These AI Filmmaking Tools are Incredible!

Curious Refuge
10 May 202421:45

TLDRThis AI Film News episode showcases the incredible advancements in AI filmmaking tools. The app Simulan is highlighted for its ability to create high-quality VFX shots using AR and AI upscaling from smartphone footage. The episode also discusses the potential of AI in character compositing, as demonstrated by a robot car and a mech suit robot with realistic lighting effects. Updates from Mid Journey, a public beta for users who have generated over 100 images, and a feature called Rooms for community interaction are mentioned. The versatility of AI is further explored through its application in changing character prompts in Sora, a music video made with AI for the band Washed Out, and a tool for altering actors' clothing in images. The episode also covers AI's role in fashion with the Met Gala's AI chatbot, Natalie Potter, and a lighting transfer tool that dynamically changes image lighting. Upcoming AI film events, including the Cannes International Film Festival and AI on the Lot, are announced. The episode concludes with a discussion on Ukraine's use of an AI spokesperson and updates from tools like Udio and Spotify's AI translation feature, emphasizing AI's growing presence in various industries.


  • 📱 There's a new app called Simulan that uses AR and AI to create high-quality VFX shots with just a phone.
  • 🚀 Simulan's AR virtual production workflow allows users to composite characters into a scene and enhance the resolution through cloud processing.
  • 🤖 Demos online show realistic character replacements and fights, with impressive camera tracking and shadowing effects achieved using Simulan.
  • 🚗 The app can accurately simulate reflections and lighting on objects like a Porsche, showcasing advanced compositing capabilities.
  • 🧩 Tools like Simulan, when paired with motion and actor tracking, could revolutionize character integration and VFX compositing in filmmaking.
  • 🌐 Mid Journey released a public beta and a feature called Rooms, allowing users to generate prompts in a specific style and engage in voice chats.
  • 👩‍🦳 Sora, an AI tool, demonstrated the ability to change characters in a scene by simply altering the prompt, showing flexibility in storytelling.
  • 🎵 An AI tool can change the clothes of actors in images based on uploaded images, which could transform advertising and film production.
  • 👗 The clothing change tool, while not perfect, showed promising results, indicating a future where drag-and-drop costume changes are possible.
  • 🎥 An AI lighting transfer tool can dynamically change the lighting of an image, suggesting a future for relighting images and videos with ease.
  • 🎉 Upcoming AI film events like the Cannes International Film Festival and AI on the Lot highlight the growing interest and development in AI filmmaking.
  • 📈 AI is being used in various fields, from music production with audio inpainting to fashion with style presets, showcasing its versatility and potential.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the app that allows users to create high-quality VFX shots using just their phone?

    -The app is called Simulan, which uses AR technology to scan a 360 scene and then upres it using artificial intelligence to create a highly realistic composite.

  • How does the Simulan app work for creating a composite scene?

    -Simulan uses AR to scan a 360 scene for reflection maps and lighting data. Users then shoot a simple representation of their character in the scene with their phone, which is composited in the scene using AR features. The low-resolution footage is sent to the cloud and returned as a high-quality composite.

  • What is the significance of the AI-powered clothing change tool for the future of advertising and filmmaking?

    -The AI-powered clothing change tool allows users to easily alter the outfits of actors in images based on uploaded images. This could streamline the process of changing costumes in photos or videos and have significant implications for the efficiency of advertising campaigns and film production.

  • How does the AI lighting transfer tool work?

    -The AI lighting transfer tool allows users to change the overall lighting of an image. Users input a prompt describing the desired scene, and the tool adjusts the direction and intensity of the lighting to create a more dynamic and realistic look.

  • What is the purpose of the AI film making competition mentioned in the script?

    -The AI film making competition is designed to encourage and showcase the use of AI in creating film concepts. The winning film trailer receives an Apple Vision Pro as a prize.

  • What is the role of the AI spokesperson used by the government of Ukraine?

    -The AI spokesperson, named Victoria Shei, communicates official messages written and verified by humans within the Ukrainian government. It helps save resources and fight misinformation by providing a QR code linking directly to the government's website.

  • What updates were made to the Udio tool that are relevant to music production?

    -Udio introduced the ability to extend a track for up to 2 minutes and an audio inpainting feature that allows users to change specific parts of a track, such as lyrics or adding a piano solo, without affecting the rest of the audio.

  • How does the AI-generated Symphony compare to an original piece by Chopin in terms of audience recognition?

    -In a demo at the Cog X Festival, an audience was challenged to identify which of three pieces of music was AI-generated. The audience found it difficult to distinguish, with only about a third correctly identifying the AI-generated piece.

  • What is the potential impact of AI translation on the reach of online content?

    -AI translation, particularly when it can maintain the voice and style of the original speaker, has the potential to greatly expand the reach of online content by making it accessible in the native language of a wider audience.

  • What is the significance of the AI film 'The Rainforest' created by IIA Shopco?

    -The Rainforest is significant as it starts with vintage video footage and evolves into a sci-fi tone, showcasing the potential for AI to create compelling and innovative narrative films.

  • How was Randy Travis able to sing again after suffering a stroke?

    -A team trained an AI model on Randy Travis's voice, enabling him to sing a song again. This project aims to educate people on the positive uses of AI.



📱 Simulan App: Phone-to-Cloud VFX Workflow

The script introduces an app called Simulan that revolutionizes VFX by allowing users to create high-quality composites using just their smartphones. The process involves scanning a scene with AR technology to capture reflections and lighting data, then filming a simple representation of a character. The footage is sent to the cloud, where AI upres it, returning a highly realistic composite. Examples include a robot car, robots fighting, a Mech suit robot in a park, and a detailed Porsche shot, all demonstrating impressive realism and lighting effects.


🎨 AI Tools for Content Creation and Transformation

The script discusses various AI tools that are transforming content creation. One tool lets users change the clothes of actors in images based on uploaded photos, which could significantly impact advertising and filmmaking. Another tool, a lighting transfer tool, can dynamically alter the lighting of any image. The script also mentions an AI chatbot created for the Met Gala and an AI film competition with an Apple Vision Pro as the prize. Additionally, Ukraine's government is using an AI spokesperson for official messaging, and Uido has released updates for their tool, including track extension and audio inpainting.


🎥 AI Film Events and Updates

The script highlights upcoming AI film events, including the Cannes International Film Festival, where an AI filmmaking meetup is scheduled. It also mentions a workshop at the National Film School in Denmark and AI on the Lot in Los Angeles. The speaker expresses excitement about these gatherings, emphasizing the importance of community and collaboration in the field of AI filmmaking. Furthermore, updates on AI tools such as audio inpainting and the ability to add style presets to video generations are discussed, showcasing the rapid advancements in AI technology.


🚀 Advancements in AI and Music Production

The script covers advancements in AI with a focus on music production. It mentions a demo where a piano solo was added to a track, indicating that audio inpainting will be an essential tool in the future of music. Additionally, there's discussion about the development of chat GPT 5, which is expected to be smarter than its predecessor, and a potential Google search competitor from the creators of chat GPT. An AI tool called chat GPT classifier is introduced, designed to identify AI-generated content with high accuracy. The script also touches on Spotify's use of AI for podcast translation and P laab's new feature for adding style presets to video generations.


🎉 AI Films of the Week and Positive AI Impact

The script concludes with a shoutout to AI films of the week, including Paul Trillo's music video which received a staff pick from Vimeo, an advertisement for a 1980s inspired Diet Coke commercial, and a film called 'The Rainforest' which started with vintage video and evolved into a sci-fi tone. It also shares a heartwarming story about Randy Travis, a country music artist who, with the help of AI, was able to sing again after suffering a stroke. The script emphasizes the positive impact of AI in various aspects of life and concludes with an invitation to the AI filmmaking meetup and an encouragement for community engagement.



💡AI Filmmaking Tools

AI filmmaking tools refer to software and applications that utilize artificial intelligence to assist in the creation and editing of films. These tools can automate complex tasks such as visual effects (VFX), character animation, and scene composition, making the filmmaking process more efficient and accessible. In the video, various AI tools are discussed that are revolutionizing the industry by enabling high-quality results with minimal equipment, such as creating VFX shots using just a smartphone.


Simulan is an AI-powered tool mentioned in the video that allows users to shoot an augmented reality version of a scene and then enhance the resolution using artificial intelligence. It operates by scanning a 360-degree scene to capture reflection maps and lighting data, which are then used to composite characters shot with a phone into the scene. The result is a highly realistic composite that demonstrates the potential of AI in enhancing the quality of personal filmmaking projects.

💡AR (Augmented Reality)

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that overlays digital information or images onto the real world, enhancing the user's perception of their surroundings. In the context of the video, AR is used in conjunction with Simulan to composite characters into real-world scenes, creating a more immersive and interactive experience. The video showcases how AR can be used with AI to produce cinematic results with consumer-level devices.

💡VFX (Visual Effects)

Visual effects (VFX) are the manipulation or creation of digital imagery to produce scenes that cannot be achieved with conventional filmmaking techniques. The video discusses how AI is being used to generate impressive VFX shots, such as character replacement and realistic lighting, that were previously time-consuming and expensive to produce. This democratizes the creation of high-quality visual effects and makes them achievable for independent filmmakers.

💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey is an AI tool highlighted in the video that has released a public beta for users who have generated over 100 images. It offers a feature called Rooms, which functions similarly to a Discord thread, allowing users to share and discuss their generated prompts in a specific style and engage in voice chats. This tool exemplifies the growing community and collaborative aspects enabled by AI in the creative process.

💡AI Chatbot

An AI chatbot is an artificial intelligence program designed to simulate conversation with human users. In the video, it is mentioned that Open AI has teamed up with the Met to create an AI chatbot of Natalie Potter, a New York socialite. This demonstrates the integration of AI into traditional art and fashion institutions, suggesting a broader adoption of AI in various sectors beyond filmmaking.

💡AI-Generated Content

AI-generated content refers to any material, such as text, images, or videos, that are created using artificial intelligence algorithms. The video discusses the ability of AI to generate content that is increasingly difficult to distinguish from human-created content. This raises questions about authenticity and the potential for AI to reshape creative industries.

💡AI Film Events

AI film events are gatherings or conferences that focus on the intersection of artificial intelligence and filmmaking. The video mentions several events, including the CAN International Film Festival and AI on the Lot, which are platforms for discussing the latest advancements in AI filmmaking, showcasing AI-generated films, and networking among professionals in the field.

💡AI Filmmaking Competition

An AI filmmaking competition is an event where participants are challenged to create films or film trailers using AI tools. The video mentions a competition organized by the Curious Refuge community, which offers an Apple Vision Pro as a prize to the winning film trailer. This competition encourages innovation and experimentation with AI in the filmmaking process.

💡AI Spokesperson

An AI spokesperson is a virtual representative that can communicate messages on behalf of an organization. The video describes how the government of Ukraine is using an AI spokesperson named Victoria Shei to disseminate official information. This application of AI showcases its utility in resource-saving and crisis communication strategies.

💡AI Music Production

AI music production involves the use of artificial intelligence to create, edit, or enhance music. The video discusses updates to the Udio tool that allow for extending tracks and audio inpaintings, where specific parts of a song can be modified or instruments like a piano solo can be added. This demonstrates the potential of AI to transform the music industry by providing new creative possibilities and efficiencies.


A new app creates incredible VFX shots using just your phone.

Simulan is an AR tool that upres scenes to maximum quality using AI.

The technology scans a 360 scene for lighting sources and reflection maps.

Users can shoot a simple representation of their character in the scene with their phone.

The app composites the character in the scene and enhances it in the cloud.

AI film news showcases demos of realistic robot and car character scenes.

Shadowing and lighting effects in the app's composites are notably accurate.

The compositing process is expected to become easier with AI and motion tracking tools.

Mid Journey releases a public beta and introduces the Rooms feature for community interaction.

Sora demo allows character and style changes based on prompts.

AI tools can change the clothes of actors in images based on uploaded images.

AI technology has implications for the future of advertising and film making.

An AI chatbot of Natalie Potter was created by OpenAI and the Met.

A lighting transfer tool can change the overall lighting of an image to be more dynamic.

AI film events like the CAN International Film Festival are showcasing AI in filmmaking.

AI film news is giving away an Apple Vision Pro for the winning film trailer in their competition.

The Ukrainian government is using an AI spokesperson for official messaging.

Udio updates include the ability to extend a track for up to 2 minutes and audio inpaint.

OpenAI is developing a Google search competitor and a tool to identify AI-generated content.

Spotify tests AI translation for podcasts, allowing content in the native tongue of the speaker.

Runway allows adding style presets to video generations.

AI-generated film concepts are receiving accolades and recognition.

AI technology has been used to restore Randy Travis' singing voice after his stroke.