This AI Music Update ROCKS! (Udio AI New Features)

MattVidPro AI
6 May 202425:55

TLDRIn this video, the host discusses the latest updates to Udio AI, an AI music generation platform. They highlight the platform's improved ability to generate full-length songs with a new context length of 2 minutes, allowing for more coherent and creative tracks. The host also shares their thoughts on the AI device market, questioning the necessity of additional hardware like the Rabbit R1. They demonstrate the AI's capabilities by creating a dark country folk song about an abandoned robot and a galactic party song, showcasing the platform's potential for unique and engaging music creation.


  • 🎉 The channel aims to build a tight-knit community passionate about the future of technology, with plans for a live stream to engage the audience.
  • 📣 The host will share updates on AI news and explore Udio's new features, emphasizing their significance for a broad audience.
  • 🤖 Sora, an AI by OpenAI, can generate and modify videos, including changing a single element like gender or even transforming a man into a robot, showcasing AI's creative potential.
  • 📱 Discussion on AI devices like the Rabbit R1 and the Humane AI pin, questioning the necessity of additional hardware when similar functionalities can be achieved through apps.
  • 🎶 Udio AI's new update is praised for its advancements, positioning it as a top platform for AI music generation with quick generation times.
  • 🚀 The new manual mode in Udio allows for specific song creation with auto-generated lyrics, offering users more control over the creative process.
  • ⏰ Udio's song generation speed has improved, with songs typically generated in one to three minutes.
  • 🔄 Updated editing features in Udio include the ability to remix and extend songs, with the context length of the AI increasing from 30 seconds to 2 minutes for more coherent extensions.
  • 📈 The introduction of a 'select section' tool enables users to delete any part of the song before the extension, providing more precision and control.
  • 📚 The rate of innovation in AI is highlighted as crucial for competitiveness, with Udio's quick adoption of new features being commended.
  • 🎵 The final song generated in the video demonstrates the capabilities of Udio's AI, showing how it can create a full-length song with consistency and coherence.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the live stream mentioned in the transcript?

    -The main purpose of the live stream is to interact with the community and discuss the future of technology, as well as to follow up on details shared on Twitter, YouTube Community page, and Discord server.

  • What significant changes have been made to udio AI that the speaker finds noteworthy?

    -The significant changes to udio AI include the ability to generate a full-length song more easily, an increase in the context length of the AI from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and the addition of new editing features such as extending songs and adding intros and outros.

  • How does the AI technology showcased by Sora from OpenAI allow for creativity?

    -Sora's AI technology allows for creativity by enabling the generation of videos with different elements, such as changing a character from a man to a woman or even a robot, which can spark new ideas and directions for creative projects.

  • What is the speaker's opinion on the AI devices like the Rabbit R1 and Humane AI pin?

    -The speaker believes that AI devices like the Rabbit R1 and Humane AI pin are a bit premature and unnecessary, as the technology could have been an app instead of requiring an additional device.

  • How does the new udio AI update help in creating a full-length song?

    -The new udio AI update helps in creating a full-length song by allowing users to extend sections of the song while taking into account up to 2 minutes of context, making it easier to generate a coherent and consistent song.

  • What is the advantage of the increased context length in udio AI from 30 seconds to 2 minutes?

    -The increased context length allows the AI to consider more of the song when generating new sections, leading to a more coherent and consistent musical piece.

  • How does the speaker plan to use the new features of udio AI in their music creation process?

    -The speaker plans to use the new features to create full-length songs more efficiently, by extending sections and adding intros and outros, and by taking advantage of the longer context length for more coherent song generation.

  • What is the speaker's view on the rate of innovation in the AI space?

    -The speaker appreciates the rate of innovation in the AI space and considers it important for staying competitive, as evidenced by their enthusiasm for the quick addition of new features in udio AI.

  • How does the speaker suggest using artist names in udio AI for better results?

    -The speaker suggests using artist names as a prompt in udio AI, even if the full names can't be used. The AI will substitute the names with genres associated with the artists, which can lead to better results.

  • What is the speaker's strategy for creating a song with a specific theme, such as an alien abduction?

    -The speaker's strategy involves starting with a specific prompt related to the theme and then gradually refining and customizing the lyrics and music to tell a story or convey a specific mood.

  • What does the speaker intend to do with the full-length song they created using udio AI?

    -The speaker intends to upload the full-length song they created to their Spotify account, where they already have a collection of udio and AI songs.



🤖 Building a Tech Community and AI News

The speaker expresses a desire to involve the audience more in the content creation process, with the aim of fostering a close-knit community passionate about technology. They announce an upcoming live stream for further interaction and provide details about it through various social platforms including Twitter, YouTube Community, and Discord. The video then delves into AI news, highlighting Sora's AI capability to alter specific elements within a video, such as gender swapping or changing a character to a robot, showcasing the potential for creative exploration. The speaker also discusses skepticism around AI devices like Rabbit R1, noting that despite claims of being non-applicable for phones, the device was eventually reverse engineered to work on a phone, questioning the necessity of the physical device.


🎵 Exploring Udio AI's Music Generation Updates

The speaker introduces Udio AI, an AI music generation platform, and demonstrates its capabilities by creating a new song with a specific theme and genre. They discuss the improvements in Udio's update, including faster song generation times and new editing features like the ability to extend songs and add intros. The increased context length of the AI from 30 seconds to 2 minutes is highlighted as a significant update, allowing for more coherent and contextually consistent song extensions. The speaker also mentions the community's request for a tool to delete parts of the song before the extension, which Udio has now implemented.


