazaki Style

Miyazaki Style refers to the unique artistic style associated with the animated films of Studio Ghibli and its founder Hayao Miyazaki. In the video, the host attempts to generate images in this style using different AI services, highlighting the challenge for AI to replicate and understand complex artistic styles.

💡Low Poly

Low Poly is a design technique that uses geometric shapes to create a simplified, stylized representation of images. The video script describes an attempt to generate a 'French mime barking at Saturn' in a low poly style, illustrating how AI can interpret and apply different artistic techniques to generate images.


The AI service Leonardo AI offers a free and powerful alternative to Midjourney for image generation.

Leonardo AI provides extensive controls for image generation, including style, negative prompts, and image dimensions.

The AI generated four unique yellow spaceships from a simple prompt.

Leonardo AI allows for image upscaling and detailed inspection, revealing the AI's work quality.

The service can generate prompts as well as images, suggesting improvements to user prompts.

Leonardo AI operates on a token-based system, which may limit its accessibility to average users.

Playground AI is another free alternative with a clean interface and simple image generation process.

Playground AI allows users to modify existing images or create new ones based on prompts.

The AI struggled with complex prompts like 'French mime barking at Saturn' but provided good results with adjustment.

Adobe Firefly, in beta, offers unlimited image generation without credits or limits.

Adobe Firefly provides a wide range of style and composition controls for generating images.

Dream Studio offers unique and fun filters for image generation, though it is also token-based.

The video includes a sponsored segment on Private Internet Access VPN, highlighting its benefits and offering a discount.

The narrator continues to search for new AI tools and encourages viewers to follow for updates.

Each AI service has its strengths, from Leonardo AI's detailed controls to Playground AI's ease of use and Adobe Firefly's unlimited generation.

The video demonstrates the generation of various images, including a Gundam in different styles and a yellow spaceship.

The narrator discusses the challenges of generating complex images and the AI's ability to interpret and create them.

The importance of choosing the right style and parameters for the desired image outcome is emphasized.