🔄 Crafting a Full-Length Song with Udio AI

The speaker continues to work on creating a full-length song using Udio AI, experimenting with different extensions and observing how the AI takes into account the extended context when generating new parts of the song. They discuss the branching process of song creation within the platform, allowing for multiple versions and the ability to delete unwanted sections. The speaker appreciates the innovation rate of Udio and its competitive edge in the AI space.


🎉 Finalizing a Song and Discussing Udio's Interface

The speaker finalizes the generated song, adding an outro and discussing the consistency of the singer's voice due to the AI's longer context consideration. They mention that subsequent generations take longer due to the increased context length. The speaker also talks about the visual representation of the song's generation process in Udio, which helps in tracking the song's development. They express satisfaction with the quality of the generated song and the ease of creating a full-length song with the new features.


👽 Creating a Song with an Alien Theme Using Udio

The speaker shares a trick for generating songs on Udio by using the names of artists to influence the genre, even though Udio does not allow the use of full artist names. They then proceed to create a new song with an alien abduction theme that transitions into a cosmic party. The speaker experiments with different prompts to guide the AI in generating lyrics and discusses the process of refining prompts for better results. They decide to finalize the song during an upcoming live stream to integrate the video content with the interactive live session.


📢 Inviting Viewers to Join the Live Stream and Community

The speaker concludes the video by encouraging viewers to join the live stream for further interaction and to follow on Twitter, YouTube, and Discord for updates. They reflect on the video's transition into a live stream format and express gratitude to the viewers. The speaker also promotes their other video content and invites the audience to become part of the Matt Vid Pro AI Community.



💡AI Music Generation

AI Music Generation refers to the use of artificial intelligence to create music. In the context of the video, it is the core theme as the host discusses the capabilities of Udio AI, an AI music generation platform, and its ability to produce songs with specific themes and styles.

💡Live Stream

A live stream is a real-time transmission of video and audio over the internet. The host mentions planning a live stream to interact with the audience and build a community. It is a way to engage with viewers in real time and is relevant to the video's theme of community building.

💡Discord Server

A Discord server is a chat forum where communities can communicate via text, voice, and video. The host encourages viewers to join their Discord server for more interaction, highlighting its importance as a platform for community engagement.

💡AI News

AI News pertains to the latest developments and updates in the field of artificial intelligence. The script mentions the host sharing quick bits of AI news, indicating its relevance to keeping the audience informed about advancements in technology.

💡Udio AI Update

An update to a software or platform, in this case, Udio AI, which is an AI music generation platform. The host discusses new features and improvements made to Udio AI, emphasizing the significance of innovation in AI technology.


Sora is mentioned as a capability of OpenAI, which can generate and modify videos. The host describes a demonstration where Sora changes a single element of a video, showcasing the advanced capabilities of AI in content creation.

💡AI Device

An AI device refers to a piece of hardware that incorporates AI technology. The host talks about AI devices like the Rabbit R1, discussing the practicality and necessity of dedicated hardware versus software solutions for AI applications.

💡Remix and Extend

Remix and extend are features within Udio AI that allow users to modify and lengthen songs. The host demonstrates how these features enable the creation of full-length songs by building on existing song structures.

💡Context Length

Context length refers to the amount of previous content that an AI takes into account when generating new content. The host explains that Udio AI has increased its context length, allowing for more coherent and contextually aware song extensions.

💡Album Cover Generation

The ability to create an album cover within the Udio AI platform. The host mentions this feature as part of the editing process, allowing for a more integrated and creative workflow for musicians and artists.

💡Artistic Creativity

Artistic creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. The host discusses how AI can spark creativity by generating content that users can then modify or build upon, such as changing a character in a video to a robot.


The AI Music Update is set to rock with new features on Udio AI, aiming to build a community passionate about technology.

A live stream is planned for the week with details to follow on Twitter, YouTube Community page, and Discord server.

Udio AI, despite being recently released, has already made significant updates solidifying its position as a top AI music generation platform.

Sora, an OpenAI model, showcased the ability to generate and modify single elements within a video, such as gender swapping or changing a character to a robot.

The video generation by Sora maintains the background elements and color palette, offering a new perspective on creativity in AI.

Rabbit R1, an AI device, was criticized for being unnecessary as it was reverse-engineered to run on a phone, questioning the need for an additional device.

Udio AI's beta version is demonstrated with a sample song, showcasing the platform's capability in generating music.

Udio AI has improved its song generation time, now taking about one to three minutes, a significant reduction from previous times.

New editing features in Udio AI allow for remixing and extending songs, with the ability to add intros and select specific sections of the song.

The context length of Udio AI has increased to 2 minutes from 30 seconds, improving the coherence of extended songs.

A new 'select section' tool allows users to delete any part of the song before the extension begins, providing more control over the final product.

Udio AI's innovation rate is praised for being competitive in the AI space, with quick adoption of user-requested features.

The branching tree visualization in Udio AI helps users track the evolution of their song through different versions and extensions.

Udio AI's extended context allows for full-length song generation with consistency in the singer's voice and melody.

Every subsequent generation in Udio AI takes longer due to the inclusion of the full 2 minutes of context, affecting generation time.

Udio AI's new features enable users to generate full-length, coherent songs more efficiently compared to previous methods.

A trick for generating songs in Udio AI involves using the names of artists or genres they are part of to influence the music's style.

The video concludes with a teaser for an upcoming live stream where the song creation process will continue, fostering community engagement